Stella Dimoko Nigerian Man Petitions DSS Over Plot By Pastor To Destroy His Marriage And His Abduct Children


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Thursday, June 01, 2023

Nigerian Man Petitions DSS Over Plot By Pastor To Destroy His Marriage And His Abduct Children

Mr Joseph Ameh, an architect, has written a petition to the Department of State Services (DSS) over move by one Israel Angel Ogaga, founder of Testimony Champions City, of destroying his 25-year-old marriage and attempting to abduct his children.

Ameh accused the pastor of using fake prophecies to scare his wife and children away from his home.
SaharaReporters had earlier reported how Ogaga engaged the services of some police officers from Delta State Command to arrest and extort Ameh for crying out to Nigerians about the activities of the “fake Man of God.”

Narrating his ordeal to SaharaReporters, Ameh alleged that Pastor Ogaga ruined so many families in Asaba, Delta state, Southern Nigeria with fake prophecies.

Ameh alleged that following the preacher’s “prophecy of doom, death and destruction”, his wife returned the bride price he paid and described the action as a process of getting help from God.

In the petition sighted by SaharaReporters, Ameh said the pastor had not only interfered in his family but also incited violence among himself, wife and children.

“This is to report continuous threat to my family originating from the fake prophets interfering in my home, abduction plan for my two children and inciting violence in my both children against me, their biological father and misleading their mother.

“He recently misled my last child into singing at his shrine and dropping out of school at age 12,” the petition reads partly.
He urged the secret service to launch an investigation into the activities of the pastor against his home and prosecute him for taking advantage and misleading his children who are minors.

Ameh also accused some police officers in State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Delta State, of conniving with the pastor to truncate investigation of the matter by refusing to transfer the case file to the state for proper investigation by the police.

“The Superintendent of Police at legal division of state CID refused to hand over his case file for investigation; instead, he aided the fake prophet to transfer the case to Zone 5.

“On the day scheduled to see the deputy commissioner to also receive my daughter's international passport illegally acquired by cancelling her original passport valid till 2025, which the fake prophet was aiding my spouse to confiscate from me using some decadent police, I was informed by the IPO of the case, Inspector Ola of firearms division, that the case has been transferred by phone call from a female inspector called Angela. I demanded details of who to meet because there has been plan to abduct my daughter without my consent involving the fake prophet in what he calls spiritual and technical guidance.

“I was compelled to write to the commissioner seeking certified copies of our statements, exhibits and reports to enable me approach the court at this point but never received response.

“Essence of transferring the case was to continue to confiscate my daughter's passport as a minor in hands that will enable her abduction,” Ameh said.
Speaking with SaharaReporters, Ameh narrated how the pastor caused his daughter to drop out from school to become a singer in his church.

“This man (pastor) has been deceiving my daughters, inciting violence in them against me and in consequence causing delay to their academic work and progress and he has told them that after God is the prophet. He told my first daughter that her future anchors on oversea travel. This girl, the best overall student at Redeemers International of her class at age of 13 at SSS2, never scored below 99.9 in additional mathematics and had cleared her WAEC with distinction had refused to sit JAMB on account of the prophecy and oversea travel.

“My second daughter, at age of 11 at SSS1 told me she was going to drop out of school and commence singing in the pastor’s church. She said she will be attending choir rehearsal every Friday, which is a school day. She threatened me that if I tried to stop her, it will be the last time I hear from her and her sister in this earth. She actually resumed singing at the shrine every Friday and I notified the police again about this event that is likely to cause public uproar in event of me retrieving her physically from the shrine,” Ameh said.


  1. Go after my partner and I could let it slide but go after my kids and it’s full blown war!

  2. Why is this fake pastor not in Jail?

  3. They are many, dem fake ministry pastors in Oyigbo in Rivers State. That's how one deceived one gullible woman like that, she stopped her POS business, left her toddlers at home all by themselves, while the husband is out there struggling to work so he can provide for his family. In fact, a once happy home is now a home where things have fallen apart, because the wife allowed herself to be deceived, funniest thing she doesn't listen to or obey her husband again.

    1. O God, this man needs your help. Please show him mercy.

  4. Nigeria is a rotten country. Which sane country can tolerate this kind of nonsense?

  5. Religion is indeed the bane of the 'gullible' masses..this one na 'Demon' Ogaga, na so dem plenty, fake prophets everywhere!

  6. I know this man's face. I've seen him on billboards here in Asaba for church program.

    How did the woman and children become so gullible?

    God doesn't cause disorder or chaos. He won't use his servant to scatter a family. This is not God at all.

    May God give the man strength and wisdom to get his family back together.

  7. It sounds harsh but I'll advice this man to start over. Pray for your kids, wish them the best, have a fund for them to have something to eat in old age ( protected from bring sold or gifted off) but start over because they may just never return and even if they do, their state will be near irreversible. They will not have the zeal for education or strength for any form of advancement anymore after living off of crumbs from this man for years. They will be too brutalized from their experiences as poorly educated female hustlers in the West. They'll be to desperate and dangerous to live with.

    This is what we saw when we started to raise alarms over the strange idea of pentecostalism in Africa but Jesus said the wicked are always looking for signs and wonders.

    Oga, realize that their case is likely to be like that of the girls and ladies whose future tbj squandered in a way a man with daughters shouldn't. They will simply be warming his bed till he is tired and opening branches of his business/cult for him to reap while they waste away. To keep them in there, they'll be lifelong secretaries, emissaries or passed to male loyalists, keeping it in the family. Your daughters will still groom the children of other foolish women for him as your wife is doing now. Forget grandkids except the type that will be a burden and embarrassment.

    Stay away from any person who is looking for God in a fellow human; anyone who runs to church or organizations when they have problems, miracle-hunting. It never ends well. This wife would have been seen as submissive and godly by those who only see through their glasses on their wedding day but see how that has turned out.

    Before you expose your family to any religious voice because one liter of fuel is N600, ask yourself where this person was trained, who they answer to, what they actually do for a living asides from stressing 10% of progress sweat with sweet mouth. Who is the owner of their business, what is their lifestyle, who are those that hang around them? If you know that your spouse reasons and argues like a glorified illiterate, is greedy and has no actual idea of world religion and her genetic makeup resonates strongly in even only one child's phenotype, best stick with the Protestant churches so the child doesn't end up warming the beds of reverend fathers or becoming one of those fathers looking for that kind of warmth. I think you can personally know which one of your children is gullible or plain stupid or street daft and protect them.


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