Stella Dimoko South African Billionnaire Johan Rupert Now Africa's Richest Man


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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

South African Billionnaire Johan Rupert Now Africa's Richest Man



  1. African richest man wey no dey pay tax! Lol Nigeria is a storybook

    1. My hubby works for him and he deducts over a hundred thousand in his salary as tax

  2. If only this SA billionaire gets govt waivers...

  3. very good. You want to impoverish people for your own selfish gain. Dangote do you really think God sleeps? E shock you abi? Never have i for once admired your wealth. You only thrive abi succeed when you monopolize the market. Shame on you.

    ps. if you know as a commentor you dont have sense sha just comment on the next persons post, because i sure say you no fit afford bag of cement.

    1. That is how capitalism works, this is why I will always believe that economics is a created science to manipulate and use by those who understand it well.

      There are about only 50 super rich people in the entire world of the super rich that truly cares about people, and I am talking about multimillionaires and billionaires combined. Those folks would prefer to invest in art and their dogs than even their household staff. They will quickly jump on campaigns about the oceans and animals, but never people. They love seeing poverty and suffering because it provides them with a constant supply of cheap labour and they get to feel good about who they are, that their lives are just so amazing.

      Some of the people working for them do not even have health benefits, live in a decent home or have anything to show after working for them for years.

  4. It's their time, let them keep going

  5. This will be me in no distant time.. So help me GOD.. BTW, school na scam.

    Obi for president
    Wizkid FC
    Proudly Tiv

  6. Those pics show two very different looking men. One looks like the devil breastfed him and the other looks like an ocean of calm peace.


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