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Sunday, June 25, 2023

Sunday In House Gist - Comments Section Gists Boulevard

These are all the Interesting gists from Sunday to Saturday in the comment section by Blog visitors that you probably missed ......

On Sunday spontaneous, BV Ali B took it upon himself to advise ladies to leave father's day celebration for the men. He also begged them to stop dragging the KING title with women because there are over 6k times in a year to celebrate women.

 BV Teejay have announced that he would go traditional on anyone that accuses him of being a scammer. He told anyone that has scamming evidence against him to send to Stella. We wonder how he'll summon his 'haters' , is it with  blog ID or anon? lol.

BV Olawealth did a post asking for investors in his business 'Olawealth Ankara' he said there'll be 20% ROI by December 31, 2023. And people of SDK Blog, I am pleased to tell you that a BV contacted Stella to verify Ola and then inbested a huge amount in the business.... Thank you to whoever that is...

BV Millkshakes made a comment asking how genuine Ola wealth is, BV castle came out as his oniduro. She said she has been to his shop and said that he's prudent and doing well for himself.

On Tuesday spontaneous post, BV Agbado Faithful asked for urgent clarification regarding the 40% electricity tariff increase. He asked if it's going to affect APC stakeholders as he/she hasn't gotten an exclusion memo. BVs assured him to wait a little longer that his exclusion memo would come soon as an APC stalwart that s/he is.

Stella made a "comment-a-thon" post. She asked BVs who they think is the biggest actress nollywood ever produced till date. The person with the highest number of comments would be announced winner and also rewarded. Winner have not been announced yet.
The first person who compiles the accurate list will also be rewarded

On Tuesday in house news, Stella did a memo that someone called her none stop because she needed help. She said this person called her over 50times and half the time she picked, the person didnt talk. When she eventually picked, she screamed at the lady asking her why she was calling her with hidden number. The lady screamed back at Stella and she(Stella) hung up. Went to her mail and saw series of suicide threatening mails. She then warned BVs that intend to ply that route in other to get her help to desist from such act as she would not respond...

A post was made about actress Bimbo Ademoye; while BVs where gushing about how beautiful her acting prowess is and how much they love her, BV Shooter gyal, declared that she's hotter than Bimbo.

BV Black Slimzy made a comment where he advised BVs to shoot their shots and not be sidelined forever. Then, Teejay commented and narrated how his babe looked into his eyes for over 15 secs and asked him why he chose her. He smiled and told Her that his liver failed him at first when he saw her because her beauty almost choked him. He however gathered liver, approached her and offered to take her out to relax the following day, Sunday and now they are a couple....

We hope Ezege will delight us one of these days with photos of himand his beautiful Boo who must definitely be well endowed as he likes them with plenty flesh....

BV Dante said the babes that love the movie 'battle on buka street' are amotekun babes not baddie or civilian babes.

BV Martins reminisced on how he was such a serious student during University days. He said he never missed lectures and was always available in class. He said he is in alaba international with all his seriousness. He also made it known that the ongoing demolition going on in Alaba, Lagos didn't affect him.....
We thank God.

In the spirit of throw back Thursday, BV Dante remembered the day he was trying to straighten out disgraced BV MM(Mark Morgan) because they had some back and forth. He remembered that Mark told him he's not fit to tie his shoe lace. The statement from Mark almost made him (Dante) feel like a disappointment to himself coupled with the fact that babes were cheering Mark on and telling Dante he can never be half the man Mark is..... Today Dante is still here and doing great..... Shout out to MM Fans who used to drool over his every comment...

BV Teejay also took a walk down memorylane of how he was attacked by MM but today we all know that MM was an empty barrell.........

BV Oki royalty narrated how giving back overpaid money given to her by her customers brought her good fortune. BVs encouraged her to continue doing good as it pays to be good.

BV Eka Joy mentioned that her husband is her best friend. She said she tells her husband everything she's told and doesn't keep any secrets. BV Tenth and other anons advised her that it isn't right. Eka told them that she has coconut head and can't heed to their advise and that her method has been working for both of them...


 Stella asked BV Teejay what he meant by the comment where he indicated he would deal with those lying on his head, he did a very long epistle to address it. He said he didn't mean diabolical route, he said he's a catholic and also a very spiritual person and can summon anyone to his altar. He also mentione the two BVS whom he alleged single handedly tarnished his name on the Blog and Stella 
 advised him to move ahead and focus on his day Job.. She also said she was still waiting for anyone scammed by Teejay to come forawrd with receipts.


The Anonymouses on the Blog are also regonised for adding maggi and salt to comments... What will SDK Blog be without them?
Some BVs diagree when they meet in certain posts and argue until they try to derail, sometimes we see comments and then these comments vanish when it is leading South......

Hope the incoming new week will come with positive and inspiring Blog drama....
Enjoy the day....
From BV OyinGATE


  1. You're doing well Oyin. Oh I missed Teejay explanation of what he meant by going spiritual. Thanks for the update.

    Beautiful afternoon lovelies πŸ’–.

    1. Why can't you mention Teejays accusers the way you boldly mentioned him and all he did?

  2. Thanks Onyin for this update. You did great again today. One flyover for you if you're based in Port Harcourt. I was keenly waiting for it as if my life depend on it.😁😁😁😁

    Truth be told, Shooter Gyal is very pretty. I have seen what she looks like.

    Pls I need the price of an engagement ring. So I won't be cheated. I just wanna know the range before going for it. If you know a seller in Port Harcourt to recommend, I will so appreciate it.


    1. Not again!

    2. Beauty without character is a capital NO for some people

    3. That’s a nice development Ezege😁😁

      Search “Sparkles Jewelry SDK BLOG” then contact her,she is at Lagos but will deliver to you,she is ✅✅✅✅

      Invite us to your wedding ooo make we chop rice😁😁

      Ezege international!!!


    4. Thanks a lot Martins. I will do that right away.

      Anon 14:29,

      The beauty of a woman is her character so true but then, who doesn't has a flaw or weakness?

    5. Lady T /worth more than a thousand dollars25 June 2023 at 15:12

      @Teejay, you don't need to be cheated. How much do you want to spend on this ring? Decide and enter market ir jewelry shop. You can Google Sharp Stome.
      Go fimd uour ring im quiet peace.
      All the best .

    6. Anon 14:29 took the words right outta my mouth. Shooter needs to work on her character else her beauty will just go to waste. People live/work with WHO YOU ARE and not with what you look like.

    7. Try Boz Jewelry if Saint Tracy is too expensive

    8. Anytime I see her name, I remember that comment about actress Ola Daniels.
      Let me go and Google her face again. πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

  3. You made a huge mistake on this one
    You don't know the difference between the inactive "Miliki" and active "Milkshakes"?
    It's barrel and not barrell btw
    Nice try but you flopped somehow here
    I thought you knew your onions

    1. You again. Only one mistake she made and you are trying to put her down.
      You want to take the job from her?

    2. Who be dis wan?πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„Mschewwwwwwwwww

      You dey correct Onyin yet u no sabi put full stop for your sentences....mschewwwww

    3. Thank God he has stopped using "and" unnecessarily. He also writes "I" with a capital letter now. Halleluyah, our blog is teaching them good grammar.

  4. You are doing well my darling Onyin..The Lord will strengthen you and empower your aproko spirit coupled with ur summarizing ways of life .I love you so so so much.

    What next bayiπŸ€”

    *Dante, how far now
    *Teejay, how is your woman and when are we coming for rice and chilled Goldberg?
    *Eka, how that side and how is your family?
    *Martinz, how far brother mi and hope you didn't forgets our discussion? Update coming soon
    *Modupeola, how is you?
    *Paris, I greet you ooo
    *GlamGranny, my good Lord will surely make his grace be with you always
    *Anons, how una dey? What is life without you people?
    *Olawealth, the Lord is your strength
    *Stellacious mama, how is you ma?


    1. Big man!!πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

      I dey anytime;you be BossπŸ’ͺ


    2. Pinky she's fine. My traditional and wedding won't be announced. I will talk about it weeks later.

    3. We dey oh. Sun wan finish oh but we dey rough am. Family is doing just fine. I also have u in my prayers

    4. Lol at Teejay. You can NEVER stop talking about this your so-called wedding. Do you know how many times you have said you won’t comment again? Guy! You can’t help it; you are an attention-seeking “ezege”.

      I dare you to go mute on your wedding as you’ve said!

    5. Representing ‘anons’ here dear Pinky…. We are doing great inside our lane!! As Amebo no know limit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚!!

    6. Pinky we the anons are fine. We pray that SDK swallows our comments less this week.

      Teejay , keep talking about your woman and love life and upcoming wedding. We the good anons of this blog are in support.
      Some people here tell us everything that goes on in their lives and homes, it remains for them to tell us how they make love, yet bvs cheer them on.
      Just now that you started your own, they want to die.
      Teejay keep talking, let them die if they want to die.

    7. Mr P..
      Agba aproko πŸ™ŒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      IDAN international

    8. Teejay don't mind those trying to shut you up, people talk about themselves here everyday, nothing happened, e reach your turn they started crying. Talk about your lovely woman and your wedding, we support you. Bring more love stories my dear brother.

  5. I don't think it's milkshakes that asked that question about Ola Wealth, it was an anon.

    Weldone Oyingate

    1. I think it was BV Miliki

      There is an ID with the name..


    2. Martins is absolutely correct
      The person was on blogger around 2013 or so before me

  6. Fantabulous!
    Fabulous Onyx!
    You are doing well πŸ‘

  7. Dante...for Pete's sake what's "Amotekun babes?"
    Do you mind expatiating?
    Like their characteristics and modus operandi?
    That's new to my vocabulary,need to update. Thanks.

    Those boasting about going spiritual should understand that many people hide the way they worship their God online for obvious reasons, me sha any day I notice you're a rat "chopping my cable or wires,mbee gi onu"
    I'll so deal with you eh,okwa alapata standard, belikΓ³Γ³ gi sotey you'll be ready to enter chopsticks for serious roasting.
    Adim achi kwaπŸ™ƒπŸ§

    Eka... please stop telling your DH everything. HaaaaπŸ₯ΊπŸ‘ŽπŸ˜²πŸ€¨

    1. Even though Stella and BVs have asked Teejay to move on. You and Eka should apologize to Teejay. Character assassination bleeds the soul. What both of you did was very wrong. Why beat a child and still expect him not to cry.

    2. It works for her, so leave her. I tell mine everything and vice versa. 17 years forever to go

    3. It’s like y’all don’t know how deep my coconut head is. Until he gives me any reason to stop, I will never stop telling my husband things. Been telling him things for over 8 years and I have never had one single cause to regret. If na my ex I marry, una no go even advise me before I no go tell am anything but u see this man, na carry go gist get us

    4. AwwwπŸ€—πŸ˜˜
      Which one are you?
      The Mrs
      The side chic
      The madam on top
      The Mr Hyde?

      Support evil all you care I don't give a rat's ass what you feel,my own is about the mola, you give me a job?
      I execute it one time.
      I was given one I did justice to it.🀷 Still waiting for payment.

      My regards to some members of the supporting team who RAN AWAY
      Cutest Pat
      Stella Igbokie
      Tell them I miss them.
      The rest?? Duuhhh!


    5. 14:57, if he likes he should spend all of his eternity dragging my name into his victimhood game, that apology you have been crying for, you will never see it. Na me know why. All those saying what they are saying now know what they saw then and what he almost did but make I no too talk. Like I said, y’all should just be thanking us instead. I no go talk pass like that. If he likes, he should go form another epistle.

    6. Lol.. Ok..

      Let me just Copy and Paste from Twitter.

      Baddie: A full time hot chic. Owns her own business. Has a lot of men who do things for her, and spend money on her. She’s always bucked up, but never spends. Gyms, restaurants, ashewo dresses, Snapchat. iPhone 12 Pro Max Upwards.

      Civilian: 9-5. Barely outside. Always tired because work choke. Rarely spends on herself. Has men, but doesn’t have their time. Looking for serious relation. No time for gym. Corporate. Goes out for a few hours on weekends and public holidays. iPhone XS Max - 12 Pro, android

      Amotekun: Ajoke CEO. Sells clothes on WhatsApp. Sells perfumes. Does makeup. Has a customized bonnet. Dates yahoo boys. Her WhatsApp status is always full of subs. Never does anything for herself. Always on the prowl for spenders. Uses iPhone 7 Plus - XR..


      Baddie: Island, Yaba, Surulere, Ebute Metta, Ikeja GRA, Magodo.

      Civilian: Festac, Shomolu, Gbagada, Maryland, Ogudu, Ogba.

      Amotekun: Bariga, Oworo, Ketu, Arepo, Ojodo, Omole.


      Baddie: Harvesters, HOTR, Catholic, all those “ride on pastor” churches.

      Civilian: RCCG, CAC, Anglican….

      Amotekun: Cele, C/S, Ori Oke.

      WIGS Used:

      Baddie: Always laid. Patronizes instagram vendors.

      Civilian: Tangled. Always brushing. She carries a brush everywhere because o le tangle any fokin time.

      Amotekun: If Pablo no buy for am, na braids wey Dey reach waist Abi knees she go do..

      Social Media/IM She’s Active On, and Content:

      Baddie: Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, iMessage, Instagram, Clubhouse.
      Content: Soft life advocate. Business. Cruise. Fighting men.

      Civilian: Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp

      Content: Always retweeting/screenshots funny stuff.

    7. Amotekun: TikTok, Facebook, Instagram.

      Content: Shaking bumbum on TikTok, joins trending sounds. Insults people online. Insults people because of Big Brother housemates, Wizkid, Davido.

      Favorite Artistes:

      Baddie: Tems, Wizkid, Davido, Drake, Buju, Victony, Rema, Dunsin Oyekan, Adekunle Gold.

      Civilian: Tope Alabi, Mercy Chinwo, Davido, Ayra Starr, Tiwa Savage, Zinoleesky.

      Amotekun: DJ YK Mule, Idowest, Zlatan, Zinoleesky, Naira Marley.

      *There are Senior Baddies
      *Baddie-Civilian Hybrids; and
      *Civilian-Amotekun Hybrids..

      The explanation above only touched on the main characters

    8. Hey God , how do you guys study people to this extent . See me seeing myself to a large extent in number 2 @ Dante's post

  8. You're doing well, Bv Oyingate. Such an interesting read. More inks to your pen.

  9. Thank you Oyin, no too much drama last week hoping for one this week πŸ˜ƒ

  10. What's with some peeps and seeking validation online?
    It can never be me

    1. You do that a lot so stop judging.

    2. But milkshakes you do the same or you don't know when you do it

  11. Oyin welldone,you are doing well fantabulously😁😁


  12. Eka abeg don't mind bad belle people. Do exactly what works for your marraige

    1. As in. Something that has been working since I met him. If I never have any reason to change how we’ve been relating, I will never change what I’m currently doing. I do not use other people’s experiences to shape how I exist with a very decent man

  13. You are doing well Oyingate.

  14. Nice one bv Oyingate. You're doing a beautiful job. God bless you.

  15. Eka Joy and XP mama know the drama about Teejay, they do not owe him any apologies. Even Teejay knows. Stella also knows. If you don't know, just face front. We the anonymous council of elders know what we know. SDK will never lack elders in Jesus name, Amen. Elders are the custodians of history who are guided by wisdom.

    1. Wow! You guys should spill please

    2. Hahahaha

    3. 🀣🀣🀣🀣

  16. Thanks for the recap. I obviously missed some lively action on the blog.

  17. Well done Onyin. You are doing greatπŸ‘πŸΎ

  18. The person that asked about Ola wealth's credibility is bv Miliki, not milkshakes. Who dash monkey banana? 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
      I shook as I saw his name up there. Was thinking maybe Stella has dashed him business giveaway secretly in her inbox.

  19. Great workπŸ™Œ

  20. Wow! Nice post!. Going through it for the first time. Kudos bv Onyin. Well done Stellicoco.


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