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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Wordless Morning Post

 Do you agree with this?


  1. This man makes loving him easy.

    1. The best among them all. He's truly an elder statesman.

      I am so happy Buhari became President, else many Nigerians would have thought he would have being the only saviour that would have changed Nigeria if he hadn't succeeded.

  2. I have this feelings that a woman will do better in the presidency than most men. I have that conviction and I think, Nigeria is riped for a female president. I have my reasons saying so.

  3. I like this,Dem go gree

  4. Of course I agree, this shouldn't be debated.

  5. Yes, she would get massive support, which she can use well if competent.

    No, some women have also shown there is no difference between a bad, or a corrupt, or an incompetent woman and man.

  6. Baba,
    There are a lot of difference between men and women, physically, spiritually, mentally, logically, emotionally etc etc..

    However, this differences doesn't make one more important than the other.. we are equal in our uniqueness.. our differences balance us

  7. Women in Nigerian politics are as tainted as their male colleagues. From Ette to the rest of them, it is a galore of scandals, embezzlement and fraud. It is not about gender. Crime is in Nigeria DNA.

  8. Common denominator: We are all Nigerians and criminal-minded. Put a Nigerian man, woman or trans in a position of power, it will be the same story. If s/he wants to be upright, the "system" will ostracize him/her/it.


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