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Sunday, June 18, 2023

Wordless Post...



  1. Omo, honestly honestly, this is a great advice o. He should better listen.

    1. Jealous much mwshewwwwwww Tonto keep quite,what about those donations you have being collecting from men, e reach another person turn,na that time you dey give nonsense advice ,na you carry drama come social media pass,biko rest on another person matter jare,no be you,advice yourself firsr

    2. Yes good advice coming from another hot mouth,Tonto does worst

    3. Anon but Tonto wasn't the person speaking. Or did I read wrongly here? I think Tonto was the one that 'received' the money and the Moji Danisa is cautioning Jerry of.

      I hope I'm right here. The person who's advising has her name above the message.

    4. A very good advice o!

      Some pastor Sha.

      Mingling with people that will stain their white.πŸ₯΄

    5. @ Apple... Are you really sure that this one has white talk more of staining?
      I'm not in a position to judge anyway...
      Leave matter for Matthias.

    6. @11:59, always read and comprehend before commenting. There are some things that shouldn't be hurriedly done.

  2. Did he actually gave her money? If yes, was she the one that asked for it or he gave willingly? If willingly, what was the motive?

    I think bringing a gift as such to social media if it's true to me, is so insensitive knowing how men at the pulpit have been dragged into countless scandals.

    Jerry should be careful, before he's being roped into scandals. Whatever you must do with an opposite sex, please do it officially in public unless there's a motive to it. This was how that Otobo of a woman and the other actresses started receiving cash from that 'Apostle'

  3. It never ends well, once you start sending actresses gifts.

    1. And that speaks volumes about Nigerian actresses.

      By the way when was the last time Tonyo acted in a Nigerian movie, telenovela, or film?

  4. Hmmmmmmmm

  5. Imagine the poor ones in that church that still give offerings with little they have only to hear this πŸ˜”. Nigerian pastor's sha πŸ™„πŸ™„

    1. Does he pastor in a shop of his? I thought it's an online program?

    2. @Teejay,,yes he has a church with a big congregation here in Abuja

  6. From day one, na side eyes I take dey look this guy and him wife. Side eyes no mean say dem be good or bad people but there was just a lot of rehearsed melodrama on stage the only day I decided to watch their programme. No spontaneity.

    Plus I have a personal issue with any clergy, group, church or individual who claims a woman without womb conceived and bore a child😏. In all the miracle pregnancies and births in the Bible and Quran, the women all had wombs to carry the child, so where was the child suspended in her body for 9 months if she had no womb? The only people wey fit talk am make I believe na team of doctors and they must present verifiable ogbonge evidence join. Then their Nigerian followers want to use daily post and their slogan to finish sombori. After warning 3 of them to stop sending you their daily posts, another 12 will take over the following day until I blocked them all for their nuisance. Evangelism no be do or die affair na especially after you've been warned to desist.

    If he likes, let him not take this advice from an obviously good place and be using influencers codedly. Other actresses and influencers will queue up now to collect their own share and if he no give them, wahala go start. If his giving is pure, let him include the guys too like TB Joshua did. Upon all the rumours of occultism and so on, no one ever accused him of philandering till death. Nothing brings a man of God down faster than joining issues with women. Direct them to only liaise with your wife and watch them flee. Ask Bishop Francis Wale Oke how far. Abeg, ndi 'What God cannot do does not exist', I no dey argue or fight on Sundays biko; una doh.

    1. My amebonamywork i love u till thy kingdom come.
      Find old photos of jerry & wife,e go shock u. Their bleaching is a signal of something i wont type here, ndi what God cannot do will shout until their eyes clear

    2. 🀣🀣🀣🀣
      Your last line though

    3. What God can not do does not exist! If you don't believe in miracles, miracle happens. Make una leave Pastor Jerry alone abeg.

    4. Hmmmm, you are not alone on not being comfortable with them. I'm just indifferent about everything that has to do with them. Only God knows who is really for him.

    5. I wish say I fit like this your write-up 1million times.
      His followers naim come dey annoy me pass with that their slogan. As if they nor know say what God cannot do doesn't exist before the era of pasitor eze. I warned so many of them not to dare send me their links in their lifetime
      The guy is balling on their ignorance big time and they are happy. It pains me when I see people doing like mumu to one pasitor when they ve their own mouth to talk to God and he will answer. Even native doctor dey call on God and he go still answer,talk more so-called Christians who re supposed to be sons of God, if not for laziness.
      Upon their so-called prayers and prophecy sebi na Tinubu still end up as president.yeye people.

      PS: if any of you gullible followers dare call my name, una go see una back of neck without the use of a mirror, if you like try yourself.

    6. Amebonamywork, my pastor always says 'miracle is senseless'. You just can't make sense of it. With miracle, you can actually say ara agbala doctor gbakwa patient. I know this because I have personally experienced it. I sat with my doctor and she just couldn't explain what happened, I desperately wanted an explanation to how things got fixed even as I stopped my medications without my doctor's consent(please don't do this if you don't have radical faith in God). Foolish me. It was after going back again the next year to run the test once more, that it dawned on me that I had been miraculously healed a long time ago without my knowing it. Word that came to me was why are you looking for the living among the dead'? I was looking for something that had been taken care of by God. Bible says with God nothing, absolutely nothing shall be impossible.

    7. Some miracles can't be explained using one's scientific knowledge. Reason why God is God, and man is man.

      I used to find their mode of worship - the shouting, noise, etc - amusing until one early morning while waiting to go to the hospital after a sleepless night of acute abdominal pain (I didn't sleep throughout the night), I thought of watching his program to pass time (person no dey go hospital before 7am na) whilst clutching my stomach in pain

      Barely a few minutes after, Pastor Jerry just held his stomach and bent over, saying "There is a man here with serious stomach healed in Jesus name."

      Instantly I felt relief. And my relief was such that I didn't have to go to the hospital again but still went later around 11am cos I wanted to confirm what exactly happened to me.

      What is remarkable about his program is, it is not physical; he is not laying hands only prayers and words of insight/prophecy.

      There is a particular testimony that I occasionally rewind in my mind. It involved a TTC Kenyan woman that had blocked fallopian tubes.The day her word of prophecy came (Pastor Jerry actually mentioned her "case" and prophesied she would take in that month) she wasn't even on the platform - it was her sister that heard it and then called her.

      This was about mid-month or so o. The next day, she saw her period.

      At the end of the month, she did a pregnancy test and found out she was pregnant. After delivery, she sent in her testimony video. The way she narrated the events (some people sabi give testimony o), it was goosebumps inducing

      There are so many testimonies like that. Mind-blowing.

      I tell the few people I share the link with that it is just a prayer platform....just watch it and pray along....and watch the testimonies...that's all.

      If you want to send in your offerings or seed offering (I don't believe in that, by the way), fine. If not, fine.

      It's just a prayer platform. A noisy one :) but God has used Jerry to glorify His name.

      That very motto: What God cannot do does not exist is an affirmation to the might of the Almighty

    8. God bless you anonymous 15:51.
      If you are a public figure and this generation never drag you on social media for one sill*y reason ee, don't celebrate yet, e go soon reach your domain. πŸ’―

      Just pray that they will drag you while men sleep so that by the time day breaks, they don calm down. πŸ’―

      What is wrong with pastor Jerry gifting someone a birthday gift? Like seriously?

      The one saying he used to see him in a hotel, when has it become a crime for people to go to a hotel or lodge there? Abi hotels are for ghosts?

      It is very dis*heart*ening when people accu*se others wrongly πŸ’” It's okay, if you don't like someone, but publishing a lie against the person is ter*rible. πŸ’―

      While the man of God is in far away UK touching lives, his own people are at home dragging him for a flimsy reason. Tufiakwa.

      Happy father's day Pastor. Jerry Eze.
      You're a blessing to humanity. ❤️❤️❤️
      I celebrate you Sir.

    9. Lol..
      Amy abeg no finish me with laff..

      The day wey I say make I click the link see wetin dey really sup for there.. as I enter, na so I hear Pastor dey speak in tongues and shout, "Share the link, Share the Link!.."

      I come say no wonder these people dey always won use link finish me daily πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    10. I'm not going to say much but until something happens to you...something that is beyond human capacity...something no matter how much money you have,will not solve then you will realise that truly what God Cannot Do, Does Not Exist.

      God can fight his own battles so won't even bother. Until you know them know nothing!

  7. As much as the advice can be LOOKED into, it sounds VERY rude and condescending. Haba. Be respectful and not sound silly.

  8. Wetin dey be say. Moji Danisa is a very experienced woman. She is amongst the grand matrons of soft sell print media that is now being replayed in the social media. Any man would do well to listen to her counsel on matters like this. Whether he acts on the advice is left to him. After all, every bath tub sits on its own bottom.

  9. But Tonto promoted his platform
    Let him share with her Abeg

  10. Miracles of God are beyond human comprehension. If we look at the lifestyle of the human conveyors of God's miracles, we may miss out or discourage persons in need of the miracles.

    Samson was not supposed to get close to Delilah at all talk less of... But he got up from lying with her to carry out God's miracles. So long as he carried the symbol of anointing, God acted through him.

    Bleaching, flashy lifestyle, etc cannot stop the a human Messenger of God from carrying God's miracles to the needy. It is when the heart and the presence of God cannot meet in a human Messenger that the miracles stops.

    Christians can pray their way through. But God still use human Messengers. What the knowledge of the word of God does is to enable a Christian know who to trust and how to separate the what from the chaff.

  11. Pastor get prick too. Don't let all those shabayakata kribotokoshabaya that Jerry speaks deceive you. Blood flows through his veins unless you gullible Nigerians already elevated him to a demigod--not that I would be surprised

  12. If you don't believe in someone just waka pass, don't come and write rubbish to create confusion and making people doubt that What God cannot do does not exist.

  13. What God cannot do does not exist. πŸ™ŒπŸΎ

  14. I think people are missing the point raised by Moji Danisa, she is sending a word of caution to the man of God, also a human being. As long as blood flows through his veins, he can fall into temptation regardless of the power of God working through him. Even Jesus was tempted. I studied the book of Judges recently, it was Delilah that was able to achieve what Philistine soldiers couldn’t do, in capturing Samson. The man of God should not dismiss the advice for his own sake.


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