Stella Dimoko UK's MPTS Exonerates Nigerian Doc Accused Of R9pe By His Bitter EX


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Thursday, July 20, 2023

UK's MPTS Exonerates Nigerian Doc Accused Of R9pe By His Bitter EX

The United Kingdom Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) has exonerated Nigerian-born medical doctor Olufunmilayo Ogunsanya of r'pe and abusive relationship allegations levelled against him by his ex-girlfriend and fellow doctor, Bola Aseyan

MPTS cleared Ogunsanya, who is also a social media influencer of all the allegations which were brought against him in 2022.

Aseyan had dragged Ogunsanya to the UK Metropolitan Police on allegations of rape but he was cleared after investigation as the police noted that the allegations were ungrounded.

Not satisfied with the police decision, Aseyan filed a complaint against the UK’s General Medical Council (GMC) in 2020 against him and the GMC referred the matter to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service.
Documents from the tribunal released Wednesday morning disclosed that Ogunsanya was cleared of the charges and layers of investigation could not establish any wrongdoing against him.
Consequently, the panel said Ogunsanya’s professional record and ability to continue medical practice in the UK have not been impaired.

“As the facts have not been found proved it therefore follows that Dr Ogunsanya’s fitness to practise is not impaired,” the panel said in its July 19, 2023 verdict.

Reacting to the ruling, Nigerian human rights lawyer, Inihebe Effiong said, “It is important to state that the standard of proof at the Tribunal which resulted in their findings was based on a balance of probability; and not proved beyond reasonable doubt. This is very significant because it shows that the allegation had no iota of merit or credibility.
“This latest vindication of Funmi is a victory for all victims of false accusations of sexual misconduct. As one of the lawyers to Funmi in Nigeria, I’m excited by the outcome of the case at the Medical Tribunal.
“The false accuser, Dr Bolanle Aseyan, is currently facing both civil and criminal lawsuits in Nigeria for her actions. No one should have to go through what Funmi has ensured these past years. False rape allegations should never be trivialized. It is evil and despicable.
“Funmi is doing well and he sends his regards to all those who have stood by him and believed in his innocence. Like I have always said, history will vindicate the just.
“It is pertinent to stress that Dr Funmi has not only been exonerated of rape, he has also been exonerated of sexual abuse and emotional abuse falsely levelled against him by his ex.”

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  1. This lady was the one that broke me. No more unnecessary support of ‘adult rape victims’ except with proof.

    I will not even be backing down from this stance.

  2. Why are some ex so bitter?
    It can never be me.
    I cry and move on because I know God is planning something best for me.

    1. The Original ShugarGirl20 July 2023 at 12:29

      Vengeful and full of bile.

      This act should be punishable while the victim should be compensated heavily for the unwarranted torture.

    2. @12:29
      It is actually punishable legally. Just that the victims want to quickly move on; the State usually does not want to waste more time and resources on prosecuting the false accuser as their victory is seen as enough vindication; and the State wants victims of such offences to be emboldened to speak out. So some wicked women use the accusation to destroy men

    3. The Original ShugarGirl20 July 2023 at 19:16

      Thanks for the insight @Anon 13:27

  3. Thank God o. See how this evil lady was prepared to ruin this man’s life.


  4. Thank God for him
    So happy...

  5. WINNER, YES I AM!20 July 2023 at 10:39

    Dante, food has landed oooo

  6. The God that has vindicated Mendy and Funmi, please show mercy to other innocent men going through false allegations of rape.


  7. I am happy for you Dr Funmi, may God deliver us from bitter people.
    Why is she trying to ruin him??? Jeez,the heart of man is wicked Sha.

    1. Heart of some women you meant to say?

  8. I'm so happy for him. I think there should be punishment for false accusation especially in the case of rape or any other form of sexual abuse.

  9. False rape accusations should not be trivialized,she should be punished. Thank God she did not succeed in ending the young man's Career and probably sending him to Jail. Evil ex!

  10. Another vindication. Thank God for him o. That babe be wan f*ck am up badly. If I be judge ehn, and I ask anybody (male or female) how long they endured the abuse from the other party, better say one week or maximum one month o๐Ÿ˜. You cannot be claiming abuse, remain there like a tree planted by vawulence sea and be disturbing my court when the person already showed you their true colours. I also love that the guy is suing her too. Dante, coman see your mate o๐Ÿ˜. If na you now and the babe promise you TDB compensation, you go die the matter come dey disturb the sisthrenhood for blog like say na we accuse you. Mtscheeeew.

    As long as life continues, there will be reasonable, calm, violent and mad people. It is for a normal person to choose how they want to be treated in relationships. If na panelbeating you like, kwantinu but don't disturb my court if e don pass the first beating o. I go just tell am to pay you 10k equivalent to take dey buy painkiller as compensation as per your mumu level. Person beat you today, slap you tomorrow, you still dey "love" am. In fact, your mama dey epp una settle knife fight?๐Ÿคฎ. Mtscheeeew raised to power ten million..


    1. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. Your sense of humour is worth emulation. Points well delivered, sprinkled with lots of comic relief. You've said it all. Nothing more to add.

    2. Lol..

      AHH! TDB ke.. High Risk TDB๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ God no go let person trade him future for one night of kuntus chopping oh..

      Shebi when I talk say white babes better for that footballer post the other day, you no gree..

      Like I been talk that day, babes here dey falsely accuse man for rape as punishment for breakup, non payment of hookup fee etc etc but why e no too dey reach court na cos we no dey used to the legal system for here, plus you weh go report matter give police gats get money wey you go dey take use mobilise and facilitate them to follow up the matter unlike abroad.. when them reach country wey dem no go need pay police for mobilization them dey show themselves..

      The babe no even fine.. make wowo babe come go dey cause person this kind wahala.. God abeg oh..

      I be won drop one gist but e go cause argument for this post and this poster doesn't argue Thursdays.. ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ˜Œ

    3. The Original ShugarGirl20 July 2023 at 13:19

      Dante Amen ooo abeg drop the gist hot hot.

    4. @OmoT: ๐Ÿ˜‰❤

      @Dante: Oya no vex na. You know say once I hear gist laikdis, I dey lose control. Bring gist abeg

      @TOS: Yelz o. Gist is life!

  11. Karma came early for this Male Feminist.. I hope he has learnt his lessons now..

    He used to enable this rubbish from these witches to be in their good books and probably with the aim of getting some pvssiea until he became a victim..

    Whenever any lady calls out a guy as a rapist, he's very quick to retweet it and this was someone with hundred thousand of followers, you'll point out to him that the guy side of the story should be heard first, and that you can't just declare one guilty when the court hasn't said so.. he'll tell you to believe the victim first.. his favourite word was to call you a Rape Apologist whenever you point this out..

    Now he has seen how it is first hand, after suffering for 3 years and his name and reputation were at stake after paying of visa fee and flight for one of the witch, housed her for months, fed her and all but Mama came with an ulterior motive of not wanting to return back to Nigeria and ready to throw him under the bus if that's what it takes..

    I hope S!MPs are learning..

    A woman is loyal to her feelings and not your sacrifice.. if you like be throwing your fellow Gees under the bus cos you want to please a woman, I hope you don't learn when it's too late.. I'm sure he never paid for flight or housed his fellow guy before...
    Baba for the girls

    1. As you don chop belle full, do you need water?

    2. His name is funmi na

    3. ๐Ÿคฃ

    4. Woman is loyal to her feelings.

      Even in most marriages.

      Years of doing good is thrown away as rubbish the day you are unable to do good to satisfy her demand.

  12. I know she was extreme in her actions but initially they shouldn't have lived together. We aren't white people. Without a bond like marriage, when you start living with a man he can just wake up tired of you. He'll say he noticed bad character. This might have just sparked something in the lady's brain. And she felt this was the way to fight back.

    Do not go and live with a man you're not married to. Short trips are the ideal option.

    1. Still not an excuse for a false rape allegation

    2. Abegi leave mata @11:46.
      If her brain was sparked so wickedly by "I no do boyfriend again", then the living together was good. Only heaven knows what "I no do husband again" would spark in her. No be kpuffing of the man?

    3. If I recollect clearly, it was in the heat of covid lockdown. He said she stripped and brought out wine. They drank the wine and started making out. I cant remember if she was too drunk or if she indicated for him to stop but he was like something something she was voluptuous and naked in his bed and he couldn't quench his fire. After their gbensh his body cool down and he ran to flat mate room to avoid more temptation. She too said she couldn't move out due to lockdown restriction. And he started awkward around her or so...I can't remember if it was him or her that contacted the authorities.
      The whole thing was very messy but I think many people learned that even at the risk of not ej@culating, when a woman says stop or no or sha no expressly given consent at any period of una gbensh, carry ur hard@on and run from her o.
      I think the court could have considered that he facilated her trip and she willingly stayed with him as enough consent, i also think her own was she stripped, brought the wine, and invited him to drink, oha sharply stripped too however she didn't say she wanted or didn't want s@x with him... if my memory is correct cus it was a while back and he was even the one posting details all over social media.

    4. Anon you're right. Left to me, I think some issues should be handled privately. Its just like the case of Sansa and Tife. Till date i wished both of them had broken up without the rape allegation.
      As regards Doctor Funmi, i think the break up led to the allegations. Thank God he has been vindicated.
      Make God no allow pesin jam ร gbรกkรฒ.

  13. Very anyhow and wicked girl. The thing didn't work out, you decided to use rape to torture and dent his image. No be witchcraft be this?

    Going forward, guys will need to think twice before bringing anyone from here to join them over there. By the way, when will they start punishing those that accuse someone wrongly of rape? Until laws are in place for this, it won't stop.

    1. Na to sign contract. Black and White say gbenshing is agreed to.

      Generally, any man who does not sign proper contract with a woman before taking her abroad is on his own. The other day a Bv complained her husband reported her because she only "locked his shirt". But when the police saw her previous video, they saw wahala and charged her to court. If the man had no video, maybe he would be here now putting his hopes of good welfare on the judgment of an election tribunal.

  14. I felt so sad for him that he shared the same predicament as those he used to criticise. He was always the first to labelled men rapist. I remember how a known influencer on twitter (Tife) was dragged by him then. He never knew his own doom is looming. Karma came early for him. I can't imagine the mental torture he must have given through. But I'm happy he got his justice. He made a scape goat out of that horrible lady. He didn't go down without a fight. Congratulations ๐ŸŽŠ to him.

  15. No wonder I've not seeing this guy actively on twitter, he used to be so active vocal on twitter. Thank God for him

  16. Wicked bitch,that make the real victims,helpless ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

  17. this story is a very sad one. i feel so bad for the guy!!!!
    that lady is a witch!!!

  18. Frankly, nothing new in what the woman did. Only very, very few women leave a man who they had put all hopes on, without a scar. The bigger the hopes of the woman, the bigger the scar left on the man. In this case, the man got the woman back to Nigeria. Right?

    This is one of the reasons some men go back to pally their ex even after they have married their wives. Most of the men just want to appease the women.

  19. I remember this case. From his narration, the girl left Nigeria with the clear intent of getting pregnant by him. Yorubas will say you should not smell what you have no plan to eat. He not only smelled it, he chewed and swallowed. After hitting the sheets, he wanted to give some distance and she wasn't having it. Even her mother was expectedly asking if she was pregnant yet. They both dodged a huge bullet then egos set in with two people who once shared a house and bed, looking to destroy each other.

    Lessons- personal integrity and instincts matter.

    If you need to involve alcohol or drugs in sexual matters so you have an excuse even caught, it's best not to do it at all.

    No doctor will be forgiven for jumping on a drunk patient who stripped. Being cleared does not take it off your record. Every year, you have to state what you were cleared of. People like this lady looking for who to sue can still take advantage of that tag you now have, despite being legally cleared.

    You had no plans for a woman who had hitherto, never lived in or earned abroad. She saved every coin and got some of yours to come over. She didn't plan to visit Stonehenge or Big Ben but rode on your green light, pursuing you around the house with Shimmy despite not being your wife and you jump at free sex? Come on chief! That kind of thing will cost you now. If she were not a learner, you would be Baba ibeji by now or pot-bellied married man. That girl was desperate and you thought you were smart.

    Unless you are with your wife, reconnect with your hands and use them when alone. People exist, who will want to make this case a revolving door in your life. You can't afford free sex any longer. In fact, stay away from any kind of sex till marriage and marry right, from a family that is not hungry or haughty. God will help us all.


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