Stella Dimoko BBNaija All Stars Gists - Two Ships Are Official, Neo Moves On After Tolanibaj Exit +Other Gists.


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Monday, August 28, 2023

BBNaija All Stars Gists - Two Ships Are Official, Neo Moves On After Tolanibaj Exit +Other Gists.

The Big brother house is always full of gists...Make una add as una dey read.....

Ebuka asked Soma during the Live show on Sunday if he had a girlfriend in the house, he said Yes and Angel smiled.....



Alex offered her honest opinion on the budding relationship between Prince and Ilebaye.
Discussing with Prince, She said;
“For the cruise not to result in insults, moving forward, I will just mind my business and look away,” .



 Alex told Soma he should stop apologizing to Angel everytime they have an issue.Venita concurred saying that it's a form of manipulation and mental conditioning.
Alex to Soma about Angel : you is it every time you will be begging? When you are right you beg, when you are wrong you apologize
Venita : that’s man!pulation and mental conditioning.



CeeC during a conversation with Ike, stated that Frodd acted like Mercy Eke's fan and not a co housemate.
She made this statement after Frodd was evicted from the Big Brother Naija show on Sunday night.
Frodd and Mercy had a close relationship during their time in the house.


*Neo and Illebaye spotted cooking and dinning together

A few hours after Tolanibaj was evicted from the Big Brother Naija show, alleged love interest Neo was spotted cooking and dinning with co housemate, Illebaye.
Neo and Tolanibaj had a very close relationship while in the house, though Neo insisted that it was purely platonic ....



The show's host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu asked Ike why there was sudden change in his character and if he has turned a new leaf. Ike replied that he just wanted to keep the week drama free but would revert this new week to his formwer character..He also asserted that Lagos had changed him...


The duo of Adekunle/Venita have confirmed that they are officially a 'ship'.


  1. That confirmation by Adekunle is cock eyed , he just thumbed up for Ebuka, anyways both Venita and Adekunle are tortoises , none of them can out smart each other

    1. One thing i noticed is how much poise Venita has, same with Ike.
      They carry themselves with finesse, almost like models. Where dem dey learn this thi g? Fi ishi g school or what? They Never Really slouch or stand funny except when venita is mocking someone like pere..
      Just watch Ike, it's either he has a cap on, or stands a certain way with his jacket or holds his drink in a certain way. Almost like always in a pose.

      I feel they do it even subconsciously but maybe its for the cameras. But it's a good habit to imbibe.

      Like one of my friends, even when drunk to stupor and high with cocoa, his table manners and use of fork and knife is top notch!

    2. He thumbed up then said yes. Go watch the video clip

  2. Just curious, is it not possible to stay in the house without a relationship and kissing?
    Like if they tell the person, let's do this outside the house, will the other person beat them?

    1. You want some of dem to quench ni? That's why I loff Ike. He did not come there to kiss, ship or love o. If you do anyhow, your coins go loss or your clothes go disappear. Vawulence and strikes na him strategy and we *side eyes at ndi team peace* are loving it.

      I dey smell my fellow BVs comments for him IG page. Una weh don o correct people 🙌

  3. more ship loading.

    Illebaye is just catching cruise with plenty men.
    Venita and Adekunle should do and give us cute babies
    White Money and Mercy don't wanna ship lol
    Ike no babe want to ship with a broke nigga lol

  4. White money is a fruit

    1. Watermelon 🍉 or pineapple 🍍 make una dead that narrative abeg

  5. Make Soma juss dey play. He is dating himself but it's nice to see them together on days when Angel is not exhibiting her Ogbanje characteristics. Abeg my people, did Cross and Angel date before ni? Ayam not understanding some comments biko.

    Venita! Venita! Commot body and mouth for Angel matter o. Who send her to dey advise Soma concerning Angel matter? Nobody tells you and Adekunle how to relate so, leave them alone. When Soma eyes don see the shege banza promax wey Angel go show am finish, nobody go advise am before he borrow sense. Angel juss dey use am catch cruise. Na Ilebaye Angel like🙃.

    I still don't know why Adenita ship dey pepper some people for body. Did she snatch anybody's husband? I love how these two respect each other. Sharing a bed together over a month now and dem never do pass hugging and kissing. When konji don hol Deks, he go go kitchen or upstairs to cool off. I know say dem go tear each other cloth the first day wey dem go get privacy outside the house but their self-control so far is commendable. Very intelligent, very good looking, very mature ship👌.

    Angel is still ranting about the PMP and I liked how Ebuka told Adenita what she said and the name she called Adekunle. Venita wan use silence kee her🤣. Soma wey wan follow you dey 247, you dey use am play but na Venita silent treatment dey pain you? She never see anything.
    Make Venita juss continue to dey ignore her laikdat.

    I want to see how this WhiteDoyin alliance will end oooooo🤣🤣🤣. Na here we dey🙄

    Make una wey get soft heart juss dey pray make Ike win HOH today or find black envelope with immunity so dat he go dey good mood. If not, baba don tok say light and love don end yesterday. He say he go turn microwave up to 10 make everywhere hot, nah, catch fire this week. In other words, back to default settings. This week is the week😎. Make una faves commot body for shallipopi o. E don red✊.
    Team #Peaceisnotonthemenu signing out.✌

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Make the love and light end today. I pray say na Pere be HOH abeg

    2. Cross and Angel lived together for a while.
      In fact,Angel fully "mummied" Cross out of slight depression when he went bankrupt after the show.

      As per Venita and Adekunle's dalliance,I saw it coming from week 1.
      Adekunle's a darker version of her ex husband Terna, why did they include Venita in this edition because I hear there's All Stars Version 2.0 coming,that's where Lucy and Tboss are supposed to be,why bring Lucy now?

      Venita will sure have her legs flying in the sky soonest,if the bathroom gists are not real(according to the service masters who sanitize the Big brother house).
      Serious gbenshing by many housemates is ongoing then another serious fingering and carpet munching by the other group.

      God help all of them.

    3. 😂😂😂
      It's obvious Angel and Cross dated after their season and they fell out.Their reunion was helele.
      Venita is a smart beautiful and intelligent woman,I'm beginning to like her,anyth any for my role model 😂😂

      Ilebaye has quickly take over Neo as she no kuku understand Prince. Tolani ntor.

  6. Not Ike asking Ebuka why hasn't he questioned him 🤣🤣🤣 Igwe Tupac wan know if him dey invisible..he said he will resume his vawulence this week , enough of love and light

    I see incoming gbasgbos between Angel and Venita,e go loud

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ike na low budget Tupac. Make him find trouble. I want Pere to be HOH. Angel X Venita will be cool to watch 😎😎😎

  7. Ds goes to show u viewers that call d housemates out that d organizers prefer toxicity to peace , while u guys are here agitating who should be evicted bcos he or she is mischievous . U heard Ebuka’s question to Ike, so make ona reason am.

    1. Not everybody.
      Toxicity as a strategy is bullcrap to me.

      Adekunle and Prince are greatly appreciated.
      It boils down to how the multichoice as a brand will promote them later on.
      Watch their diary sessions with Biggie.

  8. I don’t like Venita and that’s on periodt.
    She wants everyone to be at her beck and call and agree to everything she says.


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