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Friday, August 25, 2023


 Benue and South-South people, your attention is needed here.

Between the people of Benue state and the South-South region(Edo, Delta, Rivers, Bayelsa, Akwa-Ibom, Cross-River), who drinks ogogoro(kai-kai or local gin) more?

Previously, I had believed that the South-south people were the leaders in this area but what I saw recently made me to have a rethink.

When I was a bachelor, I followed one of my friends to Akwa-Ibom state to marry his wife who was from there. While there, early in the morning, the bride's uncle will send ogogoro to us. The four days we spent in that area, anytime we visited his home, we met him and other men in the compound seated around a table, drinking ogogoro, with veritable real wax tied to their waist. On the day of the traditional marriage, kegs of ogogoro were more than crates of beer.
This was surprising to me. I was made to understand that ogogoro means so much to them.

Then, I had these two neighbours when I lived in Lagos, one from Edo, the other one from Bayelsa. Christmas day and other Christan celebrations, they would bring a keg of ogogoro and beers for the men in the compound to drink. Some of us would ignore the ogogoro and drink beer. They would share the remaining one in the keg and keep in their rooms. Every morning, they would drink it before going out to work. They both said they respect this drink in their region. Ok o.

Fast forward to present day

I employed two Benue guys to work on a farm that I manage. Gave them an apartment on the farm. In less than a week after they resumed, I kept getting reports of how they would drink ogogoro to stupor early in the morning and start fighting.
One morning, I decided to visit them very early. A farmer there told me they buy ogogoro in kegs and drink it as water, a search of their room produced a 10 litres keg of ogogoro, kept in a corner.

When I asked them, they told me it strengthens them for the day's job and that they don't joke with it in their native land.. Lmao.
So Ogogoro gives strength?.


  1. Yesoooo .As a full blooded sapele girl,and a child then,we must drink a shot of it every morning,,tho' mixed with roots and herbs, Strengthens us and we never, ever had any reason to be sick all through our childhood.

    As per who drinks ogogoro more,I still believe it's my south south brethren ,as we are the main producers. Although, the benue people I know are more of beer drinkers, and na dem with their plateau brethren dey sell market for alcohol in the Central parts of naija.

    1. What are the health benefits? Just asking.

    2. @anon,I grew up to learn that alcohol is actually fermented and mist fermented products to my belief has a lot of health benefits if taken in the right quantity.
      Alcohol isn't bad at all, especially the locally produced ones Not those chemicals, that are being used these days to produce them.
      Stopped taking it when my grandmom passed cos,she produces it, and when mixed with these local plants that are medicinal,it helps prevent and kills, to an extent,many microorganisms that are harmful to the system

  2. Bayelsa people drink it as though its water especially people from oh women oh even their children sef they give too

    1. I don't think that title can be contested with South South people.
      I saw wonders during my days in Edo/Delta state, thise people dey shack my God! Even elderly women are not exempted, go to events and see the way women in their 70s are still hustling for alcohol mehnnn.

  3. 😂😂😂 with my little interaction with both Benue and south south people,I think south south owns ogogoro infact they call it sapele water and they drink it like water too 😂😂

  4. What is the benefits you will see full grown men constituting nuisance all over the place all in the name of drinking ogogoro.

  5. No be every body for south south dey drink ogogoro.
    Never seen any of my family member or extended take ogogoro sha

  6. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Why do I find this post funny. See ogogoro competition. Some are even saying it has health benefits. Nawah o

  7. It is called "Sapele water" for a reason.You can't compete with south south in that area,no even reason am😅😅

  8. Bayelsa people can drink ooo both men & women
    The most complex B


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