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Sunday, August 13, 2023

Sunday In House Gist - Comments Section Gists Boulevard

This is a compilation of some of the gists/happenings in the comments section you probably missed because you were too busy...

BV Teejay on Sunday spontaneous post dropped a hot gist as one of the first interesting comment of how a babe visited the site where he works to ask for one of his boys. After much investigation, he found out that the guy promised to nragbu the babe for 5k.

After the agreement, the guy ghosted the babe and she kept returning to look for him.... Teejay explained up and down and announced he gave the babe 1k as he felt she was seriously battling Sapa.
He asked for the opinion of BVs on how to tell the babe to stop coming to their site without making her feel bad.

Stella jokingly asked Teejay why he didn't gbensh the babe and give her the 5k. He replied that he's now committed and he doesn't do smallies.

The comment did not go down well with Dante and he accused TJ of c#ck blocking the guy. He said real OGs don't do that. He said the babe is question is a lazy girl as there are various ways to earn a living like fetching water for the site, opening her own noodle spot, etc.
There were other gists here and there by other BVs but Teejays comment was commet of the Sunday spontaneous post....

Henceforth I will only pick the most important or Interesting or most controversial comment from any spontaneous post so as not to make the writeup much


BV Excited Courtesy announced the passing of her dad on Monday spontaneous post. May his soul rest in peace and may God comfort her family.


BV Dante on Monday spontaneous post made a plea to parents and guardians to pls keep an eye on their wards/children as pedophiles are rampant these days. He said these people claim to be marginalized and therefore identify themselves as MAPs; Minor Attractive Persons. Nothing we nor go see for this world.

He crowned himself the spokesman for the male BVs on the blog. He appealed on behalf of the male folks to the female BVs sending their pictures as face of Wednesday in house news to please send 3 pictures; front view, back view and side view. He also told female BVs to pls apply less makeup, no too much filter or editing as some brothers on the blog might have interest to avoid the case of what I ordered vs what I got. He also said he's going on social media break.

BV Omotola Brianna replied him and told that it's hypocritical of him to make such requests after labelling the women folk on the blog Amotekun babes. She also hoped he doesn't want to do soapy with the pictures.


BV Ijeoma PH made a very long post on Monday spontaneous post. She stated the importance of salt. She said salt can be used for different purposes ranging from body scrub, attraction of positivity, bringing good luck to business owners, foreseeing dangers. She said it's for people with clean hearts. BV Nnukwu Nwanyi agreed with her, said she wish she could type everything she knows about salt and it's usage. She made it known that it's not diabolical. BVs have been begging them to pls teach them how to use it.


The boxing ring post replaced the Monday in house news. On that post, bottles, knives and various sharp objects were flying upandan. Infact, bottle almost landed on my forehead but idan no dey loose guard. Anyways, in the midst of the chaos, some people still found ways to share love and light.

If you dey find something to motivate you, just google the "hustle post on stella dimoko korkus blog." BVs gave 1001 reasons to hustle and not jonze.


BV Mom Ella was full of praises and Thanksgiving on Tuesday Spontaneous post, she was thankful for her son's successful surgery. May his healing be permanent.

BV Dainty T on Tuesday in house news celebrated one year anniversary of she and her family landing the country they are in right now. She said their travel preparations was very hectic and stressful and she's considering writing her experience, she might name it Dainty T's travel Chronicles. Dainty, we can't wait to read your travel experience.


BV Paprika on Tuesday in house news said she had lost counts of the number of miscarriages she had and hopes that one day, she'll have the opportunity of sending her labour room drama. BVs joined their faith with hers and assured her that her cased is settled and that next year, we are definitely going to read from her. So, Paprika, congratulations in advance.


There was a post on Singles and Mingles update. Some BVs shared that they found love and are getting married soon, some married people found sin partners, some found guys that tell them to shake their bumbum everywhere, anywhere and always. Bottom line, real love dey SDK BLOG and awon eyan Mark Morgan the love scammer also boku, shine your eyes and congrats to those that found their LOML on stellas singles mingle...


On Wednesday spontaneous post, Stella crushed on herself and said some positive words to herself. She motivated other women on the blog to do same, the female BVs celebrated, motivated and crushed on each other.


BV St Phoenix elsewhere and her beautiful self covered the face of woman crush Wednesday. She sent a shout-out to the amazing women on the blog that are thriving daily to make a honest living. She told them to keep their heads up and she assured them that they are enough.

Stella hinted that Phoenix is single, so she called on responsible men who are single as well to do the needful. She made it known that Phoenix didn't send her to look for husband for her


BV Games mistress on Wednesday in house news commented that she met the guy that buys her suya 10yrs at a function. This suya buyer introduced her as his 'ex' to one of his friends. Games mistress was amused because she just used him to while away time and never considered him as an ex. She then asked BVs if they're the ex's ex.

The comment seemed off to BVs and they asked her what she preferred the guy introduced her as.


Phoenix's picture almost crashed SDK blog's internet, Fidel said she's motivated to snap her big nose and send, other BVs showered her with sweet words and couldn't stop talking about her and how beautiful, confident and intelligent she is.

Groom to be, Teejay said e remain small make e kiss his screen because Phoenix beauty wan carry him go where he nor no. He asked why the beautiful women on the blog hide their beautiful selves thereby delaying his plans of settling down.


On Thursday spontaneous post, BV Ali B said he's wife has been down with malaria/typhoid/high hbp. He said he's been playing the role of both parent and caregiver. He stressed that his wife is the strongest woman he knows, and her inability to get things done herself because of the illness saddens her. He said he hypes women not because they're flawless but because of the Grace and patience God gave them especially in the area of multitasking. May God grant your wife quick recovery, Ali B.


An Anon was trolling BV Zaram on Thursday spontaneous post because she spelt her name as "Chukwuzaraemkpere" when she hailed herself on Wednesday spontaneous post, WCW. This Anon accused Zaram of not knowing to spell her own name, Zaram and other BVs clarified that autocorrect is responsible for the misspelling.


Stella announced on Tuesday in house news that she's going to gift a BV 10k randomly from the comments section. On Thursday in house news, she announced she chose Dante because he hates women. Stella hoped that he would buy honey with the 10k so that he'll have sweet belle. Dante as an "OG" and not a "simp" rejected the money and asked it transferred to another BV but unfortunately, it wasn't transferrable.

BVs hoped that Dante didn't reject the money because of what people would say.


SDKBLOG S/M couple covered the face of Thursday in house news. They're so adorable and we pray their love continues to wax stronger.


BV Zaram had a on Friday spontaneous post prayed for the Anon that's always urinating under her comments and looking for something to gloat about to find genuine happiness as his/her life is bitter. She wished the person love and light, and hoped s/he will jump and pass her comments as she (Zaram) skips some comments from certain BVs that doesn't resonate with her.

In reply to Zaram's comment, BV Milkshakes said proofreading her comments before publishing will save her from plenty shalaye, he said failure to do so, she go explain tire.

Ekajoy and Lane Minder found it laughable that Milkshakes was talking about Zaram's grammar.


On Friday spontaneous post, BV Amethyst wore her boxing gloves after Dante was resting from the blows he gave her on the boxing ring post. Dante thought it was over but Amethyst said, no peace for the wicked. She said Dante lacked the intellectual capacity to engage her on the blog. She therefore went on to say XP, Castle, Phoenix, Martins and the conglomerate of anons, especially the ones based abroad can call her out but not Dante. She also told him that if she megaphone or go to NTA to announce her wins is not his business. She also told Dante to wake up from slumber and stop putting himself on toilet roll thinking that he chased her from the blog because e no reach.

Note; Dante is still on social media break.we the BVs on the blog are preaching that he does not come back with a robust reply in Jesus mighty name....


Make I go hold dollar because I nor no where e dey run go. Till I come your way next week, stay safe and make sure you read SDK Blog otherwise shame on you...

From BV OyinGATE


  1. Replies
    1. OyinGate the Idan for the news! ๐Ÿฅณ I dey hail ooo...๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

  2. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  3. Good summary!!!

    I think you missed it. I didn't say she came to the site, rather I said she lives closer to me and saw me when I was about going out from home. There's an update with her and a new revelation. I will try and write on it once I'm free to do so. I have been busy lately in search of an apartment. Agents and landlords aren't helping matter on it. I feel so exhausted about it.

    Dante on social media break? Wonderful!!!

    Amethyst dear, I'm glad you are ending this back and forth. Good one. Keep to it like you have stated. Respect!!!

    Stella, there are many beautiful female bvs here. I have seen about eight popular female bvs pics. Them hot I swear. I haven't seen Zaram pics but I heard she's hot and charming ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    Hanging out in few minutes with my baby. There's this joy and excitement whenever we're about seeing each other. She feels same way too.

    Good Afternoon Guys!!!!

  4. Thank you so much Oyin. My wife is much better. We are truly grateful.
    Have an amazing week! ❤️

  5. Oyin baby you are doing well. May your pen never go faint

  6. Dante is on social media break but commented on one chronicle after he made the announcement. By the way, why the announcement?

    Dante, zuzurugi and come back here. Werey. Social media break ko, someone that is lurking. Any post now that seems not to favour men, he will come bearing his blunt teeth to bite. Bia nwoke , no dey whine yourself.

    Stop this Scarcity =Demand game.
    Look after yourself and better don't drink until the doctor tells you to.

    Well done Oyin.


    1. He said he is on a break but you asked him to zuzuru and come back here because you be im mama? Tueh

  7. Lol @ no peace for the wicked

    Well done Oyin

  8. Well done Onyin. You are doing well๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

  9. I sometimes comment under anonymous. This round up got me all cracked up. I've followed SDK for over 10 years. I like the camaraderie among you all. Take care all.

  10. Oyin ๐Ÿค

    Ali B...healing to your wife.
    Jehovah is Rapha!
    I skipped that.

    Paris...the right word is Rapha not Rafa.

    Dante...on break?
    Ok. Stick to doctor's recommendations and prescription.

    Ste...please don't enable comments about shit on breakfast posts.
    It's nauseous. I complained bitterly,the comment refused to go through. come you can't spell your own name? It raises eyebrows.
    And how many names do you have paapaa because I'm beginning to wonder.

    On to the next project.

    Phoenix...single kwa?
    Had to re-read the post.
    Are you "kidneying me?"
    I na agakwa Xmas na villa? (In my grandma's voice"

    1. She must have been typing fast. Geez!

    2. XP so one not being able to spell her name raises eyebrows?. Haaa. I am Ada. As per first daughter. I have four names. Two Igbo names. One from my mum and one from my dad. Two english names. One from my dad and one from my godmother. I have used one name here (Zaram)
      I am a very igbotic lady. There is no Igbo name I can't spell more or.less my own name that I have been bearing for decades. I feel it was auto correct that caused that issue. even though I hate giving excuses for my mistakes.
      People make typographical errors daily here. No one is above mistake. Shit happens Sha. We move

    3. In as much as I have used only one name ZARAM on this blog.
      I have the right to answer as many names as I wish as long as I feel comfortable with the name and it is not causing harm to anyone. My name is my name.

    4. case no one ever told you,don't try this shit before an interview panel. YOU ARE OUT.
      Doesn't matter how many names you have, you'll hear whispers of "this candidate doesn't have the intellectual capacity to work here".
      The file is stamped off for lack of concentration or impersonation.

      Chizaramekpere is not an English word, you should be talking of updating your own keyboard dictionary to contain the new name Zaram.

  11. OnyiGate good job, BV Paprika your time has come and I assure you that SDK blog will rejoice with you by this time next year. People really go through a lot.

  12. BV Paprika. God has heard you. You will born as many as you wish.
    Weldone Oyin. Great job

  13. Paprika, may God bless you with as much kids as you desire in Jesus' Name.
    Oyin ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘.

  14. Biko me too i want to see the beautiful Phoenix pic o. The last face of IHN that i saw was Nk. Martins, abeg do your magic and help with the link



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