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Sunday, August 06, 2023

Sunday In House Gists - Comment Section Gists Boulevard

These are some of the gists you may have missed from the Spontaneous posts and in house news'....

On Sunday spontaneous post, BV Phoenix wrote extensively about the old trick of children deceiving their parents that they gained admission into higher institution meanwhile, na wash.

She advised parents to always check on their wards by visiting them in school or sending a trusted family member or friend. She said this isn't out of mistrust for our children but just to be on the safer side because children/youths of nowadays too do. Phoenix gave an instance of her mom's friend who's a widow that her only son lied to be in school. The boy collects money, foodstuffs etc but isn't anywhere near school. She said they found out, even though he showed no remorse, he's now with his uncle in the east in his block moulding Industry. Another instance is her cousin that's giving her fake admission vibes. She's planning on doing FBI on him..

BV Cynthia Iyede shared that she's weaning her baby girl via the cold turkey way(it means stop breastfeeding abruptly and not gradually) which hurts like mad. She said the way her girl loves sucking, she feels like baby girls suck more than boys.

BV Dante, shared the dream he had on Sunday spontaneous post. He dreamt that he and his cousin met Tinubu at the Villa, they suggested to him something he could provide that would be beneficial to his government and Tinubu then gave them the contract. Dante is wondering if it's a bad dream or a good one but in all, he said e be like say Tinubu government go favour him and his family.

On Sunday spontaneous post, an Anon asked "is redmi 12 a good phone?" Another Anon saw it and told the Anon that if BVs answer him make e bend because the Anon just asked the question as if s/he was talking to her maids. No good morning or happy Sunday.

On Sunday spontaneous post, groom to be, Teejay complained bitterly about not knowing how to dance. He heaped his danceless skills on not attending clubs and nightlife. He said his consolation is that his LOML told him that they're in the same WhatsApp group, she's not a stepper as well but Teejay is thinking that she's just whining him and might get to the dance floor and turn to pokolee and Kaffy combined.
He asked for tips.and got some advice


BV Sapio Jules on Monday spontaneous post said she has been teaching for 23mnths now, she stressed the need for summer classes 
She didn't dismiss the need for kids to be taught money making skills and talent building, she stressed the fact that most of it are now infused into the school syllabus and that academic and skills acquisition should be married together. The difference in the two sessions above is that the first one was fresh from summer class and the other was not.

BV Ali B on Monday spontaneous post shared about the tale of a bubbly young guy in Kano who was st#bbed to death by his sister because he accosted her on her dating sugar daddies. sad story and an eye opener that runs babes can kill even their blood for money..
BV Olawealth on Monday spontaneous post commented "LET AFRICA BREATHE" numerous anons lined up under his comment and greeting him as the blog akagum.

Philosopher, Oki royalty posted on Monday spontaneous post that it's not everyone that his/her mouth smells has mouth odour but some simply cannot afford to by toothpaste.


Stella on Monday in house news did a memo for the person that commented that she has used clean comments to spoil her blog. She made it known that trolls are not anonymous like they think and can be traced using their NIN and service providers. She said she studied social media laws and urged the people looking for dirty comments to head to Instagram.

BV Praise on Monday in house news brought a notice to BVs. She said that she was in a bus that was headed to ilorin and a woman beside her was giving them hot gist about how one tenant impregnated her landlord's wife. Praise asked BVs if she should stop at her destination, which is very close by or just follow the woman  to download the full gist.
BVs begged her to pls follow the woman but she hasn't come back to give us update.

An Anon on Monday in house news gave an advice to people that follow some fashion trends because they see their faves doing it. Like piercing of nose, lowcut and tinting and getting tats done. The Anon advised people to look at themselves critically because what appears very classy on some people might turn out looking very razz and local on them.

BV Fola on Monday in house news gave gratitude to Stella because she asked her for 5k and Stella blessed her with more than the amount she asked for. Thank you Stella.


BV Ali B on Tuesday Spontaneous post celebrated the 5th anniversary of sound/correct FM in Kano state. He said he's been working with them for that 5yrs and that the radio station changed the narrative of broadcast radio in Kano. Congratulations Ali and sound/correct FM.

On Tuesday Spontaneous post, BV Supernova made a very long epistle narrating how her boss complained bitterly to her about his stingykoko fiancรฉe. Nova said her boss spends heavily on his babe, provides everything she needs but the lady has aradite on her palms. Even on her boo's birthday, she couldn't gift him a cake despite everything Nova's boss did and is still doing for her since she traveled abroad. Nova's boss told his fiancรฉe about her stinginess and she picked offence and no longer on talking terms with him.

Dante in response to her comment shared about his ex babe that was almost perfect and an ideal girlfriend. She didn't dump her bukata on his head, didn't come to his house unannounced etc.They broke up because she asked him about marriage plans and he wasn't ready. Dante then went ahead to tell his babe, Supernova that he isn't comfortable with her being her boss's therapist because na from clap e dey enter dance.
BVs wondered why Nova's boss is telling her his relationship travails. They're wonderingl if Nova's boss wants Nova to be his LOML.
Side eyes at Nova


On Wednesday spontaneous post, an Anon asked if alligator pepper can be used to stop sleep paralysis. BV Exco called upon Kidjo as our resident mamalawo that she is, Kidjo didn't disappoint Exco, like lightening, she came and told the Anon to fret not. She told the Anon to get a bowl of water, add salt to it and read Psalm 91 over the water. Ask God to send his Angels(Gabriel, Micheal and Angel Raphael) to stand guard over his/her environment as s/he sleep and then sprinkle the water in her room afterwards.
And for nonchristians(Muslims/ATR); get bitter kola and your alligator pepper, throw around the 4corners of your room and also spread salt around your house to prevent those jinns from coming to press you.

Wednesday in house news landed with a memo. Stella announced that anyone that's interested in gracing the face of in house news every woman crush Wednesday should send in their pictures with an inspirational message or with their business advert stating how they started and where they are now. This is to support other women. And for those that are single and searching, they should include it codedly in their motivational or business advert post.

Teejay after celebrating the WCW on Wednesday in house news, he appealed to women to  know their body type before wearing or buying jumpsuit so as not to look like Teletubbies in it.

Shout out to BV Vicky posh for enlightening and teaching us how to speak and write good English. Thanks to you, people won't notice too much that I attended night school.


On Thursday spontaneous post, BV Kelvin announced that he's back like he never left. Said the stress from the burial ceremony of his uncle in law, Lt. General Oladipo Dipo was choking but thanks to God, it was successful. Kelvin also asked if there are any King's college alumni on the blog.

BV Teejay on Thursday spontaneous post narrated how profound a mother's love is to her offspring. He said he witnessed a scenario where a mom took her son for circumcision and couldn't hold back tears while her son was being cut. He hailed mothers and told them they're the realest MVPs.
Women agreed with him  but BV Dante did not agree completely with Teejay. Dante was on the stance that fathers love their children as much as the mothers do, but are more logical in their thinking and decision making. He gave instances to buttress his points, he also said that a woman's cry could be manipulative sometimes.

An Anon on Thursday spontaneous post narrated how her husband drank all these manpower drinks in plastic bottles. Then, around 4am baba touched her small and climbed on her. Before she opened her eyes and closed it, her husband had poured but he continued nacking because he was still hard from the jekanmo he drank. The Anon was angry because her husband will just wake her in the middle of her sleep and start gbenshing with little or no foreplay and expect her to be in her Cardi B element. This Anon is tired of pretending to enjoy it with him.
She was advised on what to do.....

BV Osundu also shared on Thursday spontaneous post how her Mommy GO neighbor and her daughter almost starved the young girl they brought from the village to death because they suspected she was stealing. The girl was rushed to the hospital and thanks to God, she no join her ancestors.

On Thursday in house news, Teejay landed like a volcano and asked why the Anon that complained about her husband will just lay on the bed like a log of wood and expect him to do all the work. He said that he doesn't joke with foreplay and has lost count on the number of times he promised his oringo partners aeroplane when the gbedu have entered the body. He made it known that if his nips are well worked on, e don go.
BVs disapproved of Teejay's comments bashing the woman and told him marriage is a different ball game.

BV Rhapsody recounted on Thursday in house news how God used her to turnaround her lastborn brother and also saved his future wife from marrying a lazy, dirty and entitled husband. She made sure he washed his dishes instead of leaving it for her always. Though, Rhapsody's brother is not perfect yet, but he would have been extremely bad at having basic survival skills, left for their mom.

An Anon on Thursday in house news made a very detailed comment on Thursday in house news on the mother and father's love for a child. So many valid points were made on how a Father and mother loves their kids equally and also gave real life examples to back it up. He stated how he shows his kids direct love, always there for his kids, not forming kingkong always at home.

BV omotola Brianna on Thursday in house news recounted how one of her old, married friend uses every opportunity to ask her when she'd be getting married. Omotola could be thinking of how to make money and better her life, the marriage question comes up. The friend even blocked her on all social media platforms because she's still single. Nawa


Friday spontaneous post landed with many people thanking and praying for Stella and Waju. Stella gifted 30 people data through Waju data and they were all full of praises and Thanksgiving.

An Anon on Friday spontaneous post had a message for "an empty komkom", the Anon said this komkom he/she is referring to does not take corrections after being corrected about his/her gbagauns always. Says the komkom comes with long epistle defending his/her gbagauns and also writes a long post always bashing women.
BV Dante felt the shade was directed at him and fired back at the Anon. Dante suspected who the BV was and referred to her in one of his replies as an olodo, braggart on top nothing and idumota bad bitch. He said she thinks she's that babe when she no jamo anything at all.

On Friday in house news, Stella announced that there would be a boxing ring post on Monday. So, warring BVs, get your gloves ready and box it off in love and positivity.

BV XP on Friday in house news gave a well detailed Yaji recipe and step by step analysis on how to eradicate wall geckos. If you need any of these, kindly read Friday in house news because it's well detailed there.


BV Morayo recounted on Saturday spontaneous post about her son telling him he experienced sleep paralysis but BV Kidjo already made a comment on how to fight back if you feel it's spiritual and BV Martin's also posted a link in reply on sleep paralysis.

If you do not comment on Stellas Blog, how do you sleep at Night?
See you next week, and please make meangful comments so that when i summarise we can learn or laugh or both...

I salute.


  1. Stella,

    I saw your comment on the other post and I will say I would never in any way had commanded you to release my comment if you have chosen not to. I'm so sorry if my comment sounded so. I have great respect for you and what you do here. I will never for any reason command you for whatsoever..

    Accept my dearest apology.

    My response to the anonymous was in retaliation of the same energy used in insulting me. Though my comment was flagged.

    I don't go under anyone's comment here to insult them but they will always bring their frustrations beneath mine to insult me when they're not even mentioned. People here can attest to that. It becomes so painful and hurtful at the same time when I return such honor by responding to them in their own madness, and my comment won't get to the comment section. It makes me feel bad.

    One thing I will never condone from anyone here anymore for whatsoever reason is disrespect to my person. I'm getting old to tolerate such disrespect here anymore. If my reaction to insult won't be enabled, pls don't let these people get away with their insults and disrespect to me here.

    If you don't like my comment, please engage me with a superior rejoinder and defeat my opinion. Why resort to insult? Is that the best you can do? This is the problem with a good number of people here. Sometimes I overlook but when I have decided to react, pls don't hold me back.

    1. If you can ignore some people, you will live long.
      You won't see me dignifying insult with response. Most times, I don't return back to post.
      Replying a troll won't solve my problem and I consider such person beneath me intellectually and morally..

  2. Sapio Jules is a good example of a teacher. Very sensible comment, no gbagauns too.

    1. Yes. There are a few bvs that are good with written English. You go hardly see error for their spellings.

    2. Who cares about gbaguns when English isn't my first language, will English put food on my table??

  3. I will continue to critique BV OnyiGATE to balance her summary on this Comment Section Boulevard. From my comments, it's obvious she has improved, less her favs, addition of other BV's comments.

    So much concentration on SP comments. Spread it. There are other posts on this lively blog.

    All I do is from a place of love for the blog we all love.

    This week, ๐Ÿ‘, but there's so much more to improve on.

    See you next week, God's grace.

    1. Why don't you compile/write yours and forward it to her? You think it's easy until you do it.

  4. Good one ๐Ÿ‘ needed no addendum.

  5. Well surmarised. Weldone Onyin๐Ÿ‘

  6. You’re doing well but like someone stated last week you can expand to other posts rather than center around sp and ihn
    Kudos to you , we should buy you data or Fanta as encouragement

  7. Phoenix you just reminded me something, I had a roommate that discovered she was given a fake admission in her second year, she couldn’t go back home out of shame. Her parents thought she was still in school, even her mum sister abroad that was her sponsor kept sending her school fees and upkeep money thinking she was a student. Omo she stayed back oo till her mates graduated and she went back home. I don’t know the story she later told her people

    Bro me TeeJay my elder brother that’s like you was advised by friends to drink so much, he got drunk on his wedding day and was shamelessly dancing like a mad man ๐Ÿคฃ you can try

    Fan Emmanuel

    1. She should have focused on writing JAMB and then told them she changed her course na...

    2. Many who schooled in Enugu didn't graduate, went ahead to sew NYSC Uniforms to deceive their parents na social media save their jobless asses,now they're all over Instagram and Facebook forming CEOs.
      The rest, emergency bloggers.
      Benin, Port Harcourt and Jos, their gists na story for another day.

      Some sef, their ngwongwo is still at landlord's house in GRA and Independence layout in Enugu 22years later because they eloped with their live-in lovers when academic sessions ended for their set.
      Degree certificate kuma, they abandoned because of poor grades.
      Umuazi highway๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Ž.

      Bv Oyin.
      You're doing well ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  8. Keep up the great work ๐Ÿ‘

  9. Well done Oyin, you're doing great. If you can extend it to some other posts, that will be nice.

  10. Well done Onyin, you're doing a great job and God bless you.
    Happy Sunday my anonymous friend ๐Ÿ’•

  11. Thanks for the update oyin gate

  12. You are doing well ๐Ÿ‘


  13. @ Teejay, you are not going for dancing competition. Incase you don't know how to dance ,on your wedding day just step gentle moves to the vibe. No need to scatter the floor.


  14. @ Teejay, you are not going for dancing competition. Incase you don't know how to dance ,on your wedding day just step gentle moves to the vibe. No need to scatter the floor.

  15. It's not living with live-in lover and making mouth about sex, marry first if e easy, born pikin and come back in a few years time

  16. Well done Oyin dear ๐Ÿค—

  17. Nicely compiled. You're doing well, Onyin

  18. Just remembered my childhood hood mate. He went to a neighboring country for university and in that country their visa / permit + accommodation regulations ain’t too strict as long as you pay he stayed there 7 years claiming he was going to PhD level only to be a drop out and return to study teaching. He was buying guns, motorbikes, patronizing women & all.
    His mum fainted from shock. CHECK ON THEM not out of distrust but to keep thing in line & for support too

  19. Anon forgot to add other things to the empty komkom

    Below average Intelligence Quotient

    Has the characteristics of a rabid dingo

    Lies to have two inverters and two batteries when you need just one inverter and multiple batteries ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

    Trying so hard to be intellectual but only in iberiberism with boring epistles.


    Anywho, like Anon said, you really ain't sh**.

    F Y I
    I won't be here for your replyyyyy๐Ÿ˜‚

  20. OnyiGate kudos to you dear♥️ I do enjoy your compilations. More strength to do more ๐Ÿ™


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