Stella Dimoko Actress Rita Edochie Drags Colleague Yul For Comment He Made Concerning Her


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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Actress Rita Edochie Drags Colleague Yul For Comment He Made Concerning Her

 Nah wah.......


  1. Have you called your nephew to ask him what’s happening or not is the question.don’t come here and type this long epistle.

    1. How do you ask he goat? When his busy dance everywhere

    2. Who you used to know?

      Madam Rita; I now know why Judy has that boy wrapped round her fingers.

      You people refused to allow this boy be HIMSELF! That is exactly what Judy provided him.

      I remember clearly when I was schooling in Enugu; the news of how they bundled Yul to carry his property after he impregnated May.

      No doubt; May is a good lady. But you see matters of the heart; fear that thing!

      Judy maybe diabolical; yes. But a green light from Yul made that Jazz work.

      The least you people would have done for Yul is allow him be himself. Families love forcing their narrative and desires on people.

      It always takes financial independence to break many out of that cage.

      I sympathise with May and I equally sympathise with Yul.

      As for Judy; if you have ever truly loved before; you will have small sympathy for her too. But she deserves her own lashing. She didn't have to destroy another person's home to force herself in. What you feed grows. Knowing he was married should have made her back out. Another one will come along. Look what SELFISHNESS has done to her life now!

      As for May; I know deep down her heart going by the foundation of her marriage to Yul and his career; she has lived with this fear of one day losing him for long.

      I know this hurts; but don't you somehow feel free from that fear?

      Don't accept his polygamy; but tell Rita to stop projecting you as a sorry case!

      Relax yourself and enjoy yourself. Babe do you know how beautiful you are?

      Die this Yul issue and hang in for a new beautiful love. What is coming will blow your mind away.

      The moment you forget this two; their own see finish will start between them.

    3. Him being a goat doesn’t stop her from calling him before going on social media to talk nonsense.

  2. Odiegwu...yul and his unending family wahala

  3. A man will mess up, next, is to say is jazz or under a spell, always making excuses for men's mess..
    He's not under any spell, all he's doing, is with his clear eyes

    1. If his eyes are clear, then he may have seen and acted on something we don't know about.

      Man and woman matter deep than we comment on it.

  4. Replies
    1. This family and drama sha.lolx

  5. Yul and Judy will soon put out a dancing video.

    In all of these nonsense, the death of Kambili is the most painful.

  6. This woman is very funny 😁 😂 😀 😄

  7. It's the audacity people have to question, criticize and bully a full-fledged adult because he chose to marry another woman, especially when he didn't violate any law. Let the man breathe.

    Judy seems like the kind of woman that will make a man feel like a king. Treat "some" men with dignity and respect and watch them bend to your will. "Some" is the operative word.

    If Judy and Yul were together when he was vying for the presidency, she would have hyped him and made him believe he was the best candidate for the job even if he had a faint chance of winning. Did May ever post Yul when he tried to run for president?

    No be everything be jazz. Know a man's mumu button and you'll have him in the palm of your hand.

    1. This your comment is funny. Just wait a few years and you would see where this relationship leads. You think it is about hyping this man. Don't worry Yul would soon show himself for another woman to hyper hype him since it is about hyping a husband now.

    2. Moving forward you will be seeing the real Yul which is how he has been behaving on sm & outside. Agbero man & Agbero woman picked wife don jam each other
      The most complex B

  8. Yul has made his bed full of thorns so he should live with it. Who told you that his family have not tried to caution him & but he refused instead he has been dancing naked in Oshodi under bridge & Cele Express way.
    Yul is behaving like one around us a married man who a took his younger Kings men's wife, a mother of more than 3 children & his family has everything necessary to see that he ended it but he told his family that he doesn't mind if what he's doing kills him.


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