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Friday, September 01, 2023

BBNaiaj Season 8 All Stars- Gist All The Way,,,

Wahala ooooo..

Alex And Ike Seen Exchanging Blows In The Pool

Alex and Ike were seen fighting in the pool, though the cause of the fight remains unknown but the two were visibly very angry with each other.
Alex was seen pushing Ike in the pool party, after which they started exchanging kicks and blows, with Alex accusing Ike of almost drowning her inside the pool.
The fight was eventually seperated by other housemates but the frosty looks were still obvious on the faces of the two housemates.


*Ilebaye Accuses Whitemoney Of Bullying her

Ilebaye had a huge fall out with Whitemoney over their wager presentation.she increased the volume of the computer she was using to produce music, but Whitemoney turned it down,but she increased the volume again.The duo were going forth and back with this until Whitemoney eventually switched off the computer. Emotional Ilebaye later came back to turn it on, while accusing Whitemoney of denying her from using the music set because he's older and she's younger. She further stated that if it was someone else that was on the set, he wouldn't have behaved same way.


Doyin Reveals They Have All been fooled by ilebaye

Doyin was visibly angry after the fight with Whitemoney. Narrating the issue to Cross and Neo in the head of house lounge, Doyin revealed to them that they have been played by Ilebaye.
Doyin said. “When I realized it, I felt so stupid. But it’s too late, the viewers would have given the money to her. Whitemoney was the first person to tell it to me, but I called it bluff. We’ve all been fooled.”
Cross who was very surprised at the revelation asked how they couldn't see it all along.


*Ilebaye And Neo Seen Getting Cozy With Each Other

Big Brother Naija All Stars housemate,Neo and Ilebaye were seen getting very cozy on the dancefloor during the pool party yesternight. The duo have been known to be very close with each other but Tolanibaj's presence made it very complicated, but with Tolanibaj out of the house now, Neo and Ilebaye are finally able to explore their chemistry.
The two were seen getting close and personal on the dance floor, and their chemistry was undeniable. They were dancing, laughing, smiling, and touching each other, and it was clear that they were enjoying each other’s company.


- Ceec Reveals Pere Has been in her DM since 2018

While discussing with Ceec on the bed,Ike asked Ceec about her relationship with Pere. Ike revealed to Ceec that Pere said she has been interested in him even before they came into the Reality Show. Ceec denied this, stating that she has never been interested in Pere.
She said that Pere had been sending her DMs since 2018, and she had ignored, that she only started talking to him recently, because they had worked together on a project. She maintained that there was no way she would be attracted to Pere as he is not her type, and she doesn't find him interesting.


  1. Whitemoney bullied Ilebaye.📍🔨📌
    And he showers with his briefs on? Haha. Dude no wan cast o jare. Ike akiko adiro Ego ocha.

    Ilebaye obviously playing her script.
    Same with Ceec. Big brother's calls is beginning to look suspicious.
    Ceec gets briefings,I love her, I no go lie.
    Ceec N120m.
    Locked down!

    Pere had the hots for Ceec being his spec, he loves them portable and fiercely angered, it turns him on. He doesn't need to convince the viewers,it's clear from his previous season with Maria. And borrowing to spruce up and appear at ceec's presence is the summary he didn't deny?
    Pere is frustrated not getting at the coochie jare.
    Her prospective husband better be ready, Ceec ga akuya gwoogwoo.
    The rock-solid energy when she's pissed eh? Looks demonic,script aside.

    Neo collects like 7 packets of condoms once they're delivered?
    Who was he dunking? Heeeee.😁🤭
    His dad married 6 wives and bore 31 kids ,he's complaining,Neo will marry 20.

    Ike... I don't trust that guy.
    Giving off heavy "inmate vibes", where does he think he is?
    Don't drown Alex for us biko.
    Thank God she's a "dimkpa" as called, she wrestled her whole self out of Ike's manouevre. Wicked Ike.🙄

    1. This post of yours is complete opposite of Pere declaring love (eternally) to Alex. Cece can't be his spec and Alex his love. They ladies are different in every meaning of the word different

    2. Batilka...hold up!
      Pere loves Alex? Eternally?

      Please drop the phone number of your English teacher I wanna ask her something.

    3. XP, what's wrong with you? Is this your blog? What senseless arrogance are you displaying on this blog? Why insult a BV in such a way? You think you write good English, with all these incoherent jargons you put together in a sentence and call stylish writings? You are obviously jobless and a megalomaniac. Some of you make comments on this hlog with an air of superiority and belittle others and you are hailed by some "conquered" and timid BVs. Pls apologise to that BV, Batiks. Stella, pls post for fairness and equity.

  2. Thanks for the update,didn't watch it.

  3. Coming back to read more comments.


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