Stella Dimoko BBNaija All Stars - Big Brother And The Housemates He Will Evict Today...


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Sunday, September 03, 2023

BBNaija All Stars - Big Brother And The Housemates He Will Evict Today...

Today is eviction Sunday and Big brother will send one or two or three people home today....Who do you want to see go home so badly? In case you mention housemate Seyi, dont stress yourself, Seyi says he is ready to be evicted cos he is going home to wealth..... He knows his time ends today or next week.....

There is someone doing fake love and crying all over that i need to go home but i canot mention this persons name until later
Those up for possible evictions are Ike, Seyi, Adekunle, Angel, and Pere


  1. If it’s one person that will be going home then it’s Angel; if 2 then She and Seyi


      Is it me or does this bb all stars have so many women with masculine traits in feminine body? Alex and venita fight be like 2 male rugby players bantering in a locker room.

      Ike reminds me of loki of asgard, I like angel but lately, especially after Alex, injure blow shegey comot ike body&he controlled himself then ran to hide under duvet shedding tears, I now like him. I will actually love a man like him, he will go all out to protect me. He is not a leader, like that, but he will make a good life partner with a woman wey get oik for her head

      As for adekunle, last night party (sans venitas masculine traits) was the first time I truly saw him, he is handsome . Ship na double edged sword, all the ships in the house dey favour the babe game pass the guys. See cross now since Kim. No one should mention tbaj, na sex pest not ship.

      Lastly, how the eff did Mercy win? A lot of female housemates gave greater talent and energy than this person I dey watch since? If na big ass, many women in there get the body wey mercys surgeon use as standard to panelbeat her own, so what's her winning factor? Can't do this, can't do that . Tell mercy hi, she go bend over touch her toes as greeting.

    2. Don’t be surprised that Seyi’s team & fans must have intensified their game to save him. I’m even looking at Angel, Ade or even Pere bcoz, it looks like people really solicited for votes for Ike to stay. Good luck to them sha.

  2. Chika(Hello iya boys)3 September 2023 at 13:24

    Seyi mind is already gone ooo.he won't be surprise self
    Papito has accepted his fate jaweee

    1. Ha a whole grandbaby that is carrying the entire bbn franchise on his muscular shoulder? Mba o, egbe sunu. 😏

    2. Troll sighted @14:35. Rest in Jesus name

    3. only muscle onhis body is the one in the hole on his face that he runs 24/7 . the rest na fats

  3. Anybody wey wan go home today make e go o as long as dem leave Ikechukwu Steve Onyema for me. Wetin Zelensky eye no see for Russia hand yesterday? Haaa!! E over-choke abeg.

    Venita couldn't make it to the party (I started watching less than an hour to the Saturday rave so I really can't say why) but Adekunle had as much fun as he possibly could. We wish her speedy recofa if the speculation is true about her health but I missed her there sha. E be like she don dey suffer separation fever in advance. Choi!

    When I know say egungun don enter express na when Doyin begin use singing go toast Bouncer Tony for club just before party end. Ha! The guy shock come begin signal for the other bouncers to come save am o. I say ha, wetin be this kwa.

    I still dey reason dat one na im dem enter house, I see Baye don romance Pepß flag so tey cloth don separate from stick. She call Ike for help, the werey begin epp am "deflower" flag dey talk "No oooo stop! Stop, I'm a virgin..." Hian!

    Neo carry GM# carton put for head begin hawk food. Doyin begin try to seduce Cross for HOH lounge as Pere begin kolobi Kim for kitchen. 3 boys dey carry only Alex in from garden, na Ike carry her slippers. Omatshola discover person pant for inside kitchen begin display am before person snatch am for him hand. Soma dey carry him problem, sorry Angel by himself. Mercy nko? She toast Pere, toast Neo, still no customer. Issokay.

    Abi na Ceec? If not for Ike wey force-feed and protect her throughout the after-party rogbodiyan, we nor know how e for be. The same Ike warned Ilebaye to drink water and stay out of trouble.

    Even Biggie collect o. Ha! The souvenir reach everybody laslas. That one no wan respect himself; he go dey call Doyin wey dey no man's land to report to Diary room☹️. Diary gini? If I hear say HOH answer am😏. She tear am warning, tear Kim wey go dey act as messenger join. Who born Biggie well? Last night was the El-Classico of tribulations for both Biggie and the organisers. E sure me say dem don get high blood pressure laikdis.

    In all of the wahala, Seyi sha provided more comic relief when he said he was washing his hands off Venita so that he would quit sharing his fanbase with Pere and AdekunleπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£. E be like na Biggie Parrot dat one share him votes withπŸ™„. That dude is a mess once alcohol enters his system. God knows I'm going to stay glued to his IG page and monitor his media rounds.

    Pere then took over and entertained us for like 2 hours nonstop. When Angel told him her boyfriend's name is Ayo and Pere asked "His name is Iron?" Omo, I fainted!🀣🀣🀣

    1. Shayo dey system yesterday... πŸ˜‚

      I laughed so well when Doyin told Biggy that she was not going to the diary room. Hahahaha.

      The undies that Sholzy found was for Kim. Cross quickly intervened and Kim grabbed are stuff sharp-sharp.

      Bastard shayo. πŸ˜‚

    2. Your Analysis is always on πŸ’―

      Yesterday was a roller coaster with the Housemates shenanigans after the Party…

      DOYIN off me when she started dancing with a bouncer and when she told Kim that if she enters DIARY ROOM, she will probably sleep there. Who even get that Pant OMASHOLA found in the Kitchen…

      One day, Biggie go show him face for this All Stars ⭐️ Pere and Angel discussion about her Boyfriend and doing the Do Nigga Raw.

      Ceec dragging Ik away from the men’s discussion and for IK to tuck her into bed.

      Ceec, Ik and GenZ Little drama

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Doyin was on cloud 9 yesterday. I'm sure biggie ended the party because of herπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ before she go rape bouncer πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Venita was crying this morning and Degs no send her fa.
      Yesterday party was lit. Abeg that dj na man or woman,I raise hands for the DJ.
      My role model thank you for the update.

    4. @Toast Pere,toast Neo still no customer. Haha.

      Mercy is so camera-friendly, Kayode up to his job description is really fixing his thumb on the button for Mercy.
      She's always"highlighted".

  4. Seyi and Adekunle + Lucy are leaving today.
    Ike, Angel, and Pere still pin for the show.

    I like Ike a lot and I perceive that his legs in the show are not looking as strong as before due to the game he's playing with the ladies. I wish he would not be attached to either Ceec or Mercy and play his game as he has been since week 3. Sentiments will make other fan bases not to keep voting for him cos he is hurting their fav while forming besties with them. My opinion though.

  5. TASTE BLISS CAKES AND PASTRIES3 September 2023 at 16:54

    Seyi and Ike should go mbok.


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