Stella Dimoko Edo State Gov Obaseki Locks Out Deputy Gov Shaibu From Govt House


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Monday, September 18, 2023

Edo State Gov Obaseki Locks Out Deputy Gov Shaibu From Govt House

What kind of wicked treatment is this?

The crisis of confidence between the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, and his deputy, Philip Shaibu, took a new twist on Monday, following the decision of the governor to lock out his estranged deputy from the Government House.

Shaibu got the shock of the moment when he got to his office Monday and found that the gate to the office of the deputy governor and the main entrance leading to the storey building was locked with chains and heavy padlocks.

While he and his aides waited for about an hour before leaving, Shaibu, during the period, reportedly made frantic efforts to reach the governor but failed.

An aide to the deputy governor, who made the pictures available to the public but prefer not to be named, disclosed that his principal had some discussions with the Commissioner of Police and the Director, Department of State Services, DSS, alerting them of how he was locked out from his office.

According to him, there was no official communication to the effect that the deputy governor’s office had been locked.
Shaibu was consequently said to have summoned the Camp Commandant at the Government House, SP Ibrahim Babatunde, querying why he was locked out of his office.
“He said it was a directive from above, adding that the CSO in Government House, Wabba Williams, will be in a better position to explain,” the aide said.
Shaibu was said to have put calls to Williams, who promised to come to the scene.

However, the CSO never came all through the period Shaibu waited.
from Vanguard

His tenure will soon be over and he wickedly does not want the deputy to take over...Abeg the deputy should resign and get his campaign in top gear.... Obaseki forgets that power is transient...


  1. Obaseki be acting like he is Almighty

    1. EXACTLY! What a foolish man Obaseki is. Btw, only in a screwed up country like Nigeria can such happen

  2. I don’t even know what to qualify Obaseki with. His own shege is at the front.

  3. Replies
    1. Hianest! The things happening in Naija politics ehhhnnn, hmmmmm.............

  4. Impunity 🙄🙄🙄

  5. Is Obaseki the only Governor in Nigeria??? Kilode??? He is always fighting if he is not fighting his Godfather he will be fighting his party members now he is fighting his Deputy! He seems like someone who doesn’t know how to manage people! Nah wah o!

  6. Oshi o da ni ile pako. Radarada

  7. Obaseki should have made his plan clear right from the time they crossed over as a ticket into the PDP. He needed Shaibu for his political sagacity and Shaibu needed a ladder back to the statehouse. With the kind of support their ticket got from Edo central, there was no way he could support Shaibu from Edo north, Oshiomole's stronghold, in the next election. Shaibu himself knows this fact as the true politician between them.

    Had he told Shaibu that they would cross the Rubicon together and Shaibu would then paddle his boat alone as per governorship, it would have been neater and there would be no need for rancour. The body language of "wait till next year" of Obaseki is a clear "no" in the ears of any seasoned politician. Shaibu needed to begin his consultations and politicking alone.

    Shaibu is now a political orphan as his adopted elder brother has no interest in welcoming refugees into his APC enclave. I don't know if the president is sympathetic to Shaibu because he has proven to be an effective performer and politician but the mood in Edo is for power to rotate and unlike the Yewa, the people of Edo central have the numbers. Obaseki knows that with his own senatorial zone's support, it's a done deal no matter what LP throws up.

    Perhaps, Shaibu should have taken the deal of a senatorial ticket but he knows that it would be a TOUGH ROUGH WAR to win in that district with Oshiomole alive. E go hard to displace Oshiomole.

    We can disagree without being disagreeable. The governor shouldn't leave office with the reputation of biting every hand that has fed him.

  8. The negative emotional displays by men is unbelievable

    Pettiness, ego struggles, vindictiveness

  9. Obaseki is a tyrant. One would have thought he would have some finess about him because of his pedigree, but no. He fights dirty. Shuaibu never should have supported him.

  10. You want to renovate the state house, you lock the gate kpakparankpa! How do the work men/ contractors get in. "We communicated to you..." yen yen yen...make we dey tell ourselves the truth.

  11. So the deputy should continue in power while there are other Edo indigenes that can contest for the position as if Edo is meant for Obaseki and his cronies. How dumb can you be.

  12. Anon 03.53, Obaseki does not have to support Mr. Shuaibu's ambition to contest for the governorship, but that can be done without humiliating him or disrespect his office. Let's not mix the 2 issues.

  13. Obaseki is out to quell every dissenting voice. You must never have an opinion when you are around him. It's either his way, or no way. How can you develop the state with that kind of mindset? That means most of the lies he made us believe about Oshiomole was simply because he had a plan, and we were pawns in his game.

  14. Gbamsolutely! How can Edo state always be in the news because of the Governor's pettiness?

  15. Shuaibu and Obaseki can fight to finish for all I care when they both leave Government house, but using state instruments to oppress your deputy as a sitting governor? Obaseki, do better!

  16. Nawa oh, this can only happen in Nigeria.


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