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Friday, September 22, 2023


 Thank God its Friday hailings!


I saulte to you all... How this weekend wan be? Any parties and Jollof loading?
Eh hen before i forget oh...
The 2 people who collected 20k each from the lady trying to conceive have been quiet and i wonder why cos they are popular BVs here.... Please acknowledge that you got the money cos i saiw a comment asking about it and i dont know if its the giver asking codedly or someone trying to insinuate that nothing was given....The money was paid directly to the accounts of two female BVs here.....Please acknowledge... Thanks....

Next week we will pick the 22 people for the October giveaway........ I still have the old list and will check how many names are on before i ask for new ones if any need.
Have a nice weekend



''Women sivouplait  make Una hustle ohhhhh! My former landlord was caught sleeping with the house help that madam treats like her daughter, Madam even sponsored this ungrateful girl to University, she couldn't endure the mortification because the husband has been doing it even with some married women on their street, he was also sleeping with her seamstress. 

He was discussing her bedmatic styles with one of the men on the street when one of the apprentice informed his wife, she packed her things out of the house and bought a duplex in Ikoyi for her sanity.

They have several properties together, but Madam is richer than her husband and they have children together.

Candidly, this man is unabashed, my former neighbor was telling me that the new neighbor told her the landlord is asking her out which means she will not pay rent again, this man is a deacon in my church ohhh! No moral compass at all! C'est mal!''

Some women are married to dogs!.. I pity them!



''Hello big Stelzz, hope this meets you well.
Attached is the screen shot of a comment by an anonymous or maybe a BV who went anon accusing me of something I didn’t do.
I’d rather have ignored but i hope to let you know that i didn’t do such as it is not my business who or what ever advert you do.

And the reason I don’t comment at least once in a day as i used to is because, somehow God gave me a bigger opportunity. the 1.2m mini fast food spot the anon indirectly tried making a caricature of was actually actualized all by myself, but due to the bigger opportunity God provided for me, that spot has now been converted to just a shawarma, pastries and ice cream spot while I'm presently constructing an eatery/lounge on the one and a half plot of land God in His ways made possible for me to lease. I can even send you photos of the construction as it’s still on going.

This is why i an hardly comment these days Stellz as I’m running this project all by myself, i even buy the needed construction materials myself when the workers need them so i can save cost and avoid being cheated.
Reason why I'm just seeing the accusation now because it’s now (past 3pm) that i even had time to open SP that you do post 7am nigerian time. I only catchup with all the daily happenings on the blog at night when i return and before i sleep but i somehow felt the need to address this accusation before it begins to sound like it’s true, which might affect the way you’d look at my ID when i finally resume commenting as before.

Big stellz, I’ve contested and won FOIHN before and you sent me something for winning, you didn’t do me bad so it’s what you think i care about hence my reason for this clarification.

I wonder how someone would just wake up one morning and feel very ok to accuse another person who they absolutely nothing about…to what end? I no get o. Now i understand what Teejay goes through from his attackers. Lol

Yes it’s true I applied for a business giveaway last year after i was duped by a traveling agency and was looking for how to put my ass together and wasn’t gifted but it’s not why I’ll do the kind of thing this anon is accusing me of. No be my money, na help i ask for so why would i become bitter because i wasn’t given.
I’m a young fresh guy with a lot of sweet German juice rushing in my organs so i no get space for bitterness. Lol
Sorry for the long read and any typos, had to quickly send this so i could get back to my work.
Keep doing the good work Big Stellz and God blessings upon you and yours.

from Numero Úno ( Big booty mechanic)

I LOVE the 'BIG STELLZZZZ' (side eyes at Dante and Kelvin) 
I enabled that comment so that i could do a small debunking on it today and then he sent in his response...Please he is not the one, the knows themself...The person did not comment in anon so i know exactly who i am talking about... Please stop the false accusations.
Booty nice to know that its not why you stopped commenting. I wont mind seeing the project you talked about...
God bless



''Good afternoon
Pls, which is more advisable to use in aborting a month old pregnancy?.... injection or evacuation?

I just discovered I am pregnant and dnt intend to keep it...we have two kids already and my last will be two years next month... I told my husband about d pregnancy already but will later lie to him dat I miscarried
All d nurses I told are suggesting injection but they said it will really disturb me, and it's not advisable if I don't have anyone around to help me cos it will weaken me..I don't av anyone to help rather I have two boys that will disturb me with their wahala''

You are married and want to get rid of a pregnancy? I am lost for words.



''Please I want Ur opinion..I stay abroad with my family sibling lives with me ...she is struggling to complete her fees..she is working 20hrs...we understand that she can't pay part of the house bills but is she /or not supposed to contribute to feeding...bear in mind me I hubby just came last year n still managing..she helps sometimes with house chores.

You already stated that she is working 20 hours a day, meaning she hardly ever sleeps and you are still planning to collect money for food? meaning she will have to work four more hours...I pray the stress does not kill her.... This is the true situation of Japa that most do not know.
Whether you like it or not, naija still has so many advantages.
Please just ask your sister if she can try to contribute to the food bill or if she can be eating take aways...Just tell her you cannot afford her mouth your best so that this does not lead to family quarell.
God bless you both....



''Good day SDK. Thanks once again for everything you have done to make life easier for us. i used the additional 50k giveaway from glam grandma to buy Igbo palm oil 35k for 25 liters.
 My supplier's goods landed on Wednesday evening, so I went to pick it up and measured out some bottles. Palm oil is moving fast and profitable too. People love mine because it is Igbo one and does not smell, so they rush it.
The remaining 15k was added to 5k savings and used to renew my space rent. I pay 20k yearly for the space. Seeing my goods increase overnight, the agberos that gave me the space started disturbing me to come and pay, they even threw away my wares on Saturday. The rent just expired this month as I paid for it last year's October. Thank you so much glam granny''

I thought palm oil is palm oil? I will definitely like this igbo oil cos the one they sell here is mostly from that Jollof rice country and i totally dont like the smell..
well done, I can see that your business has expanded...........




Congrats..I am happy to seet hat you could restock....God bless your hustle.


*Different Kind Of Wives 

A dictionary wife is a wife that does not welcome other people's opinion. She is always right in her own eyes.

She has no submission. There is contest for leadership. She is very difficult and full of troubles and arguments.

She is very arrogant, stubborn and disobedient. She is richer and powerful in one area or the other than the husband and she combine these powers to cause trouble at home.

*4. Party Wife*
She is highly social. She hardly stays at home because of parties and pleasure.

*5. Pampered Wife*
She is not used to anything hard and she is expected to be treated like a leprosy patient. She is very fragile and sophisticated.

*6. Dustbin Wife*
She is extremely dirty and disorganized. The sitting room is like a toilet and the kitchen becomes an empire of rats. Clothes are unwashed and so many things are left very dirty.

*7. ADC Wife*
She has zero tolerance for other women close to her husband. She is hostile to any woman close to her husband and sometimes police the husband like detective.

*8. Acidic Wife*
She is always ready to fight being moody and keeping malice for days. She has an acidic mouth that when she talks, it can be very terrible.

*9. Office Wife*
She pursues her job and her career. Every other thing is secondary and all functions in the house are handled by housemaid. The children are not used to her, She is a career wife.  

*10. Grandmother's Wife*
She is completely ancient in thought, outlook and behaviour. If you tell her to wear night dresses, she will refuse and demand to wear her wrapper because of spirit husband. She wears very careless and disgusting dresses. She can refuse a kiss that it will cause asthma and also refuse s#x in the afternoon, that it will make her to give birth to albino.

*11. Pepper Wife*
She is very hot and aggressive. She does not like to relate with people and always finds faults with people. She is a thorn in her husband's flesh. Her husband's heart beats for fear anytime he wants to talk with her. She is too aggressive and difficult to live with. She is violent in nature.

*12. Spinster Wife*
She likes doing everything on her own and her dressing does not show that she is married. She is not serious with her marriage and chooses many single ladies as friends. She enjoys laughing out a lot without her husband. She is married yet like to live a lonely and a single lady's life.

*13. Occasional Wife*
She loves maids and nannies so much and lack good qualities of a good wife. She goes out a lot and comes back whenever she feel like. She has no time for her children and toys with her husband's emotion.

*14. Kingdom Wife (Godly Wife)*
She is a blessing to her husband. She gives her husband rest on every side, she is a builder and not a destroyer. She is very friendly and accommodative, her husband is proud of her. She is a virtuous woman *Prov. 31:10-31*

*What type of wife are you?*

I am sure everyone will claim to be number 14...hehehehehhehehehehehe awa ni yen oh...
The different kinds of husbands will be posted on Monday to balance this



  1. Replies
    1. Goodafternoon BVS
      For weeks now my throat,eye,ear and nose have been itching me with catarrh
      Been to the hospital twice
      Was given drugs.
      After few days still had thesame symptoms.
      Went back was told it’s malaria … was given injections and drugs.
      Please any one that has experienced this
      Tell me what to take.

    2. Check for allergy triggers like mould in the wall,stuffy rug if you use any check another hospital too, then check for generator fumes

    3. Afternoon good.
      God bless your hustles.
      Madam 20 hours per week I guess.
      Talk to her jeje. Not easy.

      The sign out meme is cool.

      God bless the givers.
      Tinubu and APC want to wounjure Kano abi?

      Mao Akuh

  2. Una good afternoonπŸ˜ŠπŸ•’
    What's this thing I am hearing about manhood theft in Lokoja, the capital city of Kogi? Wetin dey occur? Na real wa o!
    Y'all should be careful this period and of course, don't allow anybody touch you anyhow (most especially those that are big on handshakes)
    Stay safe!

  3. A small mystery how friends owe the person selling materials but pay the tailor complete.

    1. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚
      World people.

      Be clever next time. Tell the friend you want to restock ASAP.

    2. One thing I detest with my whole being is False accusations.. If anybody accuse me false and refuse to make amends, hmmmmm. It will take my tears and serious weeping to God, punishment will befall the person.

      For the anonymous that sent that false claim about Numero uno, ask for forgiveness openly. You people should stop assuming ITK untop another person matter.

  4. Awww....

    A big thanks to Stella. I received a credit alert this afternoon from her. I'm really grateful and humbled on this kind act and benevolence. May God bless and replenishes where it comes from Amen. πŸ™

    On tonight Friday Night Gist Post, I will share a story, an unfortunate incidence that happened close to my residence. I hope I remember to do so.

    Good Afternoon Guys!!!

    1. Congratulations nwa nne
      God bless you Stella

    2. Congratulations Ezege. Gold's blessings be multiplied to SDK πŸ™

    3. Oh nice one TJ. Well done Da BIG STELLZZ!

    4. replenish** stop adding letters that are not needed

    5. Congratulations Teejay. God enlarge your coast Stella. Thanks for all you do.

      God continually bless and increase our businesses. Thanks once again Stella for being a huge blessing. I can't get over it abeg

    6. Congratulations Ezege!
      I don wait for airport tire o, u no dey come Abuja again?
      Thanks SDK for always being a blessing

    7. Congrats TJ

    8. Congratulations Teejay. Use am drink cold water for the plenty wahala wey dem dey give for this blog.
      Don't forget to send your tithe like Dante saidπŸ˜‚

    9. Congrats Teejay, I pray you don't forget to share it.

      This blog is a learning ground

      Mao Akuh




    Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
    James 4:7

    READ: Acts 14:6 -12

    6 They were ware of it, and fled unto Lystra and Derbe, cities of Lycaonia, and unto the region that lieth round about:

    7 And there they preached the gospel.

    8 And there sat a certain man at Lystra, impotent in his feet, being a cripple from his mother's womb, who never had walked:

    9 The same heard Paul speak: who stedfastly beholding him, and perceiving that he had faith to be healed,

    10 Said with a loud voice, Stand upright on thy feet. And he leaped and walked.

    11 And when the people saw what Paul had done, they lifted up their voices, saying in the speech of Lycaonia, The gods are come down to us in the likeness of men.

    12 And they called Barnabas, Jupiter; and Paul, Mercurius, because he was the chief speaker.

    In John 14:12, Jesus Christ said, "Verily, verily, l say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that l do,shall he do, also; and greater works than these shall he do; because l,go unto my Father."

    In Markm4:35-41, when a storm arose on the sea while Jesus was sleeping in the boat, the first thing He did was to rebuke the wind. The passage above therefore means that you will do even greater rebuking of storms.

    Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God, it He is also the Lion of Judah. It is true that you should be as gentle as a dove, but not when dealing with a snake. He was gentle, but when He got into the temple and saw what should not be there, He overturned tables and drove out the traders. That certainly wasn't gentle! You also are the temple of the Most High God. When you see someone trying to hinder you from fulfilling your purpose, you must not handle them gently; you must rebuke them.

    Isaiah 54:17 says it is your heritage for any tongue raised against you to be condemned. In other words, it is your heritage to rebuke anything trying to hinder your destiny. You cannot be gentle with them; you must rebuke them so that they don't destroy you.

    Many years ago, a son of mine was living where a witch doctor also lived. The man often complained that my son's prayers were disturbing him so, l,told him to cast the witch doctor out, but he said, "No Daddy, we are both tenants in the same building; we can live with each other". I said "Okay". The next time l saw my son , he looked very unhealthy. He said the witch doctor got some of his customers,who,were police officers, to arrest him because his prayers were disturbing him. The police locked him up for days and the mosquitos in the cell dealeth with him. I them

    N asked him, "Are you now ready to send that wicked fellow out?" He agreed, we prayed and the man moved out of the house.

    Will you let the devil hinder your destiny?

    Father, paralyze every agent of darkness that tries to hinder me from fulfilling my purpose now, in Jesus name.

  6. Good afternoon BVs
    Eku enjoyment

    1. Stella the list is missing in 2 types. A. Amotekun wife B. Nicki Minaj in Mercy Chinwo wife.

  7. It's the sign out post for me 🀏🀏

    Hello IHN

    1. Holla darling πŸ’ž howdy?

      @BBM I'm so happy for you Boo πŸ’™ keep being wishes always

  8. Thanks for Celebrating me yesterday I appreciate y’all, una too much! I really felt special!

    Yo Dantay!, what’s gud?

    My Fellow Anons, yalll think you’re opinions will change my Blog Persona? Nne na wa o! Ikwakwakwakwakwa how dumb can y’all be? OMo i choptas not!! I’ll even be more of a Tata, knack head for wall!.. not like I know y’all sef πŸ˜‚

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    1. Belated happy birthday to you Kevin. More wins.

    2. Big blessings bro ..
      Much lov (no homo)

    3. Belated happy birthday
      Curfew no let us think straight for Kano. Thank you Lord.

      Mao Akuh

  9. Amen to your prayers @ excited courtesy, mor and Stella maris baby, I actually came to care for my sister who just had a major operation at UBTH Benin, . Thank God the operation was successful and she is in the recovery room.
    Thank you ma'am Stella for being a part of my business success story..

    I pick Good health and Great wealth.

    Have a nice πŸ‘ day everyone

    1. Thank God everything went smoothly. Greetings dear

    2. Thank God for your sister's health. I wish her total recovery.

    3. God be praised for the success. May she recover speedily. I pray strength upon you.

  10. Good afternoon everyone one, happy weekend. Stop people everything about you.

  11. God does much of His work in secret. You can’t see Him lining up the right people. You can’t see Him arranging good breaks for you, sending the angel with the promise, putting healing, promotion, vindication on your schedule. All you can see is, “I’m praying and nothing is happening. I’m doing the right thing and nothing is improving.” You’re in the season of silence. The question is will you get discouraged and quit believing because you’re not seeing? Or will you dig your heels in and say, “God, I may not see anything happening, but I’m not moved by what I see. I’m moved by what I know. I know what You promised is on the way.”

    Joel Osteen

    1. Love this. Thanks alot.

    2. Hmmm.......... God's silence doesn't mean he's absence. Silence is God's call for you to grow deeper. He's faithful still.

      Thanks Joan. Stay blessed 😘

    3. Thank you Mor.

      Omo B, thank you sis. God bless you. πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  12. That comment on the FAQ post reminds me of Bv Ladyport's comment of yesterday IHN. She said research finds out that married women now do more abortions than single women. Hmmmm

  13. Such a long read.
    I like this weather.

  14. Not a wife yet, but the type of wife i will be,is not posted there
    Good afternoon stella
    Good afternoon BVs

  15. Today's IHN is fully loaded with enough to download. Pregnant woman that wants to abort, why do you want to destroy the destiny of that baby? Think twice before carrying out that action. What if you lose your life in the process? Hnnmmm

  16. Good afternoon house
    Stella there is Igbo palm oil and Yoruba palm oil. Igbo palm oil does not smell badly. Yoruba palm oil smells very badly except for the Ondo one that is manageable.
    Igbo own is more expensive than Yoruba own.
    Some people do not know this. If you want to know, approach an Igbo person selling soup ingredients and tell her that you want to buy Igbo palm oil, then taste the difference.

    1. I will try this out at your last paragraph

    2. I still prefer the Akwa ibom or Calabar people's palm oil,very nice and does not sleep.

    3. Was always thinking calabar palm oil was the best.

    4. I don't know where you people get your smelling Yoruba palm oil from but mine doesn't smell


    5. Ondo palmoil is very good

    6. Fresh petals you are correct. I used to buy Kogi oil but stop because of the smell.

      Mao Akuh

  17. Happy weekend people.
    The abroad sis. Well, we are raised differently so I will say do you. But for me, I can't collect feeding money from my sibling or relation staying with me. Not even a friend or acquittance.
    Assisting with house chore is expedient and I will demand for that if not given. But feeding money or contributing to the house bills for a student working to pay her school fees (which you clearly stated is difficult) I can't do it.

    Abortion woman... can you spare that baby and not terminate her destiny and pupose in life?

  18. Good you cleared the air @ booty mechanic, bvs will accuse you wrongly and it will stick.

  19. SDK, I heard they mix pap with the Yoruba palm oil , that is the reason it smells badly. My mum told me this. Though some are God fearing and do not mix theirs. I am Yoruba but I eat Igbo palm oil.

    1. Me I don't even know the diff from Igbo palm oil and others

    2. Yes Phoenix, they mix pap with it so that it will be plenty. Another reason given for the smell is because some use rotten palm fruits to make the oil

  20. Congratulations bvs may plenty sales fall on you all Amen πŸ™
    I love the type of women script
    Greetings my people

  21. Good afternoon everyone 🀩🀩🀩

    To the giveaway recipents, may God bless and enlarge your business.

    I want to be a kingdom wife with lots of pampering 🀭. I just want to relax and be taken care of.

    Office wife no bad nah??? Una no wan liability nah
    Occasional wife should be the normal way of life. Getting maids or nannies shouldn't be seen as neglection of wifely duties. No award for suffering abeg

    Sign out so apt. Y'all enjoy the rest of the day 😘

    1. Relax and be taken care of is not a bad deal. There is no award for suffering. 🀣🀣🀣

  22. Hello ihn 😘
    Good afternoon everyone and how's your day going.
    I'm having difficulty in commenting since yesterday and it is spoiling my mood..I'm angry about it 😣😣I just pray this one scale through.

    Giveaway beneficiaries update.. congrats and may your businesses flourish. God bless angel Koof,angel Glam mama and app the amazing angels here.

    Different kinds of na that number 5 I like to be fa but...

    Married woman that wants to abort,please leave that baby and watch God come through for you and your family.

    Bvs I salute you all.
    E go surely be ✌️.

  23. Good afternoon SDK and BVs. Rainy Friday, Everywhere cool,Jameson to the rescue πŸ‘

  24. Pregnant poster why not keep the baby moreover you are married and it might turn out to be a baby girl. I was once in your shoe pls don't abort that baby. Na 3 boys i get so

    1. It might be difficult but please try to spare the baby and do your best poster. By God's grace you won't regret it in the end.

    2. 14:35, did yours turn out to be a girl?
      Poster keep it if you want, if not , remove it o, bvs will still cuss you if you turn to blog beggar to feed your kids or buy necessities.

  25. Am here for the missing in action bv's.
    Mrs A
    Olori orente
    Chocolate Noir
    Vikky Posh
    Nkiru( Sweden Bv)
    Lady bug πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Isaac baba
    Danny na fish πŸ˜‚
    And the list goes on ...........
    Hope you guys are doing great

    1. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    2. Let me add

      @TWE @Words on marble @Mimi love @KJV @Eka Joy @Gifty @Elegant @Jechix @Babe Kaima @TMW @Ogoja dude @Addy love @Duchess @PG @Bethel @Honey @Golibe @Treasures @Lora @Sunshine @Erika Ebony hope y'all doing great?

    3. Hello, Paris. I am fine. Was at the hospital but I am back home now. Thanks for checking on me.πŸ€—

    4. I'm fine, very much appreciated bv Paris. As the list goes on @Candy, Phapsody, Martins, Larry and Larry Wife, Blog PA, Dat Edo Boi, Chilove and Big Mama hope you'll are doing good?

    5. City chocolate, hi
      How is your data and recharge card business?

    6. Addylove, I'm doing good babes.❤️❤️

  26. People are so heartless these days. See abortion with pride

  27. Good afternoon Sdkers
    Welcome IHN
    The wife that want to abort pls don't do it, May God provide all you need to take care of that child.
    This weather dey sweet me πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  28. Thank God it's Friday
    Good afternoon πŸ’•

  29. Most women, i inclusive, are a little bit of all

  30. Why will u get pregnant when u know u won't keep it? Why why, this is so unfair, if u know u are not ready please protect ur self or ur husband should.

  31. Stellz I get small beef here o! Why no more bb all stars update? I have been following through your blog. I was especially hoping you would mention how that ‘winch’ was muted by Mercy. ‘B*tch I will shred you!!!’πŸ˜‚

  32. Good Afternoon Beautiful people ❤️
    @The Thursday poster! Please don't abort that child I beg you in the name of God, please no matter the situation please don't do it πŸ™ I got pregnant 3 years ago during the lockdown after my family planning failed me, she happened to be the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, she came with blessings too, infact the day I have birth to her which is 3 years today, I had no shishi but I left the hospital with almost 600k in my account as gifts without calling anybody, please don't do it, immediately you give birth look for a good family planning.

    1. Waaaaawu........ such a good charm. Happy birthday to your beautiful gal. Long life and prosperity. May she be a blessing to her generations.

  33. This blog people Una wahala plenty too much. Na wa. Stella do giveaway wahala go plenty. She no do wahala again. How dem go take satisfy Una for this blog.

    Stella I love you. Continue doing you. No forget to give dividend for this blog. As shareholders we need dividend.

    Anyway am enjoying twitter. The laughter in that twitter plenty. Make I continue my laughter there jare. Life no too difficult if you laugh everytime

    1. That place na another cruise.

      Mai Akuh

  34. Please, this narrative by some men haters and evil supporters here of me hating women.. I want it to stop..

    Na so Una do Nedu own until him lose endorsement just because Baba dey yarn facts..

    If you can't be proud of what you do or you don't want it to get out, then don't do it..

    I tackle guys that do shii here too, but you don't see men throwing insults or coming to defend themselves cos I say Yahoo or whatever crime they involve in is wrong..

    Big Stellz, I know those that need correcting with lov, for example,
    The portable and NBA ISH, I remember Big Stella challenging me due to the information she got, shey you see how she disagreed with me respectfully, and I also countered respectfully..

    Now compare it to the "Other Lady" that came with insults and bragging on something that she's even wrong about, let even imagine she was right, does she have to come with insults, fraudster allegations and what not?.. now, do you expect me to respond or correct such person with love?

    The point I'm trying to make is if you do like werey, you'll be treated like a werey, this is what goes on here, that women hating tag has got to stop..

    Tho, if Una like, continue am, e no dey pain me, you're much more a man hater than the woman hater you are trying to tag me.. the only reason I'm making this post is for posterity sakes and in response to Big Stellz comment.. I don't really care whatever you want to tag me, Una Don call me yahoo boy, gay and whatever that enters una head, na Una wahala be that..
    Just continue going anon to say it sha as the cowards you are😌🚢

    Lol.. now back to today's gist..


    BBM, no mind them jare, even if e pain you, you're human abeg, but I know you can't write a stinker just because you weren't picked for a giveaway.. you be one of my realest Gee here.. no dey share your Germany juice for free oh, make sure them ladies pay for it like they expect us to pay for theirsπŸ˜‚, and let it be only crΓ¨me chics with big bootties😁😁

    1. You go explain tire. No evidence 😏😏😏

    2. I wonder why a lot of women here don’t get the men hating tag too when they do the most. Just know that when people don’t like you they find words to bring you down, I always look forward to reading from you.

  35. Is it me or t's been a while I saw a comment from Eka Joy?

    1. I thought so too. Maybe she's busy busy. Eka do take care.

    2. Not only you,I think,mummy Alex is settling in.

  36. Thank you to all the bvs that responded to my question about deep freezer to buy for my business in yesterday's FAQ.
    I really appreciate you guys, especially the madam that gave me extra tips on retaining freeze.
    Thank you for this your ogbonge platform SDK.

  37. Good afternoon all!! Rainy day here and feeling sick. I will be closing on time to go home and relax jare.

    1. Pele dear πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  38. This life no just balnce , you're married and you want to have an abortion and lie to your husband is okay

    Something that people are praying to have God gave you on a platter

  39. Good day everyone,
    That comment by an anon was made under my post yesterday, I deliberately ignored the the person. I don't have energy for dramas, Bigbooty Mechanic thanks for the clarification, God bless you.
    Yes I added my business name to my ID recently, yes I made an error in the phone number and edited it, yes if i see an opportunity to apply for giveaway I would apply with my full chest,
    Yes I am not a new bv I contested and won face of Ihn last year and was gifted something too.
    Please let's spread love and peace, no b you dey do giveaway but na u dey take note of people wey dey apply, na u dey record people wey don receive and never receive. It is well

  40. Welcome ihn.
    Thing's are happening oo..
    It is well ijn,πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  41. Dear SDK the abroad based opinion seeker's sister, obviously came on a student visa, and with a student visa she is permitted to work legally for 20 hours in a week ( not a day as you stated up there, besides working 20 hours a day is not practical).
    In my opinion, the sibling opted to live with the likely older sister to save the cost of paying for hostel accommodation in her school.
    The truth is some people lack a sense of fairness, gratitude and basic common sense. Being abroad, she the younger sibling should know what obtains, paying bill, taxation, and sundry wise. So she should know her sister needs every dime they earn. Common sense should have told her to at least put in part of what she could have been paying for hostel accommodation as her contribution to her upkeep in her sister's house in order not to impose additional financial burden on a newly migrated couple still trying to find their feet in a foreign land.
    My candid opinion to the inquirer is to speak to her sister on the need to contribute her own part of the bills, like, feeding, water, light & internet services. She could overlook rent.
    Young people should learn how to be responsible. There is no free lunch anywhere. Abroad is a leveler, so she shouldn't expect any form of mothering or babysitting from her likely older sister.

    1. I concur 🀝

      @work 20hours. Hmm.
      Her health is deteriorating already,she don't know yet.😭

  42. Hello everyone yeeahhh it is Friday πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  43. Pls don't abort the baby. I'm in your shoes as I was sick all through Summer, kept treating Malaria and Typhoid but no improvement. I even dewormed at some point as I was feeling nauseous. My neighbour advised I do pregnancy test and I pee on the stick for her to check as I don't know how to use it and alas it turned out I was 🀰 I have 4 kids already so having another was not on my mind at all as I was done. I headed to the scan center to know how far gone I was only to be told I was 3 months+

    How do I do away with a 3 months+ old pregnancy? I have already made up my mind to carry it. My family will be disappointed, my elder brother especially as he supports me financially amd I promised him the 4th was my last but God knows best and my 4th is even still a baby(1+)

    Carrying this baby is not going to be easy as our finances will be affected with the cost of things but God has got me. People will definitely talk but what do I do? All my prayer is for God to grant me safe delivery then Family planning straight. God help me.

    Pls let's bump together. Seems I'm months ahead of you. Wish you all the best πŸ’‹

    1. May God see you through Madam. πŸ™πŸΎ

    2. You re lucky that you have a family member supporting but even at that the least we can do as women is family planning pls and pls ,we don't and can never argue or dey the blessings of God which is children but economy is bad,if somebody is rendering help here and there getting belle often times makes us look not serious and not even financially and self smart . Safe delivery to all the pregnant women out there and baby dust to you

    3. AwwwπŸ€—πŸ€— I admire your mindset and of course God will definitely come through for you. You'll never regret keeping this baby.

    4. After four kids, you did not do family planning, you did not take post pill after raw s*x, your man did not use condom. Yet, having another baby was not on your mind. You just wanted to enjoy raw s*x
      Well, you have a family member supporting you, I don't blame you. Keep nacking anyhow. SMH

    5. you go still born another one

  44. To the business beneficiaries who put the money to good use, God bless the works of your hand.
    May you have no reason to touch your seed money, rather you shall expand the seed.
    That little business you're managing in a kiosk, under a shade, in your room, at the market today, may it turn to a huge empire tomorrow. Your neighbors, family, friends, BVs will marvel at your growth.
    Keep pushing!

    Thanks for all that you do Stella. Thanks to all the angels who God is using to sustain lives. God bless you all.

  45. Dunno why people are ungrateful. Stella call them out! They're not ashamed to beg yet can't acknowledge receipt publicly
    Btw, what happened to bbn posts?

    1. Don't mind them, the bvs have still not acknowledged getting the 20k.
      SDK, call them out if they don't do so. Except maybe the money was reversed to the sender after it was sent. It happens sometimes. If that is the case, the sender's account balance will increase

  46. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Grandmother wife bawo..
    God abeg oh

  47. God please hear my prayer and all women TTC. Imagine someone trying to abort what others are crying day and night to God to give them even if it's one, to the extent of draining all my savings on. God please do not let this year pass me by. Poster please keep this child, I know within me you won't regret it.

  48. Good Afternoon everyone, In house news is here. Congrats to recipients of giveaways. God bless you Stella.
    Well, Pregnant poster, please do not remove that child.
    Stella Jeweluchi, Igbo palm oil is the best. My aunt here has a connect in the east that waybills to us everytime we need.
    Lastly, sign out meme is so true. Happy weekend guys. much love.

  49. You see that post about that married woman that is asking for abortion here na that kain post dey trigger Baltika and some of us here , bikonu pls ejoor women ,once this economy is concerned the best thing you can do for yourself is family planning I use God beg you , it's our body let's be smart with it if you feel after the do you re not sure look for post pill.
    Madam you have two young children without assistance and you want to go and do abortion pls if anything goes wrong what about your children, after some months remember oga go marry another wife this is reality let's be smart with our body ,after two kids do family planning and give yourself peace to avoid kiti kata and Hbp
    Safe delivery to you cos I know that the good Lord will touch your mind to keep this baby, and may providence smile and provide for you ,we LL rejoice with you for the child dedication ciao

  50. Good day lovelies.
    There's a wedding; service and an exclusive reception.
    Baby LO and BEHOLD are one of the few kids allowed because they're little bride and page boy.
    Can't waitπŸ’ƒ

    Poster...your last son at 2? Keep the baby pleaseeeee. What is this?

    Big booty...nice you debunked the allegation.
    Ste surely knows who abused him with an ID because of advert money. wary of "the spy who loves you".
    Starve it of every necessary information.
    Be wise!πŸ™ˆπŸ˜

    God bless your hustle.

    There's Igbo;
    Palm has some surf(ogoli),nice flavor,reddish and thicker not watery, it sleeps in cold temperature.
    Cocoyam...rough skin,whitish when cooked, short bulbs,more slimy.
    Scent leaf...tinier leaves hairy and dusty stem, more scent,rough back.
    There are so many with differences. Okpei, akanwu,uziza,garden egg leaf,ugba.
    If youre in Lagos,under car park 2 in oyingbo market, the women come from the east,they know the koko.
    All are more expensive though😳

    Have a nice weekend.

  51. Wife list.
    I'm no 5 biko.
    Everyone thinks my heart is almost falling out. πŸ˜‚
    "They don't know what's going on (in Kiekie's voice).
    I'm strong and they don't know.
    Got my eyes on everything jor.

    Then I'm no 10a little too, it's like I'm brushing it 🀭 but our kids are sticking to me na,haba
    Oh no 14?
    Ste what do you mean?
    We holy die😁
    I'm in.

    Number grandma?
    Mgbeke wife no ni 😭

  52. @Anon 16:47
    Don't mind them. I don't know how many times one will explain to them that when a woman has sex, two things happen aside the "fun"; either she gets STD or pregnant.

    And when a man engages in sex, outside the thrill, he either gets STD or gets the lady pregnant. Issue here is she knew she might get pregnant but was hoping it won't "click". She knew there was a possibility of getting preggy but was hoping against it.

    Pregnancy that some folks spend better part of their working lives waiting for? Pregnancy some can give an arm to have? Pregnancy some have spent life's savings searching for? Pregnancy some have done endless fastings and midnight prayers for? Pregnancy some have been insulted, yabbed, and cussed out?
    Pregnancy some have been scammed because of? Pregnancy some have knowing the implications and consequences gone to the devil to beg for just to answer a parent(s)?

    You better keep that pregnancy, madam. You wouldn't know if that unborn child is going to be the brightest and advancer of the family name far and wide.

    TTC families will read the post and feel bad with some asking God questions.

    May every woman/couple TTC carry their own bundles of joy.

  53. How do I explain in 1 or 2 very short sentences what Alexa is to my Landlord? Baba is already asking me if this my 'oyibo friend no get work'? Oyibo friend ba wo? 🀦‍♀️ 😩Wo, let service year commango abeg😩😩😩

    1. This is so funny 🀣🀣🀣🀣

    2. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

    3. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  54. Good evening blog family and Stella. Stella yes oh, We are all no. 14. Who no like better thing?


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