Stella Dimoko Lagos State Govt Announces Total Ban On Street Trading And Hawking


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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Lagos State Govt Announces Total Ban On Street Trading And Hawking

Lagos State Government has announced a statewide ban on street trading, hawking, the construction of unlawful structures on drainage setbacks, and the exhibition of items on sidewalks.

Mr Tokunbo Wahab, the Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, announced the news in a statement issued in Lagos on Friday.
According to Wahab, the State Environmental Sanitation Corps (LAGESC) has been mandated to vigorously enforce environmental sanitation laws across the state.

According to him, the latest offensive is intended to limit the unscrupulous actions of hawkers who disguise themselves in order to rob motorists while also interfering with the free flow of traffic on highways and streets.


  1. Jesus

    Wahala don dey gather small small be this oooo..

    How will those people gather money to rent a shop now? Jesus oooo

  2. I just wounder how they would manage to sustain their business most of these small businesses u need to move around to make meaningful sales…..

  3. It appears the city is positioning itself for some kind of upgrade. But what provisions will be put in place for these informal traders?

  4. Senseless govt that only know how to inflict pain on the poor masses. Do you think they are happy carrying wares on their head, running around under terrible sun to make ends meet? If they had choices will they be there?

    Some of this people make daily income through this to feed their families and pay bills. If some don't come out in a day, it means no food the next day.
    What alternative provision have you made for them before declaring their source of income illegal?

  5. Making life difficult for the common man.

  6. Nigerians want change but don't want to pay the price. They want a government that does everything for free but pay no taxes. They want the dollar to rank equally to a naira but most make nothing worry of export and are not willing to buy fuel at it's price. They want 24 hours electricity and still want to pay the current highly subsidized rate. They want labor to strike but also want the GDP to go up. They want FDI and LDI to come in and not leach out but they resist necessary economic reform, prefering patchwork that has failed for over 50 years. They want the Lagos they all ran to from their ancestral Utopias to outrank other established cities but are not ready for the rules and regulations that make a city. They want trains to run but also want to trade on the train tracks.

    The mass mindset of the populace is what is responsible for the attendant results.

    1. My dear, there's something called change management, the govt officials can take courses to improve themselves since this is their job and they're paid heavily for it. Even the most educated people and sophisticated and modern environments can be averse to change depending on how it directly or indirectly affects them and who is trying to implement the change. People's livelihood are valid concerns and should not be taken lightly.


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