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Friday, October 20, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



Please Chronicle advisers, can you write down how to send in a chronicle so that we can give advice better? some posters send in one sided Chronicles so we need to give them tips....
What are your tips to writing a good Chronicle?


  1. I think sending in chronicle..
    Firstly is to start from the very beginning, how everything started if necessary, so we know ur point of view..
    And be truthful, nobody really knows u here and if u lie the advices may not work for u..
    Then read it well before sending, if u make too many mistakes, it won't make any sense again..

  2. The truth. Do not send in chronicles painting yourself to be the victim.

    1. 1. Go straight to the point
      2. Don’t be acting like you’re the victim
      3. Tell it as it is(even though it’s difficult)
      4. Don’t be telling us about how the dog crossed the road and got hit(pun intended)
      5. You’re not a saint, don’t absolve yourself of your faults.
      6. Be willing to reply to comments on the comments section

  3. 1. Go straight to the point.
    2. Give details and no room for questions.
    3. Be in the comment section to answer questions arising.
    4. Tell us your own fault in the case too. It takes 2 to tango.

  4. In sending chronicle, kindly be completely honest. Except where its necessary to hide from being discovered by those who know you, state the complete truth pls.

    Don't try painting a narrative you want us to buy into or presenting your victim (if you are not).
    This will aid advisers to give sound and accurate advice.. except that's not what you want.

  5. Chronicles should be brief, ie not too long for readers as some are not good at reading long posts.

    Try as much as you can to balance the story because very few people narrate actual story or event not saying the other side of the story. What is meant here is that majority of the people say their side of the story overlooking the other side thereby making readers not to have complete info when giving advice or suggestions.

    Do not send in Chronicles abbreviating your words. Write words in full.

    Try as much as possible to go straight to the point, if you can not, make events related to the main story short and concise.

    Make sure your Chronicle is the truth as to get sincere and balanced advice or suggestions as half baked or one sided story could receive advice or suggestions that may be of point to the matter or Chronicles

    Reduce too many names as that confuses readers and "turns the eyes" as Stella says sometimes.

  6. One tip is to write it as e dey your mind and as e be but try to watch your words for too much error so we will grab what you are saying and don't make it lengthy so you won't bore people, also be open to corrections and advice. Tanku

  7. What is a good chronicle? Should a chronicle be 'good'? Will that not be an invitation to garnishing? Everyone has a story. Hardly though do we see ourselves as villians in our story nor do we dwell on the role we may have played.

    For me, a chronicle should be straight from the heart. Not neccessarily 'both-siding-it, but narrated objectively. No one is entirely evil. In the worst day of marriage, the best husbands are monsters and the best wives are demons.

    Every chronicle should come from the heart. Your emotions should show in your writing. Only the writer truly knows the full picture and try hard as we BVs may, we will never have full grasp of the situation enough to comment objectively.

    I tend not to give light of day to chronicles that trawl for sympathy. I believe it the situation has gotten to the point of being chronicled, then the poster knows what to do. Nothing continues except we allow it.

    I enjoy the chronicle section of this blog and I've sent a few myself. I don't care if the chronicle is good so long as I feel your soul behind your writing. Keep them coming.. in the long run, we are building a family here on SDK. To Stella and all BVs, you guys rock! Thank you.

    1. I think sending a chronicle is sharing your untold story of confusion, joy and sadness to educate, get advice or even be thankful so being brief and straight to the point might not bring out the picture of the story. I will suggest that a chronicle tells his/her story just the way it comes or flows to them. Just make sure you read through to ensure it's clear and understandable.

  8. I want to use this opportunity to say thank you to Stella I posted as an emergency chronicle you saw it and posted , I got the honest views of Bvs and yours too, you know why here is not just a blog ,you Bare your mind without people running to check who you re like Fbook, or being ashamed
    Thanks Stella for being there ,you ve been keeping me entertained and informed since 2012 may God continue to keep you Amen

  9. Na the advisers/commenters even need advice on how to advise.

    *Stop projecting
    *Stop importing facts
    *Go and heal
    *Keep your bitterness to yourself
    *Go and heal
    *If you can't be truthful then shut up
    *Stop insulting men, a man sent chronicle on a woman naked dressing, see insults, but for 2 days now, 2 women have complained of the same, no one insulted then.
    *Go and heal


  10. Be truthful, sincere, considerate and above all state both sides of the coin.

  11. I feel the chronicles should be detailed and not too lengthy to bore the readers

  12. The chronicle poster should be honest and detailed but not too long

  13. Chronicle should be sincere and simple as it is.

  14. State things as clearly as possible. Use terms that everyone understands.

    Give details, but not so much details that strangers can figure out who you are

    Tell the truth even if it makes you look bad.

    Understand that the responses are all opinions, and some of them will hurt. Do not take anything personal.

  15. Say if you have irrevocably made up your mind on step(s) to take. So people know what to say instead of gender abuses.

    Ask direct questions if answers are needed.

    Point out clearly the areas solutions are needed and those you have solved before the chronicle.

    Ask for funding if that is the needed solution not story about another person or gender. For example, He/she left. There's Sapa. Funds needed.

    Tell us upfront when the chronicle is for us to learn from, not to help you bash your ex, their families, or the other gender, etc.

    Be fair to all parties.

    And above all inspirational chronicles are chronicles too, abi Stella?

  16. State it as it is. Take responsibility for your actions/inactions.

    Then you may get good pieces of advise that may help.

  17. Supreme Court of Chronicles.
    Rules and regulations of preparing your petitions and case files.

  18. State the truth. How things really are without bias, after all we do not know you, we'll not flog you even if you're at fault. You might only receive trolls from faceless people, don't take it to heart at all

  19. And this why SDK is the longest running blog. The ability to create content and not copy and paste news.

  20. I think to write understanding chronicle, the sender should be truthful about his/her own good and bad side...... Don't paint the other party bad to gain sympathy.
    Tell us how it was in the beginning.... The middle and the end

  21. Chronicles should be precise and straight to the point. Give details if necessary and don't say the truth by half because you want to garner sympathy.
    Don't be afraid of getting judged, thereby stating a false narrative, after all, you are anonymous. No one knows you.
    Be open to criticisms.

  22. It shouldn't be too long
    It should be pure truth.

  23. The chronicles should go straight to point and should not be afraid of blog visitors

  24. Personally I don't think there's anything wrong with all the chronicles that have been sent in, because someone felt the need to share part or whole of their grief, naivety, pain, sorrow, truth or untrue, and worry in return for admonition, advice, commiseration, consolation, critique, and most worryingly validation.

    The inherent problem is with everyone of us who rather than be objectively openminded, would project our bitterness into other people's stories and turn it into a personal vendetta. By so doing we are encouraging more posters, and justifying their stance on the issue being tabled.

    Instead of the gender propitiation, we need holistic critiquing without minding whose ox is gored.

  25. There are 3 sides to a Story. Please, Endeavor to write on all sides.

    Don’t have selective Amnesia, Abeg.

    Be True to thy story


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