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Sunday, October 22, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



Guys please I have a question......
If a friend invites you and your family over for dinner, then after the dinner when you all get home, everyone in your house is vomitting. All the 5 kids, you and your husband too in the morning. Will you call that friend and tell them? That you must have eaten food poisoning?

Hmmmmmm!!!......Please eh, do not go to that house to eat again because Ordinary food poisoning cannot affect everybody at once like this.... In my opinion (I may be wrong oh) she may have put something in the food. Please dont pack your whole family to be eating up and down again ooooooh, na so something for happena nd no one would have been able to trace that your whole family was poisoned.
Please dont ask her... just behave like nothing happened but be watching her.


  1. You don't have to tell that friend, but never again should you visit her or drink ordinary water at her place again. Then be prayerful o, the vomiting alone might not be the end abeg. I no trust anyone again

    *Larry was here*

    1. This might just be a coincidence. This is why I don't like giving cooked food to people. I can't shout.

    2. * Don't tell the friend anything.
      * There's need to go for medical check up, like Larry said, it might not end in vomiting alone, it's better to discover whatever it is early so as to take medicine if need be.
      *Be wary of the friend.
      *Be prayerful.

      PS: The friend might have not done anything INTENTIONALLY to harm you and your family, it may just be food poisoning which can occur through the process of preparing the food and the preservation, some people are not hygienic.

    3. I dont like this notion of BVs towing Stella's red pen. It is eye service, in my opinion. Firstly, did the family also eat during the dinner? If they did, then it must have been mere food poisoning due to poor hygienic conditions in its preparation. We also experience same sometimes in our homes. Pls share your experience with your friend - what you friends for?

    4. Stella, ordinary food poisoning can actually affect everyone at once.

      It has happened before where I live. Everyone who went to that restaurant spilled blood for days. Imagine if na naira family that are in somebody’s house. Lmao

    5. With the sort of 2 inch nails women are wearing these days, it might be food poisoning. Feces and all are stuck under those nasty, dirty nails!

    6. 16:12, are you me?
      I don't give people cooked food too. I prefer to give raw foods and fruits but most especially, money. I give you money to buy food.
      IfI have visitors, I serve them drinks and biscuits. If it is a relative that has to stay for a day or two, I cook and we all eat what I cook.

  2. This seems to have gone beyond mere food poisoning but nothing can be verified and proven.

    Best you can do for now is to play the fool since you and your family came out unscathed. Say not a word to your friend. If at all She actually tried harming you and your family, she may want to bring up the matter later. She may want to find out exactly what happened to your family. Tell her you don't know what she's talking about. Because indeed you don't. You can't really say if it is exactly what you ate at her place that caused you and your family stomach discomfort.

    1. Say nothing to your friend but be watchful of her., if she did intentionally poison your food she will be on the lookout to see if you and your family are okay and if you are, she will be forced to find a way to ask; if she does that, then you have your answer but if she doesn't still be wary of where you and your family go to eat out, whether it's a friend or eatery because you can not specify what they use to cook.
      You will be fine

    2. So what if they genuinely ask if the other person is ok because they(supposed culprit) also felt like poster did? If they are friends like poster claims, there is nothing wrong telling them about how everyone felt ill and all.

  3. lol everyone can get food poisoning. Everyone in your family may also be allergic to the same thing. You’ve seen where many of the attendees after an event will get food poisoning. Moi moi is usually the culprit there.

    I don’t think she poisoned you guys. It’s probably a smart move to figure out what y’all reacted to. Once after visiting a friend, I had terrible stomach issues and the rest. Brought it up later with another friend and she had had the same. I won’t say the name of the meal to avoid giving us away but it was one of those known to cause stomach trouble if not well cooked or if your stomach is not used to it

    What did she feed you guys? Was it moi moi or a vegetable soup from the south south. Those soups can cause a strong reaction if you don’t usually eat lots of fiber as they are very fiber rich. A good serving will grind out everything in your stomach

    Funny didn’t even cross my mind to think my friend poisoned us even after so many times in the bathroom

    1. Also how were you served. Did she give you your plates or did all of you including her serve yourselves from the same bowl or batch. If she didn’t give you your own plates, then the situation is less suspicious cause why would she poison the whole meal including hers

    2. Thank you oh! Apart from moimoi… rice, salad or coleslaw with mayonnaise/salad cream, vegetables that were not properly washed are also common culprit

    3. 100% correct on foods mentioned.

      People react to same food differently.

      People have different hygiene levels and tolerance.

      People react to different levels of "cokedness" of food differently.

      Some food react badly with a previous or later food eaten

      The plates. They can be infected too if not freshly washed in clean and safe water.

      What of water? And the cups in which it was served

      Poster, very unlikely harm was intended.

      On your question? Please don't tell. Infact have you called to thank your hosts for the invite and hospitality? If you have not done so, please do. Yes! Please do. You are alive and relationship matters.

    4. Exactly,I once brought food from one program we had in the church,me and my husband ate it and it was not funny that night cos at a point I had to stay in the might just be food poisoning and not that she intentionally added any thing to the food. Since that day I promise myself never to taste anything outside my house abeg

    5. Soups especially vegetables, salad, coleslaw can marathon the stomach if poorly preserved

  4. Madam be prayerful,you don't know the next stage after the vomit

  5. Do not call her. At this point, play the fool card. Anytime she insists on you eating at her place, respectfully decline or ask her to package for you.
    When you get home, keep it somewhere and observe.
    A while back. An anon dropped a prayer about using coconut to fight enemies. If you are strong enough, you could try it and if your friend did something, then she’ll sweat.


  6. This one pass food poisoning oooooooo

    You need not bother telling them watchful

  7. See your doctor and stop any future invitation.
    Because it may go both ways if you tell them.

    1. Exactly, she needs to see a doctor to certify that they are now okay. And when next you are don't eat and don't go with your whole family, let the person understand that you are full and might react to it afterwards. No matter how much they persuaded you don't yield to it, go with your own table water that is if you must attend. And please don't inform the person..

  8. Usually, in food poisoning, multiple people who ate the same food are usually affected. So, you guys might have had just that. I’m so glad I do not live in Nigeria anymore because ignorance is so rife and everything is attributed to jazz. Must be tiresome to always think that someone is trying to poison you.
    If that person is your friend, call and ask them if people in their house are also having stomach upset

    1. Watin you sabi? The earlier you realize that the world has gone Gaga in terms of wickedness the better.

    2. @15:44
      I don’t ever want to live in your kind of world where you cannot take two steps for fear of being jazzed by someone. It is one thing to be careful and it is entirely something else to constantly live in fear and anxiety. My world is very free of useless anxiety and I love it that way, thanks.

    3. I’m just weak reading all the comments. Because this is a terrible way to live. I once cooked efo riro and everyone in my family was stooling and vomiting except my baby who didn’t eat it. There are very virulent germs that live in food. If a food is not properly washed or cooked, food poisoning can happen. This happens with vegetables and salad especially.
      Personally I would even be worried if my host is ok sef.
      Y’all need to change your mindset, it’s sickening. If she wanted to kill your all, she would atleast but sniper or something that can do the job.
      That’s how you all were accusing Bill gates of wanting to kill people. Meanwhile, y’all immunize your kids alive Nigeria and Africa with his vaccines daily. If he wanted people una lived, best believe he will do. E no go be rumour

    4. 18:10 as in can you see how primitive oddities think?????
      If she wanted to kill you, would she INVITE YOU ALL TO HER HOUSE AND GIVE YOU FOOD???????
      Think like people with IQ that is not wallowing in single digits na!!!!
      I went to J____v___k restaurant ordered their Egusi and had severe diarrhoea for 3 days.
      Oh that means they were trying to kill me to abi?

    5. Anon 15:28 you are so right, imagine always being suspicious, paranoid, superstitious every day, what a way to live. Terrible

  9. I think you have to let your host know. Ask her nicely, ask her which spices did she use as you all are reacting and your doctor demands to know so that they can handle the case better. After that, avoid eating in her house.

  10. Poster and her family may be reacting to something that was used in cooking the food and not that the host intentionally wanted to poison them.

  11. I guess it's food allergy.Probably she added something that upset all of you.

    1. Everything is not jazz. Mt stomach doesn't agree with Ajino moto. I have had occasions where I ate food prepared with it, I stool until I vomited before I felt relief.
      I didn't inform my host.

      They might have used a brand of seasoning that doesn't agree with your intestines. She ate same food as your family. She couldn't have planned to kill all of you including herself.

  12. You probably reacted to something in the food. Happened to me . It was the salad. But your friend is now a bad person.
    Anybody who hosted a family of 5 kids recently should beware.
    You have been labelled an attempted killer.

    1. E no tire you? Just a week ago, my husband went to the bar with his friends. He started feeling ill that night and was nauseous and throwing up. He had to call one of the friends to ask if they also had same symptoms cos they had seafood at the bar. His friend didn’t have symptoms so we figured my husband was reacting to the flu vaccine he took that day. He is better now.
      If it were some people, they would say his friends poisoned his drink. Hian!

    2. Lady T /worth more than a thousand dollars22 October 2023 at 17:46

      @anonymous 15:38
      Are you for real????? ๐Ÿค”

      If it was you won't you ask questions???
      Pls come off it. She has been given answers and advice and other angles as to what could have happened. Stopped the drama already.

    3. There are certain food that people should not eat outside. You see salad, seafood, beans, moimoi, vegetables etc. If the food can be reheated, always make sure you heat it up in the microwave. If your friend used spices like ajinomoto to make the food sweet, your family may react to it if you're not used to it.
      It may also be the water/pure water that you were served.

  13. Pls do not discuss anything to your friend, just avoid him/her.thank God for healing you and your family.its well.

  14. Hmmm
    I don't think she tried to poison your family.
    It's food poisoning abeg.
    But be careful, not the stuffs you ate at your friend's.
    Also pray fir your family

  15. You might be reacting to some species added to the food since you have not been eating. But don't tell or ask her anything. Thank God for your family.

  16. When you are invited like that these are things you must do:
    1. Agree to go, infact that morning call and confirm time if arrival... an hour to go take all your family to the hospital and do check up .keep them there for 4 hours don't pick your calls..later you explain that you all were in the hospital.
    2. If you must go first go to church, but bitter cola, carry holy slat.. before and after
    3. Invite another mutual friend make sure they are there eating before you arrive and make sure your family aree before going there .
    There was a death of a family in pH some yes ago, rivers people are known for this total family wipeout. Everyone died including the house pet. And worst part was their family was not bothered just wante this things, his his neighbour all seemed to be unnaturally quiet and avoidant. I investigated this ..with my then boss.. it was an inside job but by a blood boss wept for days

  17. Call her , thank her but let her know that your whole family reacted badly to what you ate.


  18. May our good deeds not put us in trouble ooo.
    A lot of people have stuff they are allergic to but are not even aware. Foods that were prepared unhygienically or not well cooked can cause food poisoning too.
    I have an in law who will almost die if she eats anything containing crayfish so if she’s eating in your place, she tells you beforehand…imagine if she never knew.

    Most restaurants abroad too will ask you if you have allergies before giving you their menu so as to guide you, before someone slams them a law suit.

    I learnt the hard way after a friend of mine almost got lynched because he asked his wife to serve their bricklayer food. The bricklayer got home, started vomiting and stooling while shouting this rich man’s name (he had worked for him for years over various projects) insinuating horrible things like rituals etc.

    The youths in their area mobilised with the wife leading them ready for a show down if he died. The couple quickly rushed him to the hospital where it was discovered that he had a ruptured appendix.
    Guess who paid for the surgery? Who paid all his bills while recuperating including his wife’s personal expenses since she couldn’t go to her shop. Lol.

    The bricklayer and wife forgot totally all the assistance from the couple over the years and milked them greedily. To imagine that they would have watched them mobbed and property razed down over a false allegation is saddening.

    Till date, I would rather give you money or order food for you than serve you.
    It’s saddening that the thought of deliberate poisoning even crossed the poster’s mind.
    Stop being friends with her since you don’t trust her pls.

    1. Exactly. The funniest thing is that, I’m sure it was something this poster and her family ate in her own house sef. But because she ate in someone’s house that same day, e don turn problem. As a doctor, I don’t use the word food poisoning anymore. Because people have selective deafness

    2. Hmmm, thank you for this.
      It's sad how unexploded people are and like someone said up there its terrible to live always imagining peoole are out to get you.
      For this reason alone, from this day forth I'm stopping all messages to security and driver.
      Let one's benevolence not put one into trouble.
      See the dirty, primitive way people reason, gosh!!! God forbid!!!

    3. 18:14 I agree
      Don’t give driver and gateman food o
      They can even accuse you of trying to steal their glory

    4. 18:56 Which glory? Glory that has left them in poverty??? But I have stopped o
      This evening they came as usual, I told my housekeeper to update them before they say I'm using food to steal their glory like you rightly said or use them for rituals.
      Let them feed themselves moving forward please.
      I don't want problem.
      When you hear how human beings reason it's enough to isolate yourself.

    5. The poverty mentality is deeply disturbing and crude

  19. Thank God you all are fine. Some food poisoning are deadly, that is how she would have entered wahala and she may not have intentionally
    added anything to harm your family. Whatever it was, you could just ask her if anyone in her house purged after eating the food, tell her you all purged. You may actually be saving someone in future. Then stop eating at her house and be watchful in case she put something but I don't believe she would set out to wipe the whole family.

  20. I'm just thinking maybe to impress you guys with cooking..... She went extreme to buy spices that will make the food more yummy and not knowing how harmful it is.
    There's this particular spice i Cook with that can make everyone purge for 3days,i noticed it for 3times i used it before I stopped.... so it might not be intentional, don't tell her pls.

    1. Please can you give a hint?

    2. Abeg what spices oooo?

    3. There's this spice for banga that comes in small container....... Is locally made

  21. Please visit the hospital as soon as possible . Also take charcoal, grind and drink enough of it immediately if you cannot afford hospital treatment

  22. Yes, let them know. If they lost electricity and the food was prepared ahead of time and not at the right temperature it could have made you all sick. It could have been cross contamination, raw meat coming in contact with veggies, spoiled meat, or food being prepared on an unclean surface. It could have also been undercooked food. It does sound like ecoli or salmonella poisoning. You must tell her and tell one other person and visit your doctor so that the matter is recorded somewhere. The issue with not talking is that it may happen to another family or individual and their outcome may be deadly, if they know then they can take steps to ensure something like that never happens again. These are very difficult types of conversations but they must be had. You can have these conversations in a spirit of kindness, because it could have been something completely outside of their control.

  23. Stellz, you must have heard of the homemade canned sardines at the restaurant that caused the botulism outbreak in France and killed the woman and all the ppl who ate it got sick to varying degrees. Food poisoning can affect many people at the same time. From the poster, I believe they all ate the exact same dish that caused it. She never said what was served and what they all ate, but she should find out and let the friend know. It may not even be the food, perhaps their source of water is bad and if they cooked with the bad water, washed veggies, or made drinks with it that could be it. The friend should get their water independently tested too.

    When I host there are certain procedures that I follow differently from when I am doing things for myself. I never buy anything with a close expiry date, even if it is cheaper, and the kitchen prep protocols are more intense. We get lazy and form bad habits at home, when you are hosting you can’t do that because you have to think of the guest, especially with children and their weaker immune systems. Some ppl are also quite unhygienic in the kitchen, even if their homes are neat, you will be shocked at the things they do during food preparation.

  24. Chika (hello iya boys)22 October 2023 at 17:53

    Mayben she Added too Much Spice to the Food ooo
    That Why ooo
    I do not think she will want to Poison all your Family Members
    Is she that Mean?
    You could have Just called and tell her Nicely That Everybody is Vomiting o
    Then watch Her Reaction
    You no say ehen Some people no Sabi Cook
    Nah too many Maggie
    Spice be the Saviour...
    Sorry Poster๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  25. Don't pack your family to be eating up and down again๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

    1. E funny abi ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  26. Just be more careful next time dear, you and your family might have gone to an eatery and ordered for same meal who knows same thing might have happened, so your friend might not mean any harm to you and your family.

  27. Do not tell her anything but be careful

  28. Your hosts meant no harm. But don't tell them. So long they are alive too, let it go. Some people are very soft about such matters and she may misinterpret what you say about your reaction.

  29. Stella, if at all it is food poisoning, it may not be out of malice from the host family. It could be as a result of poor handling of ingredients especially the proteins, they are easily contaminated. Also, if the host family had evil intention, wouldn't it be foolish to invite the family over, that puts them up as a prime suspect. Lastly, did poster and her family eat something else after leaving their host' home.? I ask this cos over time, I have noticed a trend amongst some posters, that they are economical with details ( truth) they only provide details that will suit the narrative they want to push

  30. It is not an intentional poisoning, we you eat POISON? you won't be writing this. Just move on and take it as nature play it role, could be too much Maggi, which you are allergic to.

  31. It may be white Maggi. It purges some people. If my hubby eats in a canteen for any reason like when he travels, if there is white Maggi in the food at all, he will purge.
    Don't tell her anything, just avoid cooked food in her house.


  33. It might be a coincidence.

    2 weeks ago, I cooked fried rice by myself and my family. Observed all cooking hygiene and we all ate happily.

    By the next day, In the afternoon, I purged and purged severally till my stomach was totally empty and I was weak.

    I went home from work that day and was trying to pinpoint where the issue was from. By the next morning, my daughter was vomitting and stooling with stomach pain. This continued till late that day as well.

    I concluded it was food poisoning from the food I cooked by myself oh. Whether the red kidney beans I used or the fried rice satchet spice I added, because I have never used that brand before, and will never again . You can imagine if it was an outsider that cooked it. Kasala for burst.

    So just let it be, and be observant. You could mention it to her in an offhand manner though to know if she used something unusual in the ingredients.

  34. The mentality of some people is really quite shocking. Honestly this is why even while staying abroad I don’t visit Naija churches. Because even pastors will preach about love and togetherness but refuse to eat during love feast for fear of ‘poisoning’. Meanwhile in my oyinbo church, everyone happily eats each others food during our feast days. Nigerians always talking about people stealing glory, poisoning them etc while achieving next to nothing yet my oyinbo millionaire neighbour begs for naija dishes from us and even if it’s too spicy and they gets sick they know no one’s out to get them. You lot continue in your primitive anc backward ways, as someone said the less your innocent friends and neighbours have to do with you the better.


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