Stella Dimoko Crooner Mohbad's Father Reportedly Asks For DNA Test On His Grandson


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Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Crooner Mohbad's Father Reportedly Asks For DNA Test On His Grandson

Mr. Joseph Aloba, father of late Nigerian rapper, Mohbad, has demanded a DNA test on his grandson.

Speaking in a recent interview with BBC Pidgin, Mohbad’s father said a DNA test should be conducted on his grandson, stressing that it has become a global concern.
He said, “This thing has become a majority thing, not only in Nigeria. So they should do the proper thing at the proper time.”
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  1. Na now you wake up from sleep or what? ๐Ÿ™„

  2. The lady should just do the DNA If truly she doesn't have any cockroach hidden.

  3. Himself wan dey sure lol. Wunmi kuku submit to it let's hear word kai.

  4. I never see this kind foolish grandfather before. The only child that will remind you of your late son he is asking of DNA. At this stage whatever that baby mother does to this man i wont blame her.

    1. There's nothing wrong in asking for DNA. He just want to be sure. People deserve to know the truth if they are going to invest their time, money and emotions on a child.

    2. If the child is not Mohbad's son, the child is not a grandson of his family.

      Until the child is 21 years old (which gives him freedom to say yes or no to a DNA test for only paternity sake) any man can legally make a claim for the child and force a DNA test.

      The man is not foolish. When the right time comes, the right things should be done. Very wise answer to a tricky question. The Bible says the same. The Bible never allowed King David to do paternity fraud. The Bible is ever true

  5. The wife should just do the DNA test afterall she has not hiding anything.

  6. How are you sure Mohbad is your son Mr man

    1. See this one..

      Nigeria has the highest rate of paternity fraud in the world, but look at you..
      Una suppose dey shame

    2. DNA testing should be done on the mother and he the grandfather too to rule out any other wrong factors

  7. I don't even understand how anyone should make an issue about DNA test..
    Seeing that whole thing that goes on in paternity court and Nigeria having the second highest rate of paternity fraud in the world, this should be something women rights and organisations should clamour for, at least to bring more dignity to their bad image..
    But look at them all shamelessly gathering to fight, blackmail, threaten and insult anyone who talks about DNA test..
    The height of shamelessness and senselessness if you ask me..

    See this one that they're even promising 10 million for DNA test come still dey hide and be using other things to make excuses, she's mourning, she's this, she's that.. for investigations into your husband's death? Won't you be doing anything you can to assist in the investigation if you have a clear conscience? Husbands dey kill wives and wives dey kill husbands since 18 gogoro.. so it's not even common sense to use mourning as an excuse, in every police department of the world, one of the prime suspect is always the partner, and so long as your hands are clean, you'll be willing to prove it in every legal way possible..

    When Chris attoh abi wetin be him name, that Ghanian actor wife die, wasn't he investigated in the USA? Why we no begin shout say him dey mourn..

    Right now, everyone is a suspect, the surrounding circumstances of the death looks shady, ear infections, to fighting, to nurse injection to releasing of videos, voice notes and chats etc etc.. the best you should do is to clear yourself in every way to prove you're not guilty.. no be to dey play victim like say e wrong for person to suspect you, like say wives no dey kill their husbands for various reasons especially to hide secrets or take properties

    1. The money given to the son will now be appropriated by the Baba if not his son ?

      Crazy , I hope he will first confirm if mohbad was his son

  8. If it must be done, then the testing sample should be the deceased's mother...not father. For all we know, he may not be the deceased's biological father. ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’

  9. This man is really out to wipe out everything and anything that will remind him of this guy... such a wicked father

    1. So asking for DNA is a way to wipe his memory out? Tell me something I don't know please

    2. Only an adulterous and pervert person will says this .

  10. Let three wife submit herself fit a DNA test! It was ok to insinuate the father had a hand in his sons death but doubting the baby's paternity is where we draw the line? Y"all stop being sentimental pls.

  11. The world is generally at peace and everyone is holier-than-thou until you demand a DNA test to ascertain the paternity of a child or children. Then it's war or nothing from many women!๐Ÿ™„.

    Nigerian/African men, una never get sense to demand for una right o. Agitate for it to become law that every child's paternity be tested except for couples who decide to waive it for personal reasons (e.g. IVF donor egg/semen was used, adoption).

    1. But the pikin too resemble him papa na.
    Ans: Your lookalike relative or stranger might be responsible
    2. But they are twins na
    Ans: Two children born at the same time may have different fathers. It is called "heteropaternal superfecundation"
    3. But I was the one that deflowered the mother na
    Ans: Every girl/woman was once a virgin. Once you pop the cherry, the road is free
    4. You may have low or zero counts and your wife decides to use another man's own to "support" your ministry. Shebi e don read am as chronicle here.
    5. Pregnancy can be faked and then she'll arrange a baby factory one for you
    6. Hospitals can swap babies deliberately or carelessly. In that case, test the mother too to ascertain she matches with the child before accusing her of paternity fraud.

    With my full chest, I support DNA testing✅. It will expose fraudulent and wicked women, hospitals and permanently shut down the baby factory business that is now a menace in Nigeria. If the girl is sure of herself, let her agree to the test once and for all abeg. Simple sturv, dem wan turn am to Netflix movie as usual๐Ÿ˜.

    #Makednacompulsory #whyareyouscaredofdna #sayyestodnatesting #paternityfraudiswickedness

    1. I also support DNA testing. It is not a test of love or trust. I really don't get fuss about it. DNA test being positive doesn't mean the woman is innocent. You can be wayward and still make sure your kids get your husband DNA. So what's the big deal???

    2. Everytime I mention dna testing (our daughter) to my husband playfully, he just hisses and tell me to not stress him, says he doesn't need dna to tell him this one is 101% his.
      I'm just concerned this baba up here has no mind of his own, he is easily swayed by public opinion, not a good character imo.
      The wife should just submit to the dna testing and move on.

  12. I have nothing against the family for requesting a DNA.The woman should accept and let peace reign.

  13. Why the DNA at least that boy will continue his name or the grandfather want make him son lineage die. Money is really the root of evil

  14. Off course he will want them to do a dna test if God forbid the test proves that monad is not the father automatically all the property that they are interested goes to them. I don’t see anything to be scared of, they should do test even though it doesn’t prove that she killed him or not, but Nigerians just like to accuse a woman of evil like some people haven’t killed the father of their children. This is just a case of witch-hunting and the poor girl has agreed to to do the test make everybody rest.

    1. *Yimu..
      Nigerians like to accuse women, but they also accused the father for killing him.. oh I forgot, he is a woman too!

      And yes, all the properties should go to him if the DNA prove otherwise, or what is the issue there? Do we now reward bad behaviour? Or what exactly is your point?


    2. So what happens to Mos legacy? So a child he accepted and loved when he was alive should be abandoned because.If he doubted the paternity of the child when he was alive why did he not demand for a dna. So people who adopt kids when they die their kids should disinherited.
      Reminds me of a family who disinherited a child their rich son adopted when he was alive because he couldn’t have kids and the women he married twice divorced him for being impotent)fun fact, they actually accused his family of doing it to him so he will only raise their kids but people called the women evil.

    3. What legacy?
      Legacy based on fraud?
      I don't like to involve family in discussion, but would you be talking about legacy if you discover after your brother's death (God forbids) that his wife gave him a child that's not his? Do you think any man even in his death want a child that belongs to another man but was fraudulently given to him to carry on his legacy?
      How Una dey take reason sef..

      Your second paragraph is different, he adopted the child, it's different if the man knows the child isn't his but accept the child, that's no longer a fraud.. but fraud comes in when you mislead or misrepresent a situation to deceive someone into believing what is not.. IT IS A CRIME..

      With the way most of you are reasoning, you are only justifying the reason this man asked for DNA test.. no man would read these support you people give to try to exonerate paternity fraud and won't get scared..

      Dear men.. pay attention ✌️

  15. Great move. I support the DNA testing.

  16. Why didnt they ask for a DNA when he was alive?
    And dont come talking about ehn how do you know they not ask?
    Do these use.less set of people shouting DNA look you like people wey no go shout from the rooftop that they have been asking their son for proof since 1902?
    Where was the energy when your son was being buried like a goat?
    What does the DNA have to do with burying this young man properly, apprehending his killers, ensuring the wife and children have no financial headaches, ensuring other individuals who may be suffering such are rescued from the claws of these vagabond bullies????
    Is DNA the first force of priority to even bring up now?
    It is only God who knows why I had to come from Nigerian parents. Because this country is an everlasting cu.rse as far as I'm concerned with people who think from their anus.
    Those of us from decent, strong, good empathetic families, we don't know and fully appreciate what God has done for us, kai!

    1. I bow for your sense of reasoning..
      What if its cos he requested for DNA she killed him? It's her who has more to lose right? Her image, property, hearing they share the same iCloud account, that means she's in the know of all his monies and resources..

      The above is just a permutation, same way we're permutating Naira and Sam may be the ones that off him too..

      So yes, the DNA is very much needed in the investigation, all corners must be look into and cleared

    2. Please @ 14:14.
      Respectfully, I avoid your comment like cancer.
      Do me the same favour, avoid mine.
      Don't ever come under my comment to type anything.
      You have absolutely nothing that I want to read and its better you don't waste your time because once I see your name I skip, just like I did here.

    3. Chances are good that when I have my children, I will request for a DNA to be done on them before I'm discharged. Yup, I'm a woman. Let nobody come and ask me question in the nearest or farther future.

    4. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ 14.56

      Respectfully, do you expect me to avoid all anonymous comments abi I'm just supposed to know your comments magically amongst other anons..

      Like I said earlier, I still bow for your sense of reasoning

    5. Keep bowing

    6. Keep bowing

    7. Anon 13:56

      You made serious sense

  17. Very easy for a woman to support another woman so long as the man is not her relative or not a person she has an interest in.

  18. Some of you post really nauseating and stupid comments.
    Mohbad died in a suspicious circumstance. And then gist started flying around that Mohbad might not be his son’s biological father and that his wife wasn’t faithful to him.
    As a sensible human being, what would you do?
    It is easy for some of you to sit in your corner and type trash cos you want to sound woke. For a second, put yourselves in Mohbads shoes and reason properly.
    A father is grieving the loss of his son and then it is alleged that his grandson might not be his and y’all expect him to fold his arms.
    What you know you won’t take, don’t force it on another.


  19. But what's wrong with DNA test? if a man I claim to be my child/ren father wants to do it for my child/ren, I will gladly and willingly accept it with my full chest, because I know I can never do paternity fraud.
    If I were she, I will gladly do it except she's hiding something.

  20. It’s ok to have a DNA but the wife should make sure the mother too is tested just in case…

  21. She also needs to be alert because the DNA test can be forged for ulterior motives. ๐Ÿค”

  22. If you call him your "grand son", it shows he's your son's son. Why the DNA?


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