Stella Dimoko OAP Dotun Calls Out EX Wife's Family And Tags Them 'Atole' 'Onidoti'' 'Alatenuje'


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Friday, October 13, 2023

OAP Dotun Calls Out EX Wife's Family And Tags Them 'Atole' 'Onidoti'' 'Alatenuje'

On-Air-personality Do2dtun (Real name Kayode Ojuolape Oladotun)  has again called out his ex-wife, Omotayo and her family for allegedly denying him access to their kids. 

The duo got married in 2013 and the marriage produced two children. Omotayo had in 2022 filed for separation over forced abortion, domestic violence and emotional abuse. Do2dtun in June 2023, during the occasion of Father’s Day celebration, claimed it had been 10 months since he set his eyes on his children.

 However, the custody dispute between the two is growing messier by the day, as the OAP has once more criticized Omotayo for not allowing him access to the kids, since he was granted divided custody in June 2022.

 In a lengthy post on his Instagram page on Thursday, Do2dtun vowed to fight for his right to be present in their daughters’ lives. Sharing court documents showing that a judge ruled in his favour, granting him divided child custody with Omotayo,

 he wrote: “This was ruled on the 6th of July 2022. My Lawyers help me here, please. This is just a snippet. I have waited a whole year dealing with you and your family’s wickedness. I am ready to fight. “As court no gree rule for the contempt of court for over a year. It’s time for me to be my own judge and jury. I am ready to fight for my right to be in their lives. I took it for those kids even if you tried and tried to ruin me but e no work. Fife and Fiore I am sorry. Daddy is fed up of playing safe and reasonable anymore." 

He also threatened singer, D’banj via a post on X .

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Can someone translate those Yoruba words and their implications?


  1. So he made her had an abortion, says he doesn't need the kids because they are girls, because now they are living fine without him, he wants access to them? Hell no..
    How much has he contribute for their upkeep since the separation?
    Nonsense entitlement mentality.

    1. They should allow him see them,once a month under strict supervision.

    2. I know it! This Dotun is just vile fellow! I heard stories about him being a cheat from years back. Harassing his female colleagues. Poor lady only God knows what she endured with him. When they can no longer control you, they try to control the way others view you. Narcissist!

    3. Did she not see the warning signs?!?? I bet you she was desperate for marriage at that time!

    4. Let the court records judge. Only God fully knows and understands what goes on between a man and a woman living as a couple.

      Pity he allowed himself to be so riled.

      Now it is understood why that actor stoutly refused to talk about his failed marriage with that social media loving woman

      Lesson learned. If it does not work, take legal actions. But also know while doing so that marriage and the children of a marriage are owned by the woman. That's why a man never wins except in his family's court sometimes. Every man needs to learn this before getting married. When men see their brides names first on wedding invites, etc. They think it is just formalities. They should be taught better. And incidents like these will be lesser.

    5. Me that ain't their father,each time I remember his online videos with the daughters I feel bad. He's desperate to be with them buttercups, record videos and target his earnings,sadly mean Taiwo had an upper hand, chic is butty and wicked at the same time besides what Dotun hoped to gain from the family didn't come.
      They are stingy,worse off is Dbanj.

      Truth is Dotun is finally overwhelmed by the denials, he brought this upon himself, he's a full blown hyper aggressor and a short man at that with raging temper, keep your miserable fingers to yourself,men won't listen. Now see🀷

      Look at his uncouth vituperations towards the Otebanjo family, a Deacon and a Pastor?
      Dotun is mannerless.

      The courts should have mercy before he goes bananas.

      Same bullshit Emma Emodi did with younger sister of psquare Peter and Paul.
      The marriage crumbled at the speed of light.
      Being a social media sensation or celebrity won't guarantee a peaceful marriage.
      Taiwo let him have them the number of months stipulated.
      All of you should respect yourselves.

  2. When they got married I remember people were hinting towards violence etc.
    if you open eye procreate with a man against your better judgment, don’t deny your children their father because of your foolishness.
    A bad husband can be a good father. Unless you can prove that they are not safe with him.
    Grant this man access to his kids Kilode

    1. If he doesn't pay anything towards their upkeep then she can do whatever she wants, that's the rules of this game.

    2. @11:08: πŸ™Œ✔️.
      She must remember that she chose the father of her kids when she chose to procreate with him after she was warned about his character. If she has valid reasons why she thinks they are in danger around him, take it to court too! Until then, let him see his kids abeg.

    3. 12:31 the prize for the game you’re supporting is children with daddy issues.

  3. Take your fight to court or to your family members. Unless you want 'social media lawyers' to help you wash those dirt in public.

  4. Take your fight to court or to your family members. Unless you want 'social media lawyers' to help you wash those dirt in public.

  5. This Dotun isn't civil at all. Is this the best way to communicate even if they have refused to burge. Abeg grow up and become a better person and more responsible. Then people who never sent you will come running to you. Too much wahala guy.

  6. Ole- thief
    Onidoti- dirty people
    Alatenuje - greedy people
    Atole- bedwetters
    In short, all bridges are burnt when this is how you refer to your ex- inlaws

    1. I'm telling you. This is the lowest of the low. Those insults are not so necessary in my opinion though.

    2. Frustration can make you lash out man. Dude has been requesting to see those kids for how long and they denied him access. Both can go their separate ways but those kids will grow up with daddy issues. Just like a lot of girls who lack fatherly figure. the cycle continues I guess.

    3. @11:21
      He is obviously frustrated because the insults ehn! O poooo. Truth is there are no ex-in-laws when kids are involved. She didn't get pregnant from a sperm bank and he didn't pick her from the streets. Let them both do right by those kids.

  7. Onidoti. Owner of doti.
    Hmmmm. It is well.
    Why is dbanj being roped in this?

    Nigerian men try to keep your hands in your pocket.
    What you dare not do to your foreign wives, you dare not do with your Nigerian women as per cattle that your forefathers bought for you, beasts of burden. Those ones sef are so punish that it is until it has reached broken organ or life and death before they flee from utter nonsense.
    It is well with the kids. I pray they are not raised in an environment where violence is considered for 1 microsecond normal.

    He should direct his energy well.
    The energy he was using to do HulkHogan on his wife. He should channel that energy and get another beast of burden and produce more kids. After all, 'pikin go always find im papa', according to you sorry lot.

    1. Hahahahahahaha. Whoever you are, thanks for making me laugh.

  8. Hmmm…. many were bullying XOXO yesterday. Imagine what Dbanj’s sister had to live with by marrying this man.

    I ask again, how did people deal with their family issues before the internet? πŸ€”

    1. @your first paragraph,
      You dey mind hypocrites? They can't take half of what this clown dished to the poor lady.
      Oga go to court!

    2. Nobody was bullying Xoxo. They were only stating facts. If it was a man preventing his ex from having access, you will all come for his head, regardless of the background story.

      It is very unfair to prevent this guy from seeing his kids. Weaponizing these children against their father is not the best option.

      There is already a court order that says that she should grant him custody occasionally.

      She has not come out to say why she does not want him to see the kids. It is you guys that are putting your personal stories into their situation.

      These kids belong to both of them.

      Let's call a spade a spade

    3. Why should she come out and explain to you? Are you a judge? Are you the judicial system? This is her personal life and her kids private life. Social media doesn’t care and the internet never forgets. With all the noise that IVD’s wife made online for years, people watched her die and moved on.

      I hope she retains her dignified silence or if she chooses, uses a reputable platform for a detailed televised interview. Dbanj is a celebrity and should also ignore.

      It’s better to ignore people who act like this man as it’s obvious that this was the same behaviour inside the marriage. He needs to go back to court.

  9. If this is the only way he can have access to his kids so be it.

  10. Na real wa o
    Y'all should allow this pained man see his children na

  11. His parents should call him to order. Daddy girls who was searching for a boy and abused the wife because she couldn't conceive a boy is now shouting to have custody of the same girls. This guy isn't okay, he is just looking for ways to connect back since he couldn't penetrate the family again. Dotun move on and find a subtle way to build the bridge back this social media would not answer you because we know you before

    1. Thank you. All of a sudden he loves his daughters. Nigerian men are a special kind.

    2. The way we make things up amazes me.

    3. He is calling the abortion sex selection. Can you imagine? So the wife would have kept aborting until it is a boy? Sex selection is done through IVF, having your wife abort her pregnancy because it's not the sex you want should be tantamount to murder.

  12. When it was Precious snow-white time despite Fani's violent nature, hitting her during pregnancy and the rest, we all shouted that the kids should be given to her or let her have access to her kids. What now changed? Is because Dotun is a man? Now Dotun wants to have access to his kids not his ex,why are you all judging him. Letbhim rant as he wants , women do the same on social media too.

    All I know is that, let her give him access to the kids. No one ask her to be in a relationship with Dotun or she is still in love with him despite all what she claimed. The both of them aren't saint, of course they will all paint themselves innocent. My concern is, only a wicked soul that will deny their partners access to the kids when they have not abused the kids. Dotun has been a good day today his kids.

    #Give #Dotun #Access #To #His #kids. Period!

    1. Dotun has said it in his ramblings that he did have access to the kids. The co-parenting has not worked because they are not communicating and aren’t on the same page with what they both want when the kids are with the other parent.

      Her brothers and family are backing her and supporting her as a single parent. Abusers hate you having anyone, that’s why they isolate people. This is why he has directed his anger at them.

      Snowhitey could not see her kids at all. She was also complaining about a partner who had a history of troubled relationships. There was also a significant age and financial disparity. Please let’s not compare. Anyway, Snowhitey has lowered her sword and now sees her kids. The internet didn’t win it for her, it just exposed them both to ridicule. In the end she had to use her own brain or lose her kids.

    2. Then he as an abuser is gonna have a lonnnggg battle because first of all,if Dotun hits Taiwo her twin brother Kehinde K-Switch swoons in on him.

      Of course,he knows the rest of the story. Kay isn't Dbanj,he got abs and he ain't nice.

  13. The earlier you people get use to domestic issues coming to social media, the better for you all. This is ICT era, not town criers wailing up and down to spread news. He might get help from capable individual through his social media rant.

    1. What is 'ICT era'?
      Lmmmmmpoo old skooo lapel πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    2. Old school lapel not a crime. Thank you. I no kill person neither did I deny anyone from having acces to his kids. I'm neither a bitter single mother or have resentment for my ex.

    3. 13:31
      Even with your 'glowing bio', you sound completely deranged.
      Nobody truly cares.

    4. @Shyla, say it loud girl!

  14. Where is xoxo.. Oya,Work dan land again..

    Obi for President
    Wizkid FC
    Proudly Tiv

  15. He has no respect for the ex-wife including his in-laws. All these 'gutter words' from his mouth, I wonder the kind of family he came from. This is what happens when you marry ' Agbero'.

    1. Abeg Abeg is it easy to be denied access to your own blood for months

  16. Internet won't solve this messy issue,netizens will only worsen the case! Take your case off SM to your family and sort it out


  17. There are many hungry youths out there. Pay good money to them and they will fight your in-laws by all means necessary

    1. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  18. Wetin come concern DBanj for this matter wey na him you tag?

    Is he the one in possession of your kids? Dotun really dey find trouble.

  19. SDK female bvs and their ever disappointing double standards. Some of you be thinking this is what women supporting women means, this is women supporting nonsense, 2 different things. Unless she can prove Dotun is a danger to the kids, she has no right to keep.him away from them. She is just being bitter and petty, awon Tonto Dike's whatsapp group members, wicked mothers making their children lay for their mistakes, bunch of narcissists who place their hate for thier spouses above their love for their children. They see no other than themselves, villains claiming victims indeed. The children should always always come first. It's that simple.

    1. Don’t mind them!

    2. Anon 13:34 are you minding them. A bunch of unintelligent individuals; mistaking 'women supporting women' to be gender war.

    3. Please stop this pity party and guilt tripping because it is pathetic at this point. A lot of women said he should be allowed to see his kids since yesterday and even today if you read up there wants are there, but you decided to come here and guilt trip the whole gender as usual.

    4. CHOKE!!!!!! mfs... CHOKE!!!!!
      Loveeeeeet. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
      When men keep changing the goal posts, do you lot pee in your diapers like this?🀣🀣🀣

  20. Why can’t the police enforce the court order and get the kids to him
    I don’t like nonsense

  21. But when Dotun was beating this woman blue black, he didn't require the support of online in laws na...πŸ€” from that well of extraordinary wisdom find out how to sort out your issues. Coming out to abuse your ex inlaws and your children's extended family is unbelievably crass.
    When you are not some headless Genz.
    If you had treated your wife well, you wouldn't be in this position.
    Focus on the issue at hand.
    Wait o, Please who exactly are the thieves, bedwetters and dirty people?πŸ€”
    ...This is why it's good to have a good reputation and be genuinely good sha.
    Nations will rise for you out of nowhere. And I mean Nations.
    Just take a look at Mohbad.
    Not this one that everyone is doing #yimu.

    Most importantly the owner or the ex owner, knows the kind of man she married so all of you giving your ring side view opinions...🀣🀣🀣🀣 only laff pesin fit laff. Na only pesin wey size the shoe go fit talk.

    1. Did nation rise for mohbad when he was alive? And who told you he beats her blue and black, continue adding Maggie and salt to suit you. We always try to make women victims when ever a relationship ends, inserting things to suit our narratives.

    2. Did you see him beating her
      Where’s the evidence

    3. Mobahd had a good reputation ? Delusional much ?

    4. Whether he beat or not is her own cup of tea, chances are he was beating her before she married him sef. The point is, don't make your children pay for your foolish and desperate decisions or hasty choices. Again, as long as he is a threat to his children, she has no right to keep him from them, even if he was a threat to her. Bad husband and bad father are 2 different things.

    5. Domestic violence apologists and fellow alatenujes, e ka bo.
      Food haf set.
      E wa jeun.

  22. This man is not nice at all insulting your ex family this is no, no.

  23. If a parent / relative is shielding a child(ren) from abuse, and you are not in the vicinity to know all sides, please don’t encourage abusers to have access to the children. You are doing more harm than good. Don’t disguise it with religion or culture.

    If you don’t know - stay quiet, do research, send resources to the person that’s being prevented from seeing their child(ren). Offer counseling, prayer, legal services if you know for a fact there was zero abuse. If it triggers you, hire a private investigator. Stop telling people you don’t know to release children to the monster they know.

    If you know there is abuse and you believe the children should still see the abuser- back it up with facts.
    Were you in an abusive environment and you feel there was no negative outcome as a result?
    Everyone is different.

    For all we know, the kids are scared, he may have threatened her with the kids. We see it on the news a lot. A parent murders the children to get back at the other spouse. If the primary job of a parent is to protect their child, let them do that the best way they know. Especially if the other parent is fragile right now. If she needs to go in hiding to get her ducks in a row. Free her.

    Abusers do not think of their children, if they do, they could have chosen to not birth them or better yet, not be an abuser. Seek help at onset.

    With all the resources this person may have, if truly a good person, there is no cousin or relative or a paid professional that could assist in mediation.

    Please be wary for a need to always contribute to be a topic, it’s not a gender war. Children’s well-being is at stake.

    It’s a legal matter - let the courts decide.

    For any person condoning domestic violence-

    Know this.
    When children witness it, they don’t have to be physically or verbally abused to suffer.

    It’s well documented that children and adolescents who are exposed to violence within their families are at a greater risk for mental health problems …’

    Children who’ve experienced domestic violence often meet the diagnostic criteria for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the effects on their brain are similar to those experience by combat veterans.

    Living with domestic violence significantly alters a children’s DNA, aging them prematurely 7-10 years.
    Children in homes with violence are physically abused or seriously neglected at a rate 1500% higher than the national average.
    Those who grow up with domestic violence are 6 times more likely to commit suicide and 50% more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol.

    Let the children be surrounded by family members who could potentially bring them peace, not chaos, toxicity and manipulation.


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