Stella Dimoko PDP Presidential Candidate Atiku Abubakar Holds Conference On President Tinubu


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Thursday, October 05, 2023

PDP Presidential Candidate Atiku Abubakar Holds Conference On President Tinubu

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has called on the 2023 presidential candidates of the Labour Party and the New Nigeria Peoples Party, Peter Obi and Rabiu Kwankwaso to join him in fighting for justice for the country.

He made this known during the world press conference held in Abuja on Thursday following the deposition of President Bola Tinubu’s academic records by the Chicago State University (CSU).
CSU released Tinubu’s certificate to Atiku upon the order of an American court, a development that has generated reactions among Nigerians.

Speaking in Abuja, Atiku said he was not fighting for himself but for the country.

“This quest is not for or about Atiku Abubakar; it’s a quest for the enthronement of truth, morality, justice, and accountability in our public affairs,” Atiku said.
“In line with this, let me call on all well-meaning Nigerians, leaders of thought, religious, traditional, community, and political leaders.

“In particular, Peter Obi of the Labour Party, Rabiu Kwankwaso of NNPP, leaders of political parties in Nigeria, and every single person who loves this country as I do, and who wishes nothing but the best for this country to join me in this campaign to enshrine accountability, and the basic principles of justice, morality, and uprightness in our country and in our government.”

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  1. Coming from someone we heard stole the country dry. Nigeria is cruise country. Atiku is the one preaching morality. These guys are beginning to make me believe Tinubu actually won. Cos rather than focus on proving you won, you more interested in telling us the man should be disqualified Cos he forged his certificate. It is welli o...we are watching

    1. But he's right. That's the provision of the constitution on anyone who forges their certificate. It's outright disqualification..

    2. By the definition of ''School certificate or its equivalent'' in section 318 of the 1999 constitution. You don't need a WAEC certificate to become president or governor, but if you present a forged WAEC or other certificate to INEC for any office you will be disqualified.

      ~ Festus Kayamo tweeted 15 April 2019

      Thank you Festus Keyamo. We have dug out the old receipt. The internet never forgets.

    3. I hope you never opened your mouth to condemn Nmesoma

    4. Tinubu will rule for 8 yrs. No bagard can stop him

  2. Waziri Adamawa!!!

    You have spoken well. History will be kind to you. You fought a just cause and won. Even if the Apex court truncate justice, you have done the very best by uplifting the veil of the long age fraudulent certificate forgery of Bobo Chicago.

    Your names have been written in gold for this great exposure.

    I love you Atiku Abubakar.

  3. May we never encounter 'friends' like Atiku. Say whatever you like about Tinubu, butan has been nothing but good to Atiku. Including shielding him when Obasanjo was after him. Their so called friendship dates way back. For whatever reason, same friend is giving him disgrace and shame of international magnitude. Run from friends that are competing in any way with you. Once you notice competition, it isn't healthy. You can admire. Pray for blessings. But competition usually means envy. Ask Venita vs Mercy. May God epp us

    1. People and mindset like yours are the reason we have held this belief that Nigeria is irredeemable.

      Can you just read out loud and hear yourself what you put out there.

      God have mercy.

      A prisoner that loves it chain.

      So because he was his friend allegedly, he should aid fraud and corruption? You don't have a living conscience to support criminality and fraud and I believe, you're among those that cursed out Mark Morgan for scam and fraud here but supporting another kind of fraud.

    2. If you had watched the press conference, you'd have known Tinubu is actually the one indebted to him.. but you'll rather get your news from beer parlour and agbado WhatsApp group

    3. This Teejay though!
      One of the biggest beneficiaries of Lagos state government from 1999 is now the hero of democracy?

      Truly, the enemy of one's enemy becomes your friend.

      To those it may concern, be mindful of a Teejay in your life guys. He is a pendulum!

      No wonder..........!

    4. Keep crying Anon 18:43, we'll not support criminality if that's what you want from us.

      Keep your corn I'm peace and let us keep demanding for a better governance..

      Beneficiary indeed.

    5. Atiku: I Refused Tinubu As My Running Mate in 2007 and That Ended Our Political Relationship

      In 2007 we came together to form Action Congress, and in Lagos at the convention, I emerged as the winner of the presidential primaries. Tinubu through emissaries asked to be my running mate and I refused to run a Muslim-Muslim ticket; that was the end of the political relationship. He went ahead to support Umaru Musa Yar'Adua, so there's no ground for anyone to suggest that I have betrayed Tinubu

      Atiku Abubakar, PDP Presidential Candidate

    6. How can a governor shield a Vice President for Christ sakes.
      Just think about it, for example Yemi osinbajo having problems with Buhari and then sanwo Olu will save him. As at 1999/2003/2007, some people were already aware of their left from their right. This narrative na for babies wey no fit remember.

      Redacted ID.

  4. It now you will call on Peter Obi, If you have not allowed greed and quest to be a president PDP would have won this race. Abeg Nigeria politics give me hearth break

    1. That's why I no dey put my heart for Naija politics nowadays.

  5. Ok. So the press conference was a call to action then. Nothing new was revealed.

    You better bring your receipts because as you know quite well, one thing with old African men they holding on to their power like a pit bull

  6. The outcome of the certificate issue surprised Atiku, CSU clarify that Tinubu who applied is a male, though their was a typo error where the reffered to him as female. Also, diploma certificate doesn't mean anything in the US, so the school allows students to generate replica by themselvese. But Nigerians twisted the whole story to say Tinubu forge certificate but Atiku now knows the truth and that's final. Can we focus on making Nigeria economy better now.

    1. David just uploaded the CTC of the deposition, try read am. Una go explain tire.
      FBI is still warming up to release their own, Una go defend tire

    2. This is a good breakdown. But why Atiku acted like he was going to reveal some earth shattering info requiring a global press conference.

    3. Not exactly. The revelation was that the certificate submitted was not the one issued by the school. Please follow the truth, not what anyone on social media is saying. Facts are distorted on both sides but truth is sacrosanct. They say he attended but submitted something from God knows where. Na over confidence and anyhowness that’s embarrassing him now.

  7. This is what Retired Justice Sidi Dauda Bage of the Supreme Court said in the case of forgery in the case of SALEH v. ABAH & ORS (2017) LPELR-41914(SC)

    "This Court must take the lead, in righting the wrongs in our society, if and when the opportunity presents itself as in this appeal. Allowing criminality and certificate forgery to continue to percolate into the streams, waters and oceans of our national polity would only mean our waters are and will remain dangerously contaminated. The purification efforts must start now, and be sustained as we seek, as a nation, to now 'change' from our old culture of reckless impunity. The Nigerian Constitution is supreme. It desires that no one who had ever presented forged certificate to INEC should contest election into Nigeria's National Assembly. This is clear and sacrosanct. More compelling as a judicial determination had been taken by no less a technical panel sitting in, at least, a panel of three judges as Election Tribunal with constitutional mandate to determine such issues as they relate to elections and its outcomes, including eligibility. This has also been affirmed by the trial Court in this appeal. On these issues, our duty is to apply the Constitution and the law in its start, original form undiluted by 'colourated' interpretations." (Pp 26 - 31 Paras E - B)

  8. Mr Halliburton bribe who's wife is still facing the fire and who had to be snuck into the USA as Saraki's aide when Peter Obi thought he was the best Nigerian ever is the one who wants to fight "accountability" all of a sudden. Was he not the same person who ran under Tinubu's ACN and offered him the VP spot?

    Oga, your refusal to unite the house cost you this election. If the other newbies are still deceiving themselves that they won Kano, Ekiti, Kogi, and Rivers, you know you let this one slip through your fingers because of ego. I hope the mosquitoes don't deal with you too much before you join Aisha Buhari and other life time tourists in Dubai.

    First, was 'drug baron' as a result of civil forfeiture that can happen to any service provider or business now, it is Mrs Nike who shaved her head and posed in the yearbook yet none of the masters graduates noticed.

    Dino, collect well so you are well comforted after your loss o.

    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
      The Atiku guy is s joker

  9. May the will of the Lord prevail


  10. Atiku and the rest, cry from now till next year, Tinubu will rule for 8yrs

    BAT for life!πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  11. Whatever Nigeria don already get K leg .please the should allow Baba Tinubu to concentrate so that he can release money for some projects we are doing eg home grown food for children of this state which is yet to start cos of new govt ,child labour..& Gender Mainstreaming in Water sector projects.
    The most complex B

  12. Obedients thinking this is gonna help them. πŸ˜ƒ


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