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Sunday, October 15, 2023

Sunday In House Gists - Comment Section Gists Boulevard

This is a roundup of the week in an entertaining format.....
Please note that the compilations here are gotten from both in house news posts  and the spontaneous posts

On Sunday spontaneous post, Teejay advised ladies critically not date broke guys because they don't want to be seen as golddiggers. Say if you as a babe fall in love with Elon Musk or Bill Gates, date him, fall in love and no mind society and their "yeye" takes. Also, he said it's good to date a man with vision because he fit hammer at any time but make them run 4-40 from broke, visionless guys.

Dante told Teejay to stop playing, say na this kine motivation dey make babes feel entitled. He said make broke Bobo and broke babe fall in love and vice versa. He said he can't buy a birkin bag for a babe as a birthday gift and on his own birthday, she shut every social media platform with "a king is born." That comment garnered so many reactions from BVs who are mostly displeased with Dante's reasoning and Dante countered them as well with plenty shalaye.

Wahala be like you're a lawyer, I'm not a lawyer. Stella advised Dante to read law to fight criminals and not to bash women. She also said the Dante she knows is very nice, she asked him why he chose to be a villian on the blog boya he dey fear to fall helplessly in love. She told him to free himself and let the women know who he is.

BV Games mistress still thanked Stella and Angel Koof for impacting her life positively. She thanked the BV that patronized her from the blog and thanked her for being patient despite drivers showing her premium shege banza.

On Monday spontaneous post, BV Morayo recounted what the growing hunger in the land made someone in her locality do. A woman dished food for her children to eat and stepped out to bring them from where they were playing, just like film trick, food don vanish. Morayo said she told her kids to make sure their doors are locked and Always to avoid stories that itches the bumbum. Other BVs had similar stories to share.

BV Acenene landed Monday spontaneous post with dance and Thanksgiving, she was grateful to God for saving her mom that collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, she was placed on oxygen for 4 days but God did his thing and healed her...

Zaram advised men to be very careful on Monday spontaneous post because Blokus stealing is very rampant these days. She recounted how someone touched a man and his odogwu disappeared and had the size of a child's own.

Stella landed Monday in house news with live band, MC and hypeman. She was happy because after 2yrs, she was able to reconnect with Zeeone on her satellite TV. She urged BVs to celebrate with her.
 Stella also shared the mail a BV based in Maryland, USA sent to her. This BV is bored and needs friends to chat with. Male and female are welcomed so far you're in her region according to her mail.

BV Oyingate,the sender of the mail is a man ooooh... I probed further on if he wants committment but he is saying only those in the abroad, Baba no want person wey go stress am with money transfer demands.... I no too happy sha with his decision thats why i never post him number


More updates regarding business giveaway was sent in by recipients.

BV Official Prestige on Monday in house news shared how she helped her neighbor recover his almost lost N385k meant for rice purchase because he mistakenly transferred it to a moniepoint account that carries same details with the intended Fidelity bank account. Official Prestige tagged moniepoint point on X, sent mails and followed up and the money was reversed.


On Tuesday Spontaneous post, BV Teejay announced he'd be going on a social media break. He told his fans and lovers that if they see his comments missing on the blog, they shouldn't fret, he's fine. He said he can't say when he'd return commenting and also wished everyone well.

On Tuesday Spontaneous post, BV Amyviv was full of thanks as she narrated how her sister birthed her baby in the bathroom. She was in early labour and unaware. Thank God mother and child are fine.

On Tuesday Spontaneous post, BV Gifted narrated how she suspects her son's teacher swapped his Nokia torch battery. Her son's phone was seized because he took it to school and phones are banned. On collecting it back, e be like baba tisha don corner the original battery. She said she would go to the school to show the principal me-me!

On Tuesday in house news, BV Official Prestige lamented bitterly about the state of corruption that has eaten deep into the Nigeria system. She said in some hospital where their services was supposed to be free, patients are charged based on their appearance. She narrated her experience based on that. If your package tight, you pay higher.


A pregnant Anon that was seeing clots and was advised to go for scan got the results and it stated "inevitable miscarriage" She was advised to go for evacuation, she called on BVs to pls pray for her. So sorry for your loss Anon, God will give you double for the loss.


On Wednesday spontaneous post, BV Gifted brought update on his son's teacher that swapped his original battery with her panduku. Gifted matched militarily to the staff room at closing hours to confront the teacher. She get mind still dey deny, Gifted told her not worry because evidence dey. Like a vigilante, she told her to open the small phone she saw on her desk, the teacher did and boom! The battery was there.
She matched to the principal's office to report the incident, the teacher was kneeling and apologizing that's the handiwork of devil, Principal and other staff pleaded but they told Gifted not to allow her son bring contraband to the school again.
Some BVs said Gifted is a bad parent and an enabler.

On Wednesday spontaneous post, an Anon recounted how her supposed friend told her she escaped because he had serious plan to r#pe her. This supposed friend asked Anon out, she talk say she nor do. He offered to gift her things, Anon wey get self respect said NO then, he thought the best way to enter her was by patronizing her and refusing to pay her. Anon almost went to his house to collect her money but thank God for discerning spirit, she went back to her house to call her security man to go with her. He did his usual iranu on sighting him.. He didn't know when he blurted out the evil intentions he had for Anon to her.

Wahala be like patronage, Games mistress narrated about her customer that owns a provision store in her street gossiped her neighbor to her. Madam provision seller said the neighbor dey buga, na Everytime she dey buy sardines, bread, Milo etc. She said the neighbor doesn't have sense and she's just eating away her destiny. Games mistress was shocked asked her if she buys on credit, she said NO. She then made up her mind to only buy detergents from her. 
Make she no go gossip her that she no see money buy food.

BV Osundi discovered how evil world people are. She posted dancing emojis on her WhatsApp status, many people viewed but didn't send her. Then, weeks after, she posted wailing emojis and she got tons of "babe wetin happen", talk to me" etc. That incident made her conclude world people loves bad news.
Osundi's experience made Words on Marble remember how her friend didn't congratulate her when she got an award. He went as far as saying the the award was very insignificant and just a plague.

On Wednesday in house news, Stella mentioned that she sees all the new emergency IDs that sprung up because of giveaways, she said they should Weldon. She also said so far, the beneficiaries of giveaways are females, she encouraged male BVs to apply. Again, she told business giveaway FBIs to rest and allow the recipients sending updates breff.


It is noted that some BVs only appear on Thursdays to comment and on Sundays here. we love them and want to see them everyday in the comment sections #Side eyes#


On Thursday spontaneous post, BV Ali B wrote about enrolling one's kids in strategic schools. He mentioned that the rich people roll within their league. So, the best bet for preparing one's kids for connection is by enrolling them in big man's school. He also mentioned that give birth to the number of kids one can conveniently cater for can never be overemphasized. The comment garnered alot of reactions, most people in agreement and few BVs opposed him. They said that child wey go make am, go make am irrespective of school make parents no go put themselves into gbese in the name of connect.

On Thursday spontaneous post, blog story teller Pinky from his statistics said no one is 100percent medically fit. He advised BVs to know how their body react to things and get help when needed. His comments didn't go down well with BVs, they shunned him and told him to speak for himself.

One of the recipients of 100k giveaway sent updates of the goods she bought on Thursday in house news.

BV ChadeyAlade asked to pray the Psalms on Thursday in house news, she got numerous answers. If you're interested, you can read Thursday in house news to understand very well.


On Friday in house news, Stella announced that next week, there'd be a search for people to be hit thunderously with credit alerts.

She also made it known that SDKBLOG is not a gender specific blog, she urged male BVs that have existing business to apply for giveaway and not be ashamed. She also stated clearly that she's not buying laptop or paying school fees.
She also gave a Stern warning to women to stop shaming male BVs that apply for giveaways because if they don't stop, she'd only choose male BVs as beneficiaries of giveaways.

Stella also sent a shout-out to old BV Miss Mae, she told her to contact her if she sees her message.

Till I come your way next week, guard your blokus jealously,so that we will not hear tales of missing odogwu.

Just me 


  1. How is Gifted a bad parent and an enabler?


    1. Thank you for this question @Sluttychic, same question that came to my mind as I read the story, instead of them to condemn what the teacher did.

    2. You don't give an Android phone to a kid that age.
      I loved that she retrieved the battery.
      You gerrit?

      Official prestige...not only hospital, even in the middle of jankara market,try repairing a timepiece or designer armpiece, they charge according to spruce.

      Ste...who comments only on Thursdays and Sundays? 🧐
      Who dem be? 😁

      Pinky...I got baffled reading the comments,like he got beef with some bvs before? Hian.
      Please run medical tests twice or once a year, before you go face down.
      Pinky forgive them oπŸ€—

      Bv Amyviv... congratulations to your entire family.
      God is awesome!

    3. Abeg, permission to perch here…… I agree with Pinky on that… know what works for you and stick with it but, if you begin dey feel anyhow run to ya dokitor!!!

      Na so i wan carry myself go put for trouble the other day,, I just dey come from Night Shift on my way home I see people gather inside the poly-clinic for my street, I ask wetin dey happen dem say na ‘Breast cancer awareness day’… interestingly I chook head say make I use the opportunity sef know wetin dey inside this loaves of ‘breast’ wey I carry dey waka all my life,, as I dey dia patiently dey wait for turn na so I see one fine Sisi wey just come out with tears for eye πŸ‘, aproko mood active naim i ask the Sisi why she dey cry? She say the screen abi scan abi screener don go screen wetin pass her head! She say like me too na she carry herself waka come oo because the people preach the importance of the thing to her naim make she free go check say now, dem tell her about a ‘lump’ wey dey develop, write plenty medicines for her to start taking before she come visit them again after 1 month!

      For my mind I say ‘hmmmmm,, health comes first, how much is too expensive for health?’’ For my same mind I dey see the Sisi as Kia-less person na so one mind tell me to look the paper wey dey for her hand,, Omo, as the girl give me the prescription paper wey dey make her cry all the French language inside my mouth disappear,, so I come dey look Sisi, dey look bill, naim I come back to reality ask myself first ‘Qwheshune’ how much gum me both for account and my pocket there wey I stand?? Lovies,, you nack me for ground sef,, shishiii you no go see compared to those medicines wey dem ask the girl to buy na so I slap sense inside my head..

      You no dey sick, you dey eat healthy, get enough sleep, do exercise, breast dey fit enter bra and respect herself, no man don complain say the orange too strong rather dem say e too soft so,, na wetin be your problem this woman??! Na so my journey end for the poly-clinic oo, I carry my ticket dash another person, use the back exit door take enter my compound!! I no fit shout!!

  2. It’s the closing remark for meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Oh no! I do look forward to reading teejays post a lot. Anyways, here's wishing him well. Waiting for his return.

    1. I feel same way too. TJ pls don't stay too long. I felt emotional reading the notice that Tuesday morning.

  4. Well-done bv Onyi

  5. Well done bv Onyi

  6. πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  7. Even Dante has suddenly disappear too. Pls you people should do and resume commenting. Much love to teejay and Dante

  8. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  9. Thanks Oyin for the update, you're doing a great job.

  10. Lol @ your last paragraph πŸ˜‚.

    Good job, OyinGate.

  11. Well-done Onyin atleast if you skipped any day u have something to fall on

  12. You're doing well Onyingate πŸ’ž God bless you.

  13. Well done Oyin.
    Commenting is difficult in my permanent location. Can comment now because I'm not home.


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