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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



Lately, we have been battling with the issues of cheating allegations being labelled more on the women folk. But looking from a non biased point of view, it actually takes two to tango! 

I am Not holding or supporting what a lot of women are doing out there especially the married but then the hustle on the street is real !!!

These past few Weeks has made me ask what exactly is happening to Me? Could this be the name case of A thousand and one women out there ?
Welcome to the reality ! 
I have been asking Myself if I used any special soap to bath or something o. Different Men have been bombarding Me both directly and through Dm's. Yes, it is the dream of every woman to settle or give love another shot (as I have been there before life happened) .

My own case, My dear people of SDK vile, ... These Men bombarding Me are " Responsible Married Men" " Darling Husband's" of My fellow Women out there . 
To make matters worst Most are acquaintances ! 

Another shocker... Two are Respected Men of God that I hold in high esteem 

Why Me Lord ? I will not lead your anointed into Sin !
As they come , with different promises of how to take care of me , bla, bla, bla...
from the onset I make my stance clear, nothing but a clean friendship but alas, 2 to 3 days of communication Story will Change to how they can no longer control it-
  See them begging for what is not lost . This really breaks My heart because most wives don't know what shit their " responsible" husbands are doing out there" While painting picture of a perfect family ! 
God !!!

I'm not trying to preach holier than thou here, but then the temptation is huge. If I can be struggling with this, how much more other women out there would. My strict Catholic background, upbringing and Promise to God not to compromise especially with a " Married Man" then what becomes the lot of several other women out there?

As I type, one is forming angry with Me because I bluntly refused him visiting Me last Weekend, and I pray it remains so !

Times are really hard , hustle hard, out there on the street is stark reality of what a lot of Single Mums like me are facing.

May God Continue to Protect Us from Evil Preys!
Husbands keep praying for your wives, Wives remember to do so for your husbands. The devil keeps roaring looking for happy families to destroy.
To Every Single Mum holding it out there and trying to live right... God has not forgotten YOU.
He Makes all things beautiful in his time.

Abeg this one you are bringing devil into this...It is not devil that make these kinds of relationships happen, nah long throat....Maybe the ones coming to you no too get money.....I know one lady with this your mindset, the guy got her account and she received alert of 10million the first time and over a period of time he paid in four different amounts totalling almost 60m...Bought a luxury apartment for her and removed her from surulere to the island....
Today she travels to any country of her choice with spending money in her card...Theyare secretly dating shes not readyto hear break up
It is not s#x that makes these relationships begin, it is longer throat for money and to have the best things that money can buy...You seem different but if you see the money, will you still say NO?


  1. Hf_beddings/fiber-pillows/honey/English-fabrics IG: hf_emporium_ 0907230039129 November 2023 at 15:04

    More grace madam. Lord keep delivering us from temptation and all evil. Amen

    1. We can only pray for more grace for her.

    2. Poster, why are you trying to keep "friendship" of any kind with someone else's husband? Especially when you already know what would happen eventually? Be polite but distant from all married men. Do unto others what you would like done unto you, friend kor, enemy ni

    3. 06:13 poster wrote that those men are acquaintances. That means they already know each other on neutral grounds before those married men chose to make passes at her or ask for illicit affairs.

  2. The Married men thing is becoming too much 🀷‍♀️ Who are the women in loving marriages na? It is well

    1. It has always been much,just that back then,most hide their rings or signs of being married,these days married men cheats with their rings on,family pictures on their phones wallpaper,family pictures on the table in their offices.

  3. Single women and single mothers will always be preyed upon. Never let any man encourage you to do anything that goes against your belief system. Truly, you should be blasting them to hell when they come with this talk, but you there forming meek and mild with them. They know times are hard and you are a single mother or they think you are without morals because you are a single mother. This means they are seeking to exploit you. They cannot add anything to you, all they can do is take.

    Curse them with dead useless dycks and block them.

    1. πŸ’―, most of these men in your dm poster are just sly foxes. They only want to capitalise on your vulnerability and because of the thought that most single women are easy lay.
      Give any of them that tries suit wotowoto in words and block them straight, let your No be loud and clear to them.

    2. 15:17 your analysis is πŸ’―% accurate!

  4. People who commit adultery without planning to stop I honestly want to ask them if they truly believe they will enter heaven without changing. Because the Bible clearly states no adulterer will enter heaven or maybe they are not interested.

    Let's even ignore the rest but the two pastors obviously believe in God and the Bible. Which means they also believe in heaven and hell. So do they think if they die in their sin they won't go to hell? Or they think they won't die but live forever or before they die they believe they would have the chance to change and that is only reasonable if they know the time they will leave the earth.

    I am not saying I am perfect but I am a work in progress and have my own sin but those who are enjoying their sin and do not want to change and live a holy life those who are complacent in their sinful ways till they die where do they think they would go?

    Poster, stop making friends with married men and stop trying to make them see reasons why you are not interested in engaging in sin with them. Just block them. You think they pray for their daughter to be intimacy tools for married men in the future. They do not wish you well and believe you must be thirsty for men's attention because you are a single mum.

    Words on Marble.

    1. Exactly! At your last paragraph, just like I said too.
      Poster you are playing too nice with them.

    2. A lot of people believe God exists but don't rate his word. They do not care about what he has to say or think. They serve him not to obey him but to use him. Even when the bible said those who engage in sexual immorality will go to hell. The adulterers probably think God is joking or that he will ignore his word and pity them when they did not pity themselves..

    3. @Words on Marble, no greater gospel has been preached here.πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

      Poster stop giving your attention to men who flirt with sin.

      Those pastors are "clouds without rain whose god is their belly and their destruction is swift."

      People treat God's word with so much disdain because they don't know that although He is patient, the weight of God's wrath and judgement will be unbearable at the end of life. πŸ”₯

  5. @Stella,There are many single mums/divorced mums with integrity and the fear of God that wouldn't compromise because of money or sex.
    @poster,Your own man will come,don't mind them,most of them are after sex or what they can gain from you.Dont let their nonsense pressure get to you.

    1. Thank you Mariam, so many single mum’s with integrity that this wicked men have tainted and wouldn’t let them be. They don’t want to marry them but frustrate them. But there is God cos this is bad

  6. God help me to keep up to my marriage vow. I bind every temptations that might come my way in any form

  7. I don’t see how you are different from the women you castigate. Firstly, you stated that you tell them clearly that you want friendship strictly. Please madam tell me, what kind of friendship are you looking for with a married man. You and i know that eventually, u wud either fall for him or he falls for you.

    Befriend single men if you are honest or divorcees or widowers. Don’t smell what you will not eat.

    1. Tell her o

      Like, If she was married would she like it if a single lady or married woman was keeping friendship with her husband?

    2. 🀷🀷🀷🀷🀷

    3. So a single woman should stop speaking to another human because he is married . I m sure u r married with a husband without brains that’s why u think this way

    4. 23.05, no dear, talking with someone is different from being frnds wt them. Is it everybody u talk to that is ur frnd? She forms frndships with them at least that is what she said. And going by what u wrote, if it is ok to ‘talk to another human’ knowing they are married, then she shudnt come here and complain.
      And you called me senseless, even though i didn’t insult u. Yes i am married with kids. Thanks for the insult unprovoked. You will meet the one that would insult u on my behalf. Amen

  8. It keeps getting worse in every generation. I wonder what the next generation will be like. They won’t even be hiding thier side chicks anymore

    1. It has always been so for single mothers. It is the internet enabled speak out that makes it appears to be getting worse.

      Infact in one town in Delta State, it was made a law that all female divorcees and wives separated from their husbands must return to their family compounds. None was allowed to rent apartments to live alone. The law was selective, but it was to stem preying on the women and to protect married homes. Any man without real good intentions cannot walk into family compounds to ask about such women, and the women cannot welcome a married man into their family compounds.

      The only area it is getting worse is with single men and single women

  9. One thing I want to ask poster is why did you entertain friendship when you know it's laced with an ulterior motive? Most single men and women set themselves for this by trying to perceive what they don't want to eat but they end up eating it anyway.
    Adults should be clear with their intention once an advancement is made, your yes should be yes, when it is turning to "let's see how it goes" or "We can just be friends".
    Since you know what they want, stop giving room for friendship before you get entangled in the web

  10. Stella not every lady will fall for even 1 billion dollars from a married man and guess what? GOD has a way of bringing success one's way if you stand your ground. That your friend in a few years time will come back with another story of regrets.

  11. Most of the married women know about their husband's wandering d**k.
    I know a popular So-called pastor that is bringing girls to his maritmonial bed.
    2 different ladies has Confidentially told me that he made advance to them.
    Adultery and fornication happens more in church than outside church.

    1. They know. But they will come trying to prop up their ground beef man like he is pot roast. Mtsscchhwww

  12. For single mothers in Nigeria, 90 percent of men that wants a relationship with them are married men.
    How many single guys in Nigeria are looking for a relationship with a single mother except maybe they have things to gain from it, and maybe the ones just in it for sex.. so I no understand the whole surprise of marriage men approaching you..

    The attention and bombardment dey swwt, you just feel like bragging about it but you come dey brag indirectly..
    Abegi πŸ™„

    1. It’s not sweet honestly because they don’t usually say they’re married
      It’s very upsetting when you find out

    2. 17:27
      But this Poster knows they are married. "Pastors" sef join. Even if they are Catholic priests.
      True, she sounds like she's bragging. Single mum wey dey pull trailers that single girls and women no fit pull.

  13. It will get worse, if you can’t japa with your spouse , stay and manage Nigeria. All these my husband is abroad , my wife is abroad will bring tears both ways later.
    Shebi one guy wrote that his wife has refused to travel, don’t worry, a lot of stories that touch hearts will come up
    People seeing their spouses everyday still cheat not to talk of conji of 6 months, one year, two years 🀣🀣🀣🀣.
    I hope you have read that lack of sex gives prostrate cancer, so who wants to die πŸƒπŸΏπŸƒπŸΏ

    1. A partner that will cheat will cheat right under your nose. It has nothing to do with long distance.

  14. poster may God give you more strength even when they shower you with plenty money or gifts. Like Stella said some times longer throat will enter when they offer you huge amount and you may fall for it. I hope you remain strong, keep saying nope to them.

  15. As a Christian we are advised to flee from all form of appearances of the devil.

  16. You can help yourself by not being friends with married men.

    There are single people you can be friends with, this way, you have your peace, except if you like what's being thrown at you but if not, stop exchanging contacts with them or be their friend.

    1. But maybe this is why she is friends with them, thinking that through their married status they would be safe and not bother her, especially the pastors. Someone should catch them and beat them in their wayward dycks so they can go home and cleave to their wives.

  17. Stella I wonder what you mean with this analysis πŸ€”
    Anyways, poster please keep your head up and be more prayerful.

    I wish I can send Whatsapp chats here. One of my customers commented on the picture I posted on my status a certain time ago. He's the owner of one of the airlines. Mind you, I only communicate with him through Whatsapp or phone call, we've never met and that was the first day he'd see my picture. But I've seen his pictures online and on papers.
    Since then, he'd just randomly ask how I'm doing and we exchange pleasantries. One day he asked if I was in town so we could see and discuss business.
    We met at a restaurant and the business oga was talking about was that he likes me and never knew that a beautiful lady like me could be so hardworking and that he'd like me to be his girlfriend. I didn't mince words, I outrightly told him that I'm not interested and a strong daughter of My Mother of Perpetual Help and would never engage in such. He said that since I don't want $*☆ that I can be $¥cking him or giving him hand job anytime we meet that it mustn't be sex and that I may loosen up later since I'm shy.

    I was so disgusted by everything he was saying so I told him that I had a meeting and needed to leave. He offered to drop me but I declined and left. Two days later, I saw an alert on my phone that is more than what I've made in my two years of doing business then.
    Omo! I was shook 😳 😭 I believed it was a mistake and I contacted this man. He said that I should use it to grow my business. Honestly, I was really overwhelmed and genuinely happy that morning, I still reminded him that I still stand on my decision and he brushed it off saying that he wouldn't have sent me money if that's what he wants.
    That was a Saturday morning and the next song that came on the radio after I got off the phone with him was 'This na temptation' by Psquare 🀣
    Few days later, he asked me to introduce him to any of my friends who's also beautiful like me, I told him that none of my friends engage in what he asked me. "How can you be so sure?" He asked, "do you move around with them?"
    Honestly, I didn't feel the need to give him a response and after two days, he asked why I was ignoring him. I told him that I wouldn't want to engage in his type of conversation.
    He would randomly chat me and ask a very stupid question or make a silly request but I either ignore him or decline whatever it was.
    About 4 months later, he still chatted me and asked that I send him pics of my pu$$y. I declined and baba got angry. That I'm so rigid and wicked, all the time he gave me to have a rethink I was still forming holier than thou. Talmabout how I give my boyfriend for free but he's willing to change my life and fly me to anywhere in the world but I'm so adamant. He also went ahead to say that even my clerics and religious are not this rigid as most of them run things to cool off but there I was.

    Thankfully, I haven't spent a penny from his money so I asked that he send his account so I give him back his money(I didn't feel led by the spirit to put the money in my business and surpringly my business had really started picking up in a miraculous way).

    My plan was to send him his money and block him cos he was becoming a nuisance in my life but he has refused to send his account.
    I know the money is quite much but I plan on giving it all out to charity as the spirit leads. For now, I locked it in an investment and the proceeds it yielded this year, I took them all to the orphanage.

    I'd give him 3 more months to clock 2 years and ask him again(for the 20th time)for his account, if he didn't send it, I will give it all out. God is blessing me in a way I can't even explain and I don't think I'd be needing his money. If he knew how poorly I started and I'm here now, he'd know that God is the giver of wealth not man.
    This is just for one man, if I talk about others, church agbasaa.

    1. 😁😁
      I like how we can like a man's money but don't like him,. I like how we can quickly tell a man we're not interested in a relationship but not quickly ask for his account to refund but invest it to make profit while waiting for the spirit to leadπŸ€—
      See how he rush to woman money but would ignore his fellow men calls, we must teach these men lessons..
      Go babesπŸ₯°

    2. Anon.16.53 you write so well please tell us more stories about the others.
      The most complex B

    3. It's mostly my people that feels that single mothers are only needed by married men. But now the story is changing. Three graduates & less than 40 yrs my relatives are married to once divorced & single mothers
      In the SS It's normal to marry women with children & it's by a young man without children.

    4. Madam i call bullshit to ur lopsided story. As a woman, if you want to send away a guy, i promise you, u know how to do it.
      Secondly, do u go about saving all ur business contacts to the point of giving them access to be viewing ur the status of ur account that is not a business account or this particular customer is ‘special’? Because all the business ppl i kno operate a business acct only display their wares and nothing personal.

      Finally, from the day u knew his intention, and u didnt align with him, u had no business keeping his money.

      Let me tell u a story. A rich man once hit my car in abuja, i am a married woman and honestly, he was at fault, he admitted it and offered to fix my car. I told him the amount i wanted him to give me to fix the car and if he had change from my mechanic, i would give it back. He transferred the money and left, after everything, he had plenty change remaining. I called him and told him, and asked for his account details. He said i can keep it, it was Christmas welfare cos it was in December. After plenty bck n forth, i realised he wasn’t going to collect the money from me. I snt him recharge card to his phone number, as crazy as it sounds, the money was plentyyy but i did.

      I snt him a msg and informed him that i have recharged his number, and i kept the evidence with me. I still have it on my phone and this is 2yrs after. He had no business giving me money. M not related to him, so tomorrow he would not start feeling like he is entitled to talk to me whenever he likes. That was the end. We did what brought us together(fixing of damaged car) and left.

      The whole point of my long epistle is, do not smell what u won’t eat.

    5. 17:48 yes it’s so in America

    6. Your first mistake was using your picture as dp on your business account. Are you the goods you are selling??? Girls will put half-naked pictures on business accounts and start forming surprise when married men begin to price the advertised goods.πŸ˜’

    7. Thank you@20:36

    8. 16:53 don't mind the BVs condemning you.

      You took the right action according to your discernment and still held on to your integrity. You never solicited for it and still returned the man's money when he to pull that bullsh*t.

      Some will choose to return the money immediately which is still okay.

  18. Hmmmm.... things are really happening.
    The righteous will never be forsaken nor their children beg for bread Amen !!

  19. I went to do Omugwo for a sister in our fellowship, I suffered so much caring for her and her baby. The thank you that her nonsense husband would give me was asking me out. He say I look like his ex girlfriend whom he loved so much. I just waka out of that home, stay very far from the sister, even though I would have preferred to hint to her that her husband is a cow.

  20. I thought this is teacher Nk cos of her temptation post sometime poster don't ever be friends with a married man except greetings, online own tell them off and pls pray for spirit of married men to leave you alone cos most times they come in droves like when a woman is ripe for marriage
    This married men issue made me to relocate back to east when I was serving all the men there are married and you know north it's a small place they know themselves so na me una go do census and use do topic for gym or bar , I moved back to east started my prayer shortly I got married to my husband, so pray that married men should leave you so you can find your own, don't entertain their friendship dem get coconut head

    1. Why are you toting anon? Teacher Nk Dey her dey ooo. I'm here to read n learn too.

  21. Even the single laddies like us experience this on a regular basis. You will only give-in if you have long throat. Sometimes I feel like not greeting them anymore. I noticed that too much of greeting causes this nonsense; but if I choose not to greet, that means I will keep malice with alot of people in my street, and the angry ones may even look for a way to tarnish my image on a thing that I may not know about , or when I pass, there may be side talks like 'nwa anaghi ekele mmadu' and who knows if the person that will want to marry me tomorrow may come and enquire about me from the angry men and they may cook up stories about me that never occurred, lol, I don't have that kind of strength please.

    If you see the way I walk briskly you will think I have an appointment somewhere. For where, i do that so that they won't call me.

    Poster, just know that they will always come but it's your feedback that will help protect your dignity if you actually want to protect it. Be careful because some of them may be using jazz. Be very careful. Someone ones commented here that some of this married men use jazz.

  22. Hmmmmm I can't relate but dear i will ask that u seek God more cos even the bible says let him that thinks he stand watch lest he falls.......

  23. When money is involved, it's vert hard to say no. May God help us

  24. Poster keep on with your faith, it shall be well with you


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