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Monday, November 27, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



Please I am in urgent need of a serious advice, Is it possible for a state not to favor a person? I lived in my state of residence during Nysc and things never worked out for me it was so bad that my roommate then started avoiding me and saying I was ill fated.

 I developed severe depression, anxiety and lost my self confidence because I became a laughing stock to the people around. I woke up one day and relocated back to my family in rivers state with just a tiny box of clothes 

I left my entire properties for my room mate it was that bad I had to get out of there as fast as I could. I spent some months in the rivers state then I relocated to a state in the Southeast region, Things immediately picked up for me there I was able to live comfortably , Rent a fully furnished flat, changed my entire wardrobe and saved up more than a million.

This was after running away from the state I served in with less than 200,000 in my account fast forward to one year after I relocated to the south east region I became scared of losing my means of livelihood because the business I was doing there was jointly owned with a friend who was getting married and relocating (She was the mastermind and strength behind the business) so with her relocation I was scared I may not hold down the business like when she was in the picture. 

I had to confide in the girl I earlier mentioned as my roommate she advised me to relocate back to the state I served in and she promised to help me get a job at her office I quickly relocated and true to her words she helped me get a job at her place of work. After my relocation back to the state I fell into depression again, I suffered from a serious illness that no medical test could detect, I was doing so poorly on the job that made me relocate in fact I was declined the most poor performing staff in the organization.

 I was eventually sacked and I quickly got another job and I suffered from another serious illness which couldn’t be detected at the hospital but with the help of prayers I was healed after a while I got sacked there too .

Now back to what brought me to this chronicle...
 I have noticed that whenever I am in a different state which isn’t the state I served in I don’t get depressed neither do I suffer from one illness to the other I personally don’t believe that a particular state can bring misfortune but honestly I am getting really confused. Some thing recently came to my thought which I quickly brushed off but I’ll state it here because I don’t want to leave anything out , Sometime ago I dreamt that I was in a beautiful house my dream kind of house and I was very happy then I heard a knock on my door and this room mate girl walked in she sat in the couch with a frown on her face and refused to say a word as to why she was in a foul mood then I told her I was expecting some guests and needed to pick some wines from the cellar in the basement I went down and came back upstairs into the house but the house was filled with people I didn’t let in before going into the cellar then this people told me that the house is no longer mine and I should go to the room down the hallway that is where I belong I went into the room and it was my exact room back in the university the only difference was I wasn’t given a bunk space but rather asked to sleep on the tarred foam on the ground please note that all this happened in a dream.

 I woke up and started to ask myself what exactly could this dream mean? I remembered back during Nysc I was walking with this friend one day and a drunkard stopped us and told me “ Don’t you know you and this girl shouldn’t be walking together if you keep walking with her people will be confused on who to choose and things won’t come to you” She got very upset and chased away the dude..
 I honestly took those words as mere words of a mad man, I also noticed that whenever we are very close good things come to her I mean she may have wanted and wished for something for 4 years but the moment we became very close and gist a lot she will get that thing she has been searching for immediately.

 I also noticed I don’t feel good around her I feel a certain energy I can’t really explain it I really don’t want to believe she has a hand in my predicament, I have known her for 20 years I could swear she is not diabolical or capable of spiritually hurting anyone without a single doubt I believe the is no way she is capable of going anywhere or doing anything to spiritually harm me or anyone.

 Which begs the question what could be wrong? 
I am certain something is very wrong but I don’t know what it is , Please Bvs is it possible that a particular state can bring misfortune to a person? That’s the only possible conclusion my head can come to right now. I may be right or wrong that’s why I need your help in solving this.

AH !!!!!
Is this not what they say that happens when someone has stolen your glory/ destiny? whichever state that lady you are friends with lives in, please avoid that state ooooh, something is not right at alll!!!
I dont know what else to say, let those who know, please tell us and give her good advice!


  1. Your roomate avoided you, and said you were ill fated. A drunkard said you guys are not meant to be close. You have had dreams about her. You don't feel good around her. And you are still holding on to the "friendship". Sister,what advice do you want???

    1. Like???
      The handwriting is clearly written on the wall!!!

    2. Lady T/worth more than a thousand dollars27 November 2023 at 15:29

      Nna mehn the signs are so clear. Avoid that your friend and stay far away from her.

      Why are you spiritually naive?

    3. I wonder what else she wants to hear from us. Poster, there's nothing like negative spiritual energy, ignore all spiritual signs and keep hanging around her for another 20 years, then come back and tell us how far, inugo?

    4. Pls God bless you for helping me write what was on my mind.
      That is why you have a brain, pls use it. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. Wake up, nobody is coming to save u, save urslf.

    5. I wonder too o.

      Poster, avoid that your friend with all your might.

    6. I had read for only 2
      Minutes and not even up to half of the chronicle when I knew your so called friend wasn’t so pure hearted.
      Immediately you said you relocated back, and said there was a delay, I knew. You’re so gullible
      God help you

    7. Poster read your own chronicle again. All the answers lie therein. Take them VERY seriously and act on them. Be prayerful and eschew anything sinful so you don't break the hedge for the evil ones to penetrate. Next build up your self confidence and try not to fear as a child of God. You left a business you may have succeeded at on your own because of fear. Also fast for answers, protection and direction. Comman update us ooo.

    8. Poster, I feel you already know the answer to this chronicle but you just want us to sooth you somehow. Whatever you do, leave that place immediately and start praying. My two cents.

  2. Dear Poster, cut all ties with this person. Even if you have known her from your mother's womb. That dream was a true revelation of your state of life if you keep been around this friend but you refused to heed.
    So my advice is "Flee" from this human. And may God come through for you. E-Hugs.

    1. Dear poster some relationship is meant to last forever and if you force it you will destroy your life and nobody will safe you.

      Your dream, the Drinkard and the obvious sign are there for you to see and I believe you friends knows about it that's why she invited you back.

      So relocate, cut off all ties with her, block her number or change your number, don't pick her at all and if you meet on the street form busy and never allow her visit you no matter how stranded she is or seems

  3. You have the answer already. Start avoiding her and even if she invites you, don't go. That drunkard had passed the message, and you are still asking us.

    Mao Akuh

    1. Chika(hello iya boys)28 November 2023 at 09:56

      But when you are staying together during NYSC things wasn't working OUT
      People where Laughing at you even your so called Friend join them
      You Jejely left ooo things Started coming Alive
      Please I wanna ask why did you leave your place of Residence that you said you were making Millions
      Oh because your friend was Relocating
      You could have just take over the business nah
      Abi is she Relocating with the business
      Shebi you have money start up your own
      Your Witch Friend now wine you to come bk so she can finish what she started...
      If you actually know what is Good for You you Berra pack your bags and baggages
      And leave that place
      You do not need a pastor to tell you who is doing you...
      May Almighty God Redirect you steps and heal you with abundant of Grace 🙏🙏🙏

  4. Avoid the girl pls

    The hand writing is clearly on the wall but you refuse to take it into cognizant

  5. Spiritually toxic friendship. God abegii 😪

    1. Poster kindly have psychiatric evaluation.

  6. Hmmmmmm.....Things dey really occur abeg. I am not a fan of all this stolen glory /restored glory just like the OLOLADE Movie on Netflix. I believe in going to school and getting knowledge or skills, working and praying to God for favour but reading this chronicle ehen Goosebumps everywhere. God abeg oo.

    I will come back and read the comments to learn more, Poster please go back to your family house for a while and pray during these periods, since God has revealed to you through dreams, he will still show you more

  7. Poster Why did you relocate to your former state of residence after you had seen the good side of things with the new location you moved to? You already had a taste of 'Babylon' you moved to 'Jerusalem', saw great things then you went back again to 'Babylon'? I don't understand that...So when you were doing the business with your friend...Couldn't you have stayed and learnt the ropes of the business or find someone in similar line of business to teach so you can grow?

    You are quick to blame your environment and your friend but I think you need to check yourself and hold yourself accountable....Ask yourself what you actually want for yourself?...You need to be calm, be stable cause you are just all over the place and take charge of your life...

    The dream and from the drunken man is another message for you to go back to South East or wherever and choose a hustle and stick with it...Your friend in your former residence is not the architect of your problem infact what I deduced from the drunken man's message is ''Poster why are dealing with chicken, ducks when you have been designed to fly with eagles''

    I don't know if you are a Christian, when God called Abraham to leave his household and gave him a new land to live in; God wanted to build a covenant with him...Why not pray and ask God to give you directions on your life path and purpose....Ask him to help you interprete and understand the dream and the words from the drunken man...All the best...

    1. Thank you, since nobody saw it that because someone she is doing business with relocated she left the business also , a lucrative business at that . She needs to sit up and plan her life well and be serious with what she is doing. I will advice her to do business because getting a job may not be her calling and it depends on the state and salary after expenses. Nigerians remove your mind from so so and so did this spiritually that's why a mentally unstable elder will miss her way in the night and the next minute people gather and call her witch even millions of educated ones and I wonder when it will stop. Till someone accuse you of what you know nothing about you start crying

    2. The fact that she abandoned a potentially lucrative business instead of rolling up her sleeves and asking her friend to teach her the business says a lot about her. She relocated back to a city that according to her, makes her depressed 😔. If your friend started avoiding you, how then did she steal your glory? Sit down and tell yourself the truth. Do you have the same work ethic as your friend(s)? You come across as someone that want/rely on others to do the job for you.
      It's perfectly normal for her to want something for 4 years and have them materialize, that is why some call it "the law of attraction ". It has nothing to do with you. If you want something hard enough and do your part by working towards it to the best of your abilities, more often then not, you will get it if you don't lose focus. That is why a poor boy from a slum will tell people around him thay he will be a billionaire and ends up becoming one against all odds.
      Look in the mirror, analyze persistent behaviours that work against you, compare then with that of your colleagues that are the highest performers and work hard to change.
      When some people say doctors didn't see anything, it does not mean you aren't sick, unless your sickness is psychological. What tests did they run? How qualified and experienced were the doctors you saw? Were you able to articulate your symptoms to help them narrow down the right tests to conduct? When you know you are sick and the doctors say they can't see anything, move on to another doctor because you know you are not feeling well. Don't start thinking it's spiritual because an incompetent doctor doesn't do his job.
      If you don't feel good around your friend, please move on. Your thinking that she gets what she wants when you are around is probably creating a sort of resentment or jealousy.

  8. Dear poster, must you be friends with the said roommate? Cut all ties with her, if possible relocate back to that state you got upliftment.

  9. God in His infinite mercy revealed something to you after speaking through the mouth of a drunk, you refused to listen.
    Yes, your friend may not be doing anything diabolical or spiritual but I think her aura is contaminating yours or maybe she has a bad spiritual energy.
    This happens amongst couples too.
    I suggest you separate yourself from her quietly, do personal deliverance, move far away from her and forge ahead in life.
    I’m almost sure she doesn’t know anything about this but it is what it is.

  10. From all indication, it shows you are still a puppet spiritually. That someone isn't caught red handed to be diabolical doesn't mean he/she isn't capable of evil spiritually. Note this if you both move to another state together, this travail of yours will continue in that state. It should rather be about her and not the state. She is with you there to monitor your success and cause you the ill-fated condition you are passing through. Someone else partnered with you and you both succeeded, doesn't that point fingers at this particular friend that you both ain't meant together? You really fucked up by not believing in yourself to continue that business of yours. Try everything as much as possible to avoid anywhere around her and don't update her about your progress again. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

  11. Dreams no matter how senseless they are should not be joked with. God has revealed who the lady is to you. Please flee from her. May God restore you

  12. I expected you to have cut all ties with this person the minute she said you are ill-fated, whether she is the cause of your problem or not that statement alone is enough to cut her off. Go to God in prayers and ask God to reveal more to you

  13. What advice do you need?the issue is very clear,do NOT go to that state anymore,simple.Youve done it twice and it was the same results and you’re still here asking for advice ?

  14. Poster please run and cut all ties with this person .

  15. Poster please run and cut all ties with this person .

  16. You are there still asking questions when the answer to your problem is staring you in the face. Poster run far away from that your so called friend.

  17. Poster, dey whyne yourself by your question. Instead of you to ask the question on your mind direct, you dey talk State, State.

    Oya na, dis be d answer as you answer am yourself: Leave your NYSC State and no stay any State your friend dey stay.

    20 years is a long time for a woman to waste finding answer to a question not lost. Take that from a man who knows what wasted years can do to a person. Anyway, God can also wipe away wasted years. But you must be ready to go where there's no hindrance to God's Angels and blessings.

  18. You are spiritually blind and deaf. You locked your spiritual mind to warning that has been sent to you in different ways.
    Relocate from that state and that lady. You are not compatible spiritually. You shouldn't mix together no matter what. You know her physically and not her spiritual capabilities.

    Cut off from her immediately to recover your life.

  19. Poster you are still there asking question when the answer to your question is staring you in the face. Run far way from that your so called friend.

  20. Hmmmmmmmm please sit up and be wise.

  21. Go as far as your legs can carry you away from that friend. She is not who you think she is. About two years ago when I was at Okigwe, a close person to me was warned by a mad man on the road to be careful, that he will be poisoned at a bar by someone close to him, the mad man was actually right, story for another day.
    Also, you shouldn't be scared of doing things like business by yourself, I was surprised you left the south east where you're doing well to go back to a place you ran away from initially, just because you're scared of failure.

  22. What advice do you need exactly? When the reason for your problems is staring you in your face?????
    What were you expecting when you went back to someone that called you 'ill-fated'?
    Why are people this gullible?

  23. you need to avoid that your friend no matter anything.

  24. Your chronicle is like the christmas goat that has finally freed itself asking the goats that are outside the fence roaming and eating freely whether it should come out and join them or just go back and tie itself back with the rope and wait for its christmas slaughter by the owner.

    You appear to me to be like someone who can't take decisions on their own without wondering what others may think or who needs validation from others before taking actions that can improve their lives. This matter is far more serious than the way you are handling it. Don't wait until your own life becomes at stake.

    First, to verify your fears, damn everything and go back to port harcourt for a while. Keep records of your fortunes. If you notice that things are picking up, you may have some form of confirmation of your fears about your current location.

    Some situations demand aggression. I'm talking about rugged spiritual exercise to address any bastard devil that is holding you down. You don't handle situations like this gently. Put your mouth to work! Pray like you never have before. Word based prayer of such intensity that whoever the person is that has a hand in your situation will not be able to hide it but to confront you physically.

    Begin to work on your mind and mentality. The laws of success are the same for everyone and the power of thought guides the law of success. If you think a place won't work for you, it won't! Take charge of your day and command it to respond to your favour. Do this every day!

    After you have done the tasks above, look inward and ask yourself. Maybe it is God trying to let you know that you should move somewhere else. It might just be that. Who knows, maybe one brother with long trouser that the belt is at the chest level has been disturbing God for a wife and na you God wan parcel go give am to arrange the brother life 😂🤣😅🤣🤣.

    I know victory is your portion and I'm rooting for you.

  25. Dear poster,
    I will advice you to follow your instinct. Detach from her, you two are not on the same energy frequency. Better you stay away from her.She doesn't have to be diabolical, before her energy overshadows yours and all signs shows you two cant be together. Go back to the state things worked out for you and keep praying like never before. The spiritual controls the physical.

  26. Lol the drunk meant she’s finer than you and guys won’t pick you if you walk around with her
    If you’ve known someone for 20 years, bad and good things will happen to you while they are around
    She helps you find a job you lose it and she’s a bad person. Sigh
    Go to a good doctor and find out what’s wrong and why you fall sick

    1. I tire. Poster needs a psychiatric evaluation asap. Please cut your friend off. You don’t deserve to have such good people around you and accuse them of crap.

  27. Stella wey those your slap dem na. This poster need resetting slap. You better leave that your friend ASAP, the signs are obvious, as long as you guys are together things will keep getting bad for you. A word is enough for the wise.

  28. Dear poster, my apologies to say you are so naive and spiritually empty. If you love yourself and want to live your destiny, relocate immediately from that friend and never have anything to do with her again.

  29. Poster let me shout this ..... TRUST NO ONE !!!!! MOT EVEN THAT YOUR FRIEND YOU'RE VOUCHING FOR .
    CUT OFF FROM HER. !!!!!!!!

  30. Life is indeed spiritual.

    Poster, you're the one with the shining star, it rubs off anyone that comes around you. If its not shining in that state you're in, then someone is trying to steal it. Something is not right with your association with your roomie. Knowingly or unknowingly, witchcraft is at play here. If you must stay in that state, activate your prayer life and be Spiritually alert. I don't understand why you should leave a state because of another person. They should leave and not you but there are levels to this spiritual thing.if you can't handle it, for your sanity, biko leave but be very careful and be Spiritually alert.

  31. You know the source of your predicament but you are still asking questions.

  32. Is it possible for 'stolen glory' to be geographical?? Hmmm

    Anyways, there are several signs pointing to something strange about this so-called friend of yours.

    I believe the drunk guy you saw, was a 'seer'. They tend to numb themselves (with drugs and/or alcohol) due to the visions they get! It's a coping mechanism.

    For the future...
    I strongly advice you, to get involved in any business partnership you find yourself in. If you had been hands-on in the running of the business, from the get-go, you wouldn't have panicked and reverted to old things and ways!

  33. Is she your twin sister? Pls cut off the friendship it does ñot worth it.

  34. Poster, stop asking questions and cut off from her, relocate back to your parents base if you want to.
    All the best

  35. Ife na eme,things dey happen.Some times God can use a mad man or woman to pass a strong message to us,God Even opened your spiritual eyes but you are still waiting for signs and asking questions.
    Please, the reason you will not delete her phone number is for you to identify her call ,if not I will suggest you delete it.Hence forth both of you should not share same space not have anything in common. Keep your success stories to your self and learn to seek God not man for your directions in life.Take care and be strong.Chiloving

  36. If only people will get to understand how powerful dreams can be. Dreams can reveal things that even some so called prophets can't reveal to you.

    I was once in a relationship with this guy. I loved him so much and i thought he loved me too which was why i overlooked certain red flags. We'd quarrel, go our separate ways and then make up and get back together.

    Then the dreams started.

    Each time i we got back together, everything will be going on well, then I'd dream and see myself lost in a deserted place looking for him and not be able to find or find my way out of the place. I'd be moving round and round in circles unable to find and unable to find a way out the place until i wake up. Once i have that dream, we would quarrel and go out separate ways. After a while, he'd come back and beg because the fault was always from him. We will make up and continue until that dream comes again. One time we reconciled, i made up my mind that i wasn't going to allow a break up again. I told myself that no matter what he does, that i wasn't going to walk away again. Then i dreamt, and found myself in abuilding and i was trying to get out of the house. I couldn't find the way out. I tried several doors but each room led to yet another room. So i was just going round and round. I saw a woman in one of the rooms and she told me that the only way i getting out of there was by passing through the fire she was using to cook. I looked at her and laughed, and went on to continue looking for a way out. I was still going round and round till i woke up.

    Initially, i was interpreting this dream to mean that i was never going to leave that relationship, that we belong together. Lol.

    But after the last dream where i tried so hard to get out of the house and couldn't, i sat down and re-evaluated the relationship. And then it dawned on me that i was in a relationship with myself. I realized the red flags i was ignoring were actually being perpetuated by this guy on purpose because he knows that no matter how much he messes up, I'd still take him back. That running round and round trying to find a way out actually meant i can never get through to his heart and love no matter how i try. The woman asking to pass through fire to get out was actually telling me how impossible it was for me to get what i wanted from him which was his love.

    When all these realization hit me, i was the one that broke up with him and i never looked back.
    This story spanned years so i am not talking about a few months. It was when i left the relationship that i really got to see the amount of trashy treatment i had endured overtime because i refused to see what was in front of me.

    Poster, dreams are powerful. Interprete that dream you had for yourself and then take dressing.


  37. You better stay the hell away from this glory thief. I had a nasty experience with someone I thought was a friend many years ago.
    She got “served” eventually. Na she dey run when no one is pursuing her.
    Cut her off totally. She’ll eventually figure out you’ve found her out, but keep it moving with no explanations.


  38. Thank you Ma Stella for this solution platform.chai! I have learned a lot from this particular post. Poster please and please let go of that friend of yours, move out of that State,you don't need a prophet to tell you anything again

  39. Hmmmm, human beings. Guys, this stealing of glory of a thing ehn, I wouldn't want to say it does not happen, you own up to your opinions regarding this.

    But you know what, I'm a young man, working with one of the big INGOs, earning close to 5mil per month which includes allowances and bonuses. Nobody in my family knows my monthly salary and these other benefits but it's obvious I'm being paid huge. I have houses, plots of land(not all of these details are known to my family members and friends) I' live a low key kinda life but I have so many investments here in Nigeria(I don't live or work outside Nigeria). I have been assisting and supporting so many of my relations at my young age, but one day a nephew woke up and started sending me sms accusing me of stealing the glory of his entire family(father, mother, siblings). Jesus!, he said several things about or against me but you know what, my hands and heart are as clean as anything you might want to think of. His parents said it was not ordinary, that he is becoming mentally unstable, etc. I have several degrees, many professional certifications, from different universities etc I work hard, and I think I'm intelligent, so where did all those false accusations come from? I thought of taking him to court or inviting police to pick him up so he can come and present proofs. Some family members advised me against this idea.
    Alot of people are brainwashed against innocent relatives and friends.
    I'm not saying the poster should believe what some of you are telling her, but mehn, till today I'm still so surprised that those things were mentioned about me.

    I'm only being prayerful here and focusing on my life and my relationship with God. I have told God in prayer that anyone that lied against me, anyone that believed those lies, and anyone that supported the lies,He should judge them for me here on earth and I heaven.

    1. Your nephew might be wrong and you need to keep your distance, time will tell who is who and what is what but that doesn't change the fact that spiritual things are real and poster needs to be avoid that friend. No need for accusations and pointing finger, just find an excuse to relocate back to the East and start working out your life.

  40. Alot of people are so quick to point fingers when things are not yet going well for them.
    Blame , Blame, and blames. I have been blamed before on this so called stealing of glory just because some lazy ass refused to work hard. Una go explain tire.
    God go judge every single liar.

    1. Don’t mind them
      Did the friend also stop her from doing a good job at work

    2. If some people get to know just small of the really dark things going on in the world, shock go fit kpai dem. Na real wa ooo.

    3. Anon 21:57...Yes, it is possible to project the spirit of error on someone in their place of work so they'll keep having issues and get kicked out. I know because it has been done to me before, if a spiritual thing is being discussed that you haven't encountered, don't say it's impossible, just take note.

  41. Dear poster, I was about to go to bed but the spirit of God asked that I open up this post and recommend 2 messages for you to listen to. Please go to YouTube. Search for 1. The Mystery of deliverance Part 1-4. By Apostle Joshua Selman. 2. The altar of Prayer by Joshua Selman . Don’t worry about the length of these messages. You’ll get the keys to your freedom for life.

  42. The Bible says, flee from all appearance of evil. Please flee without looking back.

  43. May be possible,your friend or some people you rolled with during your service year in that town has negative energy transfered to you.

    Some people believe in aligning with their elements,i've heard people talk about how their elements negates what they do or where they stay.

    Go and read about the elements.


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