Stella Dimoko Husband Breaks Down On Air As DNA Tests Reveals His 4 Kids Are Not His


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Sunday, November 05, 2023

Husband Breaks Down On Air As DNA Tests Reveals His 4 Kids Are Not His

A 44-year-old man known as Mr. Kola, from Ikire in Osun State, wept bitterly on air after a DNA test revealed that he is not the biological father of any of his four children1. The children, Ayomide (16), Sarah (12), and two others aged 8 and 5, were born to him and his wife, Toyin Arike.

The DNA test was conducted at the DDC DNA Diagnostic center in Alakoko, Osogbo.

Toyin, who works in the health sector, disagreed with the results. She protested, stating she was not present when the samples were taken and did not know which samples were used. She insisted that she knows how she conceived those children.“I don’t accept the result. I don’t accept it because I was not there when they took samples and I don’t know which sample they took, so, I don’t accept it. I can’t accept it because I know how I conceived those children,” she protested.


  1. Men, hope you guys are learning.
    Y’all conduct DNA test on your kids.
    As for you women who allow your husbands father another man’s kids, You all will suffer miserably.


  2. I don't understand, must they bring every family issue on air.

    1. Na that one be bone of contention?? Is this the issue on ground??
      Birds of same feathers

  3. Her words "I know how I conceived those children."
    Madam the debate is not the how. You fucked. The issue here is the WHO! The results say the kids aren't your husband's. The belong to someone else. Your permission is not needed for the samples to be collected. As if that's the issue.

    She couldn't even put up any tangible defence. She knows she hasn't been faithful to her husband. May God help every man out there.

    1. Lol..

      No mind am,. Like say dem go ask am consent first๐Ÿ˜‚ so she go kill the man that night come lie say na self defense from domestic violence

    2. Baby factory victim

  4. Some things are better not imagined.

  5. Nigeria-ranks-2nd-highest-in-paternity- fraud-in-the-world.

    Make with this information whatever you feel like.. if you like go dry trust Naija babe..
    They're always quick to call men cheat, but look at how they all get angry whenever the issue of paternity fraud is discussed. Pay Attention Kings๐Ÿ™

    VeryDarkMan had the highest attack and insult when he spoke carrying out a DNA test on Moh's wife, even Moh's father was insulted for requesting same.. Pay Attention..

    Whenever you are making sense and they get angry, violent and begin to threaten and fight.. don't fall for it. Go ahead and do that thing they don't want you to do, so far it makes sense to a reasonable individual.

    You see that married woman the other day that wants to travel on vacation with her married boyfriend bah? Those married women asking their ex for money etc etc.. na them dry carry another man child give their S!MP husband..

    Nothing is more humiliating to go through as a man.. I won't pity you oh, I go mock you..

    You see as she still dey deny bah? Na their way, we have seen them well in paternity court,. And then later you'll see them crying and forming victim after being caught, the funny thing is that people would leave the main victim (the man) that needs to be consoled to console the manipulating evil woman..

    So far you're a Nigerian lady, if you like always tie scarf even tie your ear join and be speaking in tongues for 24 hours daily.. I go do DNA test

    1. You don do DNA for yourself? Why wait till you have kids? Start with your own.

    2. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
      Why you dey cry..
      You evil women must be caught and disgraced..

    3. Yes, go and do DNA test for your self first to know if you are your father's son

  6. Even if a child was switched at birth, could it be without coincidence that 4 of them been switched? Is the man not able to impregnate her and she went rogue? Who is sure the children have a particular father? It's possible the children have different fathers.She alone knows the answers.

    Watching YouTube channels of pranksters, you will be surprised at the number of children living without their biological fathers.

    The woman saying she knows how she conceived the children is enough indictment.

  7. Married men have children outside with other women and keep it secret without their wives knowing. Married women cannot hide the pregnancy they have for other men outside so they say the pregnancy belongs to their husbands. That is how it is designed by God.

    1. Na them be this..

      Do the wives train, provide, nurse and love the other woman's kids with the believe that it's theirs?

      Sense don scarce oh..

      They always go anon to talk trash๐Ÿ˜‚

    2. Don't invoke God's name here, please. God does not support evil.

    3. enn, which god designed that??? ๐Ÿ˜’

    4. May God forgive you, evil doer

    5. There is nothing evil in that comment. Which one is evil, men having children for sidechicks or women having children on the side. That's the way the world works, make una deal with am. Men think they have the upper hand in cheating and having children outside marriage forgetting that the woman own na hin go pain them pass. Let the games continue.

    6. The evil part is:
      In saying that is the design of God.
      Assuming the denying woman actually did paternity fraud and justifying it without any evidence that the man has a child outside his marriage.

      So because John committed adultery and hid the result from his wife, Johnbull's wife should commit adultery and paternity fraud when there is no evidence Johnbull committed adultery?

    7. Designed by God keee????? Chineke Nnaa Wetin you go judge plenty ooooo

  8. Replies
    1. Pink๐Ÿง
      But if na man now,.
      You for dey call your fellow man scum scummer scummest๐Ÿ™„

      Wetin man do man๐Ÿคจ

    2. ๐Ÿคฃ

    3. E say na Wetin man do man lwkmd๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. Of course she knows how she conceived the children. Who else would know?

    1. Very true. And she may be telling the truth. Until DNA samples of the man, woman, and children are taken at the same time, she cannot be categorically accused of fraud.

    2. @15:23 you must be sleeping if you think that is how DNA samples are taken. Go and tell them that rubbish at the US embassy.

  10. sister, prove him wrong with your an independent well organised DNA test and shame the devil.

  11. Please try another hospital for God's sake. Eleyi le

  12. She should do an DNA test on herself

  13. I hope there is a mistake somewhere. Such a painful and hurt thing to do to someone.

  14. Can it be redone atleast in her presence four children to lose no be beans

  15. I watched it yesterday night and I felt very sad for Mr kola while growing up I could swear on my life that married women don't cheat because of the women around me but when my parents moved to their own house,I saw first hand cheating from married women.
    Infact,when this married women start fighting,we hear all matter of things,like cooking for another person's husband with urine,pinning concubine pregnancy on husband,sleeping with neighbors husband,stories of married women having incision on their private to hook rich landlords....So many bad vices.

    I have always been in support of DNA testing,I think the government needs to make it compulsory and affordable.
    I can't imagine this type of pain for the men around me.


    1. Hmmmm, the man said there are days he won't eat so the children can have something to eat๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญthe man was just crying ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

    2. These citizens looking for free/ cheap DNA to settle your personal family problems, how much do you pay in taxes? Why must others fund your entire life?

      The children in question if mothered by a Nigerian, descended from Nigerians or born in Nigeria is a Nigerian. That is government's concern. The rest is yours to sort out.

    3. 16:55 What good has the government done for their citizens from earnings from natural resources?

      Companies that pay taxes, how has successive government provided electricity, good roads and efficient transport system to create an enabling environment for growth of industries?

  16. Four children???

    They should please go to another Medical Laboratory and have a re-run of the Test.

    If the Results still stands, that Woman is from the Pit of Hell

    1. Yes, it has to be redone at a good and reputable lab. Unless he has never had any living sperm in his body and just make empty semen, or only copulated a few times a year, it is hard to believe that not one of the four is his.

  17. Which sample did they use,

    Let them redo the test.


    1. And when it's reconfirmed, the woman should be jailed right?๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™„

    2. 16:14, how many men that impregnated other women outside their marriage went to jail?
      It's the same thing. Let the man accept the kids as his own and keep caring for them, let him forgive his wife.
      This is the advice that most people will give the woman if it was the other way round.

    3. 00.23

      It is not the same thing.
      Paternity FRAUD is a crime..
      Can you see the fraud in there?

      Continue deceiving yourself sha..
      Most of you only support evil against men unless it's against your brother or kids, you then become advocate against it

    4. Dante , YES!. if the test is done properly and they are not his children then the woman should be jailed for at least 10 YEARS!

  18. A second supervised all parties DNA test is necessary for several reasons
    One, you cannot judge a person behind her back.
    Two, there is also the CHIMERA factor which can mess up a DNA test unless multiple samples are taken from the man - blood, saliva, se..n, body tissue, etc.
    Three, hospital fraud.

    1. If you watched the video you won't say this, she has already taken the first child to one Mr Segun who was fingered to be the father, infact she used to carry the baby there from her husband's house ,the child is now 16 years .

    2. Thank you Ma'am.
      First, I do not support paternity fraud.
      But all removable probabilities must be removed.
      What your highlighted fact proves easily is that she slept or was sleeping with Segun while married and used the daughter to obtain money from him as per the adulterer he is or likely is. This is because a man who did not sleep with a woman is hard to pin down as a father.

  19. Redo the test, if the result is still same, the woman needs to be jailed, a whole 4 children

  20. See this Dna stuff eh?. Hmmmm...For a while now, I've been having some business challenges in my main business. That period was hell in my marriage. Na that time I really come understand woman. It doesn't matter how good intentioned your wife may be. Don't go broke. My brother, you go see pepper inside pepper.

    As a man that does not sit just watching as a door is closing, I quickly went and learnt another skill. A quite profitable one i might add. I'm presently also learning how to code. With the funds I could gather, I got a number of equipment to start practicing the second skill i learnt. But not nearly enough for what needed to be done. All this I was doing alone as my wife had left home with the insistence that I must go and get federal government work before she returns.

    For someone exceedingly hardworking and self reliant as I am, I found that insulting. Before business slow down, my home was consuming close to 2 million annually in bills. I saw how my employed colleagues were living and I knew I was doing better off. A number of them, federal government workers up to level 12 , had asked me for loans from time to time. I obliged when I could. So I knew my downturn was just temporal.

    My wife did return much later. That was the point I was sourcing for capital to build up on the skill I had learnt and start production. Ofcourse the economy really is tight for most people. Who can give you a loan?

    I needed just 370k. Someone I had known who is based in the US, offered to give me 2 million. But on one condition. That i must divorce my wife and do a DNA test on my kids before sending me the money. It was an offer too good to refuse on the face of it.

    Ofcourse the DNA aspect is basic common sense. But I could not in all good conscience divorce a woman because someone was willing to give me money. The man called after a while and asked why I was hesitating. He pointedly said, "can your wife turn down a similar offer if given to her? You know she won't." His position is that he will not send the money if my wife will benefit from it.

    I'm just 4 years in marriage. But I prepared before I embarked on this journey. I know that most times, one partner has to hold the weight of the marriage inspite of the negative actions of the other partner(within reason). But was 2 million naira worth breaking my home over? Hell no!

    As for the DNA tests, that will definitely be done. If not for anything for peace of mind and sanity's sake. I have bonded exceedingly well with my children. That will not change at anytime. Whether he sends the money or not, I'll keep doing everything I can for my kids.

    Sorry, too long a read. I just needed to get that off my chest.

    1. Oh wow! This is quite heavy. I hope that peace returns to your home. Not many men will reason like you

    2. When I say the obvious, that most Nigerian women are extremely selfish in nature, some people go dey para..

      When I say only men can really love women cos women can't love themselves due to their extreme selfish nature, some people go still dey para..

      The time most ladies only support eachother is only when they want to bring down a man of when they're coming together to support evil which is still because they want to mess up the other woman live like there's so she won't be better than her, that's why you see one doing a podcast and advising girls to have a one night stand and you see another one shaming virgins, then the 'feminist' who feminism means ahewo life, body positivity, nacking and doing hook up everywhere lol

      You see how there's peace here because they're the ones getting giveaway, just let Big Stellz pick 10 guys in one of the giveaways, and see the insults and drama that'll follow, I remember how they dragged the hell out of Ezege and Stellz that year he was supported by one of the angels here..

      Honestly, it really terrible to be with someone and you're are scared that she'll leave anyday you face life challenges, what if you get sick, who would nurse you? Na that time she go remember one thing you did a long time ago and use that one as an excuse to live your ass.. then why should any man stay loyal to such?

      I understand why your friend would give you such options, he really feels he is looking out for you.. to be honest, until some guys start mirroring back these evil back to them, they'll never begin to behave themselves..

      I think it all begins from the beginning of a relationship tho,. I don't accept what I would ever accept from the beginning..

      I met a girl recently, I noticed she insults and feel as a lady she must have her way, e.g. she just ordered Mr to come pick her, I told her if she can't ask like a sensible person that needs help, then she should forget. We were joking and she told me me I was mad, and then another time, she was dragging my handkerchief with me and using her nails to pinch me so I'll give her instead of just asking nicely, I just told her point blank that I don't do these amotekun friendship and whatever, say of she continues this behaviour I go begin avoid am, she was now saying stuff about how she no get my power, that one concern am, come correct or stay the fvck off abeg..
      With women, most times, it's how you begin that really matter cos whatever step you give them, they take a mile..

      What you went through pains me a lot, it's not cool at all, I fit never marry but I don experience how painful such a thing can be.. I can do that same thing your friend is doing Lol.. Asin do you know the kind of sacrifices we go through to make these ladies happy and comfortable? We do these without complaining, and then all of a sudden we experience a little set back and they forget everything and make us regret ever meeting them..

      It is what it is tho..

      Don't do for another what the person won't do for you.. this I need to be telling myself everyday

    3. I am so sorry for what you went through DA. Keep up with your skill, plenty doors will open for you.
      As much as I commend you for not divorcing your wife for 2 million, I also want you to know that she can never be trusted, loyal. She already showed you who she truly is.
      It’s sad how some women behave towards their husbands when times are rough.
      May God grant you all that you desire.


    4. Plenty men dey your boat for different reasons.
      You look at the behaviour of the wife and then ask where you can get the liver to try DNA test on a Child wey dey call you Daddy; wey dey come snuggle/warm with you just to be with you; wey go stop in your strides and just to give you hug; wey come back from school tell you say thank you as per say na only you done pay school bus money amongst her bus group, only you done pay lesson teacher money in her class on top of school fees.

      And before I forget; child wey you wash her first poo-stained clothes; babysit and carried from day one; stayed home at least 80 days of her first 4 months to assist in her care; change diapers for, still doing for what some mothers do and claim sole ownership of a child on.

      Then you read one Bv here dey encourage women to do paternity fraud. Then you wonder whether ... even if she say to do so as revenge., You still wonder whether ...

      Anyway, that is why we come here. To learn plus the cruise.

    5. Thank you anon 17:26. I would have posted all this as a chronicle but I know the inevitable simp call will come up. Not that I care. I might someday with the full layout of everything.

      Some men go through a lot. Our silence is not that we are fools. I have rather chosen to be strategic in my thinking and actions. You call me a simp. I don't blame you. When Dante says Nigerian women do not deserve being treated with reason, I see why he says that. Nigerian women are so weird in their thinking that when they are treated right, they abuse it.

      Some of us men were raised by well grounded fathers in sound homes. Fathers who showed us the value of giving and earning respect. If the only tool in your box is a hammer then you have failed as a man. You will raise monsters as sons.

      I wasn't raised to be a monster. I grew up in an environment of love. My wife on the other hand came from a home where the father was non resident. Her mom had programmed her to hate and despise men. I'm not a fool. God knows I've not given up on her yet. I'm close to the point however.

      Calling me a simp is just a show of your intellectual shallowness. Matters are deeper than your understanding. I am hard and rootless in my decision making. It may take time because I give the extreme benefit of the doubt. But when I make that decision, I'll burn everything to the ground. Even the kids that my wife and family are using as a bargaining chip, I won't care for. Tommorow, people will say I'm an irresponsible father. But they will never understand.

      I'll never abandon my kids though. So as I get confirmatory DNA that they are mine. You will never understand a mans story.

      Pray that your brothers never marry the kind of woman I did.

    6. Please, did you not see a woman that truly loved you and you went for the one you married?

      Did you not see the signs when dating looking back now? I just want to know please.

      As for those saying a woman will do this or that. Not all women are like his wife. But na una way for this blog to lump all gender together.

      men are scum,
      Women are selfish

      Most of you fit unaselves
      Apologies to the ones who are fair in all cases

    7. @20:04
      You will never know how a person will behave in certain situations unless the situation arise or happen during courtship or before marriage.

      The changing (actually revelation) of partners due to hardship or turn of fortunes is rarely experienced before marriage. If it happens and the partner unmasks, there is usually no marriage.

      Men who know some women unmask on hardship and misfortune, test their partners with pretended lack, or pretended misfortune, or pretended sudden incapacity to buy what had been assuredly promised.

    8. Mr Dogalmighty
      In whatever you do, don't abandon your kids.

    9. If your friend is asking you to do DNA before giving you money, he may know more than he is letting on. To those who generalize, please stop it. I have been married to the same man who was my first & only love 4 years after graduation never dating & has been for over three decades. I have friends like me, we grew up together so it’s not that uncommon but we are silent or Anon on SM. I have never seen what another grown man looks like naked. My husband knows me. I made more for many years, put down money for a mansion but you would never know as we actually have most accounts together. He eventually caught up a decade later with my income (women make less than men for the same job, black women make the least for the exact same job) but at some point years later, I could not work for a while. He never forgot my sacrifices for us. He took care of all, never complained, I had access to the same debit card as we never changed our pin over years, bought me my dream luxury car, always said I was there for him whenever he needed me. I’m back to my good job and we both do whatever needs done. I’m the one with a “woman account” as he called it with some separate money from the family account because he said he wants me to be free to buy good things for myself as a woman. He has no account solely in his name so I can sign his entire income alone but I don’t & wont & he knows so he trusts me. He does not buy himself clothes, I buy all his clothes the only thing I cannot buy are shoes which he has to test. I buy the best quality shirts for him so when we go out we both look good.
      Not all men are bad and not all women are bad. Do we have occasional quarrels, yes. It’s normal to argue once in a while but not about money or side chics. He handles outdoor chores ( I don’t even know how to open my car hood! He puts washer fluid or pump tires which is done at gas stations here, he takes cars to the dealer to service when due, puts gas, etc knows the lawn company. I still complain about indoor chores like cooking and laundry then he tells me to tell him what I want done to help.

      Young Adults please keep an open mind. Stop looking at relationships as poverty alleviation schemes as both male and female go to school, are very brilliant with high income. Is it Godly you pocket all your money & allow the man pay ALL bills? You will have sons too, no matter how much they have, will you like them to be the only ones paying for everything? Is that not slavery? If your spouse falls on tough times, help them get back up if he or she is not lazy, don’t look down or put them down. Most will never forget the way you treat them when they are down. It’s the reason men ditch some women when they make it, some treated them poorly when they had less. If you treat a spouse well he or she won’t forget your kindness, at least those with fear of God. Don’t take negative poisonous advice on SM. Not all men are scum, the men in my life are not. I raised sons who will treat their wives with kindness and I pray they meet good women. Most women are not promiscuous, many copy ghetto or “trashy” ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ not realizing suburban children are raised properly, many in old school ways. Stop the gender wars & stereotypes. I won’t allow another man touch me, it’s disrespectful to God & my spouse, that’s just me. Revenge cheating is like drinking poison & hoping the other person gets hurt. Stop giving toxic advice on SM. It’s not that hard to be faithful to a spouse. Don’t marry if you can’t be faithful. Paternity fraud is wicked. Keeping, doling out money to side chics or having them at all is horrible. S*x is spiritual and physical. Life is not all about s*x! Improve your intrinsic value as a human being. By the time you clock 75 as a man, even viagra has limited help , then you will realize the value of a good companion. Women, by the time you hit 60, you may wish your decision making in your 20s to 40s were different as what we call life is a series or a compilation of decisions over time✌๐Ÿพ

  21. I just got to know she's a blood sister of someone I know very well , seems I will stroll to that side tomorrow as the breeze in that area in cooler than this side,make I go collect small breeze maybe I fit also pick one or two gossip come

  22. So in all the years he has been having relations with her his sperm did not hit once? Out of four children, not one is his.
    I can only conclude that none of the children look like him or his family and that is why the dna was sought. It would be interesting to see if the children are for the same father or different ppl.

    I suppose it won’t be a merry Christmas for this family.

    1. Meaning that the man is impotent, she should have left him instead of doing what she did.

  23. Four children, not even two๐Ÿ™† this is pure wickedness. Even if the man is impotent, he does not deserve this.

  24. Does Nigerian now have DNA centres?

    1. Yes. Many. Search online. You will find one very near you if you live in Nigeria.

  25. Hmmm
    The woman is very wicked

  26. Some women are very wicked.

    Anne k

  27. This is bad nau
    The woman heartless ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’” four children none is for the husband.
    O bad nau ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  28. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

  29. They need to ' double check' cos the system here is not that reliable with such a case . As she insisted that they did the test in her absence,let them go to another hospital.

  30. Again, the question arises. What should a woman do when not satisfied in a marriage?
    Stay or leave? Manage the marriage as is or support her stay with adultery?

    If the man is adulterous, is she to do revenge adultery and add paternity fraud on top?
    Some say if he cheats, I will cheat back. But who cuts her nose to spite her face?
    Especially as the Bible says s3x is the only sin in which the sinner sins against self.
    A man is doing you bad. You do yourself bad as revenge?
    A revenge which you cannot tell the end result?
    What if the man changes and the marriage becomes sweet. How do you handle the paternity revenge especially when it unravels on a day least expected.

    If the co-adulterer is a married man, Is it right to destroy an innocent woman's marriage because of your cheating husband.
    If the co-adulterer is a single man, would he be told the child is his. Would he be able tell his future wife that he has a child being fraudulently passed-off elsewhere. If and when the bubble burst, would the child be taken to then single, but now married man's matrimonial home as his?

    What about the child?
    is it right to use a child as a club on the head of a wayward husband?
    What if the co-adulterer wakes up, dares the society's boo, and asks for his child before the child turns 18 or 21 (legal adult ages as applicable)?
    Can he be stopped from collecting the child?
    The fraud was meant to be a secret. Right? Yes. But he reneged. He has been told ask for his child for his own sake by those who walk in the dark or lighted labyrinths of life. And he really wants his child. What would happen?

    How would the child look at the mother?
    Would the child not ask questions of the mother? Would the child not ask question of the father who sleeps with a married mother?
    Yes some children will ask questions of a father who could not manage his marriage. But would they not be told about lack of right to ask any question after the fact?
    True. It is said some fathers have welcomed home their sons because none was in the home and the mother did not tell of the transferred pre-marital paternity.
    But were the daughters in the home happy? Would the wife in the home be happy? In a patrimonial society?

    Paternity fraud assumes that if or when push becomes shove, the child will walk with the mother.
    What if shove comes at the age where the child can discern right and wrong, and chooses the "father" or rejects the mother, or walks away from all mess?
    Have we not read here of sons ungrateful to their divorced or separated mothers who shifted beads for their advancement?
    Why does a mother think a child will be grateful for being passed-off fraudulently?
    What if of all the children in the home, it is the passed-off child that brings the mother the most sorrow traceable to the physiological and spiritual genetics of the co-adulterer?

    The Co-Adulterer
    Stolen waters is sweet.
    But what if that seed was destined to lift you and your lineage for generations?
    You saw an adulterous woman disguising as a revenge seeker and you gave your destined helper to her husband.
    A passed-off child by whom the husband's name is heard to the ends of the earth, and who feeds the husband the luxurious banquet prepared for you.
    How painful would it be to learn that the husband never even sweated as the child's gifts paid for all?

    What if ...

    Too much questions, right? It is because the matter is simple but made hard by Mankind.
    No matter how shaded, paternity fraud is one small woman playing god.
    Do not be deceived into it by any man. He loses lesser.
    When it is done at the instigation of another woman who share bills with her husband and celebrates her marriage publicly almost every other day, it is double-fullery.
    If you husband is adulterous, separate for your physical and mental health. Or stay without further s3x with him.
    If you are afraid of sustenance, use the law. If he has enough for adultery, he must have enough for child care and spousal support.

    Yes, I am a man. Genderise my comments as you wish. Just think about the questions.


  31. Most of these women didn't cheat to have those children. "Cryptic pregnancy syndrome" I know these because I am in the medical practice and we encounter them in their numbers. Our job is to help you solve the problem that brought you to the hospital shikina.

  32. Before I say anything, they should do the dna test between the woman and the kids too or go somewhere else and do the test

  33. Yet, loyal and faithful woman like me still dey single. God abeg pick my call, your son you prepared me for will not regret meeting me. Adversity is for a while and together we'll overcome.

    1. How can you say you are loyal and faithful when you have not yet married?
      When you marry an evil man and you remain loyal and faithful, then we will clap for you. For now, enjoy your singleness o, I say enjoy your singleness, marriage is tough

  34. The man should be ashamed of himself.

  35. may God give the man the strength to hold on.


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