Stella Dimoko Media Personality Moet Abebe Drops An Advice For Men Who Date Female Public Figures...


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Saturday, November 04, 2023

Media Personality Moet Abebe Drops An Advice For Men Who Date Female Public Figures...


  1. πŸ—£️πŸ—£️πŸ—£️ Relationship, Relationship, Relationship. Oga oh. Kilode gan. Only this week alone. The number of relationship advice ehn, even devil just dey wonder 🧐🧐🧐.

  2. Water get levels, seek the one you can swim.

    1. Men often live in self deceit
      They go after the lady then arrogantly and unintelligently try to manipulate / coerce her to change

  3. Lol..

    No be this one wey talk say she get different men for different things and say she no fit date man wey dey live for mainland..

    Ahewo dey get boyfriend?πŸ™„

    1. Why complain about your school lecturer ? You are only deceiving yourself, you are envious she is doing what you would like to do

  4. Especially those who meet and started something nice with simeone as a working class, then got married. Only to now ask the same person to quit the job they met them doing - choose your job or marriage?

    My neighbour upstairs is comfortably sitting on this table, now she can't even afford the basics on her own.

    1. Arrogant wickedness and control seeking by men

    2. Choose your job or marriage?
      It ought to have been discussed before marriage.
      If it was not discussed, the woman should choose the best for her.
      Too many complaints by women over this issue.
      Men ask for the women to leave the job because it takes the women eyes off the home yet some or most of such women do not contribute from the earnings to the bottomline of the family.
      If a woman contributes well financially to the home and the man says to choose, that should not be hard for her to do to choose her business, career, income earning venture, and move.
      Life is simpler than We make or made it

    3. Why didn't she discuss before marriage?

      Always choose your career over marriage, there's something sexy about a working class lady and she will certainly find a husband along the way except;
      she's busy with her Boss or Sugar daddies or under a spell.

      Osas Ighodaro is an example. She moved on.

    4. Women don't want to choose because most of the jobs are not worthy but held as insurance against marriage failure or because they are selfish when in worthy jobs. They collect and pocket the good pay and still bill the man.

    5. Men were created to be providers

  5. Another one is those men who instead the woman use their husband’s name. If the woman has made herself under her own name and is professionally recognized as such, then she has every right to continue using her own name professionally.

    1. Nothing a man does that satisfies a woman if that's not what she wants.
      How many women fall in this category, but were hindered by their husbands
      The category of publicly successful women who need the maiden name to maintain their success is not so big.
      When a husband name matters, a wife quickly takes her husband two names as compound names.

  6. Why would any man date a female public figure. Just collect your turn, pay and move on


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