Stella Dimoko Royal Embassy Of Saudi_Arabia Issues Statement On The Deportation Of 264 Nigerians


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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Royal Embassy Of Saudi_Arabia Issues Statement On The Deportation Of 264 Nigerians

The Royal Embassy of Saudi_Arabia released a statement to the Federal Republic of Nigeria on why it deported 264 Nigerians at the point of entry.

264 passengers were notified that their visa had been cancelled when they landed at the King Abdulaziz International Airport, Hajj Terminal Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on Monday, November, 13 2023

The Federal Government of Nigeria had since called for calm over the deportation.

On Wednesday November 15, 2023 the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Abuja made a clarification about the situation.

“The passengers whom were denied entry,and subsequently deported to their initial destinations, didn’t fulfill the entry conditions and requirements in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations of the Kingdom,” a statement from the embassy said.

It added: “The deportees submitted incorrect information to obtain a category of visa that doesn’t apply to them, which was discovered upon their arrival.
“The Royal Embassy would like to stress the importance of following the procedures and laws enacted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for all visitors.

“Furthermore, all passengers should review all the documents to determine their conformity with the conditions prior departing from their countries to the Kingdom.
“This procedure was not limited to Nigerian citizens only, but rather to citizens of other countries.”


  1. This is terrible..waste of money, stress, time and energy.

    What a country

    1. Mc pinky, how is it the fault of the "country"?

      We really must stop this victim mentality! Gosh!!

    2. Have sense. The country did not fill their application or submit wrong documents on their behalf. Everything the country you have not contributed anything to yet are benefiting from.

  2. Mtcheeewww

    Whats always their initial fragrance for
    Two seconds dem din cancel strike

  3. I thought Ajuri will come out to say Saudi not Arabia deported them😂

  4. This is really bad.

    Licious babe

  5. Ogaa oo no be der fault na, na Nigeria conditions

    1. Nigeria's conditions causes us to be dishonest by cutting corners?


    2. Your mindset is the reason you are where you are. Think about it.

  6. These people don't give a F about nigerians.

    1. Bidex,

      Stop it! People are denied entry all the time if you do not meet the terms.

      It's on the sites of most if not all countries. A visa issuance does not mean that you will be granted approval to enter at the port of entry!

    2. Since these Nigerians also didn't give any letter concerning their own application form and requirements....

      The Nigerians that did are there now, performing their Hajj.

  7. Is that why they all sew an co for the journey abi na another picture be this?

  8. Na APC cos this thing!

  9. How come they initially cancelled ALL 264 passengers on arrival if just 177 did not meet the appropriate documentation or visa category? 🤔

  10. Sorry, I don’t believe the statement, that is straight PR, saying something without saying anything. If the deportees were going for hajj then shouldn’t the embassy be the one to ensure that their submission is correct and the visa they receive is correct for the purpose of their travel? There is obviously a disconnect between the embassy and the immigration at the airport, since the arrivees actually had visas, it’s not like they showed up without visas. They made that statement so they don’t have to refund their visa application fee, which they should.

    And it sounds like they are probing Nigerian travellers harder to catch them in some mixup, or perhaps travellers from Black Africa. Are they probing the Moroccans and Tunisians as hard? Mtsscchhwww

    Can someone please let these ppl know the type of questions that the immigration officers are asking so they can be prepared.


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