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Monday, December 04, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Please bvs you all should come to my aid. 
My liltle boy bedwets every night. I thought he'll stop with age but instead it's increasing. Like he bedwets like 2/3 times before daybreak. He's 11 years old.

Even if he pees before going to bed, before one hour he has peed again. If you're lucky he hasn't peed yet and you want to wake him up to go to the toilet,before he'll get himself will be like 5mins. He will just be in another world, acting drama. Sometimes I get angry and beat him hard. I don't know if this is spiritual.

The other day I was in the market with the sister and I saw all this people Hawking medicine that cures everything. When I heard the one for bedwetting I almost called the man if not for the sister that was like mummy please don't go and buy concoction that will kill my brother o.

I don't know what to do. When I read the story Stella shared about a man that doesn't sleep at night cos he was scared hell he will bedwet,I became afraid for my son.

Please somebody should help me on what to do.

I dont know the kind of advice to give but i do know that people who grow up wetting their bed dont have it easy... This might be a medical or psychological problem cos i think it gets to a stage, a normal human being stops bedwetting....Your son might need medical help with the frequency with which he  bedwets


  1. Kindly take your child to the hospital, checking for juvenile diabetes is also advised.

    1. First of all, your son is normal. Remove the thought that it is spiritual because that will prevent you from trying the things that you should. Bedwetting can be caused by anxiety so beating your son will only make it worse. Please take your child to the hospital and ask for a referral to a behavioral therapist if you can afford it. If you can't afford it, there are many tools online that you can take advantage of to make him comfortable, remove shame, reduce the occurrences and eventually eliminate. Refrain from using words like normal or abnormal around your children, and don't let anyone tag your children as such, it will cause more harm than good. Leave this issue to professionals. It may be a long road but you will get to your desired outcome.

    2. Seek medical advice. Everything is not spiritual.

  2. I urinated till I finished secondary school,it was a very embarrassing and traumatic period for me because even my younger siblings and cousins had stopped.
    My parents and maternal grandma did everything but I didn't stop until I was over conscious of myself and it started stopping gradually till it's stopped completely.

    He will stop with time but,you can still see a doctor to rule out any medical condition.
    Let him start by eating dinner early,setting his alarm to two hours intervals and don't forget to pray for him.
    Please no one should taunt him for wetting the bed.πŸ€—

    1. We are in same WhatsApp group. I bedwetted till I got to junior classes. It was very embarrassing. My mum tried all she could to make me stop... Pee over a hot coal pot with God knows what inside, eat early, wake at intervals etc. My younger sis taunted me with it during one of our fights and that was it!

      I cried to God and told him that it wasn't my wish to be bedwetting at my age and that it had to stop. I guess God listened cos I don't even know how I stopped. I just noticed that after a few days, I didn't wake with wet and smelly clothes anymore.

      Poster, your son will stop. Just dot all your "I"s and cross all your "T"s. God will help him.

    2. I stopped bed wetting in Primary 6. There was nothing wrong with me, I was just scared to go to the toilet alone in the night. Please stop your child from drinking liquids at least 2 hours before he goes to bed. Also, pray for him . By God's grace he will stop it.

    3. Hahahahaha. I wet bed even in the university. Stopped in my 2nd year at 20 years old. Madam, leave that boy. He'll outgrow it. Bedwetting isn't the worst thing in the world. Please encourage him steady that he will stop stop it. I was so unhappy bedwetting and it would have helped if my mum was just supportive. Kpele. He'll be fine.

  3. How old is your son? Poster No be everything be beat beat? Stop giving him water past 5pm and by that time, he should have his dinner...

    Don't allow him play too much as most times they are so exhausted to wake up to pee..

    Make sure he pees before he goes to bed and pees immediately after waking up.

    Check on him every 2 hours and wake him up to use the toilet..Sorry that is the sacrifice you have to pay by waking up or if he has an older sibling, let him wake him up when he wants to use the toilet...

    Don't beat or humiliate him whenever he bedwets instead correct him, make him wash his clothes and dry his mattress himself... If he is above 16 or 18 years, then doctor has to come through...

    All the best...

  4. Some people I know wet their bed up to age 16. I won’t say who
    It’s really not as dramatic as Nigerian parents take it. Do this maam
    Start by asking your son for forgiveness for the times you’ve been hard on him about this. Say to him it’s just his body betraying him and not his fault
    Then send him to bed at 7pm. He won’t like it. But tell him you have a plan. He needs to let his brain be able to get the wake up go pee message but the brain can’t send it because he’s too tired in his sleep. He needs to go bed before tiredness hits. Then you need to set an alarm to wake him up at intervals. You wake up too same time each night till him and his body get used to it
    Why are you waking up too? Because you are making up for the past times and because you want him to know this is a family that works together and we will conquer anything together

    1. How are you so wise? This write up here is full of intelligence, empathy and love. We should all be parents that think like this. Kudos!

    2. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    3. πŸ‘πŸ‘weldone dear good write up

    4. Nigerian parents nor dey know that wan. Anyways behaving like primitive barbarians who were birth in and through trauma.

    5. 17:53 honestly we are in fact traumatized In that country
      Nigerian budget 5 billion for student loan. 20b Abi how much for vps residence smh

  5. That's why it's good to constantly wear them pampers when they were toddlers. This helps make them feel uncomfortable bed wetting when they grow up to 9months. By this stage, the bed wetting may reduce to a great extent when the pampers is not on . Never take them to bed without the pampers on .

    That's what my relatives do.

  6. Poster...pls don't relent on waking him up at midnight.... though it might be medical as Stella said...
    But he will overcome it with God's grace

    My first son stopped bed wetting when he was a year and half...all thanks to d daycare woman I drop him with...but my second son is 2yrs plus and still bedwets... even if I wake him in d middle of d night to pee...before morning he don turn my bed to ocean..
    Pls, don't relent πŸ™πŸ™πŸ€—πŸ€—

  7. Madam. Is your son going through or has gone any thing particularly traumatic? That can be one of the triggers. While most people do outgrow incidents of bedwetting with time, I'll say 11 years is still not too late. If he carries it into his teens that's when you should worry.

    There are also known genetic triggers of bed wetting. If any of you or your husband were bed wetters, then those genetic makers are in your son. You will need to give it time.

    Make sure he is not constipated and I really want to emphasise on the stress and anxiety part. The more you display a negative reaction to his bed-wetting, the more reinforced it becomes.

    I used to be a bed wetter as a child. So its a thing I kind of have knowledge on. Whenever it is, it will go away on its own and your son will be the happier for it. Becuase I assure you, his self esteem is taking a bit hit right now and he may grow up with an inferiority complex. You wouldn't want that now would you?

  8. He'll outgrow it..
    Me I was best in atole oh Lol..
    I wee wee enter secondary school..
    I won't forget the day our introtech teacher was like some people in this class would still be 'weeweeing' on their bed.. Omo my laff was the loudest πŸ˜‚,. I was now telling my sit mate that how can someone in secondary school still be 'weeweeing' on bed..

    If only they know that I wee wee that night before, will wee wee that same night and also the next night πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜

    What did my parents and aunties not do..

    Is it that I should stop drinking much water..
    ABI was it the one that they said it's because I play too much during the day and they stopped me from playing..
    My popsi wey no flog any of my siblings was just giving me back to back koboko flogging πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Baba won frustrate, him go wake me go piss, before one hour say make him come wake me again.. I don make it rain πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

    Na so him buy one book come wey talk say make I piss ontop fire 3 times a day, say e go stop the pissing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ e no go better for all those scammers that year wey dry write all those fake solutions book..

    Because of me, momsi begin attend mountain of fire Tuesday fasting and prayersπŸ˜‚, she go come drag me join body go say make I come go collect deliverance, I go come fast till 12 pm,. Belle just dey pain me for nothing cos I set still release my golden showers back to back πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Look at me now..
    A big boy,
    . Sorry a sweet princess 😌😌

    PS: I no get strength to proofread,. Make Una manage any typo just incase

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ oh my God this Dante oh sorry Dantress you be baddie tey teyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. Omo my laff was the loudest πŸ˜‚,. I was now telling my sit mate that how can someone in secondary school still be 'weeweeing' on bed..


    3. This is really funny you know. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    4. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ who do u dis thing..lafta don finish me

    5. Comrade in bedwetting πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜€πŸ˜…

    6. OMG! 🀣🀣🀣 this is so funny Dante. You just summarised my story. What did my parents not do. We prayed, we fasted, they beat me, they wake me àt intervals but too late. Too many embarrassing episodes for me up until I got into the university. Just one very good day, I stopped miraculously. It was freedom at last. Keep supporting your son madam. He'll stop eventually. Good luck

  9. Maybe he plays too rough in school and I think when it's time to sleep don't let him eat too much or drink too much and dinner should be taken before 6:30pm.

  10. Reduce his sugar in_take,no to rough play and reduce his water intake from 4pm.This I did with my son

  11. Reduce his sugar in_take,no to rough play and reduce his water intake from 4pm.This I did with my son

  12. Madam..he will outgrow it oh...
    As u see me so..,I wet my bed until my jss 3 oh πŸ˜‚,I kidd u not..I was a serial bed wetter until God save my soul oh..
    I will even wake up,dry it before anybody wakes up..he will stop,my step mom disgrace my life but it didn't work.

  13. A friend once told me he was bedwetting at age 18.
    I didn't want to ask him further questions cos I felt it must have been really hard for him.
    My Aunty's son was bedwetting at 14, I don't know if he has stopped.
    Some one I know is 11 and bedwetting, occasionally mostly when he doesn't sleep early and he has played so much during the day/evening. And sometimes he wakes up and goes to a cupboard or bucket in the kitchen to urinate, he will be sleep acting funny like he is sleep walking.
    Sometimes these things don't have any spiritual or evil hand attached to it, these kids get really worn out and forget to get up when they feel pressed at night, they won't even notice cos they are dead in sleep.
    I will advice you monitor his activites during the evenings and ensure he doesn't over-play or drink too much water or even eat late before he sleeps.
    Then pray very well and relentlessly about it just in case to clear out any evil hand that might be involved, cos evil people use it to try to spoil people's life too.

  14. Reduce his water intake.
    I think it's fear from standing up on his own from his dream/unconscious in the wee of the night.

    Stop waking him, groom him in the coming week to wake himself. And perphaps his Dad have a serious talk with him.

    I believe he will stop in time.

    1. Lol it’s not fear
      You think he wants to be beaten in the morning
      Na that one he fear pass
      Fear would make him wake up but let me tell you his brain is not getting any wake up signal in that sleep

    2. @Anon, it happened to my brother, so I know. The fear of the dark especially when no light made him not walk to the toilet, it was a distance though. Flats were not in suite then

    3. Bee I think your bothers own is different
      If he knows he wants to pee and doesn’t get up
      I don’t think Posters son knows cause even when mama takes him he’s still sleeping and walking

  15. Kai pister I can feel your frustrations. Please don't be too hard on the boy, as he grows older he'll definitely stop.
    I'm sure he's a deep sleeper,that's why he can't get up even when he's pressed. And they play too much,they carry the play to sleep and continue in their dreams too. I used to have one here when you wake him up to go and pee,he'll be screaming leave my tirei,leave my tire.

  16. I think he'll outgrow it, let him stop drinking water 1- 2 hours before going to sleep.
    Don't be tired of waking him up to go and ease himself.
    Don't beat or allow his siblings to mock him because he bedwets.
    If he doesn't stop it at 15 years,seek medical help.

  17. Mhen plenty atole's dey here oo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
    Me I was chairlady,upon my shakara outside,na now I fit they laugh,then it was embarrassing.All my younger siblings had stopped before they entered primary school.

    Imagine big sister wetting the bed....Omo e no funny. I don't play too much,I don't eat late but once I sleep,I will see myself urinating in the toilet,once I am done in the dream,na inside pool I go find myself.

    I bedwetted till I finished secondary school.On my period days I have to stay up late so I won't mess the whole place traumatic.
    My parents and close family members that knew did everything but na that time I fit wee like three times before day break.
    Eventually it reduced when I was preparing for my waec and stopped
    Completely before my 16th year birthday.

    Don't ever embarrass or disgrace your son for the act,he is already embarrassed by it.He will stop soon.
    Thankfully my child stopped wetting the bed before age 2.

    1. This life
      Your child didn’t do it to you

    2. Chai! I bedwet till after I finished medical school. I would use every trick in the book to hide it whenever it occurred in public. Forever grateful to a friend/roommate who never outed me when she realized it one day.

      Poster, nothing spiritual is wrong with your son. Stop beating him because you are beating him for nothing, his brain is not getting the signals it needs to wake him up. You should faithfully wake him up every two hours to go pee. Let him have a dedicated phone alarm for this.
      Also, you should take him to a doctor/ nephrologist/ endocrinologist to make sure his body is producing enough antidiuretic hormone and also rule out other medical issues. In my experience though, it is mostly a genetic component. I was told that some family members stopped bed wetting late.

  18. Nothing to worry about; some person bedwet even at 20years not a medical stuff

  19. Take him to the hospital for proper medical check up.I just feel he will outgrow it with time but still do something

  20. Try corn silk tea for him
    Get corn silk wash , dry and powder them make teaspon as tea add honey if you have take it daily you may not see the effect immediately

  21. I bedwet till my primary school. My mother embarrassed me in front of my classmates thinking it will make me stop bedwetting but that caused me a psychological damage that take years to heal. After primary school, my daddy took me with him to Onitsha for holiday. I was so scared but my father with love wake me up every night to urinate. That's how I didn't even bedwet till the end of the holiday. The psychological trauma my mother caused cos I sucked my thumb and betwet eeh. It's well.

    1. Please forgive her.
      She may not be knowlegable and acted based on misinformation.
      E-hug to you.

  22. There are many things that contribute to bedwetting at an older age. It may be physiological or psychological. Take him to a urologist. The other side of this is that your child may be under an intense level of stress, is the home life good? Is he being abused mentally of physically at home, or was in the past? Is he being unduly burdened to excel in school? Is be being bullied at school? Is he being sexually abused or was sexually abused? Is there domestic violence in the home now or was in the past? I am not asking these questions to frighten you, but bedwetting can be a symptom of a much larger issue. Children react differently to undue stressful events. It is up to you to be a positive influence in your child's life and to know what is happening to him. Also the way you react to the bedwetting can cause more stress and anxiety in him leading to more bedwetting. You have to show love and compassion at all times and reassure him that it will be alright on every occurrence. Good luck!

  23. Me that I’m fifty still sucking My thumb nkor ? My grandkids don question me tire 🀣🀣

  24. your son is normal. Most children that bed wet stop as they grow older in life but at this age he can still stop bed wetting. Take your worry to God for a miracle, some children bed wet even at age . Just take it easy on the child so that you will not kill his ego.

  25. Poster, abeg no stress yourself, ur child doesn't have a problem... Follow the following steps and thank me later.

    *Reduces his/her rough play to minimal
    *If he takes too much water , make sure you reduce it.*His dinner should be served on or before 7pm, if possible 6pm
    *Try and wake him up to pee 2 to 3 times before dawn.
    *Whenever you wake him up to pee and he fumbles, just get water ready and pour on his head to make him gain his consciousness. They do this most times when they have exhausted themselves while playing

  26. He will stop it with time.
    Everything is not spiritual.
    Allow him to breet madam,let no one taunt him.
    Monitor him every 1/2hrs.
    He will stop it.

  27. You son is okay, he just need time he will stop , one major problem with them is too much play, when they sleep they see them so pee on the field not knowing is on the bed. Second stop giving him water from 5pm of possible . It will take time but will time he will stop, you will not know the day neither the time he will stop self .

    1. Pls encourage him to sleep in the afternoon to reduce tiredness.and also wake him up at intervals to wee.pls remove spiritual talk oh!! Treat him with love, don't get is well.den round up by taking a trip to the hospital.good luck dear.

  28. Some adults are on this table too

  29. Omo! if na for this one, i wee wee pass wee wee itself. Nothing wey my grandmother no give. Infact the day she gives me the herb to drink na that day i dey piss pass. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚! but gradually i stopped.
    Madam please just be calm with him. i stopped by not taking liquid after 6pm. Even if i do i only sip it. Be patient with him

  30. Just keep praying for him and teach him to also pray for himself. He will stop.
    Me I bedwetted till my 40s before I stopped.

  31. Haaa, I went through hell during my bedwetting years. My parents were kind to me and never disgraced me but my paternal aunties were evil. I lived with my grandparent for 3 years and those years were the toughest years of my life. They made my life difficult. Anytime I was having fun with other kids, that was when they will come and remind of being "Atole". I really suffered verbal and physical abuse from them. I struggled with my self esteem. Poster, your son is fine. Do what you can but from my own experience, nothing worked. I can remember I was 13 years old when it stopped completely

  32. With time it will stop,maybe he is always seeing himself dreaming of going to the toilet to wee,then he should stop drinking more water in the night........ Josaria

  33. Madam take it easy with him, with time he will stop

  34. He will stop, but just take him to the hospital to rule out any medical condition.

  35. My brother stopped at 17 we use to wake him as in the whole house once you wake up you wake him ,like we so cares for him to stop on his own part he will wake up he will tell us sisters when will this stop we decided to help him my mum bought alarm clock set at two hrs difference,once it chime he will wake up and wee, he likes drinking water so we told him to only stop once is 6 after eating drink small for digestion, that's was how th thing stopped o the day he did not wee he was so happy we hugged him so tight he said thanks for your help .
    So poster he will stop don't beat him it's a phase let him reduce water intake once it's evening,no ice cream buy alarm clock and out bedise him once it chime he will wake up and wee at least let the frequency reduce before morning, and pls don't give him any concoction just like his sister said , tell him calmly to help himself believe me he will if he drinks too much water tell him I wouldn't be nice that you re putting effort and he don't want to help himself,tell him what if you go for holiday outside the house,enter hol or go for camp believe me he will stop it's one of the phases they pass towards puberty pls bear with him and be nice he will stop

    1. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

  36. Nothing to worries about, he will stop at appropriate time or better still take him to see doctor.

  37. Exactly this is going on in the compound where I'm living with a boy of 12 to 13 years he bed wet 3 to 4 times before morning. If anyone tries to wake him to urinate it can take up to 10 minutes to gain consciousness.

    Sometimes, natural home remedies do work.
    If you know this leaf that has green and horse blood colors. I don't know what it is called in English. But we use it to our Tommy to prevent heat.
    Squeeze out water from that leaf
    Add original honey for him to drink
    Do it for 7 days and observe the difference.

  38. Don’t make him sleep on the floor oh
    Put Macintosh on the bed for him
    When he wets it, he will clean it and continue

  39. Poster you need to calm down and get your sim to open up to you. He just migh be a victim of xesial abuse. It’s one of the signs in children.

  40. I think he should go for thorough checkup.. I've seen someone that had that issue, and they realized he couldn't control himself, no matter how hard he they had to do a surgery on him

  41. If you believe prayer changes things pray, only if you believe.... 2-3times before dawn is something to be worried.

  42. My advice for you is just don't be harsh on him, don't say things that can permanently destroy his self esteem. Its not a spiritual thing neither is it his fault. Give it time and it will stop. This same thing happened to my nephew, the only thing that remedied the situation was sending him off to boarding school. he was so terrified but so was everyone else but we still did it. The fear of urinating on the bed and embarrassing himself hunted him so much that he never did.
    He even bought an alarm clock before going back lol.


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