Stella Dimoko Gov Fubara Says He Has Accepted President Tinubu's Peace Deal With Minister Wike..


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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Gov Fubara Says He Has Accepted President Tinubu's Peace Deal With Minister Wike..

Rivers State Governor, Siminalayi Fubara, has declared that he has accepted the terms of the peace deal brokered by President Bola Tinubu to resolve the protracted political crisis in the state.

The crisis followed a face-off between Fubara and his predecessor, Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Minister Nyesom Wike.
The governor insisted that he has accepted the peace pact in a statewide broadcast to mark the 2023 Christmas celebration.

He noted that the presidential intervention has helped to give room for resolution of the political war in the state.
Fubara, who acknowledged that the directives had ignited mixed reactions across the state, said he has taken much time to examine the terms of the pact and that it is not as bad as perceived by people.

He said: “As a principal participant in the entire saga, I have taken some time to study the terms therein and have come to the conclusion that the Peace Pact is not as bad as it is being portrayed by those genuinely opposed to it.

“It is certainly not a death sentence. It offers some way towards lasting peace and stability in our dear state.

“Accordingly, I reaffirm my acceptance of the Presidential Peace Proclamation and my commitment to implementing both the spirit and letters of the declaration in such a way and manner that will restore political stability to our dear state without compromising the collective interest of our people and our cherished and shared democratic values.”

He noted that both parties in the crisis have taken bold steps in the implementation of the proclamation, restating that there was no price too high for peace.

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  1. Good morning Stella and blog fam, we respect his decision.

  2. ''I have taken some time to study the terms therein and have come to the conclusion that the Peace Pact is not as bad as it is being portrayed by those genuinely oppose''

    This statement speaks volume. If something is not as bad as it is being portrayed, suffice it to say there's an atom of bad in it. I get that. So why should there be bad in it in the first place?

    The intervention by Mr Bola Tinubu wasn't a genuine one but a one sided one and very biased which he shouldn't have indulged on.

    You can't talk of peace without justice. Those defectors have lost their seat constitutionally.

    This is all I will say on this.

    1. Until you invite upon your home state, the terrorism, bloodshed, insecurity, lack of opportunities, uncertainty, fear, rape and rampage, dwindling earning power, net exodus and stunted development you ushered into and hailed in your homeland, you are unlikely to be satisfied.

      A man who you were praising some days ago has had a proper appraisal of those egging him on and now sees the need to apply wisdom but people like you are looking for the "justice" that was not sought for Nnamdi Kanu's numerous attractions against his people and others by the band of beasts he armed and his numerous calls for genocide and all sorts of murder. You are seeking a political solution to an open and shut case but you want to light a match in a hot room flooded with petrol. Will the victims of the civil war in that state have a safe landing in your homeland that people are emigrating from everyday and in which none of the political heavyweights live full time? ?

      Even the basic wisdom of teenagers who are watching on TV what war looks like in parts of the North, Ukraine and Gaza know that sitting and compromising is the only way forward compared to the cost of turning Port Harcourt into an IDP camp. Is intense negotiation not going on between Nigeria and military held states of ECOWAS despite our clear military strength that led Jammeh to speedily leave office when Buhari was in charge?

      But it's not your land and rather than preserve the peace you, your neighbors, helpers and the entire state enjoy, you are on the wrong side of history again, instead of pushing for a ceasefire. When and where will your net contribution be a positive one?

    2. I truly wish you peace and wisdom. We all need more of both.

  3. This governor is a big p***y 🐈 cat. No balls at all. He must have some pretty rotting skeletons in his closet

    1. Rotimi Ameachi will always be exceptional to me.

    2. Ah Ah TJ, so soon, u have stopped hailing Fubara so soon? Sm1 that u beat ur chest for, n said he knew wat he was doing???

  4. Efulefu governor. You just handed your state over to the people who have sworn never to allow you rule in peace.

  5. River State is the richest State in Nigeria. Wolves won't leave it alone.

  6. Fubara is wise enough to gauge the value of noisemakers who didn't contribute to his present state or status.

    He needs peace and quiet to do his work instead of giving a free show to people who have made nothing of themselves and are not even bold enough to confront the team that he had a gentlemen agreement with on his way to government house.

    Good luck Jonathan lied to Nigeria that he was the biggest victim of the terror of Boko Haram for his first election and those easily swayed by religion and tribalism delivered for him. Four years later, it was the same story of being a professional victim. The people of the North Central and parts of the North most affected realized that he was building his political career in their sorrow , tears and blood and so had little incentive to end the political heist he was running and the business those under him were making of it. They followed someone else who at least addressed the issue by it's name and promised heaven and earth. Most Nigerians voted for a man so gullible and poor of thought the he believed cutting hands was a way of reducing crime. This is how disappointed they were with GEJ.

    Fubara would be wise to truly stick with the agreement he sought instead of letting people get tired of him, a governor of one of the richest states in Nigeria who willingly worked for Wike and accepted his terms for many years, still claiming victimhood. He knows the current strength of Wikes political machinery and that there are many who have nothing to lose in Rivers state who just want a pound of flesh from Wike. He knows he is disposable to such people and not as politically savvy as they are. So far, his contribution to state development has been to use his own hands to burn down the parliament house and mobilize terrorists. He has started on the road to perdition and has to turn back lest people say Wike in his wildness, was better. Ask Shettima about the danger of bringing terrorists into government. Ask Abba Yusuf how th support for him after the court verdicts dwindled in Kano after he resumed office with mass demolitions. He is still to politically green to drown himself. The people who claim he is not "man enough" are mostly not man enough to run a home. Many are still doing 60-40 at home with hopes to borrow the wife's remaining 60 in the name of "virtuous woma". They have made nothing meaningful of their lives and if they had a small fraction of opportunity, they would do worse than either side.

    Take the support of a faceless crowd of underachievers at your own risk.

  7. The fear of the impending Supreme Court judgment is the beginning of wisdom


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