Stella Dimoko Lagos State And The Demolition Of Houses At Abule Ado.....


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Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Lagos State And The Demolition Of Houses At Abule Ado.....

This post is about the Demolition of houses at Abuke Ado in Lagos....

Lagos State Commissioner of Information Gbenga Omotoso Posted This On His Twitter Page Quoting An Igbo Man On Demolition Of Houses At Abule Ado..


This narrative is wrong. I am somehow affected by what’s happening in Abule Ado, Lagos.
The land in question, were illegally acquired by our people (Igbos). The land rightfully belong to FHA, but an Igbo man, by name Chief Udeoye, colluded with Omoniles to sell the land. The Igbo traders Chief Udeoye lured into buying, didn’t conduct legal search to authenticate the status of the land, before buying and building, even building without approved plans and permits.

In fact, I personally have a plot there that I bought from FHA. That plot was also sold by the Chief and the Omoniles. Chief Udeoye was the sole sales agent. I even met with Udeoye, their Lawyer ( an Igbo Lady) and Oba of Ado Village with my FHA documents, but they chased away the people I sent to fence the land with guns and machetes.

What is happening in Abule Ado is an Igbo man’s inhumanity to Igbo people. The innocent traders are suffering from the greed of their brother, Chief Udeoye.
Lagos State Government has nothing to do with what’s happening there. So, it’s wrong to drag them into it.

Mr Okey IBEKE''


  1. 'Victim mentality' won't even take anybody anywhere
    You don't do to others what you can't take and still expect things to go on smoothly
    Check am now
    I keep saying it and others that are not economical with the truth do so but are termed "haters"
    Okie dokie

  2. Google that name and tell me what comes up. Very soon when you ask the person to come forward and substantiate his claims, you will find out that the person doesn't exist. Una go dey all right.
    Vote in clowns, get free circuses. 👏🏼

    1. 11:56, you may be right.
      People have learned their lessons from this though.
      It's all about risk taking: some times you win or lose. Life goes on.

    2. People that have sense know that thing up there is a big fat lie. They should continue. Injuring them during the elections is not enough for them, now, they are going after their source of livelihood. Destroying people’s sweat and u think u and ur supporters will ever have peace of mind?

    3. I laughed when I read this post. I'd longed expected a thing like this and so I am not surprised.

      That name there doesn't exist. It's a calculated attempt to justify their bigotry and wickedness.

      The day tribalism dies in Nigeria is the day power will belong to the people.

      One thing I'm always happy about is that, the Igbo man always outlive their persecutors.

  3. Anything to justify this terrible acts on the igbos. People that could build from £20 pounds after the war? This is just small. When this eventually backfires, no one must dare blame the igbos!

    1. I think if the Igbos are as industrious as they alway claim, the whole South East should be like Switzerland by now, and the Igbos wouldn't have reason to emigrate to other parts of the country where they are supposedly ill-treated and unwanted.

    2. Can you provide the £20 proof of lies that has been passed on from generation to generation? without proof of this lie, then that £20 building after the war in peoples imagination does not exist. It is a big fat lie. There should be proof and a paper trail if it is true but the world is still waiting for the proof that it actually happened. If the proof dey una go don produce am since.

    3. Anon 13:42, what other proof do you need than the testimonies of those who were given the 20pounds? They are online, read them. You have a smart phone after all.

    4. What proof are you talking about here please?
      Is it the twenty pounds that was paid to those in the war torn region who lost their entire savings in banks in Nigeria following the currency change?

    5. Cheks 55,if the igbo land is not like Switzerland to you, I wonder how you would describe the Yoruba lands, You will call it bush, cause every where looks like Somalia desert. Including your lagos.

    6. Which testimony, testimony of lies. There is no testimony anything. When things like that happen there is always a paper trail, documents, pictures etc.

      When you make a claim you provide proof of your claim that is how things are done, not by hearsay or by unfounded stories. Nobody has been able to provide one single proof that this happened which means it did not happen because if it did some type of proof of it will be all over the internet by now courtesy of the people who are always victimised in Nigeria.

      So until it is proven then it did not happen and its all a made up lie.

    7. It’s really funny how it was every single Igbo after the war that build with that 20 pounds and no other amount. All of them used 20 pounds to build.

    8. Anon 16:25 then what are you and kinsmen doing in the southwest that looks like Somalia? Even dying to remain in Somalia? It is funny how people whose hometowns are mere jungles & live in other people's town, yet go about with s false sense of importance

    9. Anon 13:42, what in the world are you going on about? The civil war wasn't that long ago? It ended in just 1970. My father was a Biafran soldier. My mother and her family ran from Lagos when the war was starting. They have given their real life, personal stories on what happened during the war and how they had to start afresh with &20.

      There are hundreds of thousands of people who are alive today, that you can verify this info from.

      Its way too early to rewrite history, not while the participants are even still alive!

  4. Hmm... Only God knows the truth

  5. Not that I believe the narrative above anyway. But this Igbos trying so hard to give an ethnic witch hunt to an obvious infraction on their own part is a no no.
    People from other parts of the country and even the world living in Lagos had at some point lost their home to demolition as a result of improper purchase and documentation of their landed property, But they didn't whip up ethnic sentiments. Why are the Igbos always playing the victim card?.
    Where I live, the Catholic church has a vast undeveloped portion of land, which some community youths sold illegally to Igbos, some indegenes who bought or tried buying unknowingly, retraced Their steps when they were told the land belongs to the Catholic church. But Igbo business men are still buying up the land after several warnings from the church and indigenes. So tomorrow, if the Catholic church reclaims it's land and starts demolitions, these Igbo illegal occupants will claim victimisation and come up with the sob story of being unwanted in Nigeria.
    Let the Igbos put their ways in order, and not think that with money(sometimes illegally acquired), they can circumvent the laws of the land.

    1. Some igbos in that same area said he wants the igbos there to come and say he didn't know or hear the land there get problem. They all know the truth just like that guy that built N300 million house without FHA documents. He used his mouth to say his papers are not complete. They like to do the impossible. Some Yorubas are affected too and many Yoruba celebrities lost their homes at Ikota but they didn't bring in ethnic sentiments.

    2. The way this Cheks 55 is crying ontop of an illegally acquired money, that igbos have ehh, abeg no choke, At least they are not standing on the roads shamelessly asking for owo da from every Tom, dick and Harry, Jeez.
      The Yoruba youths should come together and find solution to the plague of owo da, it's a big disgrace, seeing able bodied men,including old ones, bleached, sweaty, stinking, sitting at busstops and extorting money from poor transporters and bike men, shame shame!!!

  6. Many people ranting here doesn't know even anyone in this place yet na to talk lies forgetting that liars are going to hell fire ,if you did wrong punishment is not served on tribal bases ,this is not the first and won't be the last time govt carried out demolition of you have your paper go to court pure and simple rather than hiding under tribal bigotry to justify foolishness.That is if they won't come back to say judges have collected bribe from the state government,awon evil people

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  8. I don't believe this story of Chief Udeoye, I have friends whose homes were demolished, and when I asked them earlier, they told me, no Chief Udeoye sold anything to them, The Yoruba Omonile sold those lands to them. I repeat the Yoruba Omonile who knew the lands were illegal sold the land to them.
    If u like come under my comment, Na your f*king business

  9. So after Chief Udeoye connived with the Omoniles, not one single Omonile could tell the truth and save the igbos who were buying the lands right? , Does it speak well of the yorubas? If they could allow such to happen without one person having conscience to sell the truth, then it's pure wickedness and selfishness and greed from the Yorubas, It's man's wickedness to man Stella

  10. I beg, which one is Yoruba this, Yoruba that, I don't condone selling illegal lands to people, but people should also use their brains and do thorough investigations before buying any land anywhere.
    Those that sold the lands to them are only after their stomachs and pockets and it happens everywhere in Nigeria, don't tell me government have never demolished oher tribes houses including Yorubas own, why the hatred so loud against all the Yorubas because of some greedy ones?

  11. How much will it cost them to go and verify the land they want to buy at Ikeja Alausa Sec.

  12. The govt still has blame in all these. You have physical planning department that you salaries with our hard earned money (tax) and they are still been paid for doing nothing.
    Where were they when these lands were sold illegally and people build on them illegally???
    Why wait for them to complete the houses start living there before bringing bulldozer to demolish??

    Why not stop them at the point the land is been sold to prevent innocent people from buying it?

    Also as individual,this should be an eye opener. Conduct search (engage a lawyer to do this for you) before you throw away your hard earned money. The truth is that these Omo online knows the truth about the land they are selling to you many people dey buy am is not guarantee that it is problem free.. conduct your search.


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