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Monday, December 18, 2023




I wish you all a good rest of the day....
A stressless rest of the day and good will for the rest of the day...
I am in shock over the loss of a dear friend!!!
Tight hugs to you all..
The giveaway is over and we thank God for his blessings and mercy.
Bless God!!!



Evil has taken over humanity, trust is gone.
There are tw
o friends that live around my house, their friendship is one someone should envy, Eby and her husband live in their own crib and have tenants, while her bosom friend lives in the next compound as a tenant, she told people that she's a widow, and has always attended any party or gathering where widows are asked to come.

Eby's husband lives and works in another state, he only visits once in a while,
Recently, there's been rumour in the neighbourhood that Isioma is pregnant, though she has tried so much to hide but trust my neighbours na, them get A1 for womb-watching..

She has two kids, all girls and has told her friend that if she can find someone to give her a baby boy, that she will do anything to have a son...
Her friend said she advised her to wait till her girls are a bit grown to remarry cos she's still a young lady in her 30's.

Now back to the pregnancy ish. It's Xmas holiday and everyone is back including Eby's husband and her kids, her two boys are in the University.
Eby said she's been noticing some strange calls from her 2nd son , yelling and getting angry and once he sights her, he would end the call, so on Friday, the boys were amongst the people controlling crowd at our children's Christmas party at the church, the mom was with their phones when a message popped up on the screen, and it read, "I am not asking you to accept my pregnancy, I just thought I should let you know about it, I don't understand why you are so upset about it"..

It was her friends number...

She quickly took the phone to her husband, he said he knows the sons password, he unlocked the phone, na that time the real okpetu besuoo start, they went to his WhatsApp and read everything, saw photos, if you see the kpekus wey I see eeh, the kind bush around it must have a living being inside, every detail of how they started, how the woman thought him to lick her plate, how the boy became insatiable in the game, how he would always go back for one more and guess what? It all happened under Isioma's roof, and this woman would always think that her son was going to her friends house to teach her kids without knowing that they have been teaching her son somethings.

They came back with police, picked the woman up without saying anything, it was when the woman started dragging with the police that she must know her crime, you know how women be naa, so Eby now started crying, telling her all she did, she come cold like agidi, na so all of us jump outside with our mouth opened so wide,
Immediately the boy found out that his parents are aware of his escapades, he ran for his dear life, it was on Sunday that we heard that he ran to the village, to his dad's mom.

Na so I carry my bend bend leg go meet the woman ooo, I no too ask her questions like that, I only said "why your bosom friend come do you like this? She no answer me, I come ask am again, that ya son na fargin? Them come de call dog for me ooo, she come de say, no idiot should enter this my gate to ask me stupid questions, abi na me be idiot?? I no understand what I did bad oo, I only went to sympathise with her over what her dearest friend did to her (Enyi meere enyi ya)

But the boy is an adult so why are they reacting as if he is a minor...It is non of their business who the boy decides to sleep with please..There is nothing wrong with both single people running things and one getting pregnant...Why did the boy run? He should have stood his ground and said his mind.....hisssssss



It’s few days to my lovely son’s birthday and for the first time he has a request for his birthday. He wants cake. Green buttercream cake, I immediately told him I would buy him one and he said no to that.

My soon to be three years old doesn’t want a store bought cake, he wants to bake the cake along with mummy and he asked with the cutest puppy eyes ever.
The truth is though I make good cakes, I have not baked any in a long time not that I don’t enjoy baking but managing my time, kids and all has been hectic for me.
Also my boys don’t eat cake, I have tried giving them so many types of cake and not just my own but cakes from bakers that are so good, yet the most they have done is eat the sticky part at the top of a freshly baked cake.
I really want to give in to his request and bake a cake with him but going through all that amount of work and the after clean up that is required knowing that he might not eat it at all, breaks my heart a little or maybe this would spur his interest in cakes.
I am struggling between baking with him or convincing him to let me get it from a bakery .

I am sure he must have discussed with a friend who told him the mum baked a cake........Bake him and put less sugar and lots of nutmeg and vanilla flavour,,, he will love it!!!


A mouse accidentally fell into a jar full of grains.
He had so much of food around him, he was tempted to eat and sleep in Jar but, he resisted the temptation.
He kept on jumping out of the Jar to look for the grains outside, and he came back to the jar once in a while.
He ate the grains of Jar only when he did not find the grains outside.
So the grains of Jar also kept reducing but at a slower speed.
And due to that the mouse kept jumping higher and higher.
After long time, this jar also got empty, but since he kept practicing jumping out of the jar and jumping into the jar, he became strong that he could jump the full height of jar.
So he jumped out of the jar when it became empty and kept searching the food at other places like he did earlier.
Success doesn’t just find you. You have to go out and get it.

Moral of the story:
1.) Short term pleasures can lead to long-term traps.
2.) Action not taken at right time will make one lazy and inefficient.
3.) If we can withstand the challenges of life, then we shall choose challenges over comfort.
4.) We shall keep polishing our skills and keep us updated new skills as the situation demands.
5.) As Robert Collier said, “You don’t drown by falling in water; you drown by staying there.”



Good afternoon Stella,
I am celebrating the journey of life today. Cheers to many more years
I am blessed by the most high. It is a beautiful moment in my life.
Wishing myself a splendid birthday full of God's amazing blessings.
Pls little token for bvs

Happy Birthday!!!



  1. Replies
    1. Hello everyone, may God console everyone that has lost a loved ones, and give them fortitude to bear the loss.

    2. Good afternoon everyone..
      Stella, sorry about the death of your dear friend.

    3. Good afternoon everyone. Hectic day it has been. Still on my way home.

      Nawaooo, gist poster.. Ịma akọ akα»₯kọ.. Hmmmmmmm

    4. Bv Shyla, so sorry for your loss, may the spirit of God comfort you and yours, amen. @sdk please accept my condolences.

    5. Motherhood poster you may make a small cake with your little one and have someone film it for him to watch again later. Y'all so cute!

      That one gbenshing her friend's son reminds me of the movie Shades of Grey. Definitely no parent will be happy about this happening to their young son they had high hopes for. Now her best friend is her son's baby mama and her first grandchild is from her best friend. Awkward indeed! They just have to find a way to deal with it.

    6. Chika (hello iya boys)18 December 2023 at 20:05

      So sorry Iya Boys πŸ«‚πŸ«‚πŸ«‚

  2. IHN
    Do good, it will come back to you in unexpected way

  3. IN HOUSE NEWS Don show ☀️☀️☀️

    1. Good Afternoon BlogFam

      Stella, I would like to address this.

      I’ve never trolled you about anything offline or online.

      I don’t understand why I am being punished for absolutely nothing. It’s your Blog and that’s on Period.

      I was picked for the Christmas Giveaway, I felicitated with others when they acknowledged that they have received their Giveaway.

      OYINGATE mentioned about it in her detailed Omnibus and I humbly reminded you that about mine, because I genuinely thought it was an Oversight and not a deliberate one.

      You said you are now giving it to someone else.

      What did I do to deserve such?

      Who do I blame for this: Village people or My Goodluck.

      This might be a Faceless Blog where Strangers converge and share diverse ideas. Some of regard this as our safe and happy Cyber space

      It hurts to know that you are being sidelined for no just reason and other get to take your goodluck.


    2. SDK So sorry about your lostπŸ€—πŸ€—

    3. CEO Empress i cant remember mentioning your ID......or were you the under anon? why so angry?I will explain this here and now and i wont explain again cos i dont owe any of u any explanations back and forth before i start to explain tire....
      Normallywhen people miss the list i put them on, i put them in another list when i am done like i did with slim ..
      The insult i have received in the comm ent section just because two people missed getting 20k is not something i wanna talk about...
      You should have just posted that u didnt get not this long babash.
      I will pretend that i didnt read this..
      Have beautiful week
      May God give us the wisdom to know what to say , how to say and when to say...

    4. Stella, I made the comment to clarify things based on OYINGATE OMNIBUS SAGA not because of Anger.

      It’s for CLARITY.

      I posted that I didn’t get the Christmas Giveaway and the Anonymous commented under my Comment, that’s the reason for all this.

      I’m not the Anonymous and I can never go Anon to say anything be it Positive or Negative,I will boldly use my Blog Id.


  4. Divine Health Confessions!!

    My mind is filled with the thoughts of Christ – thoughts of peace, life, and prosperity. In Christ, I exercise my authority and rule over all circumstances of life. I am superior to sickness and death because I have the life of God in me. Hallelujah!

  5. Good afternoon bvs
    IHN don Land oo


    Beloved, it is not possible to serve two masters, you can only serve one, and forsake the other. Luke 16:13

    This life was created under two ways, right or wrong, left or right, front or back, good or evil, heaven or hell, holiness or sin etc.

    You can only serve master Jesus christ or the devil, you cannot serve the both, an attempt to do such is delusion, self deception mockery unto yourself.

    Every child of God mixing the love of God with another thing is taking a risk, do you love money so much that you cannot close your business for a day or even few hours to be in the presence of God, are you one of those that still performs some small small rituals with the disguise of honouring ancestors, you pour drinks on the floor for them, you call upon mother earth to watch over you, you join in cultural celebration like masquerade, festivals of so so and so god's etc after all these you still believe you are serving God, kindly remain one place and stop decieving yourself, YOU CANNOT SERVE GOD AND SATAN.

    U might have encountered a sickness, problem etc, some people will tell you, go and settle your ancestors, go and settle water spirts etc, they will mask and coat it with give to ceasar what belongs to ceasar, child of God hear this, the earth is the Lord's and all it's fullness, the world and those who dwell therein. Psalm 24:1. Do not be deceived by anyone.

    You owe no ceasar, marine spirits, ancestors anything.
    Your full service belongs to God. Stop decieving and compromising yourself. You know the truth, but impatience to wait on the lord, and laziness to battle in prayer is the culprit. Atimes fear has eaten deep into the fabrics of your soul.
    You are a child of God, he has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and soundmind.

    Why are you running helter-skelter, stop mixing service, for there is only one God by which we might be saved, and his name is Jesus Christ.

    Worship no other God exo 34:14, Deu 6:14 stop contradicting yourself.

    Perharps you have already done it, you have realised your mistake, it is not yet late, come out today and accept Jesus, remain with him and grow in him, draw near to God james 4:8.

    Resist the devil's fallacy and meet with Jesus today, Repent of your sin or you will go to hell. Whoever is telling you to settle with your ancestors, water spirts after the nonsense ritual you can still go back and continue serving God is just decieving you. Child of God, do not be deceived, you will go straight to hell when you compromise your faith and allegiance to christ Jesus, remember when you confessed salvation, you told God to come into your life and be your personal lord and saviour, why then are you also giving the devil chance to come into the same place you gave God, if you are God, won't you get angry, most of us cannot stand it when our husband's gets a sidechick talk more of wifing her, Viceversa.
    But we do all these to God, how do you think he will share your love, worship, service with satan, reflect on this, think twice, make the right choice. and God will see you through.


    ROM 10:10
    Say this prayer of salvation

    Dear lord jesus, I'm sorry for all my sins, please come into my life, i believe you died on the cross of calvary for me, and on the 3rd day you rose again, please come and be my lord and personal saviour. Please Wash away my sins and bring me into your loving light. Amen

  7. Good afternoon blogfam. How is our day going? Today is bright and sunny. May this week favour us all.
    Shyla how are you ,so sorry. Accept my condolences, may God give you and the family the fortitude to bear the loss of your dad. Stella sorry for the loss of your dear friend too. Stay strong.

    1. Shyla my condolences....
      Stella my condolences....
      Sorry for your loss....

  8. Paris and Phoenix, you guys are nice. I saw your shout out this morning later on. I appreciate you both.

    I feel bad I hardly respond to some comments immediately. My battery is very bad and drain so fast. A fully charged battery that drains in less than one hour when pressing. I suspect it could either be the battery or phone itself. Being an inbuilt battery, I have decided not to change it again but will get a new and better phone once I am able to do so.

    So you guys should pardon me if I don't respond to a comment immediately.

    I think I am having a change of plan about traveling this Christmas. Very unfortunate I won't be able to make it like I had planned due to some financial hitches. I'm gonna miss two weddings and a burial I am invited. I just hope these persons will forgive me. I will send my token across and wish them a happy celebration.

    Good Afternoon guys.

    1. Teejay, I intended to travel with my family. But I have canceled. I don't want to lock my shop..
      It's only God that knows how January will be with this horrible economy.

      Stay safe and send a token if you have.

    2. I also wanted to travel and was so excited about it, told everyone I was traveling, but now it looks like I won't be able to travel. Na real wa ooo. Not very happy about it. I really wanted to be with family this Christmas.

  9. Stella, sorry about your friend. πŸ€—. Happy birthday to you, BV. Your new age is blessed. Y'all stay safe, and hydrated. The sun that came out this afternoon no be am.

    1. Candy, hope you're good today. Spending the Christmas in Abj right?

    2. Holla lovie πŸ’–❤️
      Send us harmattan for lag now 😊

      Sorry about your friend StellaπŸ€—

    3. Hey Teejay, I'm good. Yea, my Christmas will be here.
      Paris baibay😘😘, come and take o. It's extremely cold at night.

  10. If u waybill anything from Lagos to the East, just know it wont get there till after 5days! I waybilled food stuff since Wednesday last week and it didn't get there till Saturday! Omo those eastern guys are brutal and wicked! But thank God it got there, albeit the meat and chicken got spoilt, evil people… 😑

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    1. Wetin come delay it for road🀷

    2. You're right, just a single document waybilled through a popular transport company from pH to Lagos didn't get here until after four, and they told the sender it'll only take 48hours.

    3. E no easy. May be the road is bad.

      Mao Akuh

    4. Depends on the dispatch company you used. If you had gone to the park and arranged with a driver whose vehicle was loading already, it would be delivered except if they had breakdown during the journey. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    5. Kelvin no. That's a wrong sluggish procedure.
      Register foodstuff or palmwine or even palmoil with some special drivers at a certain percentage,goods arrive 6 hours or less later to your receiver.

      The cars deliver a few meters away from Transport Company Terminal not in the premises. Before then, your receiver would have been waiting for them to berth as they discuss on phone along the trip.
      Go ask around for the numbers of the drivers who carry only foodstuff and discuss with
      them. Mostly Sienna cars with 3 or 4 passengers only.

      I sent End of year Bazaar special aroma chickens; gizzards, beef, palmwine yesterday to some people in Lagos from the East. They arrived fresh and on time.

  11. Welcome IHN...Good afternoon Lovlies.
    Sorry for you loss Stellzz, it is well. Happy birthday to the BV, God bless you

  12. Good afternoon everyone πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  13. Good afternoon lovelies
    Too many death nowadays
    Stella, sorry for the loss of your friend.

    1. At the hospital I was last night, a vehicle rushed in with a woman and she was confirmed death inside the vehicle. The doctor on getting to the vehicle, saw her foaming at the mouth. The eyes already indicated it. Her pulse stopped.

      The husband wasn't around but was called. They have to take her back home for the husband to come back.

      It's really a vain world. Life is a fleeting shadow. Nobody can guarantee their tomorrow.

      Don't ever take tomorrow for granted. Tomorrow will inevitably come and you may not make it.

    2. Confirmed dead not death.

  14. Good afternoon everyone, Sorry for the loss of your friend stella.

  15. Ihn is here
    Omo! This sun is sunning
    E hot scarrrrrra


  16. Happy birthday to the celebrant. May your new age be blessed and your lines fall in pleasant places.

  17. Welcome ihn..
    Hope everyone is fine?
    I didn't bother myself for the airtime..
    I am an Airtel user..
    SDK sorry about the lost of your friend..
    May God comfort his or her family ijn..πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  18. Chains are breaking, doors are opening. You’re coming out of generational curses, generational limitations, generational struggles, and into generational blessings. You couldn’t make this happen; it’s the Most High God, it’s your Doorkeeper doing what only He can do.

    Joel Osteen

  19. Greetings family.
    This adult life is not a child's play. So many people/things asking for your attention at the same time. God be praised.

    1. Zaram dear, God will grant you your heart desire and provide all you'll ever need to meet your responsibilities.

    2. Amen and amen Teejay. God bless you.

  20. Happy birthday to the blog visitor that is celebrating. Stella, accept my condolences on the death of your dear friend.
    Good afternoon blog fam. Enjoy the rest of the day.

  21. Sunny 🌞 Monday afternoon ✌️πŸ’•✨

  22. Monday IHN my favourite dog poster is here!!

    Motherhood Poster: Children and their funny demands, lolzz . E no easy

    Happy Birthday Recharge Card Sender. Cheers to more beautiful years ahead and God bless you abundantly.

    When are we gonna have our END OF YEAR BLOG AWARDS?

    1. Stella May the soul of your friend rest in peace Amen

    2. Was wondering when you were gonna ask. you live for the attention.

    3. 15:31 she lives for the attention, while you live for her attention.

      You were wondering when she was going to ask. Lol
      She must live rent free in your head.

    4. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜ΉπŸ˜‚πŸ€£ i choputas not

    5. Yea, I believe youπŸ˜„

  23. If you do adult things, you face adult responsibilities.

    1. I swear, i don't know why he ran away, silly child!!

    2. Abi ooo. Let him comman start preparing for baby formula and diapers. He think sey na only to do the do ba? Why shame catch am? That woman's bestie is deadly sha. Grooming her friend's son. Yes these things are happening.

  24. Na today i know say Police college Ikeja no far from PWD bus stop, the kain waka wey I waka today because of Christmas package ehen abeg it is well.

    Bv Shyla so sorry for the loss of your dad,may God comfort you and may his soul rest in perfect peace amenπŸ™

    Good afternoon and happybnew week to you all❤πŸ’—πŸ’žπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’πŸ’ŸπŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ˜˜πŸ˜

    Happy birthday to the celebrant thank you I got an MTN airtime may your pocket never run dry amenπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸΎπŸΎπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ˜˜πŸ˜

    1. Sorry Lily. Hope you got the Christmas package sha.

    2. So sorry for the death of your dad Shyla. May God give you the fortitude to bear the loss and may his soul rest in peace.

    3. Morayo I did not get despite going there early 6:30am,people too much,The church Arch****** V****** did not organise it well.thanks sis for your concern❤πŸ’—πŸ’žπŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ’œπŸ’™

  25. Sign out meme is the truth.

    E get the kind shit wey go worry u ehn, you fit loose memory if you no see toilet that very moment

  26. For those that comment first, how do you do it?
    Is it the browser you're using there's something else?

    1. You must comment at the specified Time for In house News and cross your Fingers

  27. Give Away don dey over abi? Now we will know the real BVs. Happy countdown to christmas everyone!

    Stella didn't indicate the BV that's celebrating birthday. Anyways, whoever you are, have a lovely celebration and may God add to your days. Congratulations.

    1. To the celebrant, happy birthday to dear you, More of God's amazing blessings upon you πŸ’ž

  28. Una good afternoon ooo.. abeg make una help me am confused about this Christmas song is it Felix sabi nack
    Or Felix sabi dance or Felix na lizard Abi na Felix na Dibia...COPIED

  29. Good afternoon lovely people of sdkville and SDK herself.
    Abeg here in Nigeria,we tend to protect our own as the country doesn't protect anyone's rights.
    It was wrong for Ebi to use that young boy for her selfish desires.
    Most damaged people will always tell you, they were lured by older peeps. The chat revealed that the woman taught the young man how to lick plate,you can only buy imagine all the gwogwotigwo the young man has taken in.

    Honestly it's heartbreaking for any parents abeg. If the young man did it with his mate, it's a different thing altogether. #Myopinion#

  30. What a gist,they are Adults,I don't think the police will do anything,however I fear women like this.

    @stella,Sorry about the loss of a friend.
    @ motherhood poster,do you use oil to bake your cakes, some people don't like the taste.
    You can try yoghurt or banana cake then you add toppings.

  31. How do I let the past die? Of recent some past experiences that are not so good keeps creeping back to my head and it's messing with me... I really need to let go

    1. I wish you can see a good God fearing therapist. If you are a Christian, please intensify prayers and let God know your heart. I wish you well. Please don't let your past mess with today and destroy your future. God be with you.πŸ™πŸΎ

  32. Good afternoon everyone
    OMG! Catarrh is doing me shege here.
    Happy birthday to the celebrant. God bless your new Age πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

  33. Good afternoon everyone
    OMG! Catarrh is doing me shege here.
    Happy birthday to the celebrant. God bless your new Age πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

  34. Some friends are purely evil.

    Nice weather today
    Try bake with them.

    A colleague lost his wife. #SoSad

    May God protect us.

    Mao Akuh

  35. Just want to say thank you Stella, thanks for always being there.

  36. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚Amebo Gist poster you are so funny, inukaw questions 😁 Stella even tho the boy might be an adult already but that woman no try.
    Good afternoon everyone.

  37. Good afternoon everyone

    Happy birthday to the celebrant

  38. BV Shyla so so sorry about the loss of your father. I became emotional reading your post. God rest his soul. Two lives saved and one gone. Sad.

    Stella sorry about your loss too.

    Happy birthday BV.
    Good afternoon.

  39. Happy birthday to bv celebrating her birthday, God bless you.

  40. I’m curious, where are all those people that were calling Funke Akindeke wicked when those rumors from disgruntled people came out to say she was a wicked person? Now suddenly, everyone loves Funke? Weird ass people

    1. Not saying she is wicked, but just be successful, almost every one will love you.

  41. Good afternoon everyone 😘. Exams are over, it's time to have Christmas funπŸ’ƒπŸ»

  42. Good afternoon Stella and bvs
    Happy birthday to you BV

  43. Una good afternoon o
    Y'all should have a smooth one
    Trying to solve one problem here

  44. Happy birthday to the Bv celebrating, Stella sorry for your loss
    Shyla please take care of yourself, it's well with you dear!!

  45. Good day AllπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    omo, that story up there is something!!!!😲

  46. Happy birthday dearest and many more beautiful years in good health.

    Hmmmnnn... that young guy that impregnated his mum's friend get mind oooo. Still in his father's house come go shoot him shot. this one na arrow him fire from him papa house. Stella, that boy know wetin for land for him head had it been him no run, cos typical 9ja parents won't find that shit funny at all. God help them

  47. Stella so sorry for the loss of your friend.

  48. Good afternoon everyone.

  49. Seasons greetings everyone!
    IHN is in Christmas mood o.

    The gist up there wasn't clear, while the Isioma's approach was not welcoming, if Eby's son was yet a minor then their reaction was in order. Otherwise it was too extreme. No matter what it is, Isioma's behaviour was not a good way to go. If she truly wanted a son, then a fertility clinic would have been the best place to go, alternatively date an adult man with obligation. But to have come for her friend's son was very unfriendly. Very discouraging.

    1. Lady T /worth more than a thousand dollars18 December 2023 at 17:14

      I agree. That's why the boy ran. He is just in the university maybe under 23 or a little above. And the woman, his mother's friend. He should run. It is embarrassing to say the least, his mother's friend took advantage of him, yes she did. He maybe an adult but a naive and an ignorant one at this stage. And knowing he is still in school and being sponsored by his parents.
      Parents should talk and guide their children at every level. To avoid this kind of embarrassment.

  50. Just read today's SP. So sorry Shyla
    May the Lord comfort you and your family and give you the fortitude to bear it. So sorry please.

  51. @read this, the moral of that story sinks well. Thank you for sharing.

  52. Stella so sorry for the kids of your friend.
    Dearest Shyla God knows best.

  53. Good afternoon dearies...
    Pls, I'm here again. Is it worth it to pay 30k to learn about affiliate marketing?

  54. "The giveaway is over..."
    *Eyeing Big Stellz with bad eyesπŸ™„πŸ™„.. Yes, I feel entitled..

    So sorry for the loss πŸ€—πŸ’šπŸ’Ÿ

  55. Stella.... Sorry for d loss of ur friend...May his/her soul rest in peace

    Good afternoon everyone πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

    Stella so sorry for your loss.
    Accept my condolences.

  57. Happy birthday to the celebrant
    Gist poster, no let dog bite you one day o.
    Good afternoon house

  58. Good afternoon SDK and BVs. So sorry about the demise of your friend,SDK. BV celebrating,happy birthday.

  59. Good afternoon everyone πŸŽ‰.
    I got glo .thanks bv

  60. Happy Birthday to the celebrant 🍾πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‚,God bless your new age

    People have started travelling for Christmas.

    Good Afternoon Everyone 😊 ☺ ✨

  61. Stella,sorry about your friend
    Bv Shyla,my condolences
    Happy birthday to the bv

  62. Replies
    1. So true.
      Your face wrinkles faster.
      Teeth go bad.
      Fingers always dirty.

      Happy birthday Bv celebrating.
      May lines fall in pleasant places for you.
      Ste...sorry for the loss.
      Take ❤️ heart and remain strong.

  63. Sorry for the loss Stella, be comforted. God rest the soul.

  64. Hi everyone πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

    1. Stella, so sorry for your loss. May God be with you this period.

  65. Good afternoon people of SDK ville
    Sorry about your friend Stellz

  66. Stella, sorry about the loss of your friend. May his soul rest in peace πŸ™.

    Bv Shyla, sorry for the loss of your dad. May his soul rest in peace πŸ™.

    That gist up there, it's possible the woman seduced the guy. She must have have her eyes on the guy for long.

    Motherhood poster, bake the cake with your son, they will love it.

  67. Welcome IHN
    Good afternoon Sdkers 😍
    May God bless your new age and may God enrish your pocket
    Stella so sorry for your loss πŸ™ may God console his family and friends
    Enjoy the rest of your day guys ☺️

  68. "I will never be ungrateful". Giveaway alert for business support received and much appreciated, firstly to Stella and all the Angels. God bless you greatly.

  69. Good afternoon beautiful people.

    Omo, this sun No come to play.

    Oluwa, please pick my call, Biko nnam.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ˜Ž

    1. Nwanne mmadu, Chukwu ga aza ekpere gi. O gadi mma πŸ€—

    2. Good afternoon babe πŸ’•

  70. Happy birthday to the celebrant.πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚

  71. Good afternoon everyone

    Happy Birthday to the Celebrant.

  72. Martins you are one of the most put together young men out there, a go getter, you know what you want and you work towards achieving it. you remind me so much of my brother he is as focused and dedicated and it works for him. my mum will say yo him, I know you will always make the right decisions, mine is to support you with prayer.
    I am truly and genuinely happy for you and I pray the new land favor you and your family

  73. WINNER, YES I AM!18 December 2023 at 14:52

    Good day everyone. Merry xmas in advance

  74. Good afternoon everyone
    compliments of the season.

  75. If you don't let the past die, it won't let you live✍️✍️✍️πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  76. BV Martins, congrats on your relocation. May the land favour you and your family.

    Good afternoon beautiful SDK and people of SDKville. Have a great week ahead!

  77. Stella, please accept my condolences.

    Moniepoint dey show me shege laidis.

  78. A splendid afternoon to you all.
    Gist poster, it's about time the Nigerian Police Changes its name to Nigerian Police Services, since they are available to the highest bidder. If the sex was cosentual and the boy an adult (which I believe he is) why arrest Isioma?
    As for the lily livered manboy that ran away, he had better come back and begin his fatherhood journey. After all
    in integrated science and biology, we were taught the outcome of intimacy between the opposite sex

  79. Hi Shyla, please be strongπŸ€—πŸ€—❤️

  80. Good afternoon beautiful people 😍
    Who has tasted this chocolate biscuit Fab!
    Thank God it's not sold in my area
    It's too sweet abeg πŸ₯°
    First time of rocking my Nysc khaki
    Grateful to God Almighty for the journey so far
    Oyo kopa#

  81. πΊπ‘œπ‘œπ‘‘ π‘Žπ‘“π‘‘π‘’π‘Ÿπ‘›π‘œπ‘œπ‘› π‘’π‘£π‘’π‘Ÿπ‘¦π‘œπ‘›π‘’πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  82. Good afternoon everyone
    So sorry for the loss of your friend Stella

  83. Good day lovelies.
    Christmas songs upon da beat,waking and going to bed is Feliz Navidad.

    Poster...that's the kinda friend our momma used to warn us about, if not you'll be in big big trouble@copy Wyclef Jean and Mary J Blige.
    Isioma is all shades of evil.
    Reading that all I imagined was his son being a young Samuel Onot in the film being BEYOND BETRAYAL, probably a pt 2. That movie.πŸ‘Œ
    Ste....all these your red pen advice ,don't enter naija with them o especially Lagos,some women whose besties betrayed will do you strong thing. Some women got stabbed the wrong way. Tread cautiously with such ink.

    Moral of Story...loving your bullet points.
    Always upgrade and await opportunities.🀝

    Shyla...sorry for the irreparable loss.
    God be with your family πŸ™.

    Ste... signout.πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
    We tryna edit some things jare but our green pen isn't complying 😁
    The past be sticking around. Haha.

    Top of the week y'all.

  84. So sorry about the loss of your friend Stella.
    Happy birthday to the celebrant, enjoy your new age

  85. So sorry for the loss of your friend Stella, accept my condolences may the soul of the departed rest in peace amenπŸ™

  86. Good afternoon my people, motherhood poster you really dey try with your kids oo, you are a strong woman e no easy .

  87. So sorry Stella for the loss of your friend.
    May God rest his soul πŸ™

  88. Good afternoon all!! What a busy season, i have miss this reading this blog and also commenting. I pray to clear my desk asap. Stella sorry for your loss, as for the single woman pregnant for her friend son i dont know while people refused to set boundary like how would you feel if someone does this to your child?

  89. Hello fam ,you see that gist I so hate it pure betrayal no conscience at all how could she even do that her friend .
    Sorry Stella about the loss of your friend.
    Happy birthday to the celebrant

  90. Sooo sorry for the loss of your friend Stella. I think I’ve caught the fluπŸ₯ΉπŸ₯Ή. I have sore throat, fever and I’m dead tired e come be like say trailer jam me😭😭😭

  91. Harmattan has finish somebody's child 😞

  92. No light all through
    Jewelu sorry for the loss, May her soul rest in peace.
    Jus managing this small charged battery

  93. Okay guys.....give me a resounding welcome!!! Have been reading this blog since 2012, just able to comment today!! Oya, welcome me oo. You guys are amazing

    1. Hey Paris... you're highly welcome πŸ€—

    2. I think we already have a Paris so try to differentiate yourself. Welcome.

    3. So you only get hands today? What are we welcoming you for if you have been here since 2012. Over a decade you been about and couldn’t be bothered to comment even under anonymous, now you want resounding welcome. Puhleeze

      Have a good holidays, that’s all I got for you.

  94. Hmmm
    That woman get mind o.
    But the boy na adult so make dem free the matter

    1. A toto with an itch to scratch will rub any pole it can find. She wrong for what she did though, there were other places to look. But nothing can be undone at this stage. I can’t believe the didn’t take precautions.

  95. Shyla, I'm so sorry for your loss. Pls, accept my deepest condolences.
    Stella, may your friend's soul rest in peace.
    Happy birthday to you BV, may lines fall for you into pleasant places.

  96. Amebo, you telling us that all that drama happened at the Christmas celebrations. I am shocked they called the police and didn’t handle this quietly as they are family friends and all. Why have the woman arrested in front of her little children? They gonna be grandparents too, they are family whether they like it or not. I don’t see the point of the public disgrace in this. I get their shock, but they handled it poorly. Holiday wahala is always one of a kind. Keep us updated on how things develop.

  97. Dear Stella, thank you so much for the business giveaway. I'm so so grateful. GOD bless you and your family

  98. I was offline yesterday. I just caught up with IHN of yesterday


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