Stella Dimoko Singer Iyanya Says Most Of His Friends Are Single Because Their Girlfriends Cheated


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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Singer Iyanya Says Most Of His Friends Are Single Because Their Girlfriends Cheated

Nigerian Singer, Iyanya says that women cheat the most in relationships and that  most of his male friends are single because their ex cheated on them and it hurt them terribly.

He said this as a guest in a recent Podcast hosted by Reality TV Star, Doyin.
Doyin asked him who cheats more between men and women and he replied saying;
"Women! It's old gist. There is a popular song by an American Rapper, I'm sure you know that song:Girls cheat too. Girls bad too', something like that. It has millions of views and that's proof that women cheat more.
Speaking for myself and also holding it down for my guys, my single friends 99 percent of them are single. The reason why they are single and not even ready to date is because one or two girls they loved and focused on hurt them terribly".


  1. Replies
    1. There is one song called No scrubs by TLC talking about how men are users and how useless men are, that song has got over 40 million views that's proof that men are so useless with nothing to offer.

    2. First to do no dey pain, as the women have learnt from the professors of spiteful behaviour(men)

      Men should drink coconut oyel and watch war room


  2. Cheating is not gender based.🙄😬🙄

  3. I think there is something about these podcasts that always makes their guests appear incredibly dull or maybe that's how they naturally are. 🤔

    Your single friends told you they
    single because someone cheated on them...eyaaaahhhh poor babies. They cant stomach what they do? LMAOOOO. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. I know nothing about new music he is doing, when and where his next show is happening. They exploit these lesser celebrities to drive traffic for their podcasts and vlogs but the celebrities get nothing out of it but a few blog posts here and there that is not even that noteworthy to make you go find out anything meaningful that could generate income for the them.

    2. Your second paragraph made me cackle 🤣🤣🤣. They don't like to be paid back in their coins. Hypocritical being.

    3. Funny how we think:
      Only one gender do.
      Every of that gender does.
      That the bad done to any of a gender is deserved and just retribution for what another of that gender did or is doing.
      That one of a gender only acts bad to the one of the other gender when provoked or in revenge.

      Life is not a w@r between the genders of mankind.
      Selfishness and wickedness has no gender.
      The heart of MAN is the same in any gender.
      The democratisation of information by the social media has confirmed that essentially there is no difference between both genders in thoughts and actions.

  4. See talk abeg,someone played a song with women cheating lyrics,and it got a million views,so thats enough proof that women cheat this is like believeing human being evolves from monkey beacause evolution video on YouTube got a million views.oga cheating is not gender base abeg,Mai una dey think before opening mouth waaaaaah to talk anything wey come out of mouth

  5. See mumu talk
    I'm happy that they cheated on you guys. Something that you guys do regularly, you think you have the Monopoly of cheating?

  6. When the only thing he singsa is "your waist, your waist, all I want is your waist",why won't he see all ladies as cheats


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