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Monday, December 11, 2023


Have you heard of the Igbo pyramids? Most people have not!

On the highlands of Udi in Enugu state, the Nsude pyramids which is also known as the Igbo pyramids once stood as a testimony to Black Africa’s level of cultural enlightenment.

Built with hardened red mud and clay, the structures lasted centuries until the 1930s when degradation followed by years of negligence, so much that today only their faint outlines can be traced.
A report on the monuments published in Wikipedia describes them as “one of the unique structures of Igbo culture”.

In 1935, British anthropologist and colonial administrator, G. I. Jones, took pictures of the pyramids when he was building up an extraordinary photographic record of Southeastern Nigerian culture when he stumbled upon the clay formed wonders.

Armed with his Roloflex camera, Jones took shots of the 10 circular stepped pyramids. The Nsude pyramids are however yet to be carbon dated, but judging by the black and white photos (taken in 1935), they are 'very old'

The first base section was 60 ft. in circumference and 3 ft. in height. The next stack was 45 ft. in circumference. Circular stacks continued, till it reached the top. The structures were temples for the god Ala/Uto, who was believed to reside at the top.

stick was placed at the top to represent the god’s residence. The structures were laid in groups of five parallel to each other. Because it was built of mud like the Deffufa of Nubia, time has already taken its toll on it.

Strikingly, these pyramids bear resemblance to the Step Pyramid of Saqqara, in Egypt constructed in 2648 BC. More fascinating is the similar replication of Nubian-like pyramids thousands of miles away from the Nubian area in the heart of Igboland.

Evidence like this indicates a strong level of correlation between the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Igbo.

Community leaders and historians have appealed in the past for the restoration of the circular pyramids. Unless the government takes appropriate steps to reconstruct them, that historical monument will remain, perhaps, one of black Africa’s greatest losses to world civilization.

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  1. I'll go digging to learn more about such an interesting piece of history. First time I'm hearing about this.

    1. This should have been preserved.

    2. As usual teejay coming to act like he knows it all 🙄

  2. Replies
    1. You too. I thought you're into research and historical facts

    2. TEE JAY zukwanü ike!

      Learning is progressive.
      Nobody is a repository of knowledge.

  3. Very insightful and interesting.
    This are the kind of information that should be documented in history books so that they are not forgotten.

  4. First time seeing this photo, I was only told of the story by my INLAW grandfather of blessed memory who was born there.according to him, his father told them the place the the abode of the gods of that land.only the ones with a clean heart dare that place. If u have killed or steals u dare not come there because u won’t return alive. They settle disputes there too,it was a sacred holy grounds.


  5. And they believe all these were built by humans?
    Does Egyptian pyramids look like what human built?

    If I talk, a lot of people here would come and laugh that I'm saying rubbish, so I'd rather keep the knowledge to myself

    1. Baby'm tell me that wants to know na.

      Thank you

    2. DANTE so who built the tower of Babel?

      Who built the walls of China?

      Who built the bridges. aeroplanes, rockets, drones, Ships, the phone you used to comment and the AI-driven technology?

      ALIENS, right?

    3. Ogbeni no ask me stupid question..

      I don talk say I no get strength to explain anything cos most of Una head don block already and Una go dey aruge and mock the truth, so no need sharing.

      Some of those things you mentioned, who do you think thought humans?

      Who thought you mathematics, which is a required knowledge to fly a plane, rockets etc..

      You think those pyramid just appeared in various places in the old world without meanings..

      You can continue asking me stupid questions..
      Tower of Babel Jo, tower of your village no..

      Shebi ooni of Ife don talk say tower of Babel dey ife😂😂 na all those my stories fit Una, when you won't open you eyes to see what is right in your face..

      Have you asked yourself who really created us and why or you believe that story in your Bible..

      Dey play.

      PS: I won't bother responding to anything concerning this topic anymore. I'm even putting myself at risk talking about it cos there's a reason these things are kept hidden

    4. You must be very clueless to think all your arguments are right.

  6. Never heard of it. I'm loving this History column.

  7. There are a lot of monuments in Nigeria that people don't know about.we have world heritage sites also here in Nigeria.sukur and osun osog o,Benin moat.d problem is the government don't see to their care at all these sites that are still standing are those under d care of UNESCO .we have a host of others but are yet to be approved as heritage sites this pyramid is one of such.go under NCMM.and smfeed ur mind and your eyes.tourists actually come in to naija to visit these heritage sites.

  8. Most African countries don't regard their heritage.

  9. Nigeria just doesn’t know how to preserve and manage anything. I am from Enugu state and this is the first time I’m hearing about this. Looks like something that would have made Enugu a good tourist destination

    1. To think you're my sister and you come dey fight me before😁😁

  10. Wow never heard of it and it will be a beautiful site to visit.

  11. It is call ngbudi a woman does not climb it and not all men can climb it unless you have been initiated to the masquerade cult you can find it in other Udi towns.


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