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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



My mom works a civil servant in a govt parastatal. She’s currently in top level. She a very religious Christian woman. Preaches to people and prays for their conversion.

So she recently told me about one of her friends from same village with her mom that works in same office with her. People see them as sisters because of how they relate. She should also be advanced though I don’t know her exact age but she has two Daughters in university already.

Now another colleague in their office who happens to be married to a wealthy man came to report this her ‘sister’(who also happens to be her close friend) to my mom, she said that she went through her husband’s phone and saw chat where the woman told her husband she was available and willing to have an affair with him.

She said she already planned on how she would disgrace this her traitor friend but because of my mom who is their boss and the woman’s relative she decided to come to her first to report the matter.

Now my mom asked for my advice on how to handle this matter.

Hmmmmm these people are not kids so this kind of disgrace will be serious... why is your mum involving herself in this matter? Tell your mum to edge out of this before they put all the blame of everythinhg on her...
Codeword - Mind your business if it does not concern you.


  1. If the woman will listen, your mum should tell her there is fire on the mountain if she doesn’t desist cause they’ve caught her
    Every once in a while we act wrong but a good friend can save one from disgrace

    1. God bless you Anonymous 15:05. People like you remind us that there are still good friends out there

  2. Let your mum distance herself from the drama, she should be careful of that her sister too

  3. your mum cannot mind her business since someone came to report the issue to her and not like your mum pock nosed. Your mum should speak to that her sister who she is close to and tell her what the rich man's wife has said, let your mum hear her out and talk some senses into her head should in case she is not sure of what the rich man's wife is planning for her.

    The love of money and material things has made so many people to throw shame away. Your mum should speak with her and also be careful when she is speaking with both women.

  4. Konji be dealing with some of these seniors. Imagine offering yourself to a man at ya age. Smh

    1. BB,
      It's money oh.. ABI didn't you see where they said Baba is very wealthy?
      This is what happens when one make a ho£ a housewife..
      The other day, it was banker telling that other ahewo married market woman to turn around and old the bench for him.. all because of cream money..

      Kings, if she begs men alot, just know she'll share kpekus around, you know how many men begin to disturb that they want to see you after they send you 3k like that married woman that begged her ex for money bah (after reading that an ex gave a married woman big money), na so those men go begin disturb her to come tender kpekus after giving her money, how many does she want to turn down?

      Don't be deceived when she tells you that not all men think like you, that there are good men out there.. send her to the street to go and meet her 'good men'..

      A girl was complaining to me yesterday about how men are always telling her to come and see them just because they sent her money, I told her, aunty why are you begging up and down, and then pretending like you don't know why they gave you, or acting like you didn't know what you are doing..

      She said she didn't beg, that she only told them she's broke and going through difficult when the 3 men called to check on her.. *yimu..

      Them self are horny, you better go and tender pvssy .. Werey

    2. Lol @Dante.

      Konji wey dey see only rich Baba

    3. Don't be deceitful dante the men are also ashewos nobody has the monopoly on adultery and foolishness

  5. Hmmmmmm about to be grandma that will not respect herself. Let them not tarnish your mum image sha

  6. As you code am here, let your mum code am too IF she decides to get involved.
    That was the Prophet Nathan method. He did not confront the Biblical King David. He narrated a story on which King David judged himself guilty. If he had confronted the King directly, the King would have denied and they would have been bugged down on issue of "receipts". He also stood the chance of losing his life.

    Your Mum stands the chance of losing much in this matter. Whenever a woman is focused towards adultery, she is very deadly.

    If your Mum decides to do towns sister into the matter, let her just frame a short story from Bible passages on avoiding dangers, unnecessary troubles, being satisfied with portions, and avoiding covetousness , etc that "has been ringing in her heart" in course of a gist with the woman. That is a enough warning. She would have done her part. Anything after, let the woman be on her own.

    1. This is a good advice , at this age she should be mindful of her prestige and image, to retire with dignity is a virtue let your mum follow this advice

  7. I understand the woman point of telling your mom. It's an act of respect to her.

    Tell your mom to tell her to give her time to talk to the said person and caution her to retrace her steps. After then, if she doesn't stop, anything she sees will be her own doing.

    I believe she'll stop when she knows her secret moves have been busted. Unless she's headed towards destruction. I believe people need to be given a fair chance at first to prove their remorsefulness.

    © TEEJAY

  8. Poster tell your mum to excuse herself from this shameful drama.πŸ™„πŸ˜¬πŸ™„

  9. Pls tell your mum to call her, that is the right thing to do . If am in your mum shoe I will warned her seriously after that I will distance myself from her. I hate embarrassment with a passion.

  10. Pls tell your mum to call her, that is the right thing to do . If am in your mum shoe I will warned her seriously after that I will distance myself from her. I hate embarrassment with a passion.

  11. Since they are all close friends, that means they relate very well outside the office. So I suggest your mum should call for a sort of meeting outside the office environment, maybe at her house or somewhere they can all calmly iron things out like adults. However, if this her attempt to sort things out fails and they are still out to disgrace themselves; then your mum should remove herself completely from that situation and warn them not to bring the issue to her again.
    Even if they start fighting about it in the office, or displaying shameful behavior at work as a result of it, she should not intervene. She should rather allow whatever punishment, sanction, etc. that goes with such actions to play out normally.

  12. She should call the other woman and ask her questions about the text messages,if it is true she will be ashame to go ahead with the affair since one or two persons have known concerning the issue......,.... Josaria

  13. Wetin dey old woman body wey she wan offer big man wey him bankers, secretary, associates and even aristos never give am?

    1. Some men like to collect all shapes, sizes, and colours for bragging rights.

      We read here of a man who wanted so much to gbensh a younger woman to avenge what he felt her father did to him.

      At her age and if she is still married, what the man wants to do is to completely disgrace her husband and children. Some men enjoy that too.

      Among men, sleeping with a man's wife is the worst one man can do to another man. Some men enjoy that thrill of denuding another man of his masculinity.

      It is not always about the standing front or uprising back for some men.

    2. A lot of men are not completely right in the head, the motivations will shock you

  14. My problem is not about the adulterous people, it is about the madam who is feeling insecure, she have already lost her husband the moment she made that report the husband will definitely know , and will definitely make sure he fulfill the accusation . Reporting a full grown man


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