Stella Dimoko Military Leaders Of Burkina Faso, Mali And Niger Announce Exit From ECOWAS


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Monday, January 29, 2024

Military Leaders Of Burkina Faso, Mali And Niger Announce Exit From ECOWAS

The military regimes in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, on Sunday,January 28, 2024 announced their immediate withdrawal from the Economic Community of West African States(ECOWAS).

The leaders of the three Sahel nations disclosed this in a joint statement on Sunday.
According to the military juntas, it was a “sovereign decision” to leave the Economic Community of West African States “without delay”.

All three were suspended from ECOWAS, with Niger and Mali facing heavy sanctions.
With the latest development, the juntas have recently hardened their positions and joined forces in an “Alliance of Sahel States”.
“Niger had hoped for an opportunity to talk through differences with fellow states of ECOWAS, which has cold-shouldered Niamey, imposing heavy economic and financial sanctions following the military coup that overthrew elected president Mohamed Bazoum.
“After 49 years of existence, the brave people of Burkina, Mali and Niger note with much regret, bitterness and great disappointment that their Organization has moved away from the ideals of its founding fathers and Pan-Africanism
terrorist hordes.
“Furthermore, ECOWAS, under the influence of foreign powers, betrayed its founding principles and has become a threat to its member states and populations whose happiness is supposed to ensure.
“Indeed, the Organization has not provided assistance to our States in the context of our existential fight against terrorism and insecurity; worse, when these States decided to take their destiny into their own hands, it adopted an irrational and unacceptable posture by imposing illegal, illegitimate, inhumane and irresponsible sanctions in violation of its texts, all things which have further weakened populations already bruised by years of violence inflicted by instrumentalized and remote-controlled”, t.
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  1. I guess the ECOWAS frolicking with their perceived enemy France is the reason for the decision.
    a friend to my enemy is also my enemy

  2. With the withdrawal of three African countries Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso from the ECOWAS bloc, I think ECOWAS have lost it.

    This is so sad!!!

    I saw this coming after the junta and knew it was just a matter of time.

    Indeed, actions have its consequences.

    These countries especially Niger felt betrayed by the organization headed by Nigeria. No country in Europe will support an African against an European countries. But here in Africa, ECOWAS killed the spirit of Pan Africananism.

    Sometimes, the only way is the hard way.

    Nigerian government heading the ECOWAS chairmanship failed these countries by enabling the demand of the West by sanctioning them. Few other countries may tow this path in the near future. We warned earlier enough when these coup started for Africans to unite but we were laughed at.

    Today, here we are. This is where it will all end.

    You can't stop an idea whose time has come. African wants to be liberated from neo colonialism and I think it's a good movement.

    It's African o clock.

    © TEEJAY

    1. Tj Ecowas cannot be finished bcos these 3 countries opted out. What is their military might to begin with? What is their economic standing? Their leaving won’t affect anything. Go read int’l law, that is why as corrupt as Nigeria is it is still referred to as the giant of Africa. So many factors contribute to that such as, military strength, economic standing, population, GDP n all. In West Africa, there is no country that can match naija in terms of military strength and advancement. Like i said, read international law first.

    2. 3,33 keep joking. Which yeye military strength? Yet boko haram and bandits are ravaging the whole country. Military strength indeed.

    3. No doubt about Nigeria military strength and all that but there's something you failed to grasp here. Do you know the importance these countries play in assisting Nigeria combating terrorism?

      Do you think they will bother themselves anymore most especially Niger that has a boundary with Nigeria.

      Do you know there is likelihood another bloc might be formed by these countries and before you know, countries will start pulling out to join them. Or you think they don't know what they are doing.

      Before you tell me to read international laws, don't forget to read how Brics started and is currently wooing members which Nigeria is longing to join and I doubt they will be admitted. Same thing these countries may do and ECOWAS will lose its strength.

      ECOWAS has put forth statement that they didn't acknowledge their withdrawal. If they're not important, will the organization feels this agitated?.

      Save this comment ECOWAS will suffer a great setback if things aren't addressed quickly and in good time.

      © TEEJAY

    4. Anon 8:33 a divided country can't boast of military might

    5. Spot on, TeeJay!!! 👌🏽

    6. We keep flip flopping, we continue to say we want democracy, but we want ECOWAS to integrate and accept military intervention. i am confused. Is the personal interest of these military guys equal to the interest of their people? if they just wanted to remove bad leadership and instal properly elected officials, how long should it take? The coup in Mali was in May 2021, Burkina in Sept 2022. Why are we not urging the soldiers to handover to elected democrats or they should retire from military and join politics?

    7. Anon 08:33,

      You can't be talking of Nigeria military strength when its military is politicized and sectionalized.

      Has they won the war of insurgency ravaging it country? If they find it difficult crushing insurgency, is it external aggression they will defeat easily?

      Let me shock you now. Do you know most of the acclaimed military strength and personnel you're talking about are originally from Niger? So you think there won't be military sabotage right?

      Ask yourself how the memo about ECOWAS sending military troops shortly after the the Niger coup got leaked. There you have all the answers you need.

      You think other African countries are happy with Nigeria. Nigeria is being looked up to over the years to uplift the rest of the African countries but they failed and this is the result of it. Countries are now pulling out for their own good if an acclaimed 'giant' can't do its big brother duties to put the continent in its rightful position globally.

      How many giant companies have left Nigeria in less than 8 months and you think these countries aren't seeing these all.

      © TEEJAY

    8. Anon 9:36.u took d words right out of my mouth.people are not looking at d bigger picture.democracy!!!!! Not juantas up and down claiming it's for d people.alot of selfish interests.we are going right bk to where we don't wanna be.democracy or military dictatorship?

    9. @ Lyrix, democracy is not working in Africa, it was a model for neocolonialism in Africa. Nigeria is operating on selecrion model, sanctioned by the western powers. There is no true democracy in Africa.

    10. Anon 12:11,

      You saved the stress of typing. Democracy that's corrupt as hell. Will all these nonsense happening in the so called democracy be tried in a military dispensation?

      © TEEJAY

  3. City boy at work, 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Wait wait wait. The bandits and terrorists giving us sleepless nights are majorly from these countries, right?
    What do we expect from this new development?


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