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Saturday, January 13, 2024

Wordless Post



  1. You have started explaining this new year again 😂..
    Well lemme run to WhatsApp and see wether i get who to block

  2. What goes around comes around. The same way you won't remember the blocked person exists, is the same way the person won't remember you exist once he/she blocks you.

  3. Aswear, blocking is actually a form of self-care. I forgive people easily once I know they will never have access to me anymore. The kind of peace I derive from blocking people with negative vibes is profounding. I love it 😊🤗😊.

    Block someone today and testify to the goodness of the Lord.

  4. Block, and delete contact. Period.

  5. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I kinda like his petty advice.🤣🤣🙏

  6. I pity person wey dey vex for this guy, he go just give you overdose so that you go kuku die.😁

  7. The blocker vs the blockees. Weldon o

  8. I block people with comments that do not contribute to human civilization. If someone defends a r*pist, molester, etc or likes their comment, I block them because I personally want to protect my mental health from their future opinions. For example, most average IQ folks know it takes BBC years, I mean years to do documentaries. They are not NTA. Like detectives can investigate crimes for decades here as the western society is litigious but thorough.

    They praised the BBC documentary on s*x for grades in Nigerian universities, codeine consumption and serious abuse in the north etc. the codeine one led to the government ban on codeine cough syrup importation. Then it is about someone, who as at 25 years ago was known to be a fake, (I knew when it started), they minimize the horrible experience of rape victims. The few who had the boldness to come out, without even watching the three part series. BBC stated that the man died after they started the investigations and documentaries which in sane societies may make detectives to investigate whether it was suicide or murder to protect the money. Interpol and global authorities were already coming into him like Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Branch Davidian cult, Jim Jones of the Guyana Tragedy, etc. Those closest to him including a woman who published a book since 2018 on his atrocities, and many of us Pentecostals would not step foot there or watch his station as far back as decades ago.

    He understood the inferiority complex of ignorant or poor naijas, re-branded into suits and recruited internationally. His ultimate undoing.

    I went on a blocking spree on all blogs, blocking anyone supporting the murder of 86 people who died in the shoddy constructed guest house of greed he built, those praising someone whose rape victims of decades of rape were bold enough to be recorded on camera! Then I realized that some attorney said years ago that in 63 years of independence, Nigeria has had less than 1000 rape convictions! The police molest you further if you report, even domestic violence is minimized and police tell you to go back!

    I realize that the problems of Africa started with bad leadership post colonization but are kept in place by mediocre, ignorant, docile, loud, empty followers whose opinions are shaped by a bag of rice or some pittance. Smh. I enjoy blocking. It prevents me from seeing nonsense or imbecilic opinions on my timelines. I don’t even know the people I block. They are all similar, they justify wicked acts. I have no problem with differences of opinions but justifying crimes against victims of violent crimes is a no for me.

  9. Lol he wants to start blocking people now.


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