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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Sunday In House Gists - Comment Section Gists Boulevard

Your favourite RECAP post has landed....

On Sunday spontaneous post, an anonymous, (Joseph of our time) said s/he dreamt that Stella came to Nigeria and some BVs marched to the airport to give her a grand, ceremonial welcome. Make we dey look weda anon's dream go become reality.

When you hear the name "Oki Royalty" blow trumpet because na agba ballers dey bear the name. On Sunday spontaneous post, BV Oki told Stella that she'll be doing her first ever giveaway here on the blog, 50k to be shared among 10 people by May, her birth month. She also begged Stella to pls announce her(Oki) Blog's giveaway on SDKBLOG so as to give her more viewership/followership. Stella didn't get her statement and asked her if she meant she'll do 500k giveaway, Oki Royalty told her that so far God no dey use bleaching cream, 500k giveaway from her to BVs is possible.

On Monday spontaneous post, Stella asked after one of the Blog's comedienne, Kosy. She hoped she's fine and asked if any BV knows anything about her welfare.

On Monday spontaneous post, BV Gifted narrated what happened when she visited a big aunty of hers and decided to give her a helping hand in the kitchen by helping her wash her alread soaked fish. In Gifted's house, she trashes smoked fish head so, she thought it's a common practice in every home. She deboned the fishes and trashed the head. When her big aunty wanted to pour the fish into her soup and discovered that it was missing, she instructed Gifted to pick it from where she tied it, wash it properly and hand it over to her. Gifted wasn't pleased with the way she spoke to her which made her leave before the food was properly cooked.

On Monday in house news, Stella updated the BVs that the advice they gave her regarding her Zeeworld addiction no work rara. She said the numerous advice even made her addiction worse.

On Monday in house news, Stella posted lamentation messages she got from her ex troll begging her to pls come to her aid because shishi no gum her body again, she and premium shege banza dey rapport like soulmates and she fit kpai herself if she doesn't get help. Stella refreshed her memory on how she insulted her and peddled malicious rumours about her. The ex troll said she was repentant and is willing to apologize publicly both on the blog and other social media platforms.

On Monday in house news, BV Neat and cut designs and BV Dante had a mild drama. Neat gave Dante the warning of his life. Say for his life, make he never ever insult her because he doesn't know the kine person she be and that no be everyone person dey open mouth begin insult. Dante told her to taaarrrhh shatap say na she first look for his trouble, na she dey form victim.

BVs advised Stella not to give the repentant troll a chance because her repentance is borne out of hunger and when things soft, she go go back to modus operandi. They also told the troll to apologize with her BV if she's genuine and they insisted on Stella not giving her a penny.

On Tuesday in house news, Stella told BV Chocolate noir to list 4 BVs that she likes their online presence the most. she listed: SluttyChic, Paris Savannah, Amebonawork and SDK Psychologist.

Stella and her repentant troll continued on Tuesday in house news. She continued with her apology to Stella, she told her to forgive her like she would if she were her Bambinos.Stella didn't find the statement funny, she warned her never to mention her Bambinos in her matter ever again. The troll said her name is Uche, 28yrs and from Abia state. Stella urged her to apologize with her blog ID if she's indeed sorry but Uche claimed not to have one.

On Wednesday spontaneous post, as usual, popular BV Milkshakes, asked how much BVs bought stuff in their area. He complained about the 30 to 50 naira increase in prices of sachet milk in his area. BVs Miss Aboki and Dante were not having any of the usual "Lamentations", they boasted to him that they buy their groceries in bulk thereby not having reasons to rant about little increment in prices. In a later deleted comment, BV Dante made a long list of provisions he bought, proving that Nigeria's economy has nothing on his balling skills.

On Wednesday in house news, Stella chose King Jerry, Candy, Miss Aboki, Essa Attelier and Paprika as recipients for WCW giveaway.
Stella told Jeweluchi Chocolait Noir that the BVs she picked were odogwu BVs so, she told her to pick new BVs she would credit their accounts.
Stella also hinted that Chocolate noir acquired a property in Banana Island. Big Congratulations to to Chocolate Noir, may your blessings never cease

On Wednesday in house news, in reaction to Stella's cruise that she looks after Chocolate Noir because she's rich, jokingly, Teejay hailed Choco for being a baller, he alleged that those of them that bathes with owuite for now, no one gives a flying fuck about him. BVs bashed Teejay for the comment.

On Thursday spontaneous post, BV Mariam narrated how her son told her that his school lesson teacher gave him the class test a day before the class test, he saw that act as an expo. Mariam feels like the teacher is deceiving the parents. While some BVs urged her to call the teacher to other, BV Teacher NK said there's nothing wrong about what the teacher did.

On Thursday spontaneous post, blog old cat, Ceaser commented about the rate of immoral and dirty girls. He complained bitterly about how scarce good girls are. He advised men to hold the good, wife materials they are lucky to find very tight because they're very rare. Blog's Kings supported him and thanked him for his immense wisdom.
On Thursday spontaneous post, BVs continued pouring in their congratulatory messages towards Jeweluchi Chocolait Noir.

On Thursday in house news, Stella ran BVs through her thoughts. She said she thinks Dante and Ceaser are same people because they both live in Abuja and they think alike. She also wondered why BVs Dante, Ceaser and Teejay think alike. She bashed them for calling girls ahewo and dirty but exenorating the men that sleeps with them. She told them to go boil stone.

Stella apologized for dropping some people from the "Jeweluchi Chocolait Noir faves" giveaway. She explained that she felt like BV Amebonawork wouldn't be interested in the money hence her comment.

Those that were eventually picked for the Jeweluchi Chocolait Noir giveaway are;
Paprika, SluttyChic, Black Slimzy and Games Mistress.

In reaction to Stella's thought about the blog Alpha males, an Anon said Teejay doesn't have a mind of his own. Say na where Dante dance to he dey dance go thereby feeling that he be manchi. The Anon also said Ceaser and Dante wake up in delulu kingdom and have warped mentality. The Anon pleaded on Teejay to be himself and embrace authenticity.

BV Milkshakes found the comment very amusing, some BVs referred to him as a "rat".
Teejay in his defense said he disagrees sometimes with Dante's comment, he made it known that he has a mind of his own and appealed to BVs not to make him a loner here or make him drop one liner comments.

On Friday spontaneous post, an Anon appealed to BVs Ceaser, Dante and the blog alpamails to pls not turn SDKBLOG to Twitter where both genders dey always fight each other.
On Friday spontaneous post, Stella told trolls and aspiring trolls that mature criticism is welcome on the blog but moving like say you get zero home training is a NO NO even though you be BV before she was conceived.

She also told the BJ sorry BV that insulted her in the name of saying her mind few weeks ago that she dey see her kukekere movement and how she created another ID. Stella said she won't help her announce her new blog ID but waiting for her to use her own hand do to herself. She likened the BV to a constipated alligator that's shameless without morals.
Award winning blog comedian Kosidumzy replied Stella, she told her she saw her shoutouts but has been busy with omugbo duties with her friend that just put to bed.
On Friday in house news, BV Milkshakes had a message for political gaslighters always looking for "depressing and negative news" online. He told them that on here, they no go see am rara. He also hailed Stella for not posting "negative" news. BVs didn't find his comment funny, they told him to face the price of akara and sachet milk in his area, another Anon referred to him as "mkpokiti".

BV Games Mistress complained bitterly about how some Nigerians are posting inflated prices of goods on social media, making sellers see it and triple the prices of their commodities. She hailed Stella for not being part of those causing panic and unrest. The comment didn't go down well with BV Dante. He told Games Mistress he's familiar with her games and two things are involved in her comments. He said it's either Games Mistress is playing herself due to tribalism or she's placing herself strategically for Stella's giveaway.

An Anon commented that she's so sad reading that some BVs can no longer afford to by sanitary pads due to the hike in prices of commodities. The Anon asked Stella if there's a way to set up a sanitary pad initiative for BVs because she's willing to donate.

Okunrin, Men, fear Dem! 
On Saturday spontaneous post, BV Kelvin disclosed that he get serious babe wey dey call him "Airbender" because of his addiction to the series. On mentioning that he get babe, Dante told his fellow man pe oboy, so you get babe dey disturb our Nengi lookalike, Shootergyal to friend you. Kelvin then disclosed that Shootergyal no get his time and she no even give him number. Dante advised him to apply pressure that with time, Shooter go succumb.

Till I come your way next week, spread love and be happy in the midst of all the rogbondiyan.
BVs pls, patronize my business, una own no go ever spoil, thank you.



  1. You see this life baaa, forget every distraction(women & wide life) and hustle money legit. E get why.

    I no too get strength now I for like share one important story. Maybe later things.

    © TEEJAY

    1. Will be looking forward to it man. Trust you had a pleasant day?

    2. Yea, I do bro. That event hit me diffidently I swear and I felt I haven't done well and better enough in life. It's a life changing story and I hope it will inspire someone too just like it did to me. I haven't felt the same way ever since I heard and saw things myself

      © TEEJAY

  2. Nice recap @Oyin
    I am at that point in my life that insults don't matter anymore
    Keep them coming!

    1. Camman getat insulter general dey for saint numΓ©ro uno gaslighter you don’t insult but you go under peoples comment .

    2. D day your cup go full eeh. No worry!

    3. While insult go touch when you never belle full

  3. Which one is " repentant troll".
    Like how someone will hide behind keypad be throwing shades and insults all in the name of bullying, and will still come out to form like nothing happened. To show you that all these "internet trolls" are mentally sick .
    They are doing it out of frustration or jealousy,not like those they are " trolling ' do them wrong.
    The funny part of it is that someone of them are strangers you don't know they exist.

  4. Replies
    1. Inukwa πŸ™„ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Thanks for the update Onyingate

    Note: The BV that insulted Stella is beejay not BJ.

    1. Make una dey careful for this una BJ and Beejay thing before e go metamorphize into Teejay and una rope me into wetin I no know.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      © TEEJAY

  6. Oki said the giveaway well be on her facebook page.

  7. Always knew that fellow just wanted to hit and run. Fuck you!

  8. You people didn't remember this troll from IHN competition that year? She did a remarkable IHN competition then, lol .

  9. Thank you Onyingate for the recap.
    I love the way you play with words,you're good.


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