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Saturday, March 30, 2024

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...


I've not been really happy since and some people have noticed it.
I'm always cautioning my husband about how he leads young ladies on in the name of being overly friendly with them. This is always happening, they begin to have constant communication like boyfriends and girlfriends, sneaky calls and deleting chats. He doesn't like that I'll always caution him because he says he isn't doing anything with anyone of them. But it doesn't sit well with me.

First, I was down recently, my body was really failing me, I couldn't explain what was going on with me, he told me I wasn't taking my BP medications, that if I die , he'd marry another wife.
Then again in the course of discussing his "not doing anything with them escapades" he said he curses the day he met me. 
Well, I for sure know this marriage is over........

WOW Marriage ending because you are monitoring his philanering ways? Was he not ready to marry when he did? Did you force or trick him into the marriage? why is he having regrets? If you are sure the marriage is over, then get your plan B activated....Every human being needs to always have a plan B in this life in case you dont know


  1. The truth is that, your husband could actually be cheating on you. The audacity of him saying if you die, he will marry another wife is nothing but the truth he just told you. So I will advise you to do anything you can to stay alive.

    If he's providing for you enough, then I will advise you start saving in case of any eventuality. Take your mind of him and leave him in suspense of your next move. If he has a conscience, he will be worried to count his teeth with his tongue.

    © TEEJAY

    1. He is one cold ass mofo to tell a sick person that. Like he won’t die day and doesn’t even know when. Mtsscchhwww

      Some really have no respect. Imagine time that should be spent bonding and nurturing his wife is being given to complete strangers under the guise of ‘friendship’. Neither respect nor love is present from what I read up there. This man seems like he got married for the benefits of being married with no care to anything else.

      My dear, please ease up on all this house chores and other concerns that zap your strength. if he says anything reference your health. Don’t be no slave and form loving wife to a man who is obviously married solely for getting free in-house help and access to regular v@g. Just focus on your health and healing and put yourself first. Just as he is self focused, focus on yourself too, pursue your own pleasures and interests. Do not let his lifestyle build up any stress in you. If you feel like you care and want to make an attempt at saving the marriage then go get therapy together. You may also benefit from solo therapy.

  2. Women underestimate the power of a side cock. You will get your sanity back.

    1. The Lord rebuke you, satan!!!

  3. The man is still young at heart, immature, naive and excited. Ready to sacrifice his home over street. What he does not know is that when cassava is soaked in water for days, when it starts smelling, it's the mother that will peel it. No other. He thinks there's occasion where he's taking drinks to not knowing nothing is happening there.

    Since everything these days is hinged on mental health, start thinking about yours. He does not value and appreciate you as much as you deserve to be.

    It's only sickness can sentence him back to you and that's waiting till eternity and wishing him bad. Plan to better your life to run away from BP related issues.

    Good luck.

  4. Na this plan B trick your mind to look for issues yhat you not supposed to.
    The moment you stary having plan B for relationships then it's best and good as you not even in the relationship.selfush relationship everywhere no wonder they must definitely grumble.
    Too many people faking and pretending to love while having different kot8ves and other plans how will you all settle down and love genuinely when you have different plans ranging from A to Z.
    Relationships ain't all rosy that's while in settling down with a partner you should choose beyond the physical do a soul searching of the truly personality.
    Una no dey hear.Dist8rbing yourselves up and down for little things understnding would aolved if you did focus on the right things.Theres a kind of woman that would turn this complaint to fun for him and it will draw them closer and bond well but most you folks lack wisdom you think its by military actions fueled by prude and over enttilement of self worth.
    No wonder the guys are going out to marry.Men dont have peace again.ogini Di.Be a man's peace.Be a lady of kindness in words and actions and you see how your man would adore you genuinely.

    1. The man that said he would marry another wife, instead of commiserating with his wife and taking care of her in illness doesn't have plan B? The man that spends most of his time chatting and calling different chicks and fowls instead of bonding with his wife doesn't have plan B? The man that opens his buccal cavity to say rubbish to his wife and doesn't consider her peace is the one that will appreciate peace from his wife? The man that is chasing skirts everywhere like a hapless cock is the one that deserves peace and not his wife? Okay I forgot, only men abi husbands require peace. Women and wives do not as per the unfeeling robots they are nau. Mtcheeew. Dey play...........If you want peace, also be peaceful and you will get peace. If not prepare to receive way more of the wotowoto you dish out. Namsense!

    2. Word.
      That Poster's red flags was her friend's semi green flags and she is gradually turn them to green flags.

      That said, the man get him own for body.

      Poster, were you skipping your medications? His comment of if you die was tied to his belief that you were not taking your drug. That comment is a typical Nigerian comment on foolhardy actions like not taking lifesaving medications because of aggro or to evoke emotional response from a person who is Not willing to yield to our pleas.

  5. Hmmmm, he already has a replacement on his mind while you're still on earth , it never ended well with men like him if you eventually leaves, but in this case I'll advise you leave to live, who knows if he's the cause of your BP? You didn't mention if you have kids together and your financial capacity, any which way, it's better you disentangle with this cold hearted human, and watch karma deal with him

  6. Madam, your husband is a cheat and lacks respect nor regard for you.
    Telling you he thoughts and even considering it is absolutely psycho attitude..
    He doesn't enjoy the marriage..

    If you are still in the waiting room, definitely He is not happy in the marriage and he is using the girls to create illusion of a single man.

    Speak with him.

  7. My goodness!! Such a strong utterances.🤯
    It's time to give each other chance, even if na separation. 😎

  8. What if he dies before you?after all his not God.such a heartless husband.

    1. Just like women waiting to avenge on their husband during old age or old age related sickness. We all forget that nobody knows or owns tomorrow.

  9. Look out for yourself and be happy. You won't die untimely. God please let me not raise a wicked and selfish man 😭 help my son be a good man

    1. And may they find women that will match their energy. After raising good men, they won't end up with bad women .

    2. And may they find women that will match their energy. After raising good men, they won't end up with bad women .

  10. ''that if I die , he'd marry another wife'', really? This is a heartless thing to say to your spouse.
    Dear poster, brace up. Your health is very paramount.
    Take your mind off him , not easy though but try...

  11. Poster,you really need to breathe. Your very short chronicle is overwhelmingly sad to read. No respect from your husband,one bit,plus I don't know,how you exposed yourself to that level of see finish. I am really sad on your behalf 🙂‍↕️😌😌

  12. I know what love and care means, Just treat me the way you will like me to treat you.
    The Chronicles I read here sometimes make me wanna shout, like how can you live with someone that claims to love you only to being treated like an animal. Where is the human conscience and the love???
    There is a difference between suffering and tolerance.
    How can your fellow human being put you in a painful condition with his bad behavior that he can easily work on and you call it tolerance.
    Your partner for that matter not even your enemy.
    Love is rare.

    He told you if you die he will marry another wife..... Imagine.
    Word heals , mends and breaks .

    1. That's why I always say , thesame energy you use for me is what you will get back from me. I said it there the other day and that bv said I don't deserve to marry.. .

  13. Madam, become very heartless too. Stop caring too much and lock up. You need your peace back.

    What you don’t know won’t harm you.
    If he wants to keep cheating, no problem. Just put yourself first from now on.

  14. Stop caring for people who don't give a shit about your well being. Love yourself more , go out and makes friends , have fun , be happy, invest more into your life , to me that is my plan B. He is enjoying the pains you are going through , to him you are nothing but a piece of furniture. Good luck to you.

  15. Chika (hello iya boys)30 March 2024 at 18:01

    He's the one that will die before you
    Yeye Horseband

    You better start planning your own Plan B ooo
    No let yeye Love block your eyes

  16. Please leave that useless man and concentrate on your health for now. He is not worth your head ache. If you have kids and means of livelihood, please leave with your kids for now and see how he will suffer. He is wicked.

    1. Suffer? This will give him free liberty to go bring in babes and be backing them steady and you are saying he will suffer. Girls will trip with just a plate of pepersoup.

  17. So sorry you're going through this. Find other ways to make yourself happy, because apparently those chats make him happy. If push comes to shove, you can leave the house for a while, let him.realize that nothing dey bush

  18. My sister pls do not put man matter for head 'pls allow me sound like this '.thats why it's advisable a man loves his woman more in a marriage.believe me,he wouldn't sound like this.allow him to speak to whoever he wants while you can keep cautioning him politely.

    Let's do something together.

    Turn the table around.dont you have male friends? colleagues, friends in church or even a neighbor.hang around them as well(just gisting)make your hubby jealous and let him see how his gender appreciate and values your presence.he will put himself back on track once he sees he's gradually losing you.

    Don't give yourself headache nor think to the extent of you having high BP.Haba! Don't pls

  19. My sister's husband told me in confidence he wants to cheat and wants his wife to be cool with it. I weak my jaw drop and I haven't picked it up since

  20. If your husband was sick and you used those words on him will he not report you to your family? I will say you should stop monitoring his chat before you kill yourself, he has already told you who he is and what he can do if you are no more.

    Channel all your love and attention on your children, forget about his attitude. You are helping him to misbehave with the way you are worried about what he is doing. You should look for site that connect people, just make friends and get busy. You will see him getting jealous and return back to you.

  21. Forget that thing he claims that he is only being friendly. It's their way my dear, he is a philanderer. I hope he has not infested you with some disease and secretly taking his own medication and leaving you to till till it deteriorates. Madam, take care of yourself and look for a plan B

  22. Madam whenever he makes such statement concerning you dying and he remarrying, quickly let him know that he can also drop dead any moment and he should have it mind that you won't wait one year or more before going into another relationship or getting married if you find who truly appreciates you too.
    We should all stop settling for nonsense 👍🏻

  23. This advice or suggestion that a woman should make a wayward man jealous is fairly regular here.

    It is dangerous when played with men. Innocent men lives have been kpuffed because of it. A wise man should not let a married woman use him that way. It is wicked for a married woman to use an innocent man that way.

    Second, truth be told, some married men don't mind and are not moved by it. Some may get concrete evidence of the harmless meetings and use it deviously against their wives. As the saying goes: Pikin dey find cry, you go beat am. Wetin you go hear?

    Issues should be addressed in accordance with settled protocols. In marriages this side, there are levels of resolving marital disputes starting from the couple, to counselling / family, and to State bodies.

    Provoking jealousy or tit for tat rarely works for all.

  24. Poster,please be strong and allow him to live his life the way he want,since has no respect for you and the union.Do you know that if you continue to complain his( adventures) The more unrepentant he will be.Please learn to keep quiet and watch his actions.Take very good care of your health .You will not die but you will live to declare th goodness of God in the land of the living in Jesus name amen Chiloving

  25. ..."I sure know the marriage is over"
    Why did you write in, seeking validation or solution?
    Is he aware that the marriage is over, are you still playing the role of wife or bidding your time to exit?
    As it's common here, the hurtful words he said is displayed but carefully omitted what was said leading to those words.
    What someone may call "caution" may be perceived as accusations, disrespect and insult. Likewise what may be seen as "wishing one dead" may be perceived as ones harsh way of saying 'focus on your health '.
    Your hubby already regrets marrying you.
    You already see the union as over.
    It's affecting both your mental health -sadness, and physical health -BP.
    My advice: pay attention to your health, prioritise your peace.
    I can't advise you on marriage since your mind is made up...

  26. Madam better listen to him and face your health if you die he will marry another person better face your health ,if he wants to cheat you can't do anything even if he is not friendly with any one of them,as for those telling that he is cheating already ?by their fruit we shall know them ,that is what they will do in such a situation pls give yourself rest

  27. The things women put up with in the name of marriage. The man even said he regrets marrying you. How are you not sure if he has a side chick. What if he gives you an incurable STD. Divorce or separation is not a crime. Women, learn how to de-center men. You only have one life to live. Don't spend in an unhappy marriage or with a cruel man.


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