Stella Dimoko Comment Section Gists Boulevard From Last Week


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Monday, March 18, 2024

Comment Section Gists Boulevard From Last Week

Comment section gists is coming late because BV OnyinGATE did not have Network on her phone to do what she knows how to do best....

On Sunday spontaneous post, mothering Sunday was celebrated all over the world and Stella took the opportunity to educate BVs what "mothering Sunday" really means. It means "a day set for honouring mother churches, the church where one is baptized and becomes a child of the church."

On Monday spontaneous post, BV Fair Lady narrated how those that live opposite their compound forgot totally that "tomorrow get belle." Apparently, two months ago, the borehole in Fair lady's compound was faulty and they had to fetch water from the compound opposite theirs. After allowing them the first day, they instructed their gateman not to let them in anymore. Karma did it's thing 2mnths later and now, they're in the same condition. Fair Lady and her compound people decided they're going to be the bigger people by allowing them to fetch but they refreshed their memories of their wickedness.

On Monday spontaneous post, an anonymous, narrated how she take her hand call police for herself. Anon's daughter noticed someone had been stealing her food in her class, after several investigation, it was discovered that her classmate, Gina was the culprit. Gina apologized to anon's daughter and also confined in Anon's daughter that she's an orphan that lives with her aunt. Her aunt doesn't give her breakfast nor lunch pack, she only eats at night, perhaps that's why she's very tiny. Anon's daughter, pleaded with her that she should pack lunch for Gina everyday which she obliged to even though her monthly income is just 42k. However, with the recent hike in prices of commodities, Anon could no longer afford to cater for Gina's food anymore which made Gina cry and the act broke her daughter's heart. Anon was confused on what to do, she asked BVs if she should confront Gina's aunt and how to detach herself from the situation.

On Monday in house news, Stella reminded iya Quadri that she's still waiting for her mail and also waiting for her to add her to the cooperative group. Stella also announced that she'd be joining the muslim brethren in the Ramadan fasting.

Handsome BV, Mystic Hercules float hub sent in his picture and also his business flyer.

Iman announced 20k Ramadan giveaway for 4 families during the month of Ramadan. He called on interested families to apply with proof. God bless you Engr Ayyub.

On Monday spontaneous post, BV Gifted narrated how her neighbour almost shifted her eyes because his customer transferred 9850 into her opay account. Even though Gifted told the neighbor that her charges for that amount is 150 as against 200 that others charge. Oga no gree o, he wan decide how Gifted go do her business for her say na 50 or #100 she suppose charge come almost dash omolomo heavy, blinding punch.

On Tuesday in house news, Stella realized that the year is running very fast and it's already a year that her dad passed. May his soul continue to rest in peace.

Anon brought update on Gina. Gina's aunt was confronted by her class teacher and the aunt said she didn't want that she suppose pack lunch box for her after eating breakfast. She promised to do better by her, Anon was very happy and relieved that the burden comot for her head. Stella announced that a blog angel was interested in the case and wanted to gift her some money for food but since it has been resolved, she would going tell the angel to gift another BV the money.

On a beautiful Wednesday morning, BV King Jerry woke up and categorized the blog anons. Dear Anon, kindly rush to the post and identify where you belong.

Y'all, it rained babies on Wednesday spontaneous post! BVs Poshscents and Esther Okoro announced the birth of dear mini Mes!! Big congratulations to them and baby dust to all TTC women, you all will carry your miracle babies soon.

Stella pleaded with BV Oki royalty to pls mail her her Facebook page because she wants to check out her content.

On Wednesday in house news, Stella announced that she was under the weather. Sorry Stella, I wish you all the strength you need.

Stella had a message haters of Tinubu and APC, she told them that if they want make she post hate comment about them, Dem go wait tire. Infact, she suggested that anyone that wants their fave topic or personalities posted on her blog, make they pay for advert because she no fit give anyone free publicity.

A BV wants to rent an apartment in lekki without agents wahala. So, Stella called on anyone/landlord that has an apartment for rent to send her a mail.

On Wednesday in house news, BV Sandra thanked Stella for creating a wonderful platform like SDKBLOG. She said she has met some really nice, easy going, drama going, no billing friends from the blog even though they haven't met one-on-one.

BV Morayo sought BVs opinions, she asked if it was right for her landlord to give them verbal quit notice even though their rent expired about 4mnths ago and they informed him that her husband lost his job. Though, God don pick their call his month, he don get another job but all their pleas to their landlord in giving them a little more time to gather the rent fell on deaf ears. He gave them 7days ultimatum to move out. They're owing him 250k. Lawyers like Sandra and Nocturnal explained to her that her landlord is acting based on the law.

On Thursday spontaneous post, a very curious Anon was asking if BVs S and D(mommy ayomide and daddy ayomide) are dating. The Anon alleged that since "D" gifted "S" 10k on her birthday, she lost her home training and started giving desperate vibes to alleged lawyer wasabi. The Anon said many things and alleged that some girls/BVs are shameless. BVs told the Anon to mind it's business and being a jobless, work no pay amebo.

BV Laycool woke up and listed how some of our Noble professionals wants their clients to fall into trouble for them to survive. BV Dante schooled him properly on how they provide services to people without wishing them evil.

An Anon on Thursday in house news told BV King Jerry to improve on his English language. He told her to write in his mother tongue if English no gree him make e no dey scatter the anon's brain with his grammar.

Due to BV Oki Royalty's constant complain of low sales and high cost of commodities, Stella asked her about the giveaway she promised, Oki assured her that her word is her bond that she would do it, however big or small. BV Ennie complained about low sales too as a hairdresser too. She advised Oki to add makeup and gele tying to her hustle.

BV Eezi narrated how accommodating she is to her cousins. How they come to her house without informing her especially at night after she'd finished cooking and still demand for food thereby making her eat "halfchop". The latest one was when her cousin came to the house after dinner was made as usual, she demanded for food, Eezi told her to take some but remain some for her daughter to take to school the next morning. Eezi woke up and met something wey no reach 4 spoons for pot her head wan burst. BVs advised her to set boundaries and put herself first.

An Anon pleaded with Stella to pls do giveaway for Muslims that are fasting. The Anon said she'd benefitted previously but needs it badly now because everything choke.

On Friday in house news, Stella told the Anon that complained about needing money for fasting to send her a mail.

Stella announced to those insulting get that she won't ever fold by posting their negative comments about Nigeria and the person at the helms of affairs. She said she's pro Nigeria and her platform wouldn't be a tool to promote any form of bad news about Nigeria, not even constant bullying would change that. She whispered to BVs that journalists with reputable platforms get news from the villa to post about the president. She's sticking to that and won't make stories for some people to download their anger and frustrations afterall, she no be political blog. She told BVs to speak out or shut up if they're hungry. She also wished that the constant trolling she keeps getting would make APC notice her and give her mega adverts. #Cornblogger #agbadolover #APCjournalist #Nigerialover.

BV Teejay wrote about the snake his neighbor saw in their compound. He also spoke about other snake tales, he advised BVs to pls fumigate their houses, cover all openings so that the deadly animals won't get a means of entering their homes.

BV Asia admitted to being the Anon from SP asking for Ramadan giveaway.

BV XP listed a very long list of delicacies one can prepare instead of rice.

On Saturday spontaneous post, Stella told the Ramadan fasters to stop sending her mails. Na only Anon she ask, about 4 people don rush send her mail claiming to be Anon poster. She wondered how they're fasting and lying.

BV Anakin was called out for posting someone else's work without adding "copied". but he came back the next day full force and apologised and corrected the impression...His response scatter Stella Dada.

BV Kelvin sounded a very serious warning to those posting copied posts without crediting the source. He asked them if they wan kobalize Stella. In reaction to his comment, Stella appealed to him to draw her attention to the copied posts. Blog Prof, Vicky Posh was also called out.
I hope to come your way on Sunday if Network is OK....

Please patronise my hustle...


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