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Sunday, March 03, 2024

Interesting X Narrative

WOW, what a story.....!!!

Policeman Hundeyin wrote;
"Fact, not fiction!
During the week, an older friend called me. With panic in his voice, he told me how he got to his building under construction and found that all the burglary-proofs, all the wirings, and the big power generator for construction work had all been carted away. Confused, he asked what he could do. I asked him to go to the nearest police station as quickly as possible. He got there, made his statement, visited the scene with the Investigating Police Officer (IPO) and provided all the information requested from him. Like an hour later, he called and was very impatient with the Police. He was not happy that the culprits had not been arrested and his items recovered. He kept reminding me that the stolen items ran into millions of Naira.

Approximately an hour later, he called me and informed me that the thieves had been arrested. With relief and surprise, I asked how that came to be. Here’s where it gets interesting. He said he simply took the sand from the footprint of one of the thieves and said something into the sand.

Brothers and sisters, in less than thirty minutes, two of the thieves showed up asking to see the person that contracted them to pack things from the building overnight because the person hadn’t paid their balance. My friend delayed them, called the IPO and they were arrested. They led the Police to where the items were. All of the items to the last pin were recovered.

So amused, I asked my friend what he said into the sand and with all seriousness, he said he just mentioned ‘Jesus’ into the sand. I don’t know if to believe him. It’s not that I’m doubting the name of Jesus. Of course not. I very well know that at the mention of that name, miracles happen. Still, I want to ask: should I believe him?"


  1. Na to go pick sand outside bank say Jesus be that o

    1. You want make hunger wire you die be dat. You soon ever see sand for bank? Even to pick money for floor for bank dey impossible. Banks no get better anointing. So no even reason am.

  2. It is possible is it not written at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is lord ?only to those who believeth

  3. JESUS, the Name that do the IMPOSSIBLE

  4. Replies
    1. Police officer, your work requires proper evidence and not snakes swallowing billions of naira. Sharing stories like this, makes your job seem irrelevant.
      If I can pick sand and get instant justice, why are your services needed?
      People should have faith but the faithless should also get justice.

  5. I believe him, if he said he used JuJu now most people would have believed him, but the name Jesus carry more authority than any JuJu ,so far your faith is solid, Jesus will deliver 💯

  6. God's way is truly mysterious 💯

  7. It is possible with faith

  8. It is very possible.

  9. Who take dis one do us for this Country, Oga take your job serious and forget tales by the moonlight.


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