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Sunday, March 31, 2024


Some laughs in text....

-.Someone walks up to you eating Ice-Cream and tells you to help him with bus-fare cos he's Stranded.. LMAO

- That awkward moment when you type"Trophyless" on Google and the result shows"Arsenal"..that was b4 last season sha.

-.Just put currency sign to be your profile picture and gidi girls would add you ASAP

-. If your Girlfriend refuses to accept the Bible and anointing oil or Quran as birthday gift, free her, she is a WITCH"

-.They say love is more important than money? Please try paying a conductor with a hug and kiss and tell me what you get.

-. Women are like police, they might have all the evidence in the world but they still want a confession.
-. People That Smoke Weed Before Going To Church. You Wanna Compete With The Most High?"
-. At home your parents will call you from your room to pick up something that is sitting literally 2inches away from them.

-. If God's Plan For You is BROWN TEETH, Even use of IRON SPONGE Cannot Change It!"
-. If 80k Brazilian hair couldn't get you a good husband, why not use it to pay a counselor to talk good sense into your life"

-. Ushers!.. They won't allow one sleep comfortably during service.. "Thought the house of God is also my father's house?"

-. WHITE KID BE LIKE: "Shut Up Dad"!!;* Dad shuts up* DAD REPLY'S-*Shut up too* Yoruba KID SAYS: "daddy, Shut up " *wakes up*....where am i? DOCTOR: .. At intensive care unit, LUTH ".
-. Some people with name fad, how can you be naming identical twins"Praise and Worship"?"


  1. Replies
    1. Hahha that parents calling kids to get stuff for them is so me and my daughter. Since she says i would not rest,she too would keep doing unnecessary errands.

  2. 不 ''Praise and worship" really??

  3. Lmao 不不不 abeg make person just marry me first 不不不不 I go do extensive explanation on our way home abeg 不不不

    Praise and worship 不不不不
    I just heard successful & fruitfulness

  4. 不不不marry me first ohh不I wil explain leta不不不

  5. That smoking weed to church is a BAD joke. Don’t try to mess with God. Some of US take it personal.
    But the one for the identical twins is funny. You know how Yorubas will give their twins Taiye, kehinde, then idowu and alaba. So it will be praise and worship , then thanksgiving and offering. Meanwhile I have actually seen miracle and testimony.

  6. 不不不不 I live for these memes


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