Stella Dimoko Sunday Spontaneous Post


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Sunday, March 24, 2024

Sunday Spontaneous Post

 #sunday #smile #positivethoughts

Good Morning!

You dey go Church today? Are you one of those who self snaps every move in Church? Or did you go to Church today because you have a new outfit to show off? Abeg no vexs nah question i ask!!!
Enjoy the day!



  1. Heavenly Father,we thank you, for the privilege of gathering together in your name. Lord as we lift our voices in prayer, we ask for your blessings to d in every aspect of our lives in Jesus name πŸ™
    Lord, we seek for your presence to fill our hearts and minds and may your Spirit unite us in love and fellowship in Jesus name πŸ™.
    Abba father,Open our ears to hear your word and our hearts to receive its truth in Jesus name πŸ™
    Illuminate our minds with divine wisdom, that we may gain a deeper understanding of your will and purpose for our lives in Jesus name πŸ™

  2. Happy Sunday beautiful people πŸ’•
    Today is palm sunday 🌴

    1. Happy Sunday mummy Ayomide

    2. This anonymous, you people should leave me alone naπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. O gini di? You'll vex me and make me change my mind oo.

    3. Happy Sunday Maris baby πŸ’–πŸ’–

    4. Happy Palm Sunday, Omalicha.πŸ˜˜πŸ’™

    5. Happy Sunday Apple 🍏babe πŸ’‹

    6. C'mon Super, we are just prophesying the Ayomide that you love into your life. Don't you want your dream to come into fruition?

    7. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
      Prophet isonu.

  3. Nigerians are always smart until it comes to religion....

    Happy Sunday brethren

    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣

      They substitute logical reasoning for religion fanatism. May God help us all.

    2. Ahn ahn Big Banty. Good to see you here. And an anon asked after you yesterday ooo. Welcome back.

  4. The Unveiler Of Divine Mysteries!!
    Ephesians 1:17.

    "The Holy Spirit in unveiling the mysteries of God to us. He’s the unveiler of divine mysteries and secrets. Only through Him can we truly know God and know things pertaining to the Kingdom.

    "The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of knowledge; He’s the embodiment of all wisdom and knowledge. With Him, you can never walk in darkness or be confused about anything in life. Remember, He made all things. If you’d recognise and take advantage of His ministry in your life, you’ll be an oasis of knowledge and a fountain of solutions in a dark, needy, and ignorant world."


    Dear Father, I’m grateful for the privilege of fellowship with the Holy Spirit who continually unveils the mysteries of the Kingdom to me. My path is illuminated to know and walk in my heritage in Christ, enjoying unending success, victories, fruitfulness, productivity, beauty and joy in Christ, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  5. Ramadan Day 14- Dua🀲

    Oh Allah grant us protection from those who are trying to harm us and have bad intentions towards us.
    Purify our hearts and fill it with goodness and kindness.
    Ramadan is the best time to strengthen our Taqwa.
    May the holy month bring us closer to Allah.Ya Ar-Rahman Amin🀲
    Good morning everyone πŸŽ‰

  6. Last night I had so much money that I began spending. Friends weren't left out as I gave to my guys that visited my home . It was so interesting that my account was huge with millions from a deal I executed only to wake up and discovered it was all but a dream. I have been moody since I woke up from sleep and checked my account balanceπŸ˜₯

    Why dream?

    Is God trying to show something to me about the future?

    Happy Sunday Guys!!!!

    © TEEJAY

    1. Teejay, read and comprehend my words verbatim..

      You need to pray and come against every form of poverty in your life. That dream, if it's real them it's a warning signal. It's not a good dream at all. It tells you to be more proactive in all you do. Work wise and hard then pray because there are some little things you don't take so important which is becoming a way of life to you.

      Watch out and be smart.

      Ire oooo

    2. Lastly, don't despise little beginning. Get down to hustle and make good use of every little money you have because tomorrow is not a friend to anyone.

      One love bro

    3. HUH? To dream one is rich in dream means poverty? ok so what happens when one dreams poverty in the dream?

    4. Pinky,

      You're not well. You should be the one praying against poverty. When did you become dream interpreter? This is how people like you instill fear on people.

      Please don't associate negative things on me next time. I didn't ask for interpretation if you read my comment very well.

      © TEEJAY

    5. Abeg claim your dream and speak positivity into your life. It's a good sign to me.

    6. Teejay you should have just told him u didnt ask for interpretation and not include he aint well, that was not necessary nau...I even thought you were catching cruise cos i have seen a joke like this on whatsapp...
      Pinky abeg next time waka pass any dream you see oh.

    7. Teejay the dreamer you dey

    8. Pele Teejay.

      I know I'm not well because if I'm well, I won't be serious with my life. Thanks for reminding because it's been long someone said that to me.

      I wish you well agba Mr well

    9. Stella,

      This here;


      ''because there are some little things you don't take so important which is becoming a way of life to you.':

      How much of me does Pinky knows about to write so certain? I don't like what he wrote hence my manner of response..

      © TEEJAY

    10. He brought a copied dream here and when they told him the meaning, he flared up. Mumu

      That's the meaning of the dream.

      Stella, if you dream you are poor, then you will become rich in the nearest future if you know what you are doing.

      If dream that you or someone else dressed flamboyantly, then a big sickness or death is knocking on the person's door.

    11. Teejay, agba baller, no vex ooooo..

      I mean no harm ok. No vex..

      I no go put mouth for ur issue again

      Ire oooooo

    12. Anon 08:55

      Your interpretation is flawed. So Joseph who dreamt of his other brothers bowing to him through the corns later became wretched or poor abi?

      You guys attach so much importance to your reasoning and I don't know why.

      Pls let such interpretation be for you.

      © TEEJAY

    13. Teejay if you kukuma write "copied" beneath ... Shey Pinky for know say na cruise. You like to copy and paste without acknowledging the source. Abeg change to save yourself too all these wahala

    14. Stella,

      You didn't release my first response to the Anon 08:55 who accused my dream comment as copied. I am not happy about that. People curse me here and their comments are enabled. It's not fair on me. You know how much I hate accusations. Of all things to copy, why should it be a dream? They do this often when they can't find errors in my comments. So they assume it's copied. They didn't believe I will ever improved here.

      Any comment I drop here without copied on it is strictly mine and I won't sound nice to anyone who accuse me next time. Pls don't withhold my comment I beg of you.

      © TEEJAY

    15. Teejay.. Amen to ur dream oo

    16. 🀣🀣 So teejay, you can ask pinky, "How much of you he knows"?
      Yet, I insisted I wasn't Game Mistress but you went on and on, yapping about how you know my comment was that of GM's and all that BS.
      Now person tell you meaning of your dream and you dey foam like detergent.
      I laugh in Swahili!
      Chai! What a wow!

    17. Are corns human beings? Did Joseph see himself dressed like a rich man?
      Keep bringing copied posts here without credit, anything your eye, see take am like that

    18. This pinky sef why do you love negative things just as almost all of your stories too.

    19. @Pinky, I must be different then, because each time I dream of abundant money, I always have it abubdantly that can make of a dream anything you want to ....the human mind is deep!

    20. Teejay (10:17), you "hate accusations" but you wrongly and falsely accused Game mistress. Hope you can see/feel how hurtful it can be?
      I do not like accusations and I don't like when people are accused for something I am super sure they didn't do.
      I made that comment the other day and that's why I am still saying, you, teejay, accused GM. And that's super duper wrong.

    21. I dare Game mistress that day to come forward but she knows why she didn't come out but let me drop two comments of hers cos I know the person doing this.

      I will bring another forward. All I want is for her to come out and debunk it. Someone should draw her attention.

      Game mistress. Contact me( bush meat2 March 2024 at 11:30

      ''Boda ode aka lawyer layi you will be alright last last😜 the dullest and most empty lawyer ever known though I doubt you're a lawyer anyway even a court clerk that shout "order" isn't this dull. Never seen you disagree with a point maturely, you go dey ok last last.''

      Anonymous22 March 2024 at 15:10

      Pele o boda teejay. Epele gan sir.
      Must you always make issues on the blog about you? Like, one issue go come up, then you go find a way to make it about you.......':

      I still have another. So make of it anything you want to.

      © TEEJAY

    22. Amen to your prayer Mrs Sharon. Thanks a lot. I believe what the mind conceive and believe becomes its reality. So I refuse negativity in my life and dreams.

      @Big Banty, I'm fine. Thank you.

      © TEEJAY

    23. I think it was that spending part that made Pinky misinterpreted the dream as a sign of poverty.
      How some people reason will make you wonder, as in just a mere dream you are trying to instill fear in him by telling him to pray against poverty.
      You are the one to change your mindset not Teejay.
      How come spending money in a dream means poverty.

    24. Teejay, you should know that the two comments are different. GM does not punctuate her comments. Look at her own and that anon's own. Not even a comma in her own comment. Nawa for you.
      Meanwhile, how are you sure that she saw the comment on IHN where you said she should respond? Is it everyone that sleeps on the internet like you?
      You go and call her attention to it, sebi that is her email on her profile. We have something better to do with our time and data.

    25. Pinky na wa for you sef, everything na negativity for your side. Be positive about life, your body and mind can read your emotions, it sends positivity into the universe which you get back in return.
      Make u no dey interprete wetin you no know.
      Tj, that was a bit harsh on Pinky.

  7. I am preparing to go to church.
    Happy palm Sunday everyone πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  8. Good morning beautiful people
    Happy Sunday
    On my way to church
    I must be in the house of my father
    Have an amazing Sunday everyone
    Fruitful week.

  9. Good morning beautiful people
    Happy Sunday to you all 😘😘

  10. Happy Palm 🌴 Sunday everyone..
    Do have a awesome time in the presence of the most High πŸ™

    1. Happy palm Sunday 😘😘😘

  11. Snapping in church ke...then the person no get reason to be in church niyen.he or she should be at the fashion show.

    Read this please.

    For the waiting mothers and fathers(I mean TTC), please lets join hands in prayer as we speak to God in tears for miracle to happen.

    You can use the below ad the prayer point.

    Psalm 127 v 3-4
    1 Samuel 1 v 20
    Genesis 40 v 22
    Luke 1 v 36
    Exodus 23 v 26
    Leviticus. 26 v 9

    1. Some churches in Lagos,the IT department snap you from the parking lot as you're stepping out of your ride.
      Another group of photographers inside, snap you during praise and worship.

      Check church websites online.

  12. The vile here sometimes is shocking the generalization is even more shocking people doing this forget that they have relatives of both genders , how can someone confidently insult an entire gender so brazenly .
    Sometimes i just quickly scroll pass some comments because i cannot believe that adults would not know where to draw the line , in as social media has now made all of use equal let us have some respect for each other in real life all of us no be the same age let’s not come here and lose our good values e no too make sense , reading that hissing post yesterday night gave me chills.

    1. CHILLS AS PER? please drop the topic and let it go...It is not everything u should take serious haba!!!

    2. Let's be fair here. Generalization isn't good but then, the women here do that often. I haven't seen women here say ''some men are scum' rather they will say men are scum. Men will stain your white. Men are adulterers in nature.

      So when a man choose to do the same, you all cry murder. Does that make sense to you people?

      Selective Justice is nothing but hypocrisy.

      You ladies should do well too in labelling of men.

      © TEEJAY

    3. Teejay good morning so you mean all the women on this blog generalise ?

    4. Anon 09:03,

      Not all women. The sensible ones don't.

      © TEEJAY

    5. You are taking it serious on a faceless blog.Do you know or have you met any of them.
      Social media kinda makes everyone fearless, once they get data they hide behind keypad and be throwing vile in them. If you can't stand it, you block them instead of exchanging words with unknown faces.

  13. One thing I cherish about TOMORROW is, you will never know who will be relevant, available, alive, bigger, smaller, richer, poorer, and most needed.
    Tread carefully and softly, because only GOD knows tomorrow.
    So be good to everyone.
    Tomorrow Is Real.

    Good morning and a lovely Sunday to you allπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’πŸ’ŸπŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ˜˜πŸ˜❤

  14. A secondary school geography teacher went to drink at a beer parlour after school on friday. His wife was at home waiting for him to come back as usual. Past 4pm he’s not yet back, so the wife thought he is staying for evening class. 8pm he is not yet back so the wife became worried and alerted some friends. They all went to the school to find everywhere empty. They called the principal and he said the man left for home immediately after school. This made the wife to become more worried. It’s now 11pm so they went and reported to the police who joined in the search. At about 2:30pm, they found the man sitting at a corner, awake and not sleeping. They reached to him and asked why he has refused to come home. He called them a bunch of illiterates…. you lack knowledge in geography.... since the earth rotates with everything in it, I decided to sit here and wait for my houseπŸ˜‚

    1. Police don't search until after 24 hours that the person had gone missing πŸ™„

    2. 08.58, abeg chill, life no hard na.

    3. True that.

      Lily you flopped.
      Police search begins after 24hours.
      No exceptions.

  15. Obianuju Augustina24 March 2024 at 08:39

    Happy Sunday to the amazing people of Sdkville!

    1. Happy Sunday beautiful 😘😘😘

  16. Goodmorning Stella.
    Goodmorning Beevees.
    Day 84 of 366!!!!
    Awesome Are You Lord

  17. Good morning Sdkers, wishing y'all a happy Sunday.

    So... a quick question

    Does a bride have the right to tell her bridal train not to expose their breasts or too much flesh to her wedding??

    This debate has been long overdue.

    1. Yes ofcos why not

    2. Of course

      It's your wedding. Besides, your friends are a reflection of who you are.

      If they are showing breast, then you are that type.

      Now, for the wedding, it's your day your rules. Anyone who cannot dress appropriately to the event should not make up your train.

      Unless it those people that need the asoebi money to fund wedding.

      Then you can't talk abi?

      If it's not asoebi but the train. Still tell them. You have how you want your day to be. So pick people who will make it a reality for you.

    3. Yes.
      My wedding invite bore the inscription "Dressing^Decent"
      You don't dress embarrassingly naked to an Anglican Cathedral.

      The after party shaπŸ€­πŸ˜²πŸ™ˆ
      Refused to end fa. Maddd babes.

  18. some people go to church to gossip and go back home forming holier than thou behaviouir - PLEASE!

  19. Already in church ⛪ πŸ™

    Good Morning Everyone ❤

    Happy Palm 🌴 Sunday

    1. In church and in blog? Hmm

    2. 9:38, assistant Jesus
      Sho gba e

    3. 9:38, don't just bother your pretty/handsome head.
      In church, "Christians" will be on their phones and even make comments that they are in church.
      If only they know how foolish they sound. Cos I am super sure they won't be in their boss' office, pressing their phones. Even if what the boss is saying is boring or makes no sense, they will still stand or sit there, "shinning their teeth" but cos na church, no "10kobo respect" for God.
      Why not just stay at home instead?
      That's why some people go to church every week but have nothing to show for it.

    4. Depends on her denomination.
      Churches like Catholic, Anglican,Coza, Dominion City, Dunamis et al.
      You sit out in the overflowf some time , waiting for 1st service to end before moving in.

  20. Good morning blogfam
    Happy Palm Sunday
    Have an awesome and amazing time in God's presence today.
    Stay happy and blessed,one love❤❤❤

  21. Good morning beautiful people of SDK blog😊😊

    Happy Sunday to you all πŸ’•πŸ₯°

  22. Good morning and happy Palm Sunday beloved.

  23. XP is wrong in her claims sometimes but 80% of the time, she is right and knows what she is doing. Although she deliberately mixed up the dates on the perfume advert that she asked us to go and check out on Friday IHN but if you type the post title and date and include SDK blog, it will bring out the advert she is talking about, with another date.
    Now I also know who Oyingate is, she is not Olori orente.

    1. Many of us knew since after seeing the perfume advert.

    2. Seen the error. March 2022 not 2024.
      It wasn't deliberate aunty.πŸ™„

      Let people's wives be, she's no longer here,we have to respect that exit.

  24. Good morning my people
    SDK I don't snap in church, I sometimes snap my daughter after church service any day she wears a very beautiful dress because the church environment is beautiful.
    Have a beautiful Sunday everyone

  25. Good morning SDK and BVs. Happy Sunday.

  26. Stella's question just took me down memory lane...

    Then as a teenager I wouldn't miss Sunday service for anything in the world just to show off my new outfit πŸ˜‚. This life eeh, thank God for growth o 🀭

  27. Good morning everyone
    Happy Sunday People

  28. God has highly exalted him.
    Hosanna!!! Hosanna in the highest.
    Today is palm Sunday guys. Even if we can't join other brethren in church in singing and praising the almighty, pls do that in your closet.
    Praise him my brothers and sisters, pls praise him.he deserves all our praises.
    Happy Sunday everyone πŸ’•

    1. Blessed is the name of the Lord.

      The Angels are singing.
      Hosanna in the highest.

  29. Good morning to y'all on here
    I wasn't able to go to the church today o
    E no easy!


  30. What's the first thing you'd buy when you become wealthy enough to get anything you want?

    Get a house for my mom
    Take my mum abroad (mama has suffered a lot)
    Send my mom on a pilgrimage. It will compliment her position in church.
    Buy my mum a she can leave dat her leaky leaky house..
    ....establish a solid investment portfolio, create emergency funds, and plan for long-term financial stability to take care of my children's future. (This aunty is even one of the most intelligent and considerate among them o. Just for you to know it's follow-come).

    My beloved nephew, nobody mentioned they'd do anything for their dad or husband! Not a person! They all had only their mothers in mind. I'd reiterate this, marriage holds no single benefit for a man. He's merely being used.
    Some of them will try to put up a defence of their dad being late, but ask yourself why fathers mostly die first. In fact, in every home, there's this automatic unstated belief that fathers will be the first to kpai! That's how useless men are viewed.

    Even the kids you nearly killed and probably still kill yourself to cater for hardly give two fucks about you, mostly because of the way the person who was breastfeeding them and doing shit took her time to brainwash them while you were toiling and tilling the earth to provide for them.
    You better listen to your uncle now- marriage holds no benefit for you. If you're already in it, or still insist on going into it because of societal pressure, no carry woman or children for head. Do what you can and assiduously plan your old age.
    Nobody gives a fuck about an old man without money.

    1. Ceaser my brother, father is late else he would have been mentioned in my comment as well. Both parents did much for us but truth be told, mom did it more for me. I owe her everything in life.

      © TEEJAY

    2. I had this discussion with a friend recently about men becoming strangers in their homes, and how I will never let that happen to me.

      Man go pay rent or build house, provide, buy TV and all, but him go dey feel like stranger for the house cos him wife and kids don take over everything, even before the kids comes, even if na 3 bedroom apartment, na so the wife go make sure say she put her things for every space in the house, the man no go get place for himself, even him wardrobe, she go still put her things inside, TV not? You no git watch movie of your choice again unless you won follow am dey watch Zeeworld or S! MP movies.. when you decide that you want to see yours, she go begin carry face, and this doesn't matter if you have 10 TVs in the house because na that particular one way you dey watch she go want..

      Iikr someone like me that is more of a introvert and I'm used to my space already, like just me alone in my whole apartment, it'll be unfair for me to now bring someone into the space and the person now tries to take everything and leave me to be managing.. is that fair?

      Let's all just be considering the other person while doing things, it's not a thing of pride or to brag about how you have taken over all the space in the home,. If he decides to do same, do you think you'll see where to put yours too?

      Like something's they brag about is just so embarrassing, just imagine a lady saying she becomes broke as soon as a man says he wants to date her.. don't you have any shame? Does that sound sensible to you?..
      But if I talk Una go dey vex, but Una no won still act well..

      Anyway, I can't wait to get married so that I'll be using my wife's photo for DP in all my social media 😁

    3. Then you and other men shouldn't marry na. Abi dem put gun for una heads, say una must marry by force?
      Last I checked, the response of the females on this blog(regarding that post), doesn't equate the response you would get from other females outside the blog.
      So, kindly stop lumping all women as one, based on your "Low budget inec collation" from the blog.

      Ire o

    4. *That's how useless men are viewed....

      Where is the lie here?
      Most Nigerian men are useless.

      The reason why y'all die before your wives most times is because of the useless lifestyles that y'all live.

    5. Again, teejay mentioned doing something for his mum (sorry to mention your name, @teejay) but you no talk cos na response from a male. You turned a blind eye but na women own you see.
      Sorry ehn! One day you (all of una) go dey alright.

    6. Mmmmh, only if men get involved in their kids lives beyond just being a sperm donor and 'provider' will this narrative change!

  31. I am Grateful to God for the gift of life as I walk through the 4th floor gorgeously. OgheneOchukoMe!!! #4th year on the 4th Floor #ProudlyDeltan #ProudlyUrhobo
    Happy Birthday to me

    Love, Oldest Blog Visitor (at least one of) on SDK

    1. Hey pola i am doing you a stand alone post, dont worry!
      Have a blessed Birthday susterfriend!!!

    2. Contact us for your cleaning services. 0913080118624 March 2024 at 10:11

      Happy Birthday to you.

  32. Happy sunday everyone.
    If ur discussing with ur man and u tell him in passing dat u wish d cute kids u saw when u went out were urs then he says kids
    will come at d right time amd when dey start coming they will come in aboundance.does dis man have a future with me or his olaying i am asking so i can leave.anty stella help me post thank u.

    1. why dont u send in a proper chronicle so you can get good advice? Tis one you posted here doesnt make sense

  33. Good morning happy palm Sunday to everyone

  34. Happy Sunday SDK Family.
    Happy Fruitful birthday Pola, age gracefully

  35. "Huncle" was just crying upandan on the hissing post yesterday. So, something dey pain you like this? 🀣🀣🀣
    I was like, chai, make this guy vein no go burst like this oh, bikonu.
    Baba Ayomide, e Pele o

  36. Good morning,
    Palm Sunday

    SOME OF YOU HERE ARE ANGRY COS I FORGIVE SOME PEOPLE THAT SCAmmed me or said terrible thing s about me, i dont wanna live in/with bitterness...if you refuse to take my advice on forgiveness, dont expect me to take yours and keep on hating...All this digging up of old sins is sweet and dramatic but after that what next?hmmm thank God say i get pomo wey teeth no fit bite skin but what of those that are too sensitive? #thinkaboutitkindacomment #ifyouseeerrorcorrectamwithyaeyes

    1. Have you forgiven Linda?

    2. AnonyπŸ˜‚

      Please stop typing gbagauns,my belle is beginning to swell from viewing them.

  38. If you're talking with your partner and casually mention that you wish the cute kids you saw were yours, and he responds by saying that kids will come at the right time and when they start coming, they will come in abundance, should I consider his response as a sign of a future together or is he just stringing me along? I'm asking because I want to know if I should end things.


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