Stella Dimoko Man Who Killed His Childhood Friend And Sold His Bike Blames It On The Devil


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Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Man Who Killed His Childhood Friend And Sold His Bike Blames It On The Devil

Sad story!!!!
Betrayal beyond belief!

A 39-year-old fruit trader, Babalola Dolapo, has narrated how he killed his childhood friend, Evangelist Opeyemi Oyelakin, stole his motorcycle and dumped his corpse in a pit on Oke-Igbo Road in Oke-Igbo/Ile-Oluji Local Government Area of Ondo State.
Dolapo, who spoke to newsmen after he was arrested by police detectives in the state, said he sold the stolen motorcycle for N130,000 after killing his friend.
He confessed committing the crime with one Sikiru Mutiu, who is now on the run.
He said: “It is the work of the devil, I can’t explain because this person that we are talking about was my close friend. Truly, his bike is not the first bike I would steal but I have never killed before. Even those that are not related to me, I snatched the bike from them and did not harm them but this one is just a coincidence.

“We sold this motorbike for N130,000 and we shared the money equally because we were two in the business. When we wanted to collect the bike from him, he struggled with us and I hit him with stone. I know his mum and younger brother.
“I can’t explain why I killed him. I am a trader, I sell oranges but I don’t have a shop. I do go to villages to buy oranges. I am from Oyo State, but resides in Ondo town. I’m yet to marry and this would be the first time I would come to this area. I have been in the business since 2021.”

On the incident, the state police commissioner, Abayomi Oladipo, who led detectives and medical personnel to evacuate the decomposing body of the deceased from the pit where it was dumped in the bush, frowned that farm owners where the corpse was dumped failed to alert the police despite the stench in the area for days.

Oladipo said: “Through technical intelligence, the suspect was arrested and upon interrogation, he confessed to how the motorbike rider was engaged from Ondo town to take him and one other to a farm area in Oke-Igbo.

“The rider, who incidentally happened to be his friend and brought him to this area where we are and on getting to this point, they came down under the pretence that they wanted to inspect their farm.
The other suspect, who is now at large, griped the Okada rider by the back while the arrested suspect hit him with stone on the head and used wood to batter his head.

“Thereafter, they carried the dead body into the bush and used leaves to cover him and left him there. After interrogation, the suspect led operatives to this particular location where they kept the body of the deceased and that is why we are here to evacuate the corpse and do the necessary procedure so that the family can bury him.
“I want to use this opportunity to alert members of the public, especially those who ride Okada, to be careful of the passengers that engage their services to far areas or take them to isolated roads.

“Also, I want to say that the residents of this area, especially those who have been farming here since March 15, when this incident happened till date, kept mute which is not supposed to be. So, what we are saying is that if you see something, you must say something.

“At the moment, we are still investigating to apprehend all other offenders who are on the run.
“Also, we have embarked on enlightenment campaign to sensitise Okada rider to know that it’s dangerous to take passengers to isolated places.”

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  1. I cried while reading this. How can you do this to a friend. What kind of wickedness is this.

  2. 😭😭,, you killed a whole human being you can not create because of bike? Your friend? Jeez! Heartless devil you deserve to be hit by a moving truck and then start cutting your body parts one by one until you are lifeless.

  3. Man inhumanity to man. Very sad story

  4. Lagos Mainland Girl3 April 2024 at 11:58

    This one is not a friend, he is an enemy.
    The heart of man is wicked. That's why as a beliver you cannot afford to be friends just with anybody, you need to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal who someone is to you. It's only God that can unearth and reveal the true identity of people to us
    This is verrry frightening.

  5. Hmmmmm.... You took someone's life just because of 130k? Your wickedness knows no bound.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Wicked soul, so much for friendship 😌😌😌

  8. This man is heartless. 😭😭

  9. Reason why I hate prison outreach. Those animals deserve no charity visits.

    1. My dear BB, the day they invited me for prison evangelism, I told them that it is not my calling, prison and hospital evangelism, I nor dey go! Imagine the friend decided to help him to lessen the burden on him for transportation to get his fruits; now killing dey him mind for a friend who was helping him. I don't even buy fruits from men anymore, most of them are boko haram members; I nor know wetin them don inject inside the fruit. I only buy fruits from women; and I ask them where they got the fruits from.

    2. Anon, 16:06 and blackberry are very ignorant of life's ways. For you to include hospital visitation as something you turn down shows how you reason except it was a typo

    3. There are innocent people in Prison...but then, even the guilty need to hear the message of repentance.

  10. They should just send him to go and deliver the message back to the devil that sent him,they should torture him very well before sending him back to the devil

  11. We all should be careful of whom we call FRIEND.times are strange.wat people do,also strange.

  12. Kai,this is painful to even read.

  13. Wicked human being,Devils incarnate

  14. Work of the devil indeed, but you are the devil. Orange life couldn’t keep you content and at peace, so you decide a bike is what will. Envy is deadly! The fact you related your whole life history tells me something was happening in the deceased life that triggered you. Either he was getting married or bought some property or something bigger and uplifting, likely his family knows. This wasn’t about the bike, this was about your inability to handle your friend’s progression while your own life was stagnant. By removing his life you would remove the reminder of your sad life.

    May the deceased RIP and their loved ones find peace.

  15. Friend from hell😭😭

  16. Oga you were never a friend and yes it's the work of the devil because you're the devil himself.

    Chaii just imagine the level of cruelty πŸ’”... You don't deserve to be alive the next second sef

  17. Greed...he had to kill the friend to avoid arrest, since the friend can report him. He was also didn't trust his accomplice to with the proceeds of the robbery and felt the need to accompany him.


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