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Monday, May 13, 2024

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative..


Please house I want to have a quite wedding where I will have just few guests, I plan to have just 35 guests maximum inclusive photographer, catering service person, mc and all family members. I will have just one of my friend that will do my makeup and that is all. 
Will have both trad and court marriage same day, will have a small hall for everything on that same day in the state we reside.
I don't intend to invite my office people, I don't want crowd or hearing tomorrow that they contributed 1k to gift me something on my wedding day. Let them just hear about it when I post on my status though I have told them long time ago when they complained about contributing for a colleague who retired and another who got married.
Mind you I do make contributions for others but I don't want their wahala or stress. Will inform my boss and the HR cos of the few days leave that will be given to me as an entitlement for anyone getting married. Is there anything wrong with that I have planned to do?

There is nothing wrong at all with this plan...I did not invite my Colleagues from Encomium back then to my wedding for almost the same reason, they heard about it and were still doubting until my Boss added Korkus to my name.....
You dont owe any one any explanation on how you conduct your wedding please...
I got schooled on this Abroad when i see that even inside a family not everyone will be invited and they have no problem with it and still laugh and hug the next day...Anyone that keeps malice with you cos of this, please ignore the person....
Congrats in advance.
I am sure there are others here who have had quiet weddings as well..


  1. My dear, nothing wrong. Do what makes you happy. Congrats on your upcoming wedding.

    1. Poster are you my doppelganger?
      The kind thing I will do!
      I hate crowd, drama and paparazzi.....
      Just can't deal with the queue of ashoebi and that fake....what's that rubbish they do in the night of wedding wearing night gown and faking everything! I've forgotten it!
      Is it the crowd? With the unnecessary unending pictures!

  2. This is exactly how I want my wedding to be especially since I do not have parents and my sisters are not in the country.
    Simple and very quiet 🤐. My friends are ok with it (they just want me to marry) Lol 😂
    Sis do whatever makes you happy. The world will adjust.

    Lucent (I don’t know what happened to my blog ID🤦‍♀️)

  3. This has never been a problem, many people do have small wedding and I don't see any one that has ever sue them to court because of that. You don't need anyone's validation to do what's best for you

    *Larry was here*

  4. Excellent decision! Nothing tops it. It is your day and how you want to spend it is your sole prerogative as a couple. I think gradually, the big wedding thingy is beginning to go out of style and that's a very good development I'll say.

  5. It's your choice. Do what you are at peace with. As long as your family is there , you are good to go. Congratulations to you .

  6. I don't think there is anything wrong with your arrangement. Do things that please and satisfies your conscience, don't wait for anyone's validation. If they get to hear that you wedded and you didn't inform them, just tell them , it was a quite wedding. They shouldn't feel offended. I wish you the best

  7. Do as you like.

  8. Poster it's your wedding and it is entirely up to you.

    Let your HR and line manager know about it officially (You could let them know that this is a private affair). However you need to be tactical so other colleagues don't get wind of it...

    Here is my own suggestion, you can simply ignore it:

    You can reserve some souvenir items (if you are doing this) and share with your colleagues upon your resumption, let them know you did a small wedding and this is your token to them...

    They will be alright las las...

    All the best...

  9. There's absolutely nothing wrong with your plans.

  10. Nothing wrong. Congrats and a great married life to you.

  11. There's nothing wrong with your decision dear. I had a small wedding too...just my and hubby's immediate family and 3 mutual friends of hubby and I. Reception was had in our sitting room. I keep thanking God for that decision, we borrowed nothing and owed no one nothing after the wedding.

    I gave my colleagues egg roll and malt when I closed.

  12. You are my type of person in this area

  13. It's fine, there's nothing wrong with ur decision.

  14. Congratulations & may God bless your home.

  15. My dear, it's your wedding not the community wedding. Mine was even 40 guest, who were thrilled with the compact event. They all ate to their fills and gifts were exchanged. We had the court and trad, same day. No do pass yourself o, the memory is not the wedding day but the peace you both create and live in the marriage.

    Because there's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a small, intimate wedding that focuses on you and your partner without the stress of a large crowd or office obligations. Your wedding day should reflect your preferences and priorities. It's thoughtful that you've communicated your intentions to your office previously, and it's perfectly acceptable to keep your wedding guest list limited to close family and friends. Enjoy your special day exactly as you've envisioned it!

  16. A colleague got married and didn’t invite anybody from the office, in fact, she didn’t even post pics, she just resumed work on a monday and flashed her ring, that’s how we knew she had gotten married. We congratulated her and teased her small, everybody went their way. Today we are all cool, nobody even remembers that she didn’t invite ppl for her wedding, work continues.
    Moral of the story: do you, the world will adjust.

  17. Wisdom is good especially in this economy ,no problem is a good thing you have decided ,I did my wedding in January for the same reason ,not many people

  18. Do what makes you happy. Congratulations!

  19. Your wedding, your choice.
    May God bless your home!!

  20. I had my wedding 7am on a Thursday with just about 30 people in attendance. Just do your thing and face front. Anybody wey vex, make dem go hug transformer

  21. My traditional marriage was for everyone my court marriage was for few people like 50 but my church marriage was fir just 6 persons including me and my husband.

  22. My traditional marriage was for everyone my court marriage was for few people like 50 but my church marriage was fir just 6 persons including me and my husband.

  23. I had 10 people at my wedding. We had the civil ceremony at the house and had a lunch. It was an amazing intimate day. I dont like crowds and stress that comes with it. We used the money for a lovely honeymoon. Do what you want to do for you. Forget about society and people esp colleagues.

  24. I had 10 people in attendance at my wedding, infact, no reception, cos it was held in our living room, I just cook small pot of jollof rice, make salad, made chicken, beef and turkey, and we are still married till date....22 years, and still counting.


  25. This is how I want to do my wedding, I no even get energy for stress at all. Small wedding is my thing.
    Na your wedding do am as you fit do am

  26. small weddings are great but please that hall you want to collect may increase the tempo of the size. Just do it quietly preferably in you and hubby sitting room or you parents compound or living room.

  27. My kind of event 👍

  28. I don't see anything wrong with it, as long as you're comfortable

  29. Poster you are just like me . I like my things very simple, I don't like too much of crowd .

  30. My dear, abeg anything that makes you and hubby comfortable, please go ahead.
    Some people wey wed months ago still dey owe!


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