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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



I am 43years of age but when people see me, they always say I don't look my age. I also married late and my first born is 8 years but when people see me and my children, they ask maybe I'm the one that gave birth to my three children and I'm tired of people asking or saying I don't look my age. What does it mean? I am not on the big side.
If I had married at my tewnty's, that means people will never believe I gave birth to them. Nawa oo.

Maybe they mean that you look older than your age......Wait by saying you are not on the big side, does it mean that you mean you look younger?Why does what people say or think even bother you?


  1. I asked before and I ask again, do you look younger or older than your age?

    1. Candy make i perch here small. I want to dance. I promise I wont pour you dust!!!!!.

      Blessings have been falling on me from all directions! 🀩 I was so thrilled to receive Angel Koof's giveaway yesterday, and then today, my boss complimented my writing skills in front of everyone during the meeting. This woman is known for pointing out flaws, so to hear her say "You write so well" was amazing! πŸ₯³. She used my submission as an example.
      I'm beyond grateful for these wonderful surprises oh. God is definitely smiling down on me this season. If you know how i panic while writing eh, you will know how much the compliment means to me.
      Thank you, Lord! πŸ’–


    2. congratulations Justamy. Thanks for not raising dust.

    3. Na chronicle be ds?

    4. Justamy congrats. More to come!
      Poster this your story dey confusing, are they implying that you look younger or older?

  2. What is this? You are confused because you don’t look your age, is that a different kind of problem?


  3. Is this even supposed to be a problem... what's your business with what people think? Hian!!
    Madam please you don't have a problem

    1. I wonder ooioo!!! why this made a chronicle. She has no worries then.

    2. This one no get problem dey create problem for herself!!

  4. There is nothing to worry about here.

  5. This chronicle made me πŸ˜‚

  6. poster you don't have any problem, allow them to choose whatever they want to believe. You are not suppose to worry your head over who believe you gave birth to your children or not. Except you want to tell us those children are not your biological children.

    I have baby face too and i can pass for under 20. I love the baby face more than over age face. You can also change your dressing cos it may send wrong age to those you want to worry yourself over what they believe.

  7. All these people that will come online and be saying they don't look like their age at all.
    I am asking is it a crime for one to look their age.
    And if you see them in reality they actually look their age

  8. Poster this might mean two things.
    1: You look old to give birth to small kids like them
    2: You look young to be their mother.
    But either ways, I don't know why that should not bother you. You all are in good health abi?
    Just smile and walk away. #kabish!!

  9. I don't think it should bother you o,if you look younger than your age,that's fine,if you are on the small side ,maybe that's why,cos I'm petite and I look way younger than my age.

  10. This is nothing serious now. You either look older or younger than your age, so what?🀷
    What they believe is not your business, and does not change the fact they're your kids.

  11. If you look younger than your age, it's a good gene, embrace it.

  12. What about those who are almost 60 years old that people think are 35 - 45 years old based only on their physique.
    Your self duty is to comport yourself well and decorously in public.
    Whoever wants to treat you older or younger is free to do so provided your rights are not trampled on.
    And when your rights are trampled on, act civilly in protesting or asking for the wrong to be stopped/corrected.
    Some have the gift of looking younger.
    Some have the gift of looking older.
    Whichever gift you have, use well.
    That's all.

  13. How is this an issue ma?

  14. whether you look older or younger. You are married and God has blessed you with children. Some of us are your age mate without husband or child.
    Be happy.

  15. Madam! just face your kids, You didn't send us a picture, so I can tell whether you look younger or older than your age, Don't bother your head, People will always talk.

  16. Much ado about nothing. Get a hobby and find peace.

  17. Confused...
    So sorry to say that, you are not serious at all.

    Ignore whatever things they say about you and thank God for his mercies and favor upon your life.

  18. Please send in your pictures, your age and the ages for your kids to analyse your chronicle.

  19. I don’t want to blv she specificall sent this in as a chronicle, may be she just dropped it as a comment and the chronicle folder is kinda empty, so Stella decided to pick it up and post here. If not…..🀷🏾‍♀️

  20. People often say this to me and I see it rather as a first son is very tall, almost my height.when am not with my kids, people think am single cos I look very young and one can't easily guess my age.
    Pls be happy.

  21. Poster,your age is your personal business and one is not supposed to carry it on his/her forehead.People will always have their opinion on things. Henceforth stop telling them.Age is nothing but a number.

  22. Maybe you look all wrinkled and dry for your age. Try add some flesh so you'd look your age. #DHmr

  23. Mschew. Attention seeking chronicle

  24. I am asking the same question Stella asked cos i don't understand the essence of this chronicle madam youngest.


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