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Friday, May 17, 2024

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Dear BVs..
Please i need these dreams interpreted....
These are the dreams that I need to be interpreted:

Dream 1. I was in my secondary school dorm room and my elder sister called me out of my room (we went to the same secondary school and same hostel too). Then she told me to give her a list of everything I need including my post graduate school fees schedule. My sister is the most successful in the family.

Dream 2: I dreamt that I was in my childhood home. I entered my mother’s bed and saw it was not tidy. Then I made the bed and afterwards put mosquito net over her bed. When I was done I saw a set of new lace/ cotton panties (different colors, floral, etc) that were my size on her bed. And my mother told me that the panties are mine. Afterwards I noticed that her mirror was dirty and I told her that I will come back to clean her mirror. She is still alive. My dad is late. She and my dad had a bitter marriage. I am 36 years old and not married.

The last dream: I dreamt that I was in my current room and then I started praying. As I was praying a rat came out and I threw a bucket over it to trap it. Then I went close to my sister and started praying inside both of her ears one after the other.
My current circumstance: the last one year has been rough. Been sick and couldn’t go to work. I am recovering thanks to God....

I dunno how Interpret but these dreams look like geared towards failure...




  2. Stagnation and backwardness will never be your portion in Jesus name but you need to pray and pray very well ,for yourself and by yourself.God speed in Jesus name

  3. Stagnation and backwardness will never be your portion in Jesus name but you need to pray and pray very well ,for yourself and by yourself.God speed in Jesus name

  4. Your sister dey do you

  5. These are good dreams
    Your redemption s close by
    Why are you so down if your sister is successful
    Not in this life. I’ll carry myself straight to my sisters house if need be
    Go and tell what you need
    Also that dream about your mother, the way I see it, take your self with your cleaning supplies and go clean up your mothers place. You don’t have money but give her service and let her bless you from her heart. You know there’s cleaning and there’s CLEANING. Do CLEANING

  6. Dreams don't have to mean anything. It will be straining credulity to force meaning on basic neurological patterns. Your life and how it turns out is entirely up to you. Trying to look for meaning where there is none is basically setting yourself up for frustration.

  7. You are being spoken about by others in the family. I do not feel that it is necessarily bad, but have you offended anyone or made promises that you did not keep?

    Be careful of those you associate with, particularly romantically. Please get yourself tested for any std and always use a condom if you are sexually active. Do not associate with anyone of poor character who could damage your reputation by being associated with them. If your reputation is damaged it will be very difficult to clean it up.

  8. First two dreams are Bad it depicts spirit of delays and servitude. Last dream is not yet complete you need to ask God to give you grace to dream again and completely murder that Rat which depicts Reproach that's why I can't completely label it as bad because it's showing you in what direction to pray.
    May the Lord hear and answer you speedily.

  9. Finding yourself in your secondary school and your childhood home or any level that you have long passed in real life portrays stagnation, setbacks and delay.
    However, it seems like you’re already aware to some extent of what’s going on and have been waging war against it.

    The fact that you received money in your dream to fund a future pursuit (PG school) could mean that the yoke of delay is about to break perhaps due to spiritual warfare and the most interesting part of your narration to me is the 2nd dream where you cleaned up your mom’s bed.
    How are the lives of your mother’s other children going? Are they doing great, badly or just average?
    If they are just ok, or not so good, it’s possible that there may be a foundational problem and you have been called to be the repairer of the breach, not just for yourself, but for your mother or father’s bloodline, which is why you cleaned up her bed. Sometimes, people in this position are the worst hit by generational afflictions and the problems are what eventually drives them to seek God’s face.

    Note that the new (colourful) panties in your size that you saw on the bed after you cleaned up could very well be a representation of your reward as the repairer of the breach for your family.
    Please read the whole of Isaiah 58 and meditate on it, asking the Holy Spirit to shine the light of the word in your heart.

    Dream 3. Praying and catching a rat seems like a good thing, your prayers smoked out the evil that was hiding within.
    Praying into your sister’s ears could mean that you need to intercede on her behalf.
    If she’s a shining light helping the family, better believe that the devil will be out for her too, especially through health issues.

    In all, this is not the time to be battle weary, even though it is the most tiring stage.
    Remember the dirty mirror in your dream, there’s still work to be done concerning your mother’s children, but you are almost there. Ask the Holy Spirit for strength, you must prevail.
    Be comforted, knowing that God did not bring you this far to abandon you.

    1. It’s not true
      I often dream about school and my life is just fine

    2. Not true @16.27
      I dream about that too but my life is not stagnant at all. Prayer points of years ago have been answered and even much more that I did not pray for.
      Be careful about what you feed your mind.

  10. So every dream you people dream nowust have meaning and need interpretation? Na wa for una.

    1. Not all dreams have a meaning but the spirit knows when a dream is saying something deeper.

  11. I don't know much about dream interpretation but someone once told me that seeing rat in a dream means presence of witch. I suggest you pray against any witchcraft attack in your life and your family's life as well.

  12. I have always dreamt of myself still in secondary school. Also in my childhood home till date. People will call it stagnation or delay but I call it memories that built me. I do not believe I have any delay in life. Good 6 figure job abroad. Bought a house as a single mom. My daughter is in private school. Was married before and just got married again. I never believed they were bad dreams . They were just dreams to me. Please focus on the future and how to improve yourself. Keep praying. Do your part, God will do the rest. Be good to people and bless people with the little you have.

    1. You are right

    2. But do you have these dreams every single day?

    3. Bless you.

  13. I am neither Joseph nor an authority on dream interpretations. But from the similarities in these dreams, it seems they are interwoven and interrelated somehow. If we carefully explore the possible meanings of these three dreams based on the provided details, you may agree with my perspectives. Let's start with the first dream.

    Dream 1:
    This dream might symbolise feelings of dependency and the need for support, likely reflecting your current situation of recovering from illness and being unable to work. Your elder sister, being the most successful in the family, represents a source of stability and support. This could indicate a subconscious desire for assistance and reassurance regarding your future plans and financial needs.

    Dream 2:
    This dream appears to address themes of care and nurturing. Tidying your mother’s bed and placing a mosquito net might reflect your desire to provide protection and order in both your life and your mother’s. The new panties symbolise new beginnings or personal growth, suggesting you might be ready for a fresh start or a new phase in your life. The intention to clean the mirror could represent a wish to gain clarity or to see things more clearly in your relationship with your mother or in your life.

    Dream 3:
    Praying in your room suggests seeking spiritual or emotional solace and strength. The rat could symbolise something that is troubling you or causing discomfort, and trapping it signifies taking control of these issues. Praying into your sister’s ears indicates a need to communicate deeply and perhaps seek healing for both yourself and her, reflecting the importance of familial support during your recovery.

    With my limited Christian background, I would say that overall, these dreams collectively reflect a mix of seeking support, readiness for new beginnings, and a strong desire for emotional and spiritual healing. Your current recovery and past struggles are likely influencing these subconscious narratives, highlighting the importance of family connections and personal growth in your journey towards well-being. Going forward, I suggest approaching every undertaking with a positive mindset and belief. Reduce doubts and take more risks in connecting with people or opportunities that can help position you better. This might be exactly what you need at this point in your life. Trust in the things you have prayed for; the answers might not come in the way you expect, so practice discernment for redemption might just be within view.

    1. Professor, I love your clean English. But you know what, there’s absolutely nothing in that dream.

  14. The devil is really fighting to ensure God's blessings released upon you doesn't get to you.poster continue your prayers.

    Those lace panties stands for must pray, so the devil doesn't snatch/mess up your s"xual life as a result of sin.That man whom God has destined for you must find you.

    You were cleaning and tidying up your mum's bed has to do with your personal life and relationship with people.Ensure you keep no grudge and love everyone.

    Do not give up! Continue praying until something happens.

  15. It might mean something/someone is holding you back from progressing and your sister's face is being projected to think she is the one. You need prayers

  16. The dream is a eey good one, it simply means God has gone to your Shakey foundation and is working out something great for you just continue to pray and don't give up.

  17. Please treat malaria. I dream wierd dreams whenever I am ill


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