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Monday, May 20, 2024

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative..


Dear Stella.
I met a guy at a concert in Ibadan. Let's call him Tunde. I and Tunde connected at the concert. It was as if we had known each other for ages. He offered me a ride to my bus stop and we exchanged contact.
I was thinking Tunde would ask me out because I am hoping for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage but he never asked me out and he is always checking my WhatsApp status. I decided not to be desperate by not showing any green light. I have an instinct that maybe he is a married man. Now another concert of the same kind is coming up. Is it polite for me to ask Tunde if he is going to come so that he can offer me a ride?
The venue of the concert is done at an estate, the concert starts at 5 pm and ends at 9 pm. Seeing a cab after the concert is an issue and bikes are not allowed within the estate except I trek a little distance before I can get a cab. Is it polite for me to ask Tunde if he is going to come to the concert or I should go to the concert alone hoping to meet another prince charming?

May be you thought there was a connection but he didnt see it that way....Why didnt you initiate a convo all these while to ask certain questions?I think its OK to chat him up and ask him if he is going to the concert and if he says hes busy or cant then you can go alone or forget the whole idea...
So you are going to these concerts to look for a husband? You are desparate but not bold enough and this trend will continue unless you know how to show the green light and when to know when he is also not available.
Be careful before some guy takes advantage of you!


  1. Sha no waste your emotions on someone who has nothing for you. This is one of the reasons ladies will say "he used and dump me", most men can't reject green light from women even when they know they don't have any feelings for them.

    A man who's interested in you would have chatted or even use one of your statuses he views to bring out a conversation. Whatever you will do with him, don't forget to involve your brain too. Ire o

    *Larry was here*

    1. Poster use your head oh make your po*yor no suffer oh...Haaa na wa oh

    2. What kind of thief is this one, you said you think he may be married and you still want up go to the concert with the hope that he will give you a ride. So you won’t mind if he cheats on his wife with you then promises you marriage.. you are confused and desperate. Forget him and look for your own man ole

    3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Anon take am easy na. I had a good laugh though.

  2. Honestly for me you are kind of sounding desperate? What if there was no tunde wont you attend the concert and find a way to go home after the show,,Abeg leave him alone if you see him there it's a different thing than asking him if he is coming..

  3. Truth is, he may not even have felt anything.

    Some people are very social that if you meet with them today, it will be like you have known yourselves for ages. (what is the name again sef)

    That's who he is.

    Even "if" you meet today. You will so talk like there's no tomorrow.

    Don't worry your self.

    This connection did not connect.


  4. But una dey read this blog everyday what do you learn it's like going to school and not understand anything from year to year .pls don't ask him and pls install bolt app on your phone after the concert enter Uber and go home.
    Beware of free rides

    1. Trying to wrap my head around the write up. Girl, are you for real? Download ride apps and get moving. If fate brings you guys together again, then you can take it further but be careful tho.

  5. Why are you riding with someone you just met
    This is how kidnaps and r* happen
    Safety first and always

    1. If you talk now they would say you are justifying rape. But truth is some women deliberately place themselves in a position to be raped. Someone you have never met except on a concert, only once, and at night, you decided to ride with him alone. Gaskiya you get mind oo. Iron lady.

  6. Ladies. Even if you’re in search of a partner. Learn to relax and make friends. It isn’t any man that smiles at you that is a potential husband
    Have an open mind when meeting someone for the first time. Also learn to develop friendships because in doing so you learn more about yourself as well as your partner
    Nigerian men don’t like to be chased. That’s masculine energy. It doesn’t work in this part of the world. Don’t call him or ask him anything. Move on with your life. You are only setting yourself up to be used. If you didn’t see him at the concert, won’t you have gone home
    Have some dignity pls. And the man that will respect you will come
    Rooting for you sis

    Zendaya ❤️

    1. Don’t know about other guys, but I chased my husband before he gave in. He is a shy person, and avoids ladies a lot. I gave him green lights and did the calling few times before he picked up.

  7. Its not bad to chat him up..
    Check up on him, then ask if he is available to attend the next concert. Also, have you seen anything on his status to suggest that he is married or with someone?
    In all you do, please don't be desperate. You don't even know if he's the kind of man you would love to be with..
    I pray your own man find you soon.

  8. The connection is all in your head,poster. Respect yourself.

  9. If your instinct is telling you to chat him up, then do so. Just send a platonic hello and see how it goes. Don't overthink it.

  10. Do not initiate any contact with Tunde. He was the one who brought up exchanging contacts but did nothing with it. Do you have friends to attend the concert with? I don’t like the idea of you going to this concert alone, look how you describe the isolation of getting home afterwards. No Uber or anything available. Please try to arrange your transportation ahead of time. Even the Bible says, fools tread where angels dare not go.

  11. Poster Abort Mission..Why are you this desperate?.....This is the first time you are meeting him.... Please don't make any move at all or invite for the concert...Are you into hook up or what? Is it every man that says HI to you that you go imagine yourself in white gown standing on the altar with him..

    Use your head, do you know if he is an organ harvester or kidnapper...The way you guys throw caution to the wind is mind boggling.....Can't you have a normal conversation and see if he is interested in moving it forward...Na wa oh...

    So you can't hire a taxi or use public transport? You now want him to be your chauffeur....Most times when ladies say men broke their hearts, it is cases like this that turn out to happen...

    Stop building castles in the air and get a grip of yourself...

    All the best

  12. If you hadn't met the Tunde in the concert, wouldn't you still attend the fortcoming concert? Abeg leave Tunde and face front.

  13. Lagos Mainland Girl20 May 2024 at 17:13

    But you just met this guy and once na, ALLOW him. What if you never met him? He is not the only man on earth just have an open mind, you can still meet another man.
    So, does it mean you won't attend the concert if he is not coming? And why riding with a man you just met? Be careful as you try to look for a spouse oh.
    Might Share an experience here when I have the power and time to type. God saved me that day. Anytime am alone and I remember I just give praise to God for the gift of life

  14. Dear poster you sound so desperate

  15. Get Nigerian Foodstuffs Abroad20 May 2024 at 17:35

    I don't think you should ask him if he is coming since you guys have not been having conversations before now.
    Make other arrangements for your movement or forgo the concert if you wish.
    If you really want to connect with him, pray very well about it and if it's the Lord's will; it shall come to pass.
    Best wishes!

  16. Gosh ! You’re so desperate it’s pathetic! You met a guy just once and you’re already planning a wedding in your head? What’s wrong with some of you ?!
    No he’s not checking your WhatsApp status, he’s just viewing the status and yours happen to be part ! Aren’t you even afraid of kidnappers ? Eh ?
    My fren download a hailing app for the next husband searching concert you wish to attend and go your way .
    Tunde ko Tunde ni

  17. I don’t understand it starts 5pm and ends 9pm…the first time you went there did you not know the time it starts and ends but still went regardless? If a man wants you, he’d chase you! He’s always checking your status? My dear i view all my contacts statuses everytime! That doesn’t mean I have feelings for them. That man doesn’t have any feeling for’re the one that caught feeling. Please until he makes the first not move to him hence you come off as a man wants a desperado. Don’t even ask him if he’s going to the concert..I’m sure he knows the concert is coming up again..why hasn’t he asked you? Use your common sense

  18. Forget about Tunde and face front, Tunde is nit looking for any relationship with you but you have already built one in your head.

  19. News Alert na concert be the new location. My sister you love the idea of Tunde, be bold enough to ask him and don't get disappointed if it goes the other way.

  20. It's not a bad thing to ask him. I don't think you would come off as desperate. I wish you all the best

  21. Poster if you ask me o, I think he is not into you. He merely helped you.


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