Stella Dimoko MohbadGATE - Late Singers Father Alleges DNA Was Part Of The Reason Mohbad Was Killed...


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Saturday, May 25, 2024

MohbadGATE - Late Singers Father Alleges DNA Was Part Of The Reason Mohbad Was Killed...

Hmmm!....These are disturbing revelations!

He said ''Baba Mohbad granted an interview with TVC this morning and he said he believes that DNA was part of the reason why MOH was k!lled. He said MOH’s childhood friend(Prime Boy) confirmed that MOH doubted the paternity of Liam when he and Wunmi were fighting in the car after The show. He also said there was a CCTV camera in the house which was removed by an unknown person. Concerning how MOH’s neck was broken and bent inside the small coffin, he said he didn’t know anything about it and that Darosha should be held responsible for this because as a father, he never saw MOH inside the coffin before he was buried……''
-compiled by temilola sobola on Instagram


  1. This girl should go and do the DNA test na what is she afraid of. Anyways in life its only the mother that knows who the father of her child is. The babe knows whobthe real father is.

  2. Hey God! This matter don tire person

  3. This man should be beaten like they beat that prime boy. Everyday new story and allegations, ya mad

  4. Hmmm, only God knows the truth! Wunmi should go and do that test, what is all this? It seems she loves these crazy allegations her FIL is bringing out, go and do it na!
    So that this man will let you be if truly you are innocent.

  5. Same man who said Mohbad used his (Jose Aloba) glory to make money?

    I sincerely doubt this man is Mohbads biological father.

    As Wunmi is doing the test for Liam, they should also run a test on this man.

    Foolish people one and all: Jose, Wunmi and Mohbads mother too.

    All foolish and shameless

    1. Me too, I do not believe he is Mohbad’s biological father. Could be why they were allegedly estranged when Mohbad was alive.

      I don’t want Wunmi to do any dna either. A woman’s character is always attacked at the slightest. When women start conducting dna tests at every and anyone’s whim they will lose the little constitutional rights that they have. It is a slippery slope and I would not do it to please any outside party, except the father of the child.

    2. God 🙏 bless your reasoning

  6. Where the body lies, there the birds of prey gather.
    Where there is envy and strife, there is confusion and all ...
    James 3:16

  7. If she agrees to do the DNA test,all this will stop and Everyone will move on but,she's still finding it difficult to go.
    Only her knows the reason.

  8. Me, me, me. I am the only one who cares. I am the only one who loved him, see me still here talking while everyone else is quiet. Nobody loved him like me. Mtsscchhwww 🙄

  9. He should go and ahead and do 1 million DNA tests , Wunmi was mohbad wife and Liam is still mohbad son. Mohbad wey dey do video at every slight opportunity mohbad wey dey quick speak out?. Old man just leave those children, your son mohbad not taking care of you while alive is not of their faults

  10. This man should be locked up and the keys thrown away FGS cos what's all dis nonsense every week he'll just open mouth waaaaaaa and be saying all sorts mtcheeeeeews


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