Stella Dimoko Nigerian Army Condems Attack On Its Personnel As It Reopens Plaza


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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Nigerian Army Condems Attack On Its Personnel As It Reopens Plaza

The Nigerian Army wishes to provide latest update on the recent unfortunate event involving an unprovoked attack by unidentified hoodlums on Nigerian Army personnel at Banex Plaza, Wuse, Abuja, which occurred on Saturday 18 May 2024, leading to the closure of the Plaza on Sunday 19 May 2024.

In response to this incident, a high-level meeting was convened in the Office of the National Security Adviser including the Principal General Staff Officer to the NSA, Commissioner of Police FCT, the FCT Director of the Department of State Services, the Leadership and Management of Banex Plaza, a Representative from the Directorate of Abuja Environmental Protection Board, and the National Chairman of the Mobile Phone Traders Association. The primary objective of this meeting was to identify and apprehend the perpetrators and ensure the continued security of the Federal Capital Territory.

The following resolutions were agreed upon:
a. Immediate reopening of Banex Plaza: Banex Plaza will be reopened immediately to the public.

b. Closure of Shop C93: The leadership of Banex Plaza is instructed to lock up Shop C93 with immediate effect.

c. Arrest of Perpetrators: The owners of the shop who orchestrated the mob attack on the soldiers are to be arrested and handed over to the Nigerian Police.

d. Vigilance by Market Leaders: Market leaders are to remain vigilant and report any remaining perpetrators to the authorities.

Furthermore, the two individuals already arrested have been handed over to the headquarters of the Nigerian Army Corps of Military Police for further action.

The Nigerian Army will also thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the presence of its personnel at the plaza and the subsequent attack.

It must be reiterated that acts of violence against military personnel are not only condemnable but also pose a significant threat to national security and public order. We therefore urge members of the public to exercise caution and restraint when interacting with military personnel and other security operatives, especially when they are in uniform. There are established channels for reporting grievances or misconduct by personnel to the appropriate authorities. It is imperative that these channels are utilized to maintain order and respect for those who serve and protect our nation.
The Nigerian Army remains committed to ensuring the safety and security of all citizens and will continue to work diligently to prevent such incidents in the future.


  1. The army said the attack was unprovoked? Army personnel went on rampage and the people refused to be intimidated and stood thier ground and the matter escalated from thier. The army can't be an adjudicator in a matter where it is a party and most likely an instigator.

    The army has held a couple of young men in detention for over a week now. What court gave the order of arrest? The people that are being handed over to the military police, which court gave them that permission?
    The video is freely available online where Nigerian army soldiers were openly assaulting people and chasing them away from Banex. The high-handedness and absolute lack of professionalism by the army is something Nigerians have had enough of. In no civilized clime anywhere in the world do its armed forces behave without decorum the way Nigerian army troops do.

    And by the way, while its men were enforcing the illegal cordoning off of Banex plaza, a lady who crossed the road innocently towards the direction of the soldiers was brutally slapped by them and she fainted. She was dragged into their van and some of them drove off to God knows where. In the garbage Nigerian army released above, there's no mention of that lady.

    So take whatever rubbish it is the army said with the heaviest measure of salt. They can't be instigators and yet be claiming foul.

    1. How can I like this your comment. Nothing to add.
      Let them continue one day Nigerian army will be rated like Nigeria police. No respect

    2. I saw a video of where a uniformed person (not sure if it was a soldier or policeman) releasing tear gas inside the complex, before those soldiers were eventually roughened up.

      Nigerian army soldiers are mostly semi-illiterate louts lack discipline and I will support their maximum shishi if possible, whenever and wherever they mess up.

  2. stupid people, you provoke civilians and you expect no reprisal attacks. that is why they wasted them in that delta village..

  3. The Nigerian Army has lost it. This happened in the seat of power where we have the GCFR. Sometimes I wonder if we are practicing democracy or dictatorship. And no one from the Presidency has addressed this issue.

    Go to saner climes you will never see Army Officers nor will you see armed military men walking around, oppressing the people they claim to protect...But Nigeria has become so lawless...The Nigerian Army should change their ways; looking in hindsight what happened in Delta now Abuja..

    The people are angry oh


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