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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Sunday In House Gists - Comment Section Gists Boulevard

This post recaps some of the interesting gists from the Blog's comment section.

On Monday in house news, Stella called out the BVs that travelled all the way to IG, and turned themselves to mosquitoes, singing sub stories to BV Pola(Stella's sister friend). She said a particular BV collected 50k from Pola last week. She told BVs that have constructed bungalows in her(Pola's) DM to bulldoze it immediately or she calls them out on the blog. Stella said na orishirishi full Pola's DM, needy o, scammers, etc. She told BVs that she could collect money from Pola to do giveaway but make Dem no dey feel they over smart by taxing behind her back, make she no go run from blog...

BV Candy gifted BVs Black Slimzy and Golden Tulip with 5k each. Thank you Candy.

BV Excess3code sent the pictures of HIS handsome boys, Alvis and Aragon. It was Aragon's birthday. Belated happy birthday Aragon and Alvis. Stella after gushing about how cute they were said the one of their shoes looked like Chucky shoes.

BV Excess3code mailed me and said the comments excited his wife and i was quite surprised cos i thought the ID was run by a woman.....Shout out to Chucky and his brother from Stella...

In reaction to Teejay's comment about relationship and marriage, an Anon revealed to Teejay that he/she have been doing midnight prayers and vigil for Teejay to marry his virtuous wife from the blog. The Anon said it can't wait for Zaram and Teejay to become SDK blog Celebrity couple.
Teejay told the Anon that although, there's nothing between him and Zaram for now but he heard from two reliable sources that Zaram is beautiful, doctor's prescription, 3x daily. He said he wishes to have a glimpse of the epitome of beauty. Teejay also said he's focusing on building wealth but wouldn't rule out anything. He thanked the Anon.

On Tuesday Spontaneous post, BV Triple C revealed that he plans to hold a quiet wedding. No inviting of guests, no gifts or spraying of money, he said it would be devoid of all the razzmatazz that comes with Nigerian weddings. BVs advised him to make sure his prospective bride agrees with his plans make he no go make person daughter miss her dream wedding.
On Tuesday in house news, Stella told the BV that accuses her of being an agbado blogger anytime she posts news about Nigeria's president to send her account number so that she'd buy him/her same way they allegedly bought her...

No one has responded to my comment, I dont know much you assume i was bought but i will buy you well....Even if you are already rich, the money will be worth it....

BV Daddy G.O Pikin from the goodness of her heart blessed BV Excess3code's kids with 10k to buy snacks for their birthday. Stella also said she would add some money to it for new Chucky shoes.

On Wednesday spontaneous post, anon uche onise asked Paris if she saw her "boo's" comment about very quite parlour wedding. The Anon assumed Paris is not on the same page with him. Paris replied him, told him to mind his business and not carry another's on top e head.
On Wednesday in house news, Stella announced that she'd choose a BV to choose 10 positive BVs eligible for giveaway. She said the giveaway amount would be undisclosed and the chooser would also be gifted some money.
It was BV Osundi's birthday and she sent trucks of recharge cards to celebrate her birthday. Belated happy birthday, Osundi.

On Thursday spontaneous post, Minister for women affairs, DNA ambassador and advocate, simp Slayer and Amotekun's nightmare, Dante crashed the SDKblog internet when he listed the wife materials on the blog. Amongst the millions of female BVs that comments on the blog, these are the marriageable BVs according to Dante; Ronalda, XP, Supernova, Hydrogen, Amebonawork, Fidel, Miss Aboki, Sluttychic, Slim Shaddy, Ebony Oge, Teacher NK, Cynthia Iyede, Nnukwu Nwanyi, Blackberry and Jeweluchi Chocolait Noir.
Dante was more than shocked that they are above 10.

For not adding SDK to the list list, I hereby declare Dante a non Marriageable male for now until there is receipt that makes me change my mind...I pray God gives him a wife from this Blog that is not on that list to prove to him man proposes but God disposes.....HEHEHEHEHEHE
BV the Distinguished One did a shout out to BV Fidel, he said admires her blog persona, easy going and respectful ways she calls BVs out even when they eff up. He had the sweetest things to say about Fidel and also prayed for her. BVs lined up under his comment to attest to it. They said Fidel is such a sweet soul and they love, love her. Fidel was so emotional.

On Thursday in house news, Stella announced that there is so much toxicity on the internet and she would no longer address toxic people as dramatic. She appealed to BV Cynthia Iyede to choose 10 positive BVs including herself for giveaway. She would state why she chose anyone she chooses and if Stella or BVs complain about anyone on the list, they'd be removed. Stella said giveaways will no longer be easy to get. If you're not bringing positivity, you're out. Stella wants to promote a love, toxic free platform.
On Friday spontaneous post, women and virginity matter brought out legendary BV, Ceaser who was allegedly on sabbatical leave. It didn't just bring him out, BV Numero Uno (,BBM) also came out to support king, Ceaser. Other Kings (Teejay, Dante) also agreed with everything Ceaser had to say.
On Friday in house news, Stella complained bitterly over overzealous people that rush to wish a birthday celebrant in advance. She told them to be calming down and wish the celebrant on their special occasions or wish them a belated one when it is over ......
Stella also said she's wonderfully and fearfully made, a perfect image of God's creation, made with utmost perfection and blessed with so much beauty. She told BVs and everyone to stop using her to measure their degree of ugliness because according to her, she fine die!!She even begged us to ask the BVs who met her last year in Lagos...The BVs are yet to respond to the allegations..
She also told BVs that wants to advertise their businesses to inbox her. #Werisebyliftingothers.

BVs i go call una out if una no respond to agree or disagree.....
Saturday, May 18th was BV Jeweluchi Chocolait Noir's birthday. Stella and BVs trooped out enmasse to wish her a happy birthday. Saturday spontaneous post garnered over 300 comments, almost all were prayers and Goodwill messages for birthday girl. Stella also hinted that she sent her some shoki ahn for giveaway. Belated happy birthday, Chocolait Noir, may your life be filled with sweetness and happiness.

Nah she didnt send me money for Shoki aaaaah...She sent me N100K and i want to invest into two businessnes so they will remember Jeweluchi Chocnoir for it....So we will call it the JEWELUCH CHONOIR BIZ GIVEAWAY......
Who are those that even need Business top up?Please if you have been AWOL, stay AWOL and dont come out to respond oh
When BVs were busy celebrating Jeweluchi, an Anon was preaching forgiveness for ex blog rat. The Anon was forming Jesus and maybe wanted to bear his sins on the cross. Stella simply told the oversabi BV to gerrarahea.
One of the Blog's "last junior" Galactico is keeping BVs on their feet. Some BVs are accusing him of being the infamous internet rat while others are saying that nwa nza no Sabi shishi about football. BVs are watching the ID with 5D glasses.

We no go see/hear laburu. BV Ryah almost choked on boiled potatoes but mercy said no.

Till I come your way next week, smell nice, look good, dress well and leave wahala for who get am.
Dearest BVs, pls, make sure to patronize me this week, I promise you it's the best thing you'd do for you, thank you.
I sell perfumes from N5K and N10K as well.......



  1. Onyin, pls naaaa. Don't be misquoting me naπŸ™ You know I don't like when you do that. Pls pay attention to details.

    I didn't agree on Ceaser's comment. I respectfully differ and here was my rejoinder that day.


    TEEJAY~ {BIG TEE EZEGE}17 May 2024 at 11:41

    Boss Respect!!!!

    I think I have a different opinion on this. You see, not every man care so much about this virgin thing. Not that they won't appreciate one their way but it may not be their primary focus. Secondly, a woman marrying at 44 is no crime. Some men like the mature older women. For me, I will go for an older woman who have had her life in place. They are great lovers with experience. They usually exude this kinda peace and serenity in a home than the youngies.

    Things aren't what they seems or appear on the surface most times. I have seen a virgin married at 39. So what would you say in this regard?

    People should just do what works for them. Marriage is a personal conviction and journey. A man only settles where he find peace whether old or young?

    Virginity shouldn't be a criteria for a good woman or marriage. A virgin can be deficit in good character. Virginity shouldn't come close when shopping for a partner. What after marrying a virgin and years later, she turn to a beast or adulterous?

    I would have said much but my phone battery is running out. Let me publish this before it goes off.

    © TEEJAY

    1. If virginity is the only thing a woman brings to the table, then she brings nothing. If money is the only thing a man brings to the table, then he brings nothing.

      Nothing takes the place of a well rounded, intellectual sound, emotionally intelligent and economically resourceful partner who clearly understands his or her role in a marriage and is willing to commit to the union and to make it work within reasonable parameters.

      Anything else outside this na wash.

    2. Thank you bro!!!

      Exactly my point. The reason I will go for a woman who have had her life in place. It's much more than just virginity with nothing to show for it.

      Na virgin we go chop?

      Again, not every man can handle disvirgining a woman. Someone like me, I don't think I can handle that.

      © TEEJAY

    3. SΓ³ it's prostitution that should be a critΓ©ria for marriage. Virginity shows discipline and it is a big critΓ©ria for marriage and even business.

  2. Interesting
    Well done Onyin πŸ’–

  3. Too much much time on your hands. Mtcheew.
    Attention to details kor,

    1. Yes ooo! I have too much time on my hand. What will you do about that?

      Attention seeking?? E dey pain you baaa? Go hug transformer. I have PAID my dues here and also have my own fair share as well.

      Make you cry wella while I keep stealing the show and attention here. I'm not a silencer. My face show anywhere I find myself.

      Keep wishing it was you stealing the attentionπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      © TEEJAY

  4. Nice πŸ™‚ one onyin
    I need business top up
    God bless the givers

  5. Replies
    1. So I shouldn't correct what was misquoted to me and let it fly?

      Come guy, if you don't respect yourself I will disrespect you. Stay away from me. I won't be polite to you next time. Tomorrow if the narrative fly by quoting what I didn't say, will you defend me then?

      Mind your fucking business.

      © TEEJAY

    2. Teejay, I agree that you should correct the wrong narrative about what you said, but truly, you get am for body. And before you say use your ID, I don't have any, never had and don't intend to get one. But I'm not one of your trolls, just saying it as it is!

  6. Hehehe..
    Abeg oh..
    ABI Una don turn mind readers?
    I only listed names, I didn't say what the names were for o😁😁
    Na una talk say na marriageable girls list,. And let me say for the FIRST time that I agree with you people 😁😁

    Big Stella, drop Zee one fess, then we can visit the list again to see what we can do😌😌,.wife from blog ke, that one na curse or prayers 😭 πŸ˜‚, God abeg o, I want to live a long and happy life.. No worry, you go see receipt soon and you go agree with me say I be Spec πŸ’―,. I dey come inner chamber 😌😌 get wetin I no go see for Onyin handπŸ˜‚.. Minister of Women Affairs Lol,. Abeg o

    Hope you're fully recovered now?
    Blessings πŸ™

    1. So you are just playing with bv Supernova?
      Super, use your brain

    2. Na smash and pass

  7. Nicely written, Onyin. You're doing well.

    I need the business top up, Stella. Thanks.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Nice recap Onyin, more ink to your pen. SDK I need business top up pls

  10. Well done OnyinGATE. Well written.

    Please patronize OnyinGATE perfumes. She makes smelling nice easy.

  11. Nice writeup OnyinπŸ‘πŸΌ

    May God bless the giver

    I need the business top up.Stella

  12. Nice recap for me that miss some this week, thank you Onyin. Pls I will also appreciate the business top up.

  13. Nice one Onyin πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ

    I need the business top up.

  14. Welldone Onyin.
    Bountiful sales I wish you
    Pls Stella I need the business giveaway. Thanks to Choco

  15. Nice recap Onyin
    I need the business top up SDK
    God bless the giver

  16. Kudos onyin
    I need the business top up

  17. Nice recap Onyin πŸ‘
    SDK please i need the business giveaway to top up.

  18. Oyin, You always deliver



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